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Does America Really Want To Spread Democracy?


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On the current episode of Hostile Progressives Jimmy Dore and also Steve Oh talk about the real goal of American foreign policy. Does The U.S.A. really intend to spread out Democracy or are there other reasons for our involvement in conflicts around the world? View the complete Hostile Progressives episode here:

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Hostile Progressives, Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh, on Hour 4 of Watchers on the Wall surface.

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  1. Posted by kirin, at Reply

    spread? since when America is democracy?

    • Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

      Never. It’s a Constitutional Republic

    • Posted by bosyeux2, at Reply

      agreed. how do you spread something when you don’t even know what it is. LOL

    • Posted by Lord Commander, at Reply

      kirin best comment

    • Posted by SpraxIAKS, at Reply

      kirin Ask the soldiers that bought in to freeing Iraq. Some of them still
      believe it.

  2. Posted by David D, at Reply

    in some cases yes but the overall mission is to remain the world’s only

    • Posted by Matthias Bider, at Reply

      What are the benefits of being a superpower for the citizens?

    • Posted by David D, at Reply

      +Matthias Bider in my opinion none, because huge amounts of the country’s
      budget goes to the military for that same reason

    • Posted by Matthias Bider, at Reply

      +David D yep Europe is just chillin and profiting from having to do nothing

  3. Posted by Mace Cee, at Reply

    62 million want to spread their buttcheeks for Donald J. Trump.

    • Posted by Chris Grant, at Reply

      Mace Cee for his penis? Or for a healthy colonoscopy?

    • Posted by Mace Cee, at Reply

      +Chris Grant Trump and ‘healthy’ don’t go well together, so it has to be
      option 1.

    • Posted by Chris Grant, at Reply

      +Mace Cee then I’m decisively closing my buttcheeks

    • Posted by Matthias Bider, at Reply

      +Mace Cee we’ll see if you make it to 70 and have 5 kids

    • Posted by Mace Cee, at Reply

      +Matthias Bider And 62 million private prostitutes. And 6 bankruptcies. And
      4000 lawsuits. Try again.

  4. Posted by Travis Rogers, at Reply

    Spread Democracy? No. We support brutal dictators and our military works
    hard to spread religious fascism all across the globe and here at home
    too!. Always have and always will.

    • Posted by Travis Rogers, at Reply

      +Kurd Iraq No one has had the bravery to do what is needed to rid the world
      of it’s verminous menace. You can piss off.

    • Posted by Travis Rogers, at Reply

      +Kurd Iraq Go get back to eating dirt in Iraq. you belong there.

  5. Posted by reelreeler, at Reply

    *”spreading democracy” LOL….says a country of 324,307,000 that
    only lets 538 people have an actual vote in its presidential election.*

    • Posted by Rhys Cruz, at Reply

      +reelreeler 😂😂😂 You are so triggered it’s hilarious

    • Posted by Andreas Englund, at Reply


    • Posted by Pranay, at Reply

      +reelreeler Rhys Cruz is a sock puppet account. In this comment section
      they are using multiple sock account to give the appearance that people
      actually support Trump and Putin. Some are even paid trolls and some are
      riech wing nazi cucks who do it for their homosexual attraction to
      authoritarians you know because they are cucks.

    • Posted by Rhys Cruz, at Reply

      +Pranay Yeah I’m definitely being paid by Russia and Trump. I’m pretty sure
      that’s what the SJW media wants you to believe

  6. Posted by reniorjd, at Reply

    Why would America spread democracy? We are not even a democracy ourselves.
    (Electoral College)

    • Posted by David Kingsley, at Reply

      (Constitutional Republic)

    • Posted by reniorjd, at Reply

      David Kingsley meant it as we don’t even practice it here.

  7. Posted by Pallad1um1891STHLM, at Reply

    This show is basically a lot of conspiracy theories..? Just not right-wing

    • Posted by loving photography, at Reply

      What you disagree with particularly?

    • Posted by Matthias Bider, at Reply

      Pretty much

    • Posted by israel blasczak, at Reply

      Pallad1um1891STHLM tyt is right wing.

  8. Posted by Celso deJesus II, at Reply

    I saw video of Assad’s military shooting civilian protestors.

    • Posted by It's Dynamite, at Reply

      Celso deJesus II 💩

    • Posted by israel blasczak, at Reply

      Celso deJesus II can you link the video?

    • Posted by Celso deJesus II, at Reply

      israel blasczak I’m trying to find it. slow connection here. I think this
      site has video but I can’t get it to load on this wifi. it was in 2011
      during Arab spring.

    • Posted by israel blasczak, at Reply

      Celso deJesus II checked it out. the only video on it showed no violence.

    • Posted by Celso deJesus II, at Reply

      israel blasczak the article is definitely talking about that event. I was
      hoping they’d have the actual video. I gotta find it once I get home
      tonight. it was on reddit that I saw it so tracking it down has been tough.
      especially with the garbage wifi here.

  9. Posted by Dark Days, at Reply

    Yes but at least half of Americans probably think Yemen is a type of
    noodles stoners and college students eat so how do we proceed?

    • Posted by Daniel Weimer, at Reply

      Dark Days easy, we break ties with Saudi.

