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Did Marie Harf just say that even ISIS underestimated the spread of ISIS?



State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer Monday afternoon, most likely to help clean up some of the messier statements from President Obama’s “60 Minutes” interview the evening before — for example, the claim that “we” underestimated the growing threat posed by ISIS.

@marieharf @wolfblitzer The President badly misspoke. The concern is why he misspoke on a scheduled "softball" session with @60Minutes

— HRH John I (@HRHJohnI) September 29, 2014

#SITROOM Marie Harf has been well briefed on how to answer Wolf she found a way to duck his questions on isis & air strikes

— Robert M. Scarabin (@rmscarabin) September 29, 2014

Hot Air associate editor Noah Rothman tweets that Harf backed up the president, saying that not even ISIS saw how fast ISIS was spreading.

Marie Harf's defense on ISIS: "They moved more quickly than anyone could have imagined." Including ISIS, she says.

— Noah Rothman (@NoahCRothman) September 29, 2014

.@NoahCRothman ISIS grew larger than even ISIS realized? This was a real quote from our State Dept?

— S.M (@redsteeze) September 29, 2014

@redsteeze PLEASE tell me she didn't really say that. @marieharf

— Carlton Hinds (@methuselaschild) September 29, 2014

So to make Obama's, "JV team" comment seem better, Marie Harf says that even ISIS didn't know how good ISIS was. Wow #muchtrysuchfail

— Shelby Metter (@ShelbyMetter26) September 29, 2014

So, the admin thinks ISIS underestimated ISIS? https://t.co/kP3Nrib0hc Marie Harf is really quite something.

— Seth Mandel (@SethAMandel) September 29, 2014

Marie Harf: ISIS itself "underestimated the spread of ISIS." This is what represents us at the State Department. God help us.

— Ken Gardner (@kesgardner) September 29, 2014

Well, according to Marie Harf: ISIS surprised ISIS with spreading of ISIS or something.

— John Gort (@JohnGort) September 29, 2014

@NoahCRothman Even ISIS underestimated ISIS.

— ed (@eleventy17) September 29, 2014

@redsteeze @marieharf – Like, ISIS totally moved like Jessica after those shots of tequila at Krush. It was like so uncool ISIS. Go ΔΔΔ!!!

— Trinitromethylbenzen (@smittie61984) September 29, 2014

Marie Harf is a dental hygienist that was plucked to work in the State Department. the woman believes you are an idiot & spoonfeeds you

— jack tinker (@jacktink) September 29, 2014

@redsteeze @MelissaTweets @marieharf she reminds me of a high school cheerleader who always screws up the routines

— Dillon (@000Dillon000) September 29, 2014

@NoahCRothman …She should be reading FairyTales to tots at the library…

— Walt Driscoll (@feedinup) September 29, 2014

“The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer — that’s pretty close.

"ISIS didn't even know how good at spreading ISIS was" actual thing @marieharf said before going back to folding pleated sweatpants #Screwed

— S.M (@redsteeze) September 29, 2014

This is a fucking inescapable nightmare.

— S.M (@redsteeze) September 29, 2014

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