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DOJ Investigating Harvard Affirmative Action


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Jeff Sessions' Justice Department is exploring Harvard's admissions plans. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Inform us exactly what you believe in the comment area listed below. Join TYT:

" The Justice Department is proactively exploring Harvard College's use of race in its admissions plans and has actually wrapped up the college is "from compliance" with government regulation, inning accordance with papers gotten by CNN.

The Justice Department's battle with Harvard possibly establishes the phase for the very first significant legal examination of affirmative action policies under the Trump management. In 2014, the US Supreme Court ruled that race can be one among lots of aspects colleges make use of in making admission choices.

Two letters from the Justice Division's Civil Rights Department indicate that Harvard has actually challenged the division's authority to explore, as well as more state that if the college fails to supply files to the division by December 1, the firm may file a suit against the college." *.

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Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Gilbert, at Reply

    affirmative action dose not help anyone in college we should take race out of sat scores we do need affirmative action in jobs still in college or dose not help people who get in but can’t pass the classes

    • Posted by Blackatchaproduction, at Reply

      Helps “white” women jackass

    • Posted by Memo C, at Reply

      Gilbert Lol your spelling needs some affirmative action. Silly. Only idiots would take you seriously.

    • Posted by Courtney Haynes, at Reply

      Gilbert race isn’t included in SAT scores

    • Posted by coptic777, at Reply

      Again the low IQ of the average American on full display. 80% of affirmative action benefits went to white women not blacks who it was actually intended to help. That is why so many of us blacks don’t mind it being taken away. We know white females got the vast majority of it. Most of you are just too dumb to know that fact.

    • Posted by Ja Ja, at Reply

      Gilbert I hope you are also include white women use affirmative action more than others .

  2. Posted by Êdø Štrîké, at Reply

    I feel like my Hispanic background will help me get to my colleges easily, but I feel like this is wrong. Affirmative action is racist.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond Prove it or STFU.

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      Oh look, it’s ‘Listenbuddy1’. The only ‘person’ I keep running into. I have not ever met the same youtuber twice, but I keep coming across this ‘person’. Pretty obvious that this is a shared account. I just don’t understand what the people behind ‘Listenbuddy1’ are going for. What’s the point of this?

    • Posted by Mike C, at Reply

      BartJ583 please explain why then?
      Both are things beyond the individuals control.
      Being born poor?
      being born a minority?
      Both exploited, both are coming from a position of oppression.
      Why should poor blacks have more advantage then poor whites?

  3. Posted by korpse6rinder, at Reply

    It seems like they should have no personal info on what they look at to pick students. Just test scores and achievements.

    • Posted by keriezy, at Reply

      Then you’d be assessing +10,000 4.0 GPAs, 36 ACTs and 2400 SATs. It’d be a lottery to get in. You have to look at more than scores. Color shouldn’t count, IMO.

    • Posted by blinkin, at Reply

      they could still look at extra curricular activities, and for the most part those shouldn’t reveal ethnicity.

    • Posted by Alex Davenport, at Reply

      That isn’t very well indicative of who is deserving or most capable though. By looking into the personal life of a student, you can tell more about character and how hard they worked. Their are two belief systems in competition here and neither is really right or wrong. The first is that those with the highest achievement are deserving of the highest reward and the second is that those with the highest ability and most effort to achieve that are deserving of the greatest rewards. Affirmative action is based on the second thought process. I don’t know why people are so against it, though I understand the critique, I don’t truly understand the fervor.

    • Posted by Arrgghh, at Reply

      keriezy If you have that many people with the same perfect scores then clearly the tests are not hard enough and the grading scale not wide enough.

    • Posted by M0ebius, at Reply

      Alex Davenport I don’t get what you are saying. It seems like Asians would be at the top of both of your criteria, whether achievement or ability and effort. And yet they are consistently shafted, and hence the lawsuit.

  4. Posted by F. W. Sauerteig, at Reply

    This is excellent news. Down with affirmative action, and down with anti-white liberals. RIGHT-WING IDEOLOGUES, RIGHT-WING DEFENDERS, *RIGHT-WINGERS!*

    • Posted by FishBayVI420H20, at Reply

      eraser101YT can you provide some data to support that claim?

