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Do Aliens Exist?


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Do aliens exist? Cenk, Wes, as well as Ben discuss why they probably do not. Allow us recognize if you think aliens exist. See the complete episode right here:

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  1. Posted by Futt Bucker, at Reply

    Armenians never existed, right Cenk?

    • Posted by DLDHistory, at Reply

      Wow you missed the mark completely..I care about ALL people.. even “people” like  you (Trolls) .. you are referencing a paper that Cenk wrote in College in the 1990’s. I was trying to help you move forward with your life..but I should know that trolls live in the 1990’s and refuse to move forward…

    • Posted by rsuriyop, at Reply

      Futt Bucker You idiot, what about TYT’s other co-host, Ana Kasparian? Last I checked she’s of Armenian heritage. You think Cenk doesn’t acknowledge her existence?

    • Posted by Futt Bucker, at Reply

      I loved the 90’s.

  2. Posted by We Are Rip City, at Reply

    Of course they exist.
    It’s ridiculous to think in a massive and ever expanding universe with over 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000 planets there is not a single planet with some form of life besides our own.

    • Posted by Suhaboo Mohammed, at Reply

      We Are Rip City just like I can say it’s ridiculous to think aliens exist. Let me use an example. You got a backyard that’s probably 50feet wide. Does that mean people rather than you are going to be in there? No this may sound stupid but what I’m trying to say is just because there is more space in a place does not mean something is going to be there

    • Posted by OrbitZombie, at Reply

      Suhaboo Mohammed It’s not the space, it’s the seemingly infinite stars, planets and moons with the same natural processes that are going on here on Earth that occupy that space that makes it HIGHLY UNLIKELY that there aren’t intelligent lifeforms beyond Earth.

    • Posted by We Are Rip City, at Reply

      OrbitZombie Not even intelligent. I said any form of life lol

    • Posted by OrbitZombie, at Reply

      We Are Rip City Same thing applies. Intelligent or not.

    • Posted by We Are Rip City, at Reply

      Suhaboo Mohammed
      No, you can say it’s ridiculous to think life elsewhere doesn’t exist. 1/5 of all stars have planets in the habitable zone. Did you see that number I just referenced for the number of planets out there?
      10 to the 24th power.
      Trillion trillion of exoplanets out there.
      40 billion habitable zone planets in just the milky way??
      Do you know how many galaxies there are???
      Your comment is a bukkake of ignorance.

  3. Posted by Ashleigh Daniels, at Reply

    How can you say you haven’t seen any evidence??? What about all the light sightings in the sky? Idk I think your all dumb for thinking we’re alone in the universe

    • Posted by Richard Ming, at Reply

      To be fair, my drone looks like a flying saucer at night. I just put some flashing light on it.

    • Posted by OrbitZombie, at Reply

      Suhaboo Mohammed A Prime Directive perhaps?

    • Posted by Suhaboo Mohammed, at Reply

      OrbitZombie now you’re saying they have ruled abd regulations

    • Posted by OrbitZombie, at Reply

      Suhaboo Mohammed Why wouldn’t they? We have them.

  4. Posted by Stellar Sea, at Reply

    Ignorant commentators don’t deserve positions on the channel. I expected better from the Young Turks.

    • Posted by X-man, at Reply

      Stellar Sea. How did you expect better from TYT?

    • Posted by Stellar Sea, at Reply

      atmanson1 Very true. In cosmic terms.

    • Posted by Stellar Sea, at Reply

      X-man I really only watch their political coverage, but when it comes to their other side shows, I don’t really watch, but this one caught my eye, because I think of alien life quite often.

  5. Posted by Gage Acosta, at Reply

    Statistically aliens are almost a guarantee.

    • Posted by YyyoDa, at Reply

      Statistically more a guarantee than Russian aliens infiltration?

    • Posted by wittlestar, at Reply

      statistically 90% of trump voters and 50% of non-voters are dumber than trump. noise is signal, signal is noise. idiots gave us trump.

    • Posted by Purple Curiosity, at Reply

      I hope the world could get down to the truth that Trump is a statistical anomaly. Very destabilizing and dangerous alien force to the human system.

