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Dianne Feinstein Feeling The Progressive Heat


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TYT's Cenk Uygur spoke to Alison Hartson, a Justice Democrat tough California Legislator Dianne Feinstein.



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  1. Posted by MudSock girl, at Reply

    Why not do what all politicians seem to do, do say one thing but then do something different?  Take their money and then do what is best for the people.  We’ve been lied to for so long, why not turn it back onto them?  Let them see how it feels.

  2. Posted by don't be frightened my dear, at Reply

    Politico published an article yesterday cheer leading Diane Feinstein and writing off her competition because she is raising so much more money than her competitors and the polls apparently show her ahead despite a third of the people being undecided. All it took for this resurgence was for Trump to call her names. just pathetic.

    • Posted by Jerry Perez, at Reply

      don’t be frightened my dear I saw that poll. It said they conducted phone interviews and only landline numbers. So, they interviewed all the elderly voters in ca me thinks. I’ve got nothing but positive reactions from the people in my area on Alison hartson.

    • Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

      don’t be frightened my dear Feinstein needs to go. Corporate Dems need to go. Reoublicans need to go. Progressives all the way.

    • Posted by don't be frightened my dear, at Reply

      Jerry Perez I’m assuming you are the guy who got a shout out in this video. Politico once again didn’t even mention Alison which is no surprise at all and they made there poll sound like Fienstien was locked in for the primary. The polls had Hilary locked in to win but she still lost. They don’t think people are going to remember that. Fienstien doesn’t need volunteers when she has corporate publications giving her free publicity. Great Job by the way.

    • Posted by Vishank Jain-Sharma, at Reply

      don’t be frightened my dear Yeah everyone should realize they didn’t even include Hartson in the poll, so it’s completely meaningless as an indicator of the June primary.

    • Posted by Jerry Perez, at Reply

      don’t be frightened my dear thanks but the credit needs to go to all my volunteers. I got even more of them today.

  3. Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

    Interesting how the trolls all somehow say the same thing………..almost as if they are coordinated…………… Interesting.

    • Posted by James Davis, at Reply

      Optimus Fine amazing how the democrap snowflake libtards all say that…. while doing the exact same thing….. !!!!!!

    • Posted by Somme Tinonme, at Reply

      Russian Bots and Fox News give the Right wing their talking points ….

    • Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

      When the video first got posted, there were numerous posts about Cenk “whoring” or something. They were all using that specific word which is not a coincidence.

  4. Posted by The Least Racist Most Intelligent and Sexy Philantropist by the Grace of God, at Reply

    As Bernie has said, Democrats are now a moderate party. It’s changing, baby.

    Push left! Push left! Push left!

  5. Posted by GODSPEED 33, at Reply

    She is so fine tho lol

  6. Posted by VivalaFrida _, at Reply

    Way to go Allison! 🙌🏼So happy to have you running in my state! Feinstein’s time is up!

    • Posted by Ass Face, at Reply

      I hope Alison gets run over by a truck.

  7. Posted by theblackswan x, at Reply

    Go Girl – hyping on you

  8. Posted by lunhil12, at Reply

    Increased Pentagon spending has nothing to do with supporting the troops or our readiness. It’s a Republican welfare program for their contractor donors. The troops get leftover scraps if they’re lucky.

  9. Posted by Andrés Proaño, at Reply

    Just went to Alison Hartson’s website, her twitter handle does not exist (AlisonForCA).

    • Posted by The SS Robertson, at Reply

      Andrés Proaño: Her Twitter handle is @HartsonForCA.

  10. Posted by hermenutic, at Reply

    I will not vote for a politician who takes corporate money. Period.
    Good on this candidate for her stance.
    Why should a corporation which cannot vote be able to influence the election?
    Does that make sense to you?

    • Posted by Kurt Smith, at Reply

      hermenutic Exactly! I never understood that either.

    • Posted by hermenutic, at Reply

      The corporations are no different from a foreign country when it comes to being able to vote. When a foreign country interferes with an election it is not considered politically kosher. Why these non citizens are given the right to interfere with the will of THE PEOPLE is beyond me.

