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Diane Keaton Defends Woody Allen


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Starlet Diane Keaton says she continuouslies think Woody Allen did nothing incorrect. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us just what you think in the remark area listed below.

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" Diane Keaton is still sustaining her frequent partner Woody Allen.

The starlet took to her Twitter to send a message of assistance to the actor as well as supervisor, that frequently made use of Keaton as his muse through their years of collaborating, including most notoriously on Annie Hall.

" Woody Allen is my buddy and also I remain to think him," Keaton created. "It might be of rate of interest to take a look at the 60 Min interview from 1992 and also see exactly what you think."

The actress likewise linked to the interview in the tweet. Allen has actually been continuously charged of child molestation by his daughter Dylan Farrow. The accusation initially emerged in 1992 when Dylan was 7 during a bitter custody battle in between Allen as well as his ex-partner Mia Farrow."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Cameron Butler, at Reply

    Why is there an Amazon logo in the thumbnail?? Is it a weird advertising thing?

    • Posted by P, at Reply

      Cameron Butler just a pic of him against a press wall

    • Posted by DancingNaay, at Reply

      Cameron Butler i think it is because woody allen recently had a movie/tv show that was produced by amazon.

    • Posted by Cameron Butler, at Reply

      There isn’t another picture out there that they could’ve used? Just seems like weird clickbait advertising.

  2. Posted by TheMimiloveless, at Reply

    I believe Dylan Farrow.

    • Posted by Warrendoe, at Reply

      TheMimiloveless me too

  3. Posted by Adam Chebot-Goldman, at Reply

    Actually, Woody took a polygraph test and *PASSED* – look it up.

    • Posted by Adam Chebot-Goldman, at Reply

      But Mia refused to to take one, and *still never has* – let that sink in!

    • Posted by Gio Aarons, at Reply

      Adam Chebot-Goldman she was never asked to actually

    • Posted by Adam Chebot-Goldman, at Reply

      Well, don’t you think she might volunteer then, if she had nothing to hide?

    • Posted by Pure Rebel Babe, at Reply

      Mia is a has-been, jealous of young girls, angry with my father, just like my mom. Mia looks as guilty as Meryl and Hillary, they just are. Old hags look witchy.

  4. Posted by David Harrison, at Reply

    And now for my Woody Allen impression: I’m a neurotic nerd who sleeps with little girls.

  5. Posted by silver lining, at Reply

    Every false accusations against a man devalues MeToo. Every hyperbolic accusation against an informed party devalues MeToo. TYT is guilty of the latter.

    • Posted by LizzyLiberty, at Reply

      TYT busy bashing the favorite scapegoat? Another popular respected and charitable old lady? The Meryl Streep of politics, Hillary? Of course!

    • Posted by silver lining, at Reply

      Lizzy – my pet peeve is people pointing fingers at the least culpable enabler (or in Hillary’s case, not even remotely an enabler). It is disappointing people use MeToo to air their misc petty grievances. Why are we nitpicking on maybe-whatever and helping the REAL ENABLERS get away? Schizo ADHD much?

    • Posted by silver lining, at Reply

      Genk – bring your race-related discrimination issue to a different forum on a relevant video. This is a MeToo thread.

    • Posted by MAGA maggot, at Reply

      MeToo is for pedos and rapist enablers like Meryl and Hitlery! Hot chicks must mock feminazis and MeToo!

  6. Posted by Fx Y, at Reply

    Seven?? Coached by a vindictive ex. The kid initially told the pediatrician , when asked, that Allen did not do anything. Farrow took the child for ice cream and when they came back, low and behold the story had changed. Allen took and passed a lie detector test administered by Connecticut State Police. Mia refused to take a lie detector test. The Special Victims Unit at the State Police and Yale psych department investigated and found that the child had either fabricated the abuse claim, or was coached by her mother. I have no doubt that this young woman BELIEVES she was molested, but her account just isn’t credible and I think she has been convinced of such since age seven by a crazy mother.

    • Posted by Clarence Oliver, at Reply

      He didn’t take a lie detector administered by the police, by advice of counsel, he took one by a private company. Mia refused a lie detector from request of Woody Allen’s team, police and prosecution never asked her for one.