  6. Posted by BlackKnight101, at Reply

    Only a moron would believe aliens don’t exist. What 400 billion stars in our galaxy alone, each one with potentially a number of planets in it’s system. And TYT thinks ours is the only one likely to have life on it? Different question totally, have aliens come to Earth? Fine if that is there point.

    • Posted by hanha H, at Reply

      Completely agree. I think the assumption is that they are discussing whether aliens have visited earth, but they should really make it more clear.

    • Posted by peet eemz, at Reply

      And 200 billion more galaxies like it. Life can exist in very hostile environments without sunlight. The fact that we haven’t found extraterrestrial life means the information is suppressed.

    • Posted by BlackKnight101, at Reply

      Still quite possible we will find alien life in our own solar system, let alone the wider galaxy, or wider still universe. At least two moons made up of water, one of which was recently discovered to have the other needed building blocks for life as on our planet. So it is still possible, even if it would be unlikely to be ET if they do.

  7. Posted by Donald Trump., at Reply

    My professor says aliens are real . We are reverse-engineering their technology in our antigravity secret project aircraft.

    This is real folks !

    What I don’t understand is how Donald tiny hands hasn’t tweeted about it !

    Come on President Donald !

    • Posted by Woke Minion, at Reply

      DJT you are a Traitor in Chief. A home wrecker of innocent families. An importer of evil Erdogan jerks and blood-thirsty Russian plutocrats. Your greed scorched this nation, your slime poisons this earth. You will be defeated and ejected! You will face Divine Justice! Watch The Human Race Strikes Back!

    • Posted by Purple Curiosity, at Reply

      I’m not American and when I saw Erdogan bodyguards and Lavarov’s bad attitude towards US journalist, I got so angry! I don’t understand how Trump voters justify this!

  8. Posted by EmberTwistt, at Reply

    Aliens exist both in other galaxies and dissociated caverns in consciousness, it is a mathematical certainty. The question is, why don’t the advanced ones care to visit us outright, bestowing upon us any of their knowledge? We are teased with reports of UFOs, crop circles of impossible symmetry, and baffling hieroglyphics. Perhaps they are far too different, too far removed from our biology, unanticipated by our sciences or history or culture to be capable of interacting with us on any meaningful level. Perhaps they simply don’t care. Out of nothing nothing comes.

    • Posted by Simon Winn, at Reply

      Or the Aliens themselves are primitive compared to us.

    • Posted by Bat Shit Crazy, at Reply

      Simon Winn not likely if they managed to find a way to efficiently travel the vastness of space to get here.

  9. Posted by El Negro, at Reply

    I’ve personally seen a ufo I took 2 vids and zoomed in on the vid it didn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen

    • Posted by Alex Jones Cuckold Idiot, at Reply

      El Negro proof?

    • Posted by Nate River, at Reply

      UFO means unidentified. Just because you didn’t know what you were looking at doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t. UFO doesn’t mean ‘I don’t know that that is’ ‘It MUST be aliens!” No, no no. You don’t know what it is. Stop there.

  10. Posted by MAD COWS R US, at Reply

    Aliens only abduct my species because of our big fat white superior sperms. Putin zombie virus only eat my species brain because we are the smartest stupid tribe ever.

    • Posted by MAD COWS R US, at Reply

      We are the smartest cows ever existed in cow history. Bad aliens Obama and Hillary disabled 99% of our DNA and that is why we must allow TrumPutin zombie virus to reactivate our immortal cow potential. We deserve to be invincible like Trumpzilla and Meatlania.

    • Posted by Purple Curiosity, at Reply

      You are smart like “Meatlania”. Took the easiest route, now everything has blown up and you put up a proud front. So smart of you.

  11. Posted by blink182MusicAndVids, at Reply

    That’s the thing though.. many ex- politicians and military people have spoken about these things, people don’t believe them. Think as if they’re crazy.

    • Posted by Purple Curiosity, at Reply

      The issue of aliens is not “believe or not to believe”. Investigate if there is smoke, or an issue of national/ global security. Or not.

  12. Posted by IMPERATOR, at Reply

    There are estimated to be about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the universe. You’re just plain dumb if you don’t think there’s at least one other star with a life sustaining planet orbiting it

    • Posted by ::: STICKY DROSERA, at Reply

      I think the question being discussed here is clearly whether aliens have visited earth, not whether there’s aliens that exist somewhere out there in the universe.

