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Does the Democratic Party Need A Corbyn-Like Revolution?


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Do the Democrats need a Corbyn-like revolution? Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, discusses with author Naomi Klein. Inform us exactly what you assume in the remark area listed below. Enjoy the whole meeting right here:

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  1. Posted by Wolfgang Kenshin, at Reply


  2. Posted by IMPERATOR, at Reply

    Why do so many people like bootlicking the rich? Capitalism was not built for the “average joe”, it was built to maintain and grow the wealth of the ruling class

    • Posted by Germanica Invicta, at Reply

      said every poor person ever

  3. Posted by Dawn Atkinson, at Reply

    Spot on!

  4. Posted by Ben Foster, at Reply

    American right wingers can’t even come up with arguments they just caps locks or spout commey. Like that’s an insult to people disenfranchised by capitalism.

    • Posted by First lady Princest Ivanka, at Reply

      Yuppers and the dots… you must never forget the dots… …

  5. Posted by Reina Swift, at Reply

    I think Sanders is perfect for where America is at. I don’t think America would accept Corbyn, many are struggling to accept him here even. The press smears him almost daily here, but I think in the US they would bury him.

    • Posted by SIXITHS, at Reply

      It might be so, but sadly our press is dominated by a half-dozen billionaires, most of whom are non-domicile in their tax status and push their own views into the editing of their newspapers.

    • Posted by Reina Swift, at Reply

      Indeed my Dad was a newspaper man, he jumped overboard when Murdoch took over. I’m guessing anyone else with morals did so too. But even the BBC gets away with shocking bias. With a largely complacent populace and a frankly non existent regulator its bound to happen. The younger generations are getting more active though at least

  6. Posted by Kevin Michael, at Reply

    The Democratic Party needs its old establishment guard to retire(Nancy Pelosi), allowing the youth to takeover the party, their time has come.

  7. Posted by TheSonOfAGunFrom410, at Reply


  8. Posted by Patrick Holt, at Reply

    Exactly. To be able to stage the hostile takeover of the Democratic party, there has to be the organisation with the will and ability to replace the Democratic party if it refuses to be reformed, to provide the necessary incentive of knowing that if they continue to cling onto internal control, the corporate Democrats will be shoved into the electoral dustbin of history by an outside challenge.

  9. Posted by The Corbynator, at Reply

    For The Many, Not the Few!

    • Posted by The Corbynator, at Reply

      BEER is only Mouthwash!

    • Posted by leo huseyin, at Reply

      The Corbynator terrorist sympathiser. Hamas, IRA, ISIS. etc etc. Corbyn will NEVER be PM

    • Posted by The Corbynator, at Reply

      leo huseyin ISIS?

    • Posted by leo huseyin, at Reply

      The Corbynator he voted against air strikes

  10. Posted by underballbutter, at Reply


  11. Posted by Nicky Jones, at Reply

    Yes!!! Drastically

  12. Posted by moismyname, at Reply

    Notice how the comment section is full of people shouting “COMMUNISM”, while none of them are actually addressing Corbyn’s policies.

    • Posted by Blank, at Reply

      BunnySlippers its very easy to deduce someone’s education when they think socialism and communism are mutually exclusive concepts.

      Nice try tho trollboy

    • Posted by BunnySlippers, at Reply

      Thanks for proving my point, hahahaha

    • Posted by moismyname, at Reply

      Blank, the goal of Marx’s socialism was communism. Not every socialist is a Marxist, and not even many modern day Marxists think that’s a realistic or viable goal. (As you surely know from your major in economics business, communism is a somewhat Utopian classless, moneyless, *and stateless* socioeconomic order.)

    • Posted by Blank, at Reply

      moismyname I will never argue that socialism is inheritly terrible because its not.

      It just goes against human nature and usually people go off the rails when trying to make the utopia real. I think you’re right on everything but the stateless part communism is based on the state being the focal point of a citizens life socially culturally and economically. See north korea or even china. Socialism and communism are different but one leads naturally to the other and capitalism will always have the advantage of the dollar veto. Corruption or bad practices can be remedied by the average citizen and their spending not a central power.

  13. Posted by Gunsmoke Blackfinger, at Reply

    Too all those yelling communism… You should be aware that communism does not have a government and instead the community (hence the commune part of the word) is self sufficient and naturally has no social stratification.
    You only use those words in order to abuse the residual fears from the red scare. I call Trump a fascist because he acts like one.

    • Posted by The Coffee Nut, at Reply

      Then why does every communist country have a totalitarian government? Oh not real communism! That is akin to saying KKK not real christians! Both are inaccurate statements

    • Posted by Worker's Democracy, at Reply

      The Coffee Nut if I say I’m not a murderer but then kill someone, I’m I still not a murderer? Just because they call themselves communist doesn’t make it so.

    • Posted by Jock Wochi, at Reply

      There has never been a Communist run country anywhere in the world ever. Those who are referred as such are Fascist not Communist. Both Stalin and Mao were different versions of Fascism.

      Communism is where all the businesses and services are run as co-ops by the workers. And they work in competition with other businesses and services.

  14. Posted by Methyll, at Reply

    socialism is not automatically Communism here, this isn’t a black and white world, and that’s one the big problems the US suffers from you only see the world in absolute, which is a flaw. The World is grey.

    • Posted by Emperordmb, at Reply

      Yes and any form of Marxism is bad.

  15. Posted by Sergio Díaz Nila, at Reply

    oh, “who would’ve knew if you run a campaign for the many and not the few you’d win” Democrats making a Trump.

    sorry but, The Democrats are completely in the hand of their own establishment, you need another party.

  16. Posted by Bob Riemersma, at Reply

    Voters will not be fooled just because the neoliberals hide behind a false face. The DNC is done for.

  17. Posted by Peter Murry, at Reply

    The Labour right is still there in the parliamentary Labour party and is well entrenched in various parts of local gov’t. Momentum has not ‘become the Labour Party’ and it and Corbyn will face more and more opposition and sabotage, although the right is quiescent at present because they think Corbyn can win an election (but that is not quite so sure as NK suggests).

  18. Posted by poland676, at Reply

    Naomi Klein is a diamond and a legend.

  19. Posted by Joe Mitchell, at Reply

    Elizabeth Warren viciously fights the banks, and because of that will never be nominated by the Democrats for President. 🙁

  20. Posted by Miss Wittank, at Reply

    What a load of crap. We already have free schools and free healthcare. And the vast majority of Labour’s policies have still not been costed. Look at Diane Abbott’s multiple failed attempts to quantify the cost of additional policemen.

    Clinton lost the electoral college vote but won the popular vote.
    Corbyn lost the constituency vote AND lost the popular vote.

    Corbyn is basically a left wing Trump, with his weird cultish followers who think going back to the 70s would be great, whilst ignoring the fact that the 70s were shite (strikes, high unemployment, no rubbish collections, water shortages, power cuts). Both lead parties riddled with anti-semitism. Both try to suppress press coverage and moan about how unfairly the media treat them. Trump claims to be anti-elite whilst being one of the most financially privileged men on the planet. Corbyn claims to be anti-establishment whilst being a career politician and paid by the tax payer for over 30 years. The only difference is Corbyn’s history of terrorist sympathising.