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Did Comey Leak Top Secret Info?


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Is there any reality to this, or is it simply an additional phony Republican smear method? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark section below.

" More than half of the memoranda former FBI Supervisor James Comey created as individual recollections of his conversations with President Trump concerning the Russia investigation have actually been identified to consist of identified information, according to meetings with officials knowledgeable about the files.

This revelation raises the opportunity that Comey broke his very own agency's guidelines as well as ignored the very same safety protocol that he openly slammed Hillary Clinton over in the winding down days of the 2016 presidential political election.

Comey testified last month prior to the Us senate Intelligence Committee that he took into consideration the memoranda to be personal documents which he shared at the very least one of them with a buddy. He asked that friend, a legislation teacher at Columbia University, to leakage info from one memo to the information media in hopes of raising pressure to obtain an unique district attorney called in the Russia situation after Comey was fired as FBI director." *.

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  1. Posted by Jonathan Ramirez *Esteban*, at Reply

    cenk secretly sucks his cuck employees’ dicks.

    • Posted by Katrina Sinclair, at Reply

      Hate to hear the truth? Oh, btw, it is common for anti gay people to be gay themselves. I am sure you have sucked a few dicks yourself. In the closet, of course. 😹

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  2. Posted by stephen mroz, at Reply

    First dislike!

    • Posted by Samo Prijava, at Reply

      +stephen mroz your mom must be so proud

  3. Posted by Andy Fruth, at Reply

    Trigger the alt-rightists to furiously switch accounts for multiple downvotes, and low-information comments

    • Posted by Dorothy Zink, at Reply

      Wow. Freewill objector got triggered by his misogyny and lack of information which is a combo of jealousy and bitterness to beat the band. I felt Hillary was basically a Republican and didn’t vote for her, freewill. Furthermore, I manage a corp of which I am 33% stockholder, never qualified for healthcare subsidies (I make too much(hope that helps)) none of which has anything to do with the subject under discussion. As for my smell, well, I do work out everyday but I shower afterwards, so I smell a lot healthier than your mind. But Trump’s internet troll campaign sure is getting their nickel’s worth out of you. Your disgust inducing speech is off the charts.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      No. Your attempt to distract from Comey breaking the law……has failed.

  4. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    Cenk brings truth and knowledge like always. In 200 years he will be praised along all of history’s heroes right along side of Socrates and Augustus. Cenk is a true hero and patriot.

    • Posted by mberg1974, at Reply

      ANony Mouse Since she only makes that kind of comment, why should anyone take her seriously? I mean. isn’t she more like Fox News or Pravda than an actual person with real opinions?

    • Posted by ANony Mouse, at Reply

      Uh? She gives opinions in her comments , her real personal opinions..
      Dont take her seriously if you dont want to, she regularly gets hundreds of likes, so her opinions must be shared with many others, including me of course..
      Like Fox News or Pravda.?.. No… If you believe the lies Fox spreads and compare those with her comments then you see the world in a very blinkered way.. Or perhaps I`m blinkered but I know which world I want to live in.. A world of Truth & Proof..

    • Posted by Pedro Silva, at Reply

      You are smoking some powerful stuff.

  5. Posted by TheYoungTurksExposed, at Reply

    Let’s talk about the hundreds of new Trump vs. CNN memes that are out now because you snowflakes made a stink about Trump’s retweet

    • Posted by theworldismad88, at Reply

      I’m just waiting for some one to make the one where the FBI(Stone Cold) stuns Trump. 😛

  6. Posted by Miss B, at Reply

    Trump probably leaks more information than anyone…in fits of rage on Twitter.

    • Posted by senta ukrai, at Reply

      The distinction is whether its declassified before or after its released. Not to difficult to figure out i imagine. If its declassified before released, then no biggie. If not then its to cover up a blunder.

    • Posted by Axel Sharpshire, at Reply

      Leaking is so old school. You want to dump a lot of classified info, get your own bathroom server.

  7. Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

    Yes and Hilldog did too with her emails

    • Posted by Nancy Campbell Gibson, at Reply

      Adam Smith Is Hillary the president?

  8. Posted by Nathan Baker, at Reply

    The White House can only deflect for so long. Eventually Trump’s entire house of cards will come tumbling down.

    • Posted by Secret lemons, at Reply

      Nathan Baker for what? 😂😂😂😂

  9. Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

    Comey for prison and Cenk for deportation.