    • Posted by Tom Von Deck, at Reply

      There is obviously an organizing principle that tends toward intelligent life. These folks believe in only random processes, as if we’re nothing but a bunch of microscopic solid balls randomly clanking together. They probably believe that the diagrams of atoms look like reality.

    • Posted by Phlebas, at Reply

      “There is obviously an organizing principle that tends toward intelligent life”

      We have a sample size of one. And that’s after about 3.8 billion years of non-spaceship-building life on Earth. I’m not sure how you reach such a conclusion and say it’s obvious.

    • Posted by imnotmike, at Reply

      There is certainly life out there. Intelligent life? Maybe, maybe not. Have aliens come to Earth. Hell to the no.

  13. Posted by N. Zhiv, at Reply

    How can we think we are the only ones? Isn’t that a bit arrogant?

    Whether they landed here is another story.

    • Posted by imnotmike, at Reply

      Isn’t it a bit arrogant to just assume that technology can be created to allow intergalactic space travel? Just because someone made a TV show about it, you assume it must be possible?

      There is no intelligent life within the bounds of realistic travel or communication.

      When statisticians talk about the inevitability of life on other planets, they’re talking about amoebas and primitive life forms. There is likely nothing as sophisticated as a rat.

    • Posted by N. Zhiv, at Reply

      Well, the question was whether there were ANY at all, not within the bounds of realistic travel or communication (something with which I agree).

      Besides, Hawkings said something that made a lot of sense. He said that it may be that the reason we don’t hear from aliens is that they may reach technological progress to travel long distances, but their morality hasn’t progressed in tune with their tech, so they wipe themselves out (a likely possibility for our species, i.e., terrorists getting their hands on nukes).

  14. Posted by Nick Mason, at Reply

    You guys make yourself out to be free thinkers, but when it comes down to something you’ve never investigated You guys act like total assholes who laugh at the thought of aliens. Do some research and get passed your ego. Of course you wouldn’t belive if someone told you their father (or whoever) who works for the government said Aliens exist and come here frequently. Because you already laugh at the fact of aliens even existing. You guys are far from open minded. Just stuck in the mainstream media trying to have people follow your opinions when in reality its all a waste of time. What you cover is as brainwashing as what the mainstream news feeds us. Stop pretending to be open minded.

    • Posted by Abnormal Wrench, at Reply

      I hope you accept Our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Or are you one of those “free thinkers”?

    • Posted by Vanessthebest, at Reply

      send alex jones into space like he wants so much. trump as well.

  15. Posted by Uhohhotdog Gaming, at Reply

    If you don’t believe aliens exist somewhere in the universe you’re a moron

    • Posted by purecotton, at Reply

      prove it.

    • Posted by zednotzee7, at Reply

      +purecotton You just did….

    • Posted by Eric Antone, at Reply

      It also depends on what you define as “alien”. NASA has discovered bacterial micro-fossils inside cross sections of meteorites, which means that technically we already have proof of extra-terrestrial life. A sentient, walking talking EBE is another story though.

  16. Posted by J Smith, at Reply

    It’s not secret. There are hundreds of military members who have been whistleblowers on the topic. There are actual military documents saying that the most likely explanation is extraterrestrial craft. Just because you haven’t looked into these things doesn’t suddenly mean they don’t exist.

    • Posted by Eric Antone, at Reply

      The government keeps secrets by using secrecy oaths: if you’re cleared to see top secret information and you speak one word to the public, you spend the rest of your life in prison, or you’re tried for treason and executed. This is how the upper levels of the government operate to keep secrets.

      The other thing is the public doesn’t take things like this seriously. They’re dismissive, as TYT is in this video. The public doesn’t tend to believe things unless they A.) see it for themselves, or B.) it’s reported in the media. Therefore the number of people who actually have first hand knowledge of high level secrets is kept very low.

    • Posted by J Smith, at Reply

      +Eric Antone Right, a lot of these whistleblowers don’t even speak about what they saw until they’re about to die because of that. Lead scientist of project blue book Dr. J Allen Hynek, (the same man that made up the “it’s swamp gas” excuse), admitted they were pressured into explaining everything away as anything but extraterrestrial. After Dr. Hynek stopped working for the government, he was so intrigued by all the actual UFO evidence he found that he founded The Center for UFO studies, so he could do actual scientific investigations on the phenomenon.

