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Did Trump Repeal Obamacare?


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Trump is asserting that his tax obligation law eliminated Obamacare. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you if he's appropriate. Tell us just what you think in the comment section below.

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" Almost one-third of Americans think Head of state Trump has reversed ObamaCare, according to a new The Financial expert– YouGov poll.

Recently, Trump claimed the tax obligation expense– which has actually because been signed into law– "essentially" rescinds the Affordable Treatment Act. The Republican bill to revamp the tax obligation system removes the fine Americans spend for foregoing health insurance, known as the specific required.

" When the private required is being reversed, that indicates ObamaCare is being rescinded," Trump stated in a Cabinet conference at the White Home. "We have actually essentially reversed ObamaCare as well as we will certainly think of something far better."

Despite Trump's case, nonetheless, the bill doesn't totally rescind the Affordable Care Act, as various other core parts of the regulation continue to be intact.

The survey asked survey participants to respond to inquiries on Trump's project promises, including whether participants believe Trump has actually reversed ObamaCare. About 31 percent of those surveyed addressed of course, 49 percent claimed no as well as 21 percent claimed they just weren't sure."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by liberal ontheleft, at Reply

    Funny how the percent of people who said yes is about the same as his approval rating. Trump put the twit in Twitter. If he says something or tweets something the percentage it’s true is about zero!

  2. Posted by cne08, at Reply

    Donald Trump’s presidency needs to be repealed ASAP.

    • Posted by Ejb954, at Reply

      cne08 Who is your choice Putin or Hillary maybe put back Obama tell us please

    • Posted by James Eslick, at Reply

      Donald Trump’s presidency needs to be in power again in 2020.

    • Posted by Lost Biscuit, at Reply

      Naw. Trump 2020.

  3. Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

    Not being FORCED by the government to buy health insurance that you don’t want is NOT being thrown off health insurance, you liberal fools. It’s called giving people a choice. Liberals can’t get any dumber.

    • Posted by Max Carroll, at Reply

      I don’t know who, in their right mind, would not want health insurance.

    • Posted by DireAvenger001, at Reply

      Indeed it would be severely risky, but nevertheless I think one ought to be able to decide on their own whether or not to enter these agreements

    • Posted by 𝐵𝒶𝓀𝒶 𝒪𝓅𝓅𝒶𝒾, at Reply

      You idiots will be paying far more when uninsured people go to the emergency room, and your rates go up because the only people in the pool are sick people.

    • Posted by Grabacadaver, at Reply

      Max Carroll its the insurance part that im weary about. Health should be an integral part of society not something to be capatalized. There is an oath taken by those in the medical field that should be upheld no matter the patient’s economic status. Life for those that suffer illness or tragedy should be delt with in any manner available

    • Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

      Max Carroll Yes who wouldn’t want a $2000 monthy premium and a deductible of $20000? I mean to me that’s a scam and your better off saving that $2000 and not buying it!

  4. Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

    Honestly, i’m shocked that corporations are going along with Conservative’s trying to kill Obamacare.
    The mandate actually gets them more customers, and Obamacare is built around keeping health insurance corporations in business.
    I believe the end result of Republican’s never ending fight to destroy Obamacare will end up backfiring by making Medicare for All an unavoidable necessity. There will be less people purchasing healthcare plans, which will inevitably drive up the cost for those who are already on a plan. Costs are already skyrocketing, and this will only make things WORSE.
    I hope Obamacare DOES implode, because it will take a catastrophic healthcare crisis to force people to finally do the right thing and do Medicare for all.

    • Posted by Aries, at Reply


  5. Posted by MrEd, at Reply

    Yougov polls are not news. What a waste of time.

  6. Posted by Angelsy1, at Reply

    Lots of drunks in this comments section… I should know – I’m one of them! I know the signs…

    • Posted by Aries, at Reply


  7. Posted by Marti Waterman, at Reply

    Trump should tell his supporters there is no opioid crisis and jobs are aplenty. Problem solved.

    • Posted by Colonel Angus, at Reply

      Jobs are aplenty if you are not taking drugs.

    • Posted by Aries, at Reply


    • Posted by Marti Waterman, at Reply

      Take that up with THE BIG PHARMA CARTEL.

  8. Posted by Roland Lytle, at Reply

    Happy New Year to all! Make 2018 a great year.

