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Did Susan Rice Spy On Trump?


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… And also if she did, was it lawful? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us just what you believe in the remark area listed below.

" White Residence attorneys last month learned that the former nationwide security adviser Susan Rice requested the identities of U.S. persons in raw intelligence records on loads of events that attach to the Donald Trump change as well as campaign, inning accordance with U.S. officials aware of the issue.

The pattern of Rice's demands was found in a National Safety Council evaluation of the government's policy on "unmasking" the identities of people in the U.S. who are not targets of electronic eavesdropping, but whose communications are gathered by the way. Usually those names are edited from recaps of monitored conversations as well as appear in records as something like "U.S. Individual One."

The intelligence reports were summaries of monitored conversations– mostly between foreign officials going over the Trump shift, but additionally in many cases direct get in touch with in between participants of the Trump group and also kept track of foreign authorities. One UNITED STATE official acquainted with the reports stated they contained beneficial political details on the Trump change such as whom the Trump group was meeting, the sights of Trump connects on foreign policy issues as well as prepare for the inbound management." *.

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  1. Posted by Darksider, at Reply

    Trump was right again!

    • Posted by shonenlad one, at Reply

      Trump isn’t even “right” here. So saying he is “again” is a bigger stretch. They were listening to foreign officials and Trump’s team kept communicating with said foreign (Russian) officials. Also, i’d prefer know the Americans colluding with foreign governments nefariously than criticize their unmasking, once it was for National Security purposes. So all this bullshit that Americans should never be unmasked is ridiculous. Obama had every opportunity to make the evidence against Trumps team public, but he didn’t.

    • Posted by Busterpeek21, at Reply

      Steve RX4 Your probably true assertion is as close as you’re going to get to certainty. The Russiagate myth is crumbling and the sooner we put that nonsense behind us, the sooner we address real issues that are plaguing the American people like our staggering income inequality and lack of quality healthcare!

    • Posted by jinhyun1, at Reply

      Darksider Matthew Hubbs But he’s wrong. He was wrong about Trump Towers being wiretapped. He was never surveilled. It is the Russian officials who were talking to different members of his team who were being wiretapped(and routinely so) He is the bad or sick guy if his people are constantly talking to high-ranking officials of an enemy nation, even during the campaign.

      And if Rice believed that his team was discussing political strategy with the Russians, *that in itself is a national security issue* What President has ever discussed his campaign strategies with the officials of a hostile foreign government? That in itself is treason 101

    • Posted by shonenlad one, at Reply

      @ Busterpeek – The intelligence community doesn’t share your opinion that it’s a “myth” Though the collusion/cooperation might not go as far as some believe, to me it already has gone further than is appropriate. Even i was stunned at the number of Trumps team in contact with Russian officials. Income inequality? Yes. Quality HealthCare? I agree. Unhealthy levels of communication between our officials and foreign (hostile) governments? Also yes. I want the truth. I’m not dismissing anything at this point

    • Posted by ursaltydog, at Reply

      *holds cup under Darksider to catch the drippings of sarcasm*

  2. Posted by Matthew Hubbs, at Reply

    Trumps always right!

    • Posted by Matthew Dane, at Reply

      Absolutely. Trump hasn’t been right about anything so far. Would love a list of what he was right on because all facts say he hasn’t been right on anything so far. What a failure. Sad!

    • Posted by jinhyun1, at Reply

      Matthew Hubbs He was wrong about Trump Towers being wiretapped. It is the Russian officials who were talking to different members of his team who were being wiretapped(and routinely so) He is the bad or sick guy if his people are constantly talking to high-ranking officials of an enemy nation

      And if Rice believed that his team was discussing political strategy with the Russians, *that in itself is a national security issue* What President has ever discussed his campaign strategies with the officials of a hostile foreign government. That in itself is treason 101

  3. Posted by John O'Malley, at Reply

    This will make a great movie in a couple years.

    • Posted by ButtererdBass, at Reply

      John O’Malley hahaha! Directed by The Master himself Steven King it’s like a Horror flick in the making😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Diane Owen, at Reply

      John – You mean a horror movie, right?