      The Yale New Haven study is froth with mistakes and questionable behavior, though commissioned by the Prosecution. What’s most compelling is the 14 Month investigation by the New York Department of Social Services, which cleared him of any wrong doing.

      I believe in Woody Allen’s innocence, but, you have to get the facts right, or face impeachment.

  7. Posted by TheMadMattster, at Reply

    attraction to teenagers and attraction to prepubescent children are two different paraphillias

    • Posted by JohnG, at Reply

      They are judging Woody because of how he looks. He fits the stereotype. Awkward, shy, balding. One plus one equals child molestor, right??? Seinfeld dated a 17 year old in the 1990s… no public outcry to ruin his life.

  8. Posted by HConstantine, at Reply

    so many errors here (I’ll give the benefit of the doubt they aren’t lies).

    1. mia Farrow only made these accusations after their contentious breakup and while their divorce was working its way through court. In other words Farrow had plenty of reason to want revenge.

    2. Allen never claimed he had never been in the house’s attic. he had lived there so it would only figure he had been in the Attic. He claimed he was not in the Attic or in the house that day. For him to get there he would have had to drive up to the house and sneak in like a burglar since he was no longer allowed in the house. Doe this seem plausible?

    3. Dylan Farrow is working up to some kind of civil suit or a book or something she hopes to profit from.

    4. Farrow was a nut-job. She adopted 7 children.

    5. Polygraph tests are as scientific and as accurate as astrology. Only an idiot would take one.

    • Posted by Clarence Oliver, at Reply

      He took a Polygraph test, just through independent company, and he passed.

  9. Posted by Telephonicus Maximinius, at Reply

    what shameless exploitation on the part of whatever show that was that had that poor girl on to suffer like that for ratings. looking at that made me feel like i was invading her privacy. it’s just gross what passes for journalism a lot of the time.

  10. Posted by S K, at Reply

    I believe Woody!

  11. Posted by brian mcintyre, at Reply

    Did you hear about Woody Allens new movie (HONEY I SCREWED THE KIDS).

  12. Posted by Gustavo P, at Reply

    I believe Me Too was great, but I am not sure about Woody being guilty. Mia has so much hate for him, it seems she could try anything to have revenge.

  13. Posted by None Ya, at Reply

    What a mess…! It was a mess then and it’s a mess now…!

  14. Posted by klausweasley, at Reply

    What does Dylan have to gain from it? The approval of Mia of course. It’s Mia’s revenge. Plain and simple.

    • Posted by Philo J. Smurgington, at Reply

      klausweasley I agree

    • Posted by jetsebutenpost, at Reply

      I agree too

    • Posted by ridewave444, at Reply

      Why did he lie about the attic?  Why did he attend therapy? I’d never heard those 2 things before. I DO think she at least BELIEVES she was molested. If the 2 pieces of evidence Ana mentioned that were new to me are true, I now think Allen is guilty where before I thought he was innocent.

  15. Posted by m mtl, at Reply

    This is tedious and tiresome. Bring charges against Woody Allen in a court of law. Until he is found guilty through the judicial process, he is PRESUMED innocent. This is not difficult to come to terms with if you believe in the rule of law.

    Bringing charges against Woody Allen in the court of the media is what is happening here. This is not the rule of law no matter how gut wrenching some ppl find the entire saga to be. You don’t have to know what happened to uphold the rule of law. You just have to follow the process. This TYT video is not part of the process.

    Go ahead and fund judicial proceedings on behalf of Dylan Farrow. Stop with the media trials and start the actual court proceedings if there is a case to be heard. Otherwise, this particular repetitive exercise devalues TYT and the fine work it does on other issues.

    • Posted by acephalicatv, at Reply

      He has already been trial and found innocent.

    • Posted by Mya Mi, at Reply

      married daughter = sex with daughter = guilty. case closed.

  16. Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

    On one side, you have:
    1- Woody Allen’s own daughter giving precise details that he molested her.
    2- Woody Allen actually MARRYING the adopted daughter of his then wife.
    3- He refused to take a polygraph test.

    On the other side you have:
    1- Diane Keaton’s opinion, based solely on her friendship with Allen.
    2- The claim that Woody Allen’s daughter was “coached” into accusing her father of molesting her.

    Sorry, but i don’t need to see anything more to know that Woody Allen is definitely a sociopath, and most likely a pedophile.
    Seriously, he MARRIED the adopted daughter of his WIFE, who was 20 at the time. He watched her grow up as a child!