    • Posted by Mark P, at Reply


    • Posted by Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump, at Reply

      Trump 2020

  9. Posted by gary travers, at Reply

    I am afraid to imagine what’s Trump’s definition of replacing Obama care with something much better is…

    • Posted by gary travers, at Reply

      Love your sarcasm!

    • Posted by Mark P, at Reply


    • Posted by gary travers, at Reply

      To die due to lack of care? Possibly, and maybe sooner than that. To fight for right to live with no stress of medical astronomical bills? Yes. “How” is the issue when facing the wall of corruption supported by oligarchical monsters.

    • Posted by Mark P, at Reply


  10. Posted by Sprax, at Reply

    Last election had historic lows in turn out, the 2020 general won’t.

    • Posted by bobby, at Reply

      Absolutely true. The Republicans will be out in force.

  11. Posted by Olympia.WA, at Reply

    Corporations are currently feasting on the tax cuts but what happens when the majority of people start to suffer financially because of it and can no longer buy these companies products? That’s when you’ll see another recession and corporations losing money. No one will be able to afford more than food and shelter, and maybe not even that.

    • Posted by SainterSan, at Reply

      Olympia.WA – I’m still waiting…

  12. Posted by Carolyn Smith, at Reply

    Democratic Socialism on the way.

    • Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

      Yes taxing people for not buying something that’s outrageously expensive is so going to win the Dems seats

    • Posted by MrVeggie247, at Reply

      Adam Smith Untill you pay attention and find out social healthcare is cheaper then a predatory capitalist private insurance system…
      Who knew? lol You didn’t… you idiot.
      The rest of the world can see, why can’t you?

    • Posted by Aries, at Reply


    • Posted by MrVeggie247, at Reply

      Aries You’re such a manchild…
      Leave your mom’s basement and get a job!

  13. Posted by BladeWinters, at Reply

    Nailed it, as far as his supporters are concerned he can do no wrong, they could all be living in abject poverty under tyrannical rule and they will sing his praises as a great king

  14. Posted by Drink Me, at Reply

    49+21+31=101 *THIS MAKES NO SENSE*

    • Posted by GrAhAm FiNlAySoN-fIfE, at Reply

      Rounding error

    • Posted by dustigenes, at Reply

      It is not an error, it is a result of rounding up or down. To explain it very simply, imagine that they surveyed 1,000 people and the results were 489, 208 and 313. To simplify things we like to express it in the simplest terms and polls are usually expressed in terms of 100 based on percent. So we either say 489 people thought this, 208 thought that while 313 believed the other thing. Or we say 48.9% thought this, 20.8% thought that while 31.3% believed the other thing. Since we don’t have .9%, .8% or .3% of a person, and besides which it sounds stupid, we round up or down. So we end up with 48.9 rounded up to 49%, 20.8 rounded up to 21% and 31.3 rounded down to 31% which of course does not equal 100%, but unless they only survey 100 people every time, it will not always equal 100%.

  15. Posted by San Qiang Li, at Reply

    31% sounds about right given his approval rating…

    • Posted by BMWM316 G, at Reply

      45% my man. Not too shabby. Buckle up. Will be a long 7 years for you and your ilk.

  16. Posted by Dexter Morgan, at Reply

    repeal and replace dump

    • Posted by President Trump, at Reply

      When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough.

  17. Posted by Cristi Robu, at Reply

    Ana, sit on my face😘

    • Posted by issareign, at Reply

      Cristi Robu
      Embrace the face

  18. Posted by A1Cvenom, at Reply

    Basically yes, without the mandate most people won’t bother buying into it.

    • Posted by Svitlo37, at Reply

      A1Cvenom I never did. Never paid a penalty either.

  19. Posted by Jason Miller, at Reply

    Trump incompetence? lol that why his IQ is in the top 3 percent of the world.

    • Posted by Equnoxe, at Reply

      Richard Owens ahahaha

    • Posted by grandpoopy1, at Reply

      to richard: none of us has the authority to question our dear leader ,trump. Just worship him and vote to re-elect him.

    • Posted by MuttonChop Red, at Reply

      Jason Miller okay moron, what Fantasyland are you living in? Epic troll fail!

    • Posted by grandpoopy1, at Reply

      to mutton: fool! I’ll report you to a trump brownshirt. You and your family will be sent to a trump concentration camp for interrogation, torture, and eventual execution. Is that what you want?