    • Posted by Man Bearpig, at Reply

      John O’Malley You assume we we all still be here in a couple of years?

  4. Posted by Alexander de Montfort, at Reply

    Answer: Yes.
    It’s likely why Dem. Rep. Schiff went silent after getting intelligence about Obama whitehouse over the weekend.

    • Posted by Dark Jedi, at Reply

      LMAO, you guys are shitting your pants that your orange cheeto jesus is going to go prison with the FBI CRIMINAL investigation! LOCK HIM UP!

    • Posted by Vanessthebest, at Reply

      Yuppers ~

    • Posted by Toughen Up, Fluffy, at Reply

      No, treason is a capitol crime. That means he gets executed.

    • Posted by Darling Dear, at Reply

      +Alexander de Montfort What is likely ? What political things that she ended up using it for ? And, oh btw, Schiff did NOT go silent – he was on the news just today, yesterday, and the day before

  5. Posted by Alex, at Reply

    The only person ‘tapping’ Trump is Putin.

    • Posted by william carter, at Reply

      Alex tapping as in bent over a Russian table by Putin   …

    • Posted by jeff kot, at Reply

      Supra Dupra !!! LOL

    • Posted by DJD 4157, at Reply

      Best comment ever!

    • Posted by Michael Higbee, at Reply

      Alex funny because there is still zero evidence of your Russian hacking claims after 5 months since election, and now trumps so called “baseless claims” about illegal surveillance of him are being proven true. Almost everything he says is toted as false and made up, but is somehow always proven later….

  6. Posted by OlaGolme, at Reply

    Good reporting… Reminds me of the old TYT.

    • Posted by Cain Black, at Reply

      Trollop 7 that’s exactly what he meant, because if Armenians were as pathetic as you i see why they were deported!

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Cain Black
      Since you have not been elected to speak on Ola’s behalf, you should remain silent.

  7. Posted by Michael Thor, at Reply

    I must have missed the elements of truth part in past TYT videos that had to do with wiretapping.

    • Posted by Brandy Byers, at Reply

      sounds like trump got caught colluding by national security director republic turd snowflakes

    • Posted by Chris Miranda, at Reply

      +Brandy Byers It could go either way. Even this video isn’t sure.

    • Posted by Michael Thor, at Reply

      Brandy Byers
      Stick to pageants
      arguments not your thing.

  8. Posted by michael cook, at Reply

    I heard there’s tapes of Trump and Ivanka having phone sex.

    • Posted by Stephen Campion, at Reply

      Does Trump know who he is talking to?

    • Posted by kagato0987, at Reply

      I hope that is fake because I could not survive puking that much if it was true

    • Posted by Aaron, at Reply


    • Posted by Cool Chick, at Reply

      kagato0987…. Lol…😦 😖… so true….

  9. Posted by PaddyCollector, at Reply

    So trump was right that his campaign was full of people talking to russians… WOW the right wing trolls must be so happy that there is more evidence of trump’s treason and corruption.

    • Posted by K Johnstone, at Reply

      No problem. So long as it is white treason and corruption. None o that darker stuff that they cannot stand.

    • Posted by dlancer2k, at Reply

      +Maxime Laneville disagree as you may, everything I said is correct. We have allied governments and non-allied governments. There are no “enemy governments.” If there were, North Korea would be one of them. ISIS is an enemy combatant, but has no governing body. And sorry to tell you this, but WW2 is over.

    • Posted by dlancer2k, at Reply

      +OVI-Wan Kenobi They own the entire GOP, including Fox News. The Saudis didn’t give any more money to Hillary than they did every other establishment candidate. Trump tried to get that money but couldn’t because they all thought he would lose, so then he decided to campaign as an outsider, and it worked. Then as soon as he was elected, he filled his cabinet with the people that got all that Saudi money. Just like Infowars, you’ve been fooled by his words, and then you ignored his actions.

