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Do Good Guys With Guns Stop Bad Guys With Guns?


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Just how usually does a armed resident stop a mass shooter? John Iadarola as well as Mark Thompson, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us just what you think in the remark area listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" At the very least 26 individuals were eliminated at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday, law enforcement confirmed. The shooter is also dead adhering to a brief chase.

" As a state, we are handling the biggest mass shooting in our state's history," Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said.

Here's just what we understand– as well as do not.

Exactly what we know

The shooting supposedly took place at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, around 11:20 am regional time, law enforcement stated.

At the very least 26 individuals were killed, although it's unclear if that number will certainly rise, Abbott said at a press conference. Around 20 others were hurt.

The shooter is dead complying with a vehicle quest by a neighborhood resident. Wilson Area Constable Joe Tackitt told CNN that the gunman fired himself after the resident hit him.

The dead victims' ages vary from 18 months to 77 years of ages, a Texas Division of Safety and security authorities stated.

First Baptist Church Priest Frank Pomeroy's 14-year-old child as well as all of his family's close friends were killed in the assault, Pomeroy informed Houston-based ABC13.

The shooter has been determined as 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley, law enforcement officials told CBS as well as NBC Information.

Kelley was formerly airborne Force, yet he was court martialed and also got a bad-conduct discharge for presumably attacking his spouse as well as their kid, according to NBC News.

Local, state, and government police are on the ground.

There is no other hazard in the location at the time, inning accordance with law enforcement.

Sutherland Springs is about 30 miles southeast of San Antonio. It's an unincorporated neighborhood with a populace of regarding 600, inning accordance with CNN.

The church regularly blog posts video clips of its solutions. They reveal a vibrant neighborhood, with vocal singing, playing electrical guitar, as well as talking about topics ranging from their faith to riding a motorbike."

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  1. Posted by Rita Butler, at Reply

    We are so the arms supplier to the world. What those people don’t terrorize, we will. Hello Yemen.

  2. Posted by bigraviolees, at Reply

    follow him and wait for the cops shoot him on the xpressway and he crashes into people most likely

  3. Posted by Remy G, at Reply

    Who wrote this title lol

  4. Posted by Jazwinskull, at Reply

    Super hippie organic liberal here and I’m for guns. Maybe we actually get some laws that work to control how widespread they are. Easier to get illegal guns than to get illegal cigs.

    • Posted by Aes Sedai, at Reply

      It’s easy to get illegal guns in the US, thanks to the NRA. It’s actually not easy at all in other countries.

    • Posted by subliminal1284, at Reply

      Its easy because the cats already out of the bag, even if they made all guns completely illegal tomorrow there is no way they could possibly keep guns out of the hands of bad people since the country is already flooded with them.

    • Posted by Gumshoe Mike, at Reply

      It’s as if the ATF has no real mandate to slow or stop people from playing cowboy’s and ‘real’ assholes.  We don’t need no accountability…  Wrong!

  5. Posted by Fleck Smugbrother, at Reply

    I’m so proud that I left the Untied States and escaped this insanity. I like guns. Guns are not the problem. The ease of access is the problem. Most of my friends here in Europe have zero interest in visiting America now. They think they are going to be killed…..

    • Posted by Dag Droomer, at Reply

      gyiid5 Mass shootings in Europe are extremely rare ! You – I assume youre an american citizen – have mass shootings on a daily basis and only the extremely violent ones get the headlines ! In europe in rare cases a shooting happens it gets massive coverage. Maybe thats why you have a distorted view of this situation !

    • Posted by Fleck Smugbrother, at Reply

      And what might that be? Daily rape of white, western women? Islam forcing it’s Sharia laws on the general public? The dismantling of western democracy? Beheadings? The fundamental destruction of western values? The construction of right-wing Islamic courts? The instillation of anti-american puppets? The general degradation of principled mores? A slide into the abyss orchestrated by filthy brown people? Europe is stronger than that. Civility will remain the driving force as humans face the future, not hatred……

    • Posted by gyiid5, at Reply

      AAaaaaand @Fleck Smugbrother almost has the correct answer. No @Dag Droomer our problems in europe with islam eclipses your problem with guns in the US

    • Posted by Blackatchaproduction, at Reply

      Fleck Smugbrother you get that from the last call of duty game?

    • Posted by Top Cat, at Reply

      Fleck – when were you last in Europe? I’m living there and you are way off the mark.

  6. Posted by RubberusDuckus, at Reply

    The shooter shouldn’t have even had a gun in the first place. Upon discharged due to what amounts to a felony conviction, his crimes weren’t reported to the FBI. Had they reported him properly, he wouldn’t have been able to buy his guns in the first place.