    • Posted by Dark Days, at Reply

      Daniel Weimer- I’m down with that, The U.S.’s unquestioning military
      support of Saudi and Israeli policy directives with the occasional bombing
      or invasion has transformed the middle east from the powder keg it always
      was into a full blown nuclear pile with every major power sizing up their
      positions and interests in the region.

  10. Posted by XxScArEcRoWxX1, at Reply

    if you really want to spread democracy stop spreading it. you can’t force
    democracy on people ..

    • Posted by thisnotjesus, at Reply

      if you want to spread it just arm every rebel group eventually they right
      ones will get in power.

  11. Posted by loving photography, at Reply

    Ideologists believe if all countries were democratic that then there would
    be no wars, which is stupid btw, remove the outside threat and suddenly you
    would have all kind of divisions hence wars. But that’s the general NWO
    idea Soros and friends are pushing for. We can see right now, even Russia
    is democratic country it is not democracy west wanted it to be, not a
    “real” democracy for them so they sabre rattling. No it’s not about
    democracy, it’s about establishing world’s hierarchy.

    • Posted by Buck Mulligan, at Reply

      loving photography Two democratic countries have ever went to war.

      Democratic making going to war much more difficult.

    • Posted by Lemmiwinks, at Reply

      If democracy made it difficult to go to war, no democratic country would be
      at war, with a democracy or not. “no two democratic countries have ever
      gone to war” is only true because the liberal democratic countries are all
      just natural allies at the moment (due to common outside threats, perceived
      or otherwise), regardless of them being democracies or not.

    • Posted by Buck Mulligan, at Reply

      Lemmiwinks much more difficult does not equal impossible

      Learn English before replying to comments

  12. Posted by Shawn H Corey, at Reply

    Does the US know what democracy is?

  13. Posted by Maureen Miettinen, at Reply

    LOVE THESE TWO! Especially together: Great team. Great commentary. Thanks

    • Posted by Mad Max, at Reply

      Maureen Miettinen lmao 😂

    • Posted by SlickTone 6, at Reply

      Great team?

  14. Posted by PragmaticTV, at Reply

    America wants to spread chaos. Just look at Lybia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen.

    • Posted by Buhnanafone Youtube, at Reply

      too bad there are deniers

  15. Posted by MountainMan23, at Reply

    Spreading democracy = Imposing corporate rule, just like American

    • Posted by placerdemaio, at Reply

      pretty much….

    • Posted by Shin Gozira, at Reply

      We’re a Republic.

    • Posted by placerdemaio, at Reply

      +Shin Gozira u dont get it

    • Posted by Despicably Irascible Rapscallion, at Reply

      Shin Gozira In absolutely every political position in the US, aside from
      the presidency, the US is a democracy. It’s like you’re arguing that
      someone can’t be an American, because they’re from Tennessee.

  16. Posted by Ms. Garcia, at Reply

    White men the world over, not just those in America, have always treated
    the world as if it’s “up for grabs”. They’ve always want to take and keep
    control over absolutely every human being, plant, animal, land mass and
    resource everywhere. Their greed and wickedness is such that they wage wars
    in the name of Democracy, Freedom Humanitarianism, Religion, Nationalism
    etc. even as they destroy, deplete and lay waste to all indigenous people,
    plants, animals, lands they gain control over. There’s no use denying,
    deflecting and making false equivalences because AMERICAN/WORLD/WHITE
    history proves this to be true time and time and time again.

    • Posted by alocintsruh, at Reply

      Best comment ever!

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      +Ms. Garcia I’d rather you be deported.

    • Posted by APlatinumOrange, at Reply

      Ms. Garcia lol triggered. guessing you aren’t white.

    • Posted by alocintsruh, at Reply

      Kickiitoldschool03 the world laying at your feet and still you’d rather
      deport Ms.Garcia because you are not using the essence of your white
      privilege. Hilarious!

  17. Posted by NismoFury, at Reply

    No we don’t and have never wanted to spread democracy. That is just the
    excuse for invasion. Under republican bs we got George W Bush the worst
    president ever. Under democrat bs we got Barack Hussein Obama the 2nd worse
    president ever. These 2 hold hands with Saudi Arabia helping the muslim
    agenda. Wake up! Trump is not the president we want but he is the president
    we need.

    • Posted by Scylax, at Reply

      NismoFury Any thoughts on Buchanan for worst pres ever?

    • Posted by J Farrow, at Reply

      Based on your comments I can tell you do not know about American history.
      You have to go further back past GWB to examine the political motives of
      the US in global affairs. It did not begin with George W. Bush or President

  18. Posted by J Farrow, at Reply

    The idea of spreading democracy did not begin with the US it has its roots
    in Europe with the European powers the US took over after WW2. The intent
    was not to spread real democracy around the world but to make countries
    free enough to allow major Europe and US business to operate in countries
    rich in resources.

    • Posted by David Damgaard, at Reply

      J Farrow I agree with you on that one 100%. I will just add that the
      western political powers today are centered in 3 countries: united states,
      united kingdom and israel. You only need to follow these countries in their
      sayings and doing, you will know what is the real agenda

  19. Posted by The Super Psycho Killer, at Reply

    People got killed and injured in Iraq for nothing