    • Posted by Robgoren, at Reply

      1. Woody Allen took and passed a polygraph test. That’s another lie.
      2. Mia Farrow was violently abusive to all her adopted children. Read Start to Finish, by Eric Lax. She had a history of tormenting and manipulating them.
      3. Mia threatened Woody on numerous occasions with false allegations.
      4. Mia was cheating on Woody with Frank Sinatra throughout their relationship , and even tried to pass off their love child as Woody’s.
      Sorry. Mia has no moral ground whatsoever to stand on.

    • Posted by AR Rains, at Reply

      1. He was never married to Mia Farrow
      2. He did take a polygraph, and passed.
      3. A pedophile is someone with an attraction to *prepubescent children.* Is a 20 year old prepubescent?

      You don’t know what you’re talking about at all.

    • Posted by Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump, at Reply

      Cuz women never lie about sexual assault

    • Posted by Dallas, at Reply

      Multiple people said they saw her mother coach the girl, including her own brother, nanny and babysitter.

    • Posted by Dallas, at Reply

      I’m not saying I think he’s innocent. I’m just saying the only witness they have is Dylan herself. The defense has multiple witnesses.

  17. Posted by Ashley Steel, at Reply

    I don’t know. 17 is A LOT different than 7 years old. From the last clip I actually thought he seemed more sincere than she did to be honest. She closed her eyes to avoid any tells with looking way, and the tears seemed forced to me. The facial movements seemed more consistent with dishonesty. I hate that I even think that, but something felt much more off with her.

    But you cannot see woodys entire body. There could have been tells in the feet. And of course you are dealing with entertainment professionals so perhaps he’s just better at playing a role.

    I hate that I would even think that a story like that COULD even be a lie. But something doesn’t sit right. Additionally I kind of agree, if he was a child molester (let’s face it if someone is into a 7 year old, they aren’t into a 17 year old, generally speaking) there is generally a pattern of abuse. And never has anyone else come out about that or their children. But even then, the custody battle and divorce makes it even less likely. And then watching the girl, she doesn’t seem like she’s being genuine to me. Appeared more like a bad actress trying to force tears than the genuine rage and pain that comes with abuse. Ugh again I hate that I even could think that it’s fishy. Even her playing into it after the host asks her “can you handle it” or whatever she said, then she mirrors it back. The sentiment would be rage at his lying vs pain imho. But, again none of us know. Just him and her and maybe her brother.

    You know about the investigators and judges, etc. there have been enormous strides in profiling and lie detection in the past 20 years, let alone longer. Back then law enforcement weren’t trained to spot those tells like they are today.

    • Posted by BOCtunes, at Reply

      yes, agreed.

  18. Posted by Ardenwolfe, at Reply

    Dylan isn’t making this up.

    • Posted by Jennifer Scott-Checki, at Reply

      Ardenwolfe I’m not sure what Keaton thinks exculpates him there, but I sure don’t see it. She has maintained this for 25 years…

  19. Posted by Zelomakitoko, at Reply

    what kind of innocent person would say “if i had wanted to be a child molester, i had many other times to do it”

    • Posted by Clarence Oliver, at Reply

      A person with a simple understanding of truth. It’s a major question that needs to be answered. Why did he pic that time, and not the times when he had custody of her and didn’t have Mia Farrow around, didn’t have a house full of people who were judging him, and were ordered to watch him. Why choose then?

    • Posted by Zelomakitoko, at Reply

      he also says things like “no one would find it weird if they found me in bed with a bunch of 12 year olds, because they know that about me”. innocent quotes, yes

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      Zelomakitoko how else shld he have said it?

    • Posted by Trucmuche, at Reply

      someone who has been wrongly accused of being a child molester?
      also, weeaboos.

    • Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

      Allen’s choice of words are cringeworthy but the point is valid. Why would he choose that time and place to commit an act of self destruction. It is an accusation from a scorned woman who desperately needed a bat to beat him with.

  20. Posted by Enrique Godinez, at Reply

    This man has never been proven guilty since the accusations started decades ago and he still remains innocent.

    • Posted by Aes Sedai, at Reply

      Because no one has taken him to court about it. Doesn’t mean he’s innocent, just means he hasn’t been proven guilty