    • Posted by FishBayVI420H20, at Reply

      F. W. Sauerteig I don’t think you really understand what you’re loyal to, or why you’re loyal to it. I think you’re just a contrarian and an amateur troll wannabe who seeks out left wing videos so you can get negative attention from people…it’s not like you’re trying to actually convince people to see anything differently’re just ruffling feathers and patting yourself on the back for it…try being substantive and actually making an argument, instead of just arguing for the sake of being argumentative

    • Posted by pluviophile h, at Reply

      coptic777 without all the profanity i agree.

  5. Posted by NoNameTheFirst, at Reply

    Why hasn’t TYT talked about Zimbabwe?

    • Posted by minombre esnada, at Reply

      Because this video is about Harvard, dingleberry.

    • Posted by NoNameTheFirst, at Reply

      I was asking in general why TYT hasn’t covered any of the events unfolding in Zimbabwe in the last week, not why they aren’t talking about it in *this* video. err0r0b0 That’s like saying for this video that they should wait till the investigations are complete before they report that there were investigations. Normally one would expect news to be covered as it happens with follow-up reports as the story develops.

    • Posted by FishBayVI420H20, at Reply

      NoNameTheFirst normally, one wouldn’t expect every media outlet to report on every event going on across the globe.
      And one also shouldn’t expect YouTube comment sections to know why TYT didn’t report on it yet…seriously, how could you expect a real answer to your question? How is anyone here supposed to know why they don’t report on something?
      My guess, is that they will report on it tonight…like they usually do when people post comments like yours asking why they didn’t report on something yet…and when they do, people will be asking why they didn’t report on something else that they’ll report on tomorrow..and tomorrow when they report on that, people will ask why they didn’t report on something else yet….just be patient…they’ll get to it…and if you don’t see it on YouTube, maybe they covered it on their website

  6. Posted by alvatrous, at Reply

    I understand why affirmative action is anti equality and race shouldn’t be a factor. the only thing I want to point out is black people got equal rights about 50 years ago. they have had 50 years of “equal footing” at least under the law to amass wealth where white people have had hundreds of years to amass wealth and pass it down. this gives black people a chance to catch up.

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      There we go folks this moron thinks all white people are rich. . . let’s just ignore the part where most white people are no welfare than black. . .

    • Posted by keriezy, at Reply

      What a bad argument.

    • Posted by Ex0dus111, at Reply

      In every other Ethnically concentrated neighborhood in the History of the US, the police have had a, largely hands off, approach to that communities attempts at self organizing. All “Mafias” start as Neighborhood Defense groups, including the Italian and Jewish Mafia as well as the Crips. A police hands off approach means that as long as its not too overt the organized group is allowed to handle its own business and even expand into some criminal endeavor, since it benefits the communities stability and brings money into members of the community that would otherwise be a drain on the system and their neighborhood.

      Obviously that has never applied to Federal Authorities, and thanks to the war on Drugs, local gangs have suddenly had access to a growing Trillion Dollar Criminal economy which makes Criminality more prevalent and benefits radical criminal elements over moderate ones.

      So its not a perfect system, BUT it is one that has NEVER been applied to black Neighborhoods.

      Police in all inner cities have used black neighborhoods to pad their own arrest stats, looking for criminal elements and jailing them, often on misdemeanors or false charges.

      When 25% of the male population of a group is in jail at the same time, you are doing untold damage to the rest of the members of that group, its culture and its future generation.

      And evidence in this day and age is clear as day, every immigrant group in America has gone through a period of marginalization, only to arrive on the other side with better education and higher living conditions, all but one. And this is not a coincidence, and Biology has nothing to do with it.

    • Posted by Delovely 1, at Reply


  7. Posted by Django Freeman, at Reply

    Affirmitive action lets dumb and undeserving into college.