  7. Posted by Lokioil, at Reply

    As an european… i don’t get it. I understand why many americans are against banning guns, but against gun CONTROL? So many americans like guns out of control?

    • Posted by Russel Mcfarland, at Reply

      Lokioil yes

    • Posted by gerry o sullivan, at Reply

      As a European I do get it,Americans are stupid,thats basically it

    • Posted by Jacob Ray, at Reply

      gerry o sullivan You are right about that, this is a nation of uneducated and they are proud of it. We have a terrorist organization that fights against common sense gun laws and it’s called the NRA. This is also a product of legalized corruption.

    • Posted by Russel Mcfarland, at Reply

      Jacob Ray don’t you mean man’s country?

  8. Posted by john travers, at Reply

    guys why are you missing the bigger picture the guy who killed him could have just committed murder. You don”t know, I want my guns. I like deer yum When you eat cow you support the right which you claim to dislike to put it mildly

  9. Posted by Avi Bach, at Reply

    I can see with my own eyes the demise of the United States. That country is sick to the bone. It is just so clear to an outsider.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      You wish, Russo trash.

    • Posted by liquidminds, at Reply

      As I see it, All those dictators around the world… the US, Russia, Turkey, the middle east… We’re approaching WW3 with large steps and all that’s missing is the official declaration. But when the US go down, they pull China with them, causing world-wide financial problems that will pull russia and the EU with it… So it’s pretty sure that no matter what happens next, the enitre world is pretty much screwed at this point.

      And we haven’t even started talking about the inevitability of an Increase of natural disasters world-wide, through to the fact that climate change can no longer be stopped, even though some still don’t even accept that it is real. The point of no return is already behind us. Which in total will only boost any developments towards violent conflict in the near future.

      Nowhere in the world is save. Wherever you come from, the next couple of decades are only going to be worse and worse until you think it’s reached the worst possible point, just for it to keep getting even worse.

  10. Posted by Anonymous2708 __, at Reply

    but, but, but.  Criminals don’t care about gun control laws so we therefore shouldn’t have them.  Pedophiles don’t care about pedophilia laws so we shouldn’t have laws against that.  Bank robbers don’t care about breaking those laws. so we should abandon them too.  Basically, the only people that follow laws are the people that follow laws.  So all laws should be struck from the books. There. problem solved.  You are welcome America.

  11. Posted by Juwoki, at Reply

    Just wait for a situation where suddenly 2 or 3 “heroes” show up.
    How do they know, who the actual killer is? How does the police know, who is the perpetrator?
    “Heroes” shooting each other, can`t wait for that story. WAKE UP!

    • Posted by j dee, at Reply

      Explain switzerland

    • Posted by Juwoki, at Reply


  12. Posted by TheLastSane1, at Reply

    John… The Killer had a Ruger rifle I believe a 5.56 I cannot be 100% as I have lost the article where it was disclosed. Someone if you could, confirm the gun type for me. I would be so grateful. But John the man you call a hero had an AR-15 and was a trained NRA Instructor. Just making it clear so we have accurate facts.

  13. Posted by Jennifer Rice, at Reply

    I like Cenk’s point about how it differs in Europe… When I lived in London and I encountered a dicey situation – eg a pub brawl or something like that – I always knew it was unlikely that anyone had a gun. It does change your mental calculus for how at-risk you feel, or whether the situation is going to turn deadly. It also helps knowing that when the cops show up, they’re usually not bringing a gun into the situation either. They’re not likely to “accidentally” shoot a suspect. That brings some peace of mind, for sure.

  14. Posted by Kees Hessels, at Reply

    if it walks like a cowboy, if it talks like a cowboy, it probably just is a cowboy..

  15. Posted by Erik Humleker, at Reply

    According to Sean Hannity bad guys with a gun fear Hannity with a gun.

  16. Posted by twiss boss, at Reply

    He did have a assault rifle.

  17. Posted by Daryl McSweeney, at Reply

    John was lit in this one and I liked it.

  18. Posted by Wess Reiley, at Reply

    This is one of the best comment threads I’ve read in a long time on this channel. Lots of ignorant sheeple and lots of informed people. The patriots know who I am. And for all the halfwits in here who think we aren’t trained with are guns are as smart as all the gang bangers that are the real threat to society.

  19. Posted by G GO, at Reply

    He had an ar 15

  20. Posted by foggy lungz, at Reply

    The number of times I worry about being shot 0 🇨🇦 and we have tons of guns.