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DNC Uses Racist Rumor Against Bernie Supporters


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Facility Democrats are smearing Bernie advocates once more. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us just what you believe in the remark area listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" LAS VEGA– A report that pro-Bernie Sanders Democrats have suggested removing 3 popular black females as at-large members of the Democratic National Board triggered a fierceness right here at the event's loss meeting, illuminating stress in between anti-establishment progressives and chairman Tom Perez as Democrats rushed late Thursday to learn where the report had actually originated from and exactly what intentions owned it.

In the chandeliered ballrooms of Bally's gambling enterprise, Democrats spent the very first 2 days of their meeting murmuring in big component regarding Perez's consultations to the DNC. His 75 chosen at-large members, a varied option that consisted of a girl secured under the DACA program as well as a black transgender woman, also came to be a point of contention and also supposition when longtime Democrats were eliminated from their blog posts.

James Zogby, a crucial Sanders ally and also a long time DNC member who discovered he would certainly lose his spot on the party's exec board, was among numerous progressives that cast the action as a kind of revenge against those who did not support Perez in his quote for chair previously this year.

By Thursday mid-day, 2 days after Perez announced his consultations, the report was this: Zogby and other pro-Sanders Democrats intended to flout Perez's choices for at-large DNC participants by suggesting an alternative slate, one that would exchange out 3 famous black women. The names circulating amongst Democrats were Leah Daughtry, previous DNC convention chair; Minyon Moore, veteran Autonomous strategist; and also Symone Sanders, former national press secretary to Bernie Sanders. By Thursday night, the rumor was Daughtry, Moore, and former DNC chair Donna Brazile.

Zogby flatly denied the report in a meeting beforehand Thursday night."

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  1. Posted by T Toughtask, at Reply

    It happens all the time on twitter start an argument with a HRC supporter on policy or something & get called sexist and or racist as soon as they start losing the argument

    • Posted by Vee K., at Reply

      All the time. The first women’s March I had a Twitter convo with 3 of the organizers who were drawing up the invite list. I suggested the feminist in the primary races be invited. They said Hollary’s name was not on the list yet. I said “no, Bernie sanders was he feminist in the primaries”. They know because of my education and friends in feminism that they couldn’t outright deny me- so they asked for a set of reasons why Bernis Sanders is a feminist. I sent them 5 reasons proven by policy. They said he is not a woman and it is a woman’s March. I said that is very I feminist of you. And they said, we want you and your people to stay away otherwise you will bring your Bernie signs and make our women’s March about a man. I told them they are all lost causes and went and wrote my hero Bell Hooks. These Hillary camp DNC people are paychotic. They are not feminists. They are not even intelligent or academic. They don’t understand the basis of things. They are a danger and unfortunately are squeaky wheels. We need to keep educating people, especially young women to what feminism is and showing important feminist role models like Bernie Sanders. Let him speak! His policy is feminist and egalitarian. He’s a great being. From a “Bernie bro” in heels

  2. Posted by Jstoney127, at Reply

    The Democratic Party is dying and they’ll never change. They’ve lost 1000 seats nationwide and still have Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the same Clinton hacks at the DNC leading the party. The DNC has refused to give ANYTHING to real liberals and progressives, constantly stabbing them in the back at every chance. Enough is enough, real liberals, progressives and other leftists need to leave the Democratic party. Democrats rather fight you than Republicans. Let the Democratic party completely burn then maybe something great can rise from the ashes.

  3. Posted by The4thTimelord, at Reply

    People have given the Democratic party enough chances since the election. They’re not going to change. Bernie needs to start a Progressive party, end of story. The Democrats have been hijacked by corporatists, war mongers, racists, and pedos. They are sponsored by rapists. The party is dead and its carcass is stinking up the entire center and left of the political spectrum.

    • Posted by Brock Mosby, at Reply

      The4thTimelord…thank you for saying something worth reading.

    • Posted by timoback3000, at Reply

      Join the green party then

  4. Posted by Eric Antone, at Reply

    Christ. The DNC is really an embarrassment. No credibility whatsoever anymore.

  5. Posted by Porkchop Periwinkle, at Reply

    Paid to lose.

  6. Posted by Aj Meyers, at Reply

    If you spread racist rumors about a man like Bernie Sanders, who put his life and his freedom on the line to fight for civil rights in the 60s, you’ve lost all credibility.

  7. Posted by Andy Duffield, at Reply

    Time for Bernie to start a new party

  8. Posted by antione richardson, at Reply

    this is sick :/
    ugh i cant stand money hungry people

  9. Posted by Andrew Rai, at Reply

    Honestly speaking the establishment democrats are just as bad as republicans, hence I have desire to vote for either.

  10. Posted by Mi Do, at Reply

    Those Paid Democratic Strategists and the”friendly” journalists who serve them are working overtime to falsely smear Benie Sanders and his supporters. And I see that ‘Morning Joe’ has hopped on to the Bernie Sanders false smear train…..It’s getting vicious. Look for more false smears and shenanigans from Joy Reid, David Brock & Neera Tanden.

  11. Posted by No Labels, at Reply

    The democrat party is dead. There is only one party, the corporate party with right and left wings.

  12. Posted by Fleck Smugbrother, at Reply

    The 2-party system is strangling America……

  13. Posted by Tebigong101, at Reply

    I was a Republican until this last election but what happened on the other side, the DNC lying to our faces about acting against the Sanders campaign… yeah, they all but ensured I’d become an Independent rather than a Democrat and I’ll be surprised if others aren’t considering the same. People won’t keep voting for a lesser evil because the RNC is supporting the ginger devil, both sides are corrupt and it wasn’t young liberals who wanted Sanders who might make actual change.

  14. Posted by Person Pierson, at Reply

    Call the DNC and demand Tom Perez resigns! 1-202-863-8000

  15. Posted by tesladrive1, at Reply

    Why doesn’t the DNC just fess up and say they are really Republicans! They love taking money from rich donors just like the Republicans. And they are the same donors that the Republicans get money from! It’s a one party system these days. They should call themselves Republidems! Progressives need to start thier own party!

  16. Posted by Dave Miller, at Reply

    If you dont get it by now that the ONLY way Bernie will run is as an independent there is NO hope for you.

  17. Posted by Ken Hawk, at Reply

    Nasty Pelosi, Tom Perez, and the entire DNC leadership needs to go or the Dems will lose in 2018, 2020, and beyond……

  18. Posted by Owen Oulton, at Reply

    There is no tangible difference between Republicans and Democrats. Period. They’re both corrupt and in the hip pocket of crony capitalism.