    • Posted by Ja Ja, at Reply

      Django Freeman including white women too ” right” Happy

    • Posted by Ja Ja, at Reply

      Including white women too ” right” Happy

    • Posted by Ja Ja, at Reply

      harvard james Not only poeple of color , but white people too , white’s have used affirmative action to get in at all black Universities too , yet white women used affirmative action many than poeple of color . Tile 9 look it up

    • Posted by harvard james, at Reply

      Ill take your word for it. People should be able to attend any accredited college that they want and succeed in earning their degree… fair enough?

  8. Posted by KingSureShot, at Reply

    Everyone should be treated equally. Not better than white people. Equal

    • Posted by KingSureShot, at Reply

      tiffany graham Black people are treated better. Held to easier standards

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      You misspelled “white”. White people are treated better. For example, white university graduates end up with better jobs than black university graduates. The same goes for white Ivy League graduates. Or white high school drop-outs. No matter which degree of education a white person attains – on average, the white person will end up with a better job than the average black person with the same degree.

    • Posted by Andre2skilled, at Reply

      Funny… Cause Affirmative Action was created because whites weren’t treating people equally…

    • Posted by Islam is cancer, at Reply

      ERAUPRCWA The point is to make the fence equally high for everyone, not to boost people who can’t jump over it. The whole point of having a fence is to filter out the people who can jump over it because they’re clearly the ones who are most qualified for jumping over that fence.

  9. Posted by Malek Karim, at Reply

    A lot of asians come from low income families too

    • Posted by crimsonrose, at Reply

      Actually they do and don’t; they still follow the same SES versus performance patterns. East Asians come to the United States educated and with money and thus do the best (they have enough money to come here in the first place). Southeast Asians like Vietnamese and Cambodians came to the United States after the Vietnam war as refugees and those group contain more uneducated and poor people like my mother (my mom only has a elementary school education). My mother and I were on welfare and food-stamps when I was a kid. Southeast Asians do worse than East Asians. If you look at most universities, they categorize Southeast Asians as URMs: underrepresented minorities.

    • Posted by gour Ranga, at Reply

      nexttvmarketing it’s upsetting that they outperform you. Isn’t it?

    • Posted by Twilight Gardens presentations, at Reply

      but racist white men think asians are unnaturally smart and blacks are beastly athletes

    • Posted by teddybruscie, at Reply

      Yea but they’re college educated. An educated immigrant isn’t the same as an under educated poor person. Yall are either unaware or willfully ignorant of the Model Minority myth and it’s affects.

  10. Posted by SlitDrum, at Reply

    It’s funny how Affirmative Action always revolves around “race”, with Cenk making cliched examples about “how do you think the minority student got in?” The numbers – even in the States – very clearly reflect that *_White Women_* are the highest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action. This tiring instinctual reference to “minorities” whenever Affirmative Action is brought up, has its roots in White Supremacist rhetoric against PoC and it’s been picked-up by Liberals with little reflection of its engagement with reality. it’s intended target was initially White Women with the laws passed under Kennedy in the US and they continue to be its highest beneficiaries with zero consequences as the stereotypes lumped at minorities – even by Liberals.

    • Posted by robert ramirez, at Reply

      SlitDrum their is no systemic racism or sexism. It’s like religion and filling in the gaps. You’re just filling the gaps with RACISM! It doesn’t exist. You’re a regressive!

    • Posted by As Ad, at Reply

      So you obviously don’t know how affirmative action works, the level. Of which affirmative action helps white women is the same as it is for all. Women, they however don’t get the “race” help, so the most helped are minorities women, the reason most people helped are “white women” is because most people entering the college is white women,

    • Posted by Twilight Gardens presentations, at Reply

      but racist white men think asians are unnaturally smart and blacks are beastly athletes women arre hysterical and white men are rulers

    • Posted by eraser101YT, at Reply

      Nope, per capita it benefits Jews the most.

  11. Posted by TappatopShotta, at Reply

    White women are the ones who benefit most from affirmative action not African Americans like most people think

    • Posted by renegado100, at Reply

      shhhhhhhhhh !! Don’t say that, AA still sounds positive and great !!

    • Posted by eraser101YT, at Reply

      Wrong, per capita it benefits Jews the most.

