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DNC Plays Dirty Tricks To Stay In Power


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The DNC is doing whatever it could to stop the Justice Democrats. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, show you how. Tell us what you believe in the comment area below.

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  1. Posted by Anton Voltchok, at Reply

    Where’s all the Hillary dickheads saying the DNC are perfect incorruptible people who favor no one?! Surprised they’re not here right now spewing their garbage , hard to defend these days I guess

    • Posted by Tara Conley, at Reply

      Anton Voltchok Hillary fans don’t watch this lol

    • Posted by Maershkin Schrabs, at Reply

      Trump supporters are laughing at all you dipshits.

    • Posted by Maershkin Schrabs, at Reply

      Hillary fans and commies deserve eachother.

  2. Posted by Matthijs Flipse, at Reply

    Dnc is where progressive movements go to die

  3. Posted by Guillermo Rivas, at Reply

    Just donated to JusticeDemocrats

    • Posted by sulfier bloodline, at Reply

      Guillermo Rivas yeah like a Typical brainwashed sheep that keeps jumping off a cliff and resurrecting to do it again Lol.

    • Posted by Levity, at Reply

      P.T. Barnum sends his regards.

  4. Posted by Richard, at Reply

    So one they straight-up denied, one they gave a watered-down version, and they’re making the third jump through impossible hoops. Why does the DNC response vary so much? Seems completely arbitrary. At least be consistent with the corrupt bullshit.

  5. Posted by evil Duck, at Reply

    Why don’t they just HACK the DNC everybody else does…;-}

  6. Posted by alt-right Smasher, at Reply

    “trump 2020”


  7. Posted by Chris Mancakes, at Reply

    Democrat party is so corrupt seeing what they and Hillary did to Bernie. That’s why I am now a Progressive. One thing is clear and that is the DNC will never get another President elected and in the White House with out the Progressive support. Period

  8. Posted by Fatma Al-Ubeidi, at Reply

    The DNC is a joke

  9. Posted by Samantha30090, at Reply

    I have to say that I’m really surprised if YOU are surprised that DNC is doing this. You should have expected DNC would do this. These people are white collar criminals and you should be telling people that they don’t have to accept rule by white collar criminals.

  10. Posted by Nicholas Raynes, at Reply

    We are going to have to work that much harder.

  11. Posted by Marcus LH, at Reply

    This is bad news but the silver lining is that by actually testing our county’s ‘democracy’ it’s starting to be exposed that we don’t actually have one. Keep forcing them to expose how undemocratic the process is people are going to start taking more notice.

    • Posted by thomas sky438, at Reply

      Marcus LH I know we always tell other country to be democratic but in reality we the ppl of USA have so little control over our democracy.

  12. Posted by Aeri cah, at Reply

    thanks for the news! I signed the petition.

  13. Posted by b0ilerboy, at Reply

    The DNC doesnt treat progressives like children they treat progressives like they are slaves.

    • Posted by Aaron Wantuck, at Reply

      Yeah, I am going to have to say that your statement above makes about as much sense as trying to grow crops in the Antarctic ice shelf.

  14. Posted by Tik-Tok, at Reply

    I’m kicking in with the Justice Democrats. I’ll give Netflix a break and donate my subscription money. Must hold family meeting.

  15. Posted by Coolnvigilant 88, at Reply

    Time for a third TRULY LEFT WING party. The democrats are useless, so its time to stop messing around.

  16. Posted by Jeremy Ellwood, at Reply

    Votebuilder is the database owned by the DNC. You can get other versions of VAN (such as targetsmartvan) which are exactly the same, but not owned by the DNC.

  17. Posted by qdog mad, at Reply

    please tax the rich

  18. Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

    It is amazing how those on the right claim to love this country with a straight face…

  19. Posted by Aaron Wantuck, at Reply

    Due to bullshit like this the democrats are going to lose again in 2018 and 2020 and wonder why. Look no one wants the establishment anymore and one day you will be gone when your voter base who is over 60 dies.

  20. Posted by JarionSilverblades, at Reply

    I hope they don’t get hacked, that’d be a shame.