    • Posted by Eric Antone, at Reply

      Yeah, very few people are willing to go the Snowden route. 99% of people would much rather keep their high paying government job, their nice house, and enjoy a pleasant life. Hardly anyone is willing to risk everything for the sake of telling the public the truth.

    • Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply


  17. Posted by pizzamanwannabe, at Reply

    Aliens totally exist, 100% – The universe is too big for Earth to be the only planet with life. In fact, there’s a chance aliens exist within our solar system in the underground oceans of Ganymede, Enceladus, Europa, or methane-based organisms on Titan. SCIENCE!

  18. Posted by GamingNinja, at Reply

    Ofcourse they do, they are already here.. some of them even helped create us.

    • Posted by Agent Hobbs, at Reply

      You don’t think a species of superior intellect isn’t smart enough to cover its tracks.

      It would literally take weeks to go into detail and explain everything to you. But there are tons of evidence everywhere.

      Also we are the biggest proof of intelligent life capable of existing on a habitable planet and we are capable of traveling in space. The universe is vast and it also has many habitable worlds that occupy the habitable area in its respective solar system. It’s called the Goldilocks zone.

      Look up the 3 pyramids in egypt and how they are lined up directly with Orion’s belt. Also the coordiantes of the pyramid of Giza is the number for the speed of light. That’s a giant coincidence. Also the moon eclipses the sun perfectly. The chances of the moon being the perfect size to eclipse the sun is like 1 out of trillion. Nature did not do that. Everything is by design.

      There are many texts that describe “beings” who have wiped out humanity several times. Before the great flood, these “beings” would have direct contact with humans but after the flood they decided only to monitor/not interfere.

    • Posted by GamingNinja, at Reply

      You are the one asking the question i’m just stating the facts.. if you don’t feel the need to look deeper than that is on you.

    • Posted by Agent Hobbs, at Reply

      I know what you mean. There are tons of information that gives a real story behind our creation, if you put all the pieces of the puzzle together. The Roswell rock, the pyramids of Egypt, the moon, mars, the asteroid belt, tons of text in the Vatican, the book of Enoch, the many unexplainable structures that could not have been belt by ancient men, the unexplainable similar architectural between different cultures that shouldn’t have had contact with each other, our evolution and why we have evolved so fast…..I mean countless countless pieces that point to we are not alone and we are not the first. For someone to just ignorantly deny all of that, is not worth your time to explain all that information to them.

      Honestly, their ignorance was purposely manufactured by the elites. The elites purposely, keep people ignorant so they are compliant. Ignorant and stupid people are easier to control. They don’t ask questions, they can’t connect dots, and they just do as they are told. Elites are literally dumbing down society, and keeping all the knowledge for themselves. Not only do they know about aliens; they get their knowledge indirectly from them. The most powerful families in the world are indoctrinated completely different from average people. The masses are taught to be workers, and given skills to make them work efficiently; not to think creatively.

      When you see people who just outright arrogantly dismiss the existence of aliens; they are literally trapped in the matrix set up by elites. They are stuck in the state of “Oblivia.” They are “sheep.”

      The elites basically, set up a system where they are the only guy in the room with the gun. The gun being secret knowledge. The room being the planet. The other people trapped in the room unarmed being the masses. If everyone in the room had guns then the guy in the room with a gun wouldn’t be as big of threat. The playing field would be even. If everyone had secret knowledge then the elite wouldn’t be so elite.

  19. Posted by Klasco Unknown, at Reply

    Should be re-titled to “Do Aliens Exist On Earth”

    • Posted by CarbonBasedLifeform, at Reply

      yes but then people wont click it

  20. Posted by Chris Pierce, at Reply

    Uhhhh just because aliens haven’t landed here doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Universe is infinitely expanding with so many stars and planets that it’s literally incomprehensible to us

    • Posted by willforti, at Reply

      Chris Pierce yeah shitty title. In the actual clip they don’t argue that they don’t exist though, just that they haven’t contacted humans. Overall pretty stupid.