    • Posted by Vaness thebest, at Reply

      first lady for deportation and trump for decapitation.

    • Posted by NickTheGreatAndPowerful, at Reply

      Comey and Cenk? Those are some weird ways to spell Donald and Melania…

  10. Posted by mud cat, at Reply

    It’s sad how few views tyt gets

    • Posted by Guillermo Sanchez, at Reply

      The fact that you reply to your own comments is even sadder.

    • Posted by xb3l13v3r, at Reply

      Evidently, not only do righties like you fail at science, maths is too hard for you as well.

    • Posted by Darien Norman Constitutional Progressive, at Reply

      Bernard Stiegler tyt isn’t popular anymore …

    • Posted by Bernard Stiegler, at Reply

      Darien Norman Constitutional Progressive
      Well you’re commenting on their videos, aren’t you? 3 million subscribers…I think they’re doing okay.

  11. Posted by Should've picked Hillary, at Reply

    I blame Comey for Donald. I don’t know if it was incompetence or if it was because they were both Republicans… but Comey gave Trump the White house. Him and Russia. Who reopens an investigation closed a long time ago 11 days before an election!!!?? It was a COMPLETE violation of the hatch act and was uncalled for. Read Weiners emails before you open your big mouth trying to tie Hillary into that whole mess. Her polls dropped dramatically when he reopened that investigation. How do you feel now Comey? Your fired… Would Hillary have fired you? Possibly… but probably not. You’ve hurt this country, and you’ve hurt it bad.

    • Posted by luke pearson, at Reply

      Should’ve picked Hillary Yes, Comey lied to Hillary and told her wisconsin doesn’t exist

  12. Posted by Henry Albrecht, at Reply

    Why is support for Trump correlated with *_low IQ_*?

    • Posted by james noble, at Reply

      Trump won college educated women AS well as uneducated voters

    • Posted by theworldismad88, at Reply

      james noble WHITE college educated women from all I can find so far.

    • Posted by Night Dark, at Reply

      theworldismad88 White racist college educated women with low IQ. Just because someone goes to college does not mean they have high intelligence.

    • Posted by GUERRILLA SUNRISE, at Reply

      Henry Albrecht

      *Because trump supporters are special*

    • Posted by GUERRILLA SUNRISE, at Reply

      Henry Albrecht


  13. Posted by Raiku Anime II, at Reply

    Liberals have failed yet again. You guys tried so hard with your Russia conspiracy but came up with nothing yet again, *SAD.*

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      There’s so much evidence it’s too much to list in a single post at this point. Keep your head in the sand, moron.

    • Posted by LardGreystoke, at Reply

      Such as D Trump Junior admitting colluding over the weekend, and OF COURSE lying about it.

    • Posted by Jrsydvl, at Reply

      Raiku Anime II Republicans have failed to pass their healthcare bill yet again, sadder.

  14. Posted by luke pearson, at Reply

    He worked at conservative outlets, therefore he is a propogandist and can’t be trusted.

    10/10 logic there, Cenk. Same arguement works for you too

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      No, because conservative outlets actively deny reality, everyone else reports reality.

      Kill yourself.

    • Posted by a few clues, at Reply

      Cent isn’t talking about his background as a reason to show the article not being true, rather he is using his background as further reason to back up his previous point that the information is coming from anonymous sources, and that the article could be speculation… although this reporting is also speculation.

    • Posted by The Libtard Cuckservative, at Reply

      Hazzycakes you should kill yourself so that we get rid of cancerous individuals like yourself….

  15. Posted by Nihad nuno, at Reply

    Did everyone forget that Comey testified UNDER OATH that those memos were made deliberately so that they DON’T include classified material so that they could be shared with everyone when the time is needed. I don’t think an FBI. director would make such a silly mistake 🙄

  16. Posted by Nikesh Gamage, at Reply

    Damn cenk is such a fat greasy slob

    • Posted by NickTheGreatAndPowerful, at Reply

      Nikesh Gamage
      It’s actually spelled T-R-U-M-P.

  17. Posted by Rick Lokers, at Reply

    Trump leaks 20 times more before breakfast on Twitter every day.

  18. Posted by Jaime Duran, at Reply

    James Comey isn’t Trump he actually knows how to do his job!

  19. Posted by hermenutic, at Reply

    Thanks for bringing that up. I have read the Washington Times and within a couple reads understood they were poison to the mind. It’s good to keep tabs on these sons of sea cooks.