    • Posted by Fuckk Thiss, at Reply

      Please… Jews have a higher iq than the rest of the white population according to even white supremacists. That’s why nazis wanted to kill them, because they couldn’t beat them fair and square.

    • Posted by Okaro X, at Reply

      So what, it is wrong no matter who benefits.

  12. Posted by ReIentIess Storm, at Reply

    People need to acknowledge that one race has a privilege over others in this situation . but if you are a member of the group that benefits from institionalized racism you need to know that doesn’t make you a racist or a biggot it just means that have certain advantages that someone from a different background doesn’t . Affirmative action gives race based benifiits that don’t come from merit or work

    • Posted by ReIentIess Storm, at Reply

      Michael Robertson This is pretty much a copy paste of what someone at tyt said on white privlage

    • Posted by Fuckk Thiss, at Reply

      Yeah those priviledged black americans who make up 6% of harvardstudent body. Lucky fucks

    • Posted by ReIentIess Storm, at Reply

      manhunt48 I know, alot of people missed the point , I turned tyts thoughts on white privlage against them

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Institutionalized racism existed in the 1960s. Not on 2017, though.

    • Posted by ATL 1, at Reply

      Michael Robertson IQ scores are a myth. I be don’t know anyone who has taken an IQ test.

  13. Posted by abdulfattah masri, at Reply

    People in the comments seem to misunderstand the purpose and how affirmative action is supposed to work. Allowing for increased chances for those who are disadvantaged (economically, socially) provides a better output of graduates that can improve the different communities their from. Being more rich is correlated with higher levels of educational success, and in general the white race is more economically advantaged thus to even out opportunities affirmative action should be taken not based on race but on income where it will indirectly be affecting non white individuals more because on average they are less economically advantaged.

    Affirmative action: “In institutions of higher education, affirmative action refers to admission policies that provide equal access to education for those groups that have been historically excluded or underrepresented, such as women and minorities.”

    • Posted by abdulfattah masri, at Reply

      @Jeff Chang only thing i am saying is that being economically disadvantaged is not the ONLY factor

      Minorities have social disadvantages thus race becomes ONE of the important factors

      Obamas daughters have a high income and are black (minority)
      poor child of 1st generation Cambodian immigrants (low income + minority) so based on the non academic factors they would be advantaged
      poor white (low income but prob have social advantages)
      rich white (high income and socially advantaged)

      This is very simplistic you can expand on what each one means and how its going to be measured

    • Posted by 革命, at Reply

      abdulfattah masri

    • Posted by Uranius Johnson, at Reply

      革命 It’s racist. And stop shouting.

    • Posted by James Biggar, at Reply

      You’re not looking far enough ahead at the bigger picture. You can’t counter discrimination with discrimination, bone head.

    • Posted by Robert Thornton, at Reply

      No it assumes they did less well because waycism rather than the reality which is IQ disparities between groups. Won’t make anything better.

  14. Posted by Andrew Hong, at Reply

    My white, wealthy aunt got a 1300 (not bad. but not great) on her SATs in high school, but got into Harvard because my white grandpa went to Med school there. This is while my Korean dad, whose family made <$40k per year, got a 1500 on the SATs got rejected from Harvard.

    • Posted by Ancar Willis, at Reply

      dontwann1 the thing with Affirmative Action though is that even though your nephews did well people will still think they were just minority picks.

    • Posted by Armando Gallegos, at Reply

      Id say that for a country that was founded by white people, developed by them over 200 years, that non-whites get treated exceptionally well. Name a country other than the US where minority peoples get treated as well.

    • Posted by Motionedout, at Reply

      dontwann1 Yes, there are smart Black individuals who can get into top schools. I hope they do go far and do well by their families in their educations (and I hope y’all celebrated, for real). This should never be diminished, dismissed, or discouraged.

      The issue as it stands, in my opinion, though, is legacy admissions and the idea that these schools maintain a White majority for the sake of having a White majority. This is something we should be talking about. It’s like the immigration discussion, right now it’s legal vs.illegal immigrants, but soon it’s going to be limitation vs. cessation of all immigration, for preserving “the character” of the country, for demographics’ sake. The underlying prejudices, the idea that America’s institutions will cease to be American once there are Brown or Black or Asian majorities heading those institutions needs to be discussed, and discussed honestly. It seems like something the country that elected Donald Trump doesn’t seem to want (but hey, I could be wrong).