    • Posted by Saltyforeal, at Reply

      Frank, Even CNN reported the contractors were not allowed to look at servers. If that is sufficient for Comey, that’s a problem.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      no such thing as black crime. chunk said so

  10. Posted by Dylan Nolan, at Reply

    Its unrealistic to believe that president Obama was not aware of this.

    • Posted by Albert Banson, at Reply

      Dylan Nolan k

    • Posted by G Rad, at Reply

      Jo Jo ya, like trump is aware of Anything at all smh

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      Bernie wanted Trumps job. America said nope!

  11. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    still doesn’t prove Obama ordered the “wiretapping”? But i do find it odd that some if you Trump apologist won’t wait for the total truth to come out on this b4 wanting Obamas head! lets wait for all the facts to come out b4 passing judgment! or is it because he’s black/democrat?

    Isn’t a fair assessment to assume that if some of you are suggesting that Obama must’ve known about the wiretapping, because he was president? Is it also not fair to assume that Trump knew his cabinet members were talking to Russian officials, because after all……Trump would benefit the most from such Russian conversations!

    • Posted by Desolation Cult, at Reply

      Vanessthebest Read my posts again idiot. If i come across as a trump supporter you need to brush up on your reading comprehension. I was talking to the reasonable, intelligent person that was the subject of my post. I wasnt looking for takes from inferior morons…

    • Posted by Vanessthebest, at Reply

      +MusicByJC – again exactly! I’m by no means insinuating that Obama had nothing to do or knew nothing about possible surveillance on trump tower? But i am saying that though plausible, there’s no poof as of yet that Obama knew or was complicit in the wiretapping or surveillance of trump towers!

    • Posted by OVI-Wan Kenobi, at Reply

      Jamie Cox Believe only what you want because that is what libtards do best. Whatever helps you sleep better at night, snowflake.

    • Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

      +Desolation Cult​ Ironically what all these people who push the russia thing because of their hatred for trump dont see is that its literally backfiring in them.

      The more aggresive they push this, the more average people are sick and tired of hearing about it. With all the actual issues the dnc could have chosen to attack trump on they could be polling very high while destroying trump. However they chose to harp on this russia nonsense and the numbers show, the more aggresive they push it, the lower they poll.
      This is the democrats’ benghazi and birthcertificate.

  12. Posted by erick villagrana, at Reply

    Trump isnt as stupid as hes made out to be. We always knew Obamas team was shady. From Benghazi, to NSA, to this.

    • Posted by Corporal Clegg, at Reply

      you are so in the wrong place…and this one is a great example that Jenk doesn’t know what the F he is speaking on to even talk about this…stupid…..WH directed nonsense. IT WAS HER JOB TO DO WHAT SHE DID—hello!!!!, nothing friggin illegal…and it WAS about Russian craap…so????!!! WTF…this is nonsense

    • Posted by Drew Haney, at Reply

      Also IRS targeting conservative PAC’s…Fearless leaderette “plead the 5th”

    • Posted by Ran Talbott, at Reply

      You’re not supposed to call them “conservative PACs”: that would make their applications for non-profit tax exemption illegal.

    • Posted by G Rad, at Reply

      erick villagrana how tight is your tinfoil hat?

  13. Posted by BIGWORLD0074, at Reply

    So rice was doing right by tracking possible traitors. Flynn being one of them and next the trumptard. Sounds legitimate

    • Posted by SaiyanZ Rage, at Reply

      BIGWORLD0074 actually no,they have Flynns conversation recorded but only released his name because the conversation was legitimate

  14. Posted by Joe Arnold, at Reply

    Even if this info is accurate, she did something that is completely normal and standard operating procedure. If you have clearance you can have the identities unmasked. You just can’t then share them with people outside the proper channels. It happens all the time. It’s got nothing to do with Trump Tower.
    Don’t fall into the same trap as cable news and regurgitate the Trump administrations distractions. It’s not a story. It’s post facto bs distracting us from the real issue Trump is deflecting us from.