  11. Posted by Trevor Carskadon, at Reply

    I live in the Fresno/Clovis area and I received a call asking if I know who Alison is. I am super happy to see these guys working on the ground to get her name out. I’m a supporter, and I’m looking forward to her Victory! Thank you to TYT for doing sessions like this. Anyone who doesn’t know her can look online and find this video.

  12. Posted by Self Rule, at Reply

    Dems and republicans are the same they’re both getting a paycheck from the same boss

    • Posted by Cisco A, at Reply

      Self Rule
      The gov?

    • Posted by Jason, at Reply

      Neoliberalism on the left and full-on authoritarianism on the right is what’s going on. The Democrats in power will talk all day about changing the game, but in the end, they will follow the instructions of their donors – JUST LIKE THE RIGHT. That’s why progressives that don’t take PAC money or donations that don’t owe this corporations any favors is needed. Free market capitalism is killing our country.

  13. Posted by Kelly Smith, at Reply

    TYT attacking a Jewish woman that survived the holocaust now!? Openly antisemetic! They are practically Nazis now.

    • Posted by Crimson King, at Reply

      Kelly Smith *GTFO*

    • Posted by Inco Rand, at Reply

      Moreover, this show strongly supports Russ Feingold and Bernie Sanders, both of whom are Jewish.

    • Posted by cne08, at Reply

      You’re stupid Kelly Smith.

    • Posted by KrAkEn, at Reply


    • Posted by Aesithair Runekafi, at Reply

      But according to your White Nationalist brethren, there was no holocaust.

  14. Posted by Ariel Fink, at Reply

    I am from Canada and I really enjoy watching TYT and their interviews of the future challengers to senate seats in the US government. I am glad that people are truly making a push for more progressive and more immersive politics

    • Posted by Plastic Altar, at Reply

      So this is what you peoplekind like to watch.

    • Posted by Ass Face, at Reply

      No surprise there, cuckland Canada loves this regressive BS.

    • Posted by TuurdBurglars of DaCorptocracy BaconGreaseSlushFund, at Reply

      I doubt you’re Jewish?

  15. Posted by Kevon Paynter, at Reply

    This what TYT needs to be doing is giving a platform to primary candidates

    • Posted by Robert Blue, at Reply

      Kevon Paynter they do all the time. Especially on tyt politics channel

    • Posted by Kurt Smith, at Reply

      Kevon Paynter they do, it’s on their segment called Rebel Headquarters also TYT Politics. But they could still do more!

  16. Posted by KrAkEn, at Reply

    Worth repeating from this video, for only 5% of the cost of the illegal and unethical war in Iraq we could have college education for all.
    Let that sink in.

    • Posted by bobby, at Reply

      Plus, build the wall?

    • Posted by marc metcalf, at Reply

      no doubt, but that doesn’t feed the war pigs, and trumps administration is a terrible joke fk him, peace from Western NC

  17. Posted by 4133634, at Reply

    and don’t forget Gayle McLaughlin who’s running for Lt. governor. She’s done a fantastic job in Richmond. I’m glad to see more women running, i’m sick of seeing testosterone driven men running the country and i’m a 74 year old white male. I only wish i could live long enough to see the west coast secede

  18. Posted by michael garrido, at Reply

    Yes I’m telling relatives in Cali
    make sure they know her platform.
    Bye bye Feinstein ….
    Hello Allison.

  19. Posted by Stevie84s, at Reply

    Would it be wrong if you took corporate money(while the system is currently broke), but still stuck to your principles and fought for campaign finance reform to change the system to later outlaw dark money in a fight fire with fire kind of situation?

    • Posted by Jordan Shorette, at Reply

      Stevie84s on paper no, but no one will ever fully believe that your not corrupt, also no Corp will donate that much money to you if they know your not in their pocket

    • Posted by Mark Danis, at Reply

      Optics are bad.

    • Posted by khaliquet1, at Reply

      Yeah, you’d have to already be in the system now, OR pretend like hell to be a corporatist and have the Dem party back you unitl you win, THEN stab them in the back with your real agenda.

    • Posted by J Schinos, at Reply

      khaliquet1 I like ur second idea