    • Posted by M0ebius, at Reply

      Armando Gallegos Canada. Almost all of Western Europe. Scandinavia.

    • Posted by Armando Gallegos, at Reply

      Moebius – any of them have a black president? Better example, where are minorities treated anywhere near as well by NON-white majority countries as they are by white majority countries? Are there affirmative action programs in China, Vietnam, Sudan, Jordan, Mexico, Bolivia, Congo, Libya, Iran, etc where minorities are given preferences?

  15. Posted by Onyemaechi Amuro, at Reply

    It is a right wing myth that unqualified minorities get into college. I needed straight A+ and perfect SAT scores to get into a top college. I know dozens of women or White students who had lower scores than myself, but got into the same Uni, and I never begrudged them for that. I also know lots of Black students who also had perfect grades like myself who didn’t make it into Harvard, and therefore had to settle for other colleges.

    • Posted by Amr Ddd, at Reply

      u went to harvaard?

    • Posted by RANDOMFAIL1, at Reply

      “Its a right wing myth that “unqualified” minorities get into college”. Here’s some anecdotal evidence that definitively proves it. And their argument is that less qualified minorities get in not unqualified, an important distinction i would say.
      You are quite obviously a fake account btw. Fake real name, fake picture which you think lends you credibility but actually flags you as blatantly fake. Then we have your post which makes claims anecdotal and unsubstantiated that conveniently all fit a narrative. Oh, and straight A+s and perfect SATS, you didn’t even try to come off as believable. It has nothing to do with the color of your fake skin either, more the fact that stranger on the internet makes preposterous claims about their supposed intelligence, whilst simultaneously acting like a complete moron.

      Your profile pic is hilarious btw, look everyone i’m a smart fake black person i even have nerdy glasses to prove it. Because we all know black people can only be smart if they are stereotypical looking nerds. I sense a bit of unconscious bias in you my fake account friend. This calls for six months retraining in a social justice re-education center.

    • Posted by RANDOMFAIL1, at Reply

      He would be the first sock puppet to ever attend Harvard if he did lol.

    • Posted by M0ebius, at Reply

      Onyemaechi Amuro Lets look at the facts. Asians at Harvard average 450 points higher on the SATs compared to blacks. Case closed.

  16. Posted by Marc E, at Reply

    I’m somewhat kind of conflicted on affirmative action. I’m a black male and I was rejected 3x by cornell. I went to a community college and retook the Sat and raised my score to 1500. A lot(better Andrew) of the black and hispanic students I met there were middle to upper middle class. That is where the problem is in my opinion. It’s more of a social economic issue.

    • Posted by Amr Ddd, at Reply

      Did you end up at Cornell?

    • Posted by Andrew Devine, at Reply

      Cornell doesn’t let people who say ‘alot’ instead of ‘a lot’ go there. Sorry.

    • Posted by M0ebius, at Reply

      Marc E I’m Asian and got a 1560 on my SATs. Got rejected by every Ivy except Cornell.

    • Posted by Marc E, at Reply

      Andrew Devine unfortunately, I was eventually admitted. Sorry bud.

  17. Posted by Golden Voice, at Reply

    If you’re Black and at Harvard you either (1. Got a perfect or near perfect score on your sat’s (2. Have wealthy parents who are legacy’s (3. Top athlete/scholastic individual.

    • Posted by L C, at Reply


    • Posted by Lee Coleman, at Reply

      ….isn’t that how anyone gets in

    • Posted by Golden Voice, at Reply

      Lee Coleman :Yes.

    • Posted by M0ebius, at Reply

      Golden Voice Google the actual lawsuit brought against Harvard and you’ll get your facts. Asians score 450 points higher on average than blacks.

    • Posted by ATL 1, at Reply

      Amr Ddd prove it.

  18. Posted by Kor O'Connell, at Reply

    Ivy League schools favour the rich??? WHAT?? This is breaking news right here…