    • Posted by Seer-E-US, at Reply

      If the unmasking relates to the investigation into alleged Russian meddling in our electoral process and/or Trump collusion, then it is not normal. She was an advisor, not an investigator.

    • Posted by Ran Talbott, at Reply

      She was an intelligence consumer asking for more details to confirm or disprove the significance of what was given to her. If the foreign diplomats were just talking about what they saw pundits saying on TV, it wouldn’t be relevant to the real national security threat that collusion would present. If they were talking about, or *to*, Trump transition people, it would.

      Her #1 job as NSA was to separate the wheat from the chaff in incoming news and intelligence to determine what was important for Obama to know to protect the country.

    • Posted by Seer-E-US, at Reply

      Why not just read the reports? Unless you don’t trust the investigative ability of the FBI, NSA, and CIA. Or you have some other agenda… Seems unusual to me.

      Just thought it worth saying, I’m aware she read the reports. The narrative would be, she requested unmasking to put information in proper context. In other words, the investigative agencies do such an exceptionally shitty job that a White House official would need to do their investigating for them.

    • Posted by SaiyanZ Rage, at Reply

      +Ran Talbott then why did she lie about it a month ago in an interview?

  15. Posted by Plutot Crever, at Reply

    Hillary Clinton really empowers women: Debbie Schultz, Loretta Lynch, Donna Brazile, Susan Rice … What a great positive inspiring feminist figure.

    • Posted by Catherine3385, at Reply

      She doesn’t pay women on her team as much as Trump pays the women on his team either!

    • Posted by Plutot Crever, at Reply

      Ian, do you remember when Hillary was saying “I will put my husband in charge of the economy” during her campaign? http://money.cnn.com/2016/05/16/news/economy/hillary-bill-clinton-economic-job-growth/
      What a great feminist figure.

    • Posted by Ian Hardin, at Reply

      …and Bush II came into office with a huge economic surplus, thanks to Bill. Which he then pissed away in true Republican style. But I’m pretty sure it was a joke. Besides which, are you saying she would have been less of a feminist icon, had she allowed any men to do anything in her White House? Still not making much sense.

    • Posted by ryan braun, at Reply

      Plutot Crever uhm have you seen what Jared kushner has been in charge of?

    • Posted by Plutot Crever, at Reply

      Ian, I know you desperately want to be right about this but you won’t.
      Time Magazine put Bill Clinton on the very short list of THE 25 PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE 2007 FINANCIAL CRISIS.
      You really should know a few things about politics before commenting on political webpages.

  16. Posted by Henry Townshed, at Reply

    She committed a felony, she is fucked.

    • Posted by Sandy Beach, at Reply

      Vice President Agnew was thrown in jail. That is how Ford became vice-president and then eventually President. That was easy.

    • Posted by Walter Parks, at Reply

      that was 50 years..no one in recent history

    • Posted by George Golden, at Reply

      Henry Townshed More distractions from Trump and his followers. She was just doing her job..What was his people doing with the Russians?If you were born with a brain that’s what you should ask yourself.What do you like about Trump?Is it the bigotry?

    • Posted by Henry Townshed, at Reply

      George Golden you are stupid, both campaigns were talking with the Russians. Did not vote for Trump, I like he made me money in the stock market. He is also against illegals which I support.

  17. Posted by Michael Dunson, at Reply

    Whoever unmasked Mike Flynn need to get an award, if he wouldn’t have been unmasked we would still have a foreign agent running our National Security.

    • Posted by Zach Alter, at Reply

      Michael Dunson You do know that Flynn has already been cleared by the FBI 3 months ago of any involement with the Russians.

    • Posted by Michael Dunson, at Reply

      Zach Alter, Do you know that Trump fired him and that he was a undeclared foreign agent working for the Turkey government.

    • Posted by Zach Alter, at Reply

      Michael Dunson I already knew he was fired. As for him working for turkey this is the first time I heard of this. So mind showing me where you got this information?

    • Posted by Michael Dunson, at Reply

      Are you really that lazy that you can’t type Michael Flynn foreign agent Turkey into the search engine?