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Dolphins’ Michael Thomas’ Emotional Response To Trump Comments


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Political advocacy isn't really a game to Miami Dolphins safety and security Michael Thomas. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us exactly what you believe in the remark section below. Donate to help Puerto Rico:

" Miami Dolphins security Michael Thomas said he needed to do something about it to make the world a far better area for his child after Head of state Trump struck NFL players like him who stoop throughout the nationwide anthem.

Thomas ended up being emotional while speaking with reporters about Trump's comments asking for NFL players who kneel to be discharged.

As a guy, a papa, as an African-American man, as a person in the NFL, as one of those son of bitches, yeah I took it personally," Thomas said. "But it's larger compared to me."
" I have actually obtained a daughter, as well as she's going to have to stay in this globe. And also I got ta do exactly what I got to do making certain she can consider her daddy as well as be like 'Hey, you did something to try as well as make an adjustment.'"" *.

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  1. Posted by twildabuckingham, at Reply

    Why do Americans always refer to the US as “the free world”? Do you really think your country is the only free nation? You guys don’t even score at the top when it comes to the best countries to live. This year, you scored #7… below places like Switzerland (#1), Canada (#2), UK (#3), Germany (#4), Japan (#5), Sweden (#6). So shut up. Trump is NOT “the leader of the free world”…nor is he the leader of the best one either. Come to Canada and have a higher quality of life…we beat you guys every year!

    • Posted by mark navarro, at Reply

      we don’t care about other countries. we will kick their asses.

    • Posted by Gordy Masters, at Reply

      ” _Why do Americans always refer to the US as “the free world”? Do you really think your country is the only free nation?_ ”
      Why do regressives like to create straw men? Name ONE person that ever said the US constitutes the entirety of the free world!

    • Posted by hansser3, at Reply

      Gordy Masters
      All the US people calling themselves “the free world”. I dont have names, maybe you?

    • Posted by ブロンディブラック, at Reply

      twildabuckingham Do you really want a bunch of Americans in Canada? Living in Japan for several years, it’s not peaches and cream for foreigners here if you live here a long time (and the honeymoon period wears off). We’re constantly reminded of our place and the “This is Japan” hand-wave towards discrimination is the norm. IDGAF, it’s not my country, but try being a white person who’s never experienced discrimination here. They act like the world is ending. 😂

  2. Posted by tetsubo57, at Reply

    It’s strange when one of the most un-American people on the planet is President.

  3. Posted by Don Don, at Reply

    Trump is just a racist. That’s all..

  4. Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

    Trump is the GREAT UNITER. Not on purpose of course. He’s just an idiot. Nothing he does is intended.

    It is about time the rest of the NFL joined Kapernick on their knee. When a cop murders an unarmed American, every cop metaphorically takes a knee by lying for him.

    • Posted by robbie g, at Reply


  5. Posted by Marilee Grier, at Reply

    I’m a white grandma with a Black grandson. From the day he was born, my perspective changed. He’s 21 now. Yesterday I fell and broke my shoulder and once again had to worry about how he would be treated when he showed up at the pharmacy to pick up my narcotic prescription. Just one example of how fear and worry for Black lives affects us all. (they filled my prescription just fine, but people shouldn’t have to worry about stuff like this.)

  6. Posted by FugitiveVette, at Reply

    I wish you guys would talk more about Stanford Football players. They’re living proactive lives! You should see what Sherman and Baldwin are doing for their communities.

  7. Posted by MrStripeyDog, at Reply

    America is no longer the land of the free. It’s the land of shut up, stand up, be arrested or shot, build walls, invade the Middle East, destroy countries, and support racism and nazism. Otherwise it’s ok, you did give the world pizza.

  8. Posted by alex1vid, at Reply

    Pretty crazy. Two massive hurricanes do incredible damage to the US and Puerto Rico (let alone other nations) and all the ‘president’ can do is talk about this – and then try to conjure ‘ratings’. It’s freakin’ unbelievable! Think about it… American people are still rebuilding and citizens are actually still reeling and dying, but he’s whining about this. That guy was more upset at this, than a bunch of neo-nazi’s and KKK guys marching down the street! And then has the nerve to be angry about people calling him out for being racist. It’s maddening.

  9. Posted by Gordon Woodroffe, at Reply

    Shoot back anytime you see them shoot first fast and move on just be sure they’re dead !

  10. Posted by jass clark, at Reply

    no real change will happen from staying silent …………women voting rights , gay rights , this country’s independence

  11. Posted by DragonAlchemist0, at Reply

    Its not just better police training. There needs to be punishment for said officers instead of a slap on the wrist and ignoring the situation.

  12. Posted by hermenutic, at Reply

    It’s difficult for me to understand why people who claim to appreciate the ideals of America can also approve of Donald Trump’s behavior, philosophy and words before or since he was given the right to blow the world up.

  13. Posted by Adam Lazo, at Reply

    TYT you should get Kolin Kaepernick on your show to talk about this and explain to everyone what this means to everyone. I think that would be a great interview.

  14. Posted by Imperious Rex, at Reply

    Kapernick is the biracial guy. That is not fully black. The white society have accepted Kap and Jesse Williams and other entertainers such as Halle Berry as black. These are the “so called” black that are pushed in Hollywood entertainment, The Ball brothers for example. I think subconsciously these people are so accepted by whites is that it is more appalling for them to be outraged and protest injustices. Whereas, this guy; who is a black american, has gone unnoticed by the media without any intended malice has not gotten the attention. To further my point, Marshawn Lynch was done this for years without national outrage. I honestly think that this is part of his sadness, that his protest is not deemed as important.

  15. Posted by Gaby S, at Reply

    To foreigners commenting on our country, I have this to say: Yes, we are an imperfect country with an imperfect society. But to ridicule and condemn us while we are struggling and striving. Your sentiment and behavior is no different than that of our oppressors. Your ignorance and arrogance is sickening.

  16. Posted by 2 Girls With Green eyes, at Reply

    👏🏻👏🏾👏👏🏼👏🏾👏🏻 Micheal Thomas…you said it right, there’s more important things going on, this is distractive bullshit from the real issues facing this country.

  17. Posted by skynet000001, at Reply

    yet the Orange Clown was a draft dodger…but now he cares about the flag, huh??

  18. Posted by The Red Republic, at Reply

    Poor black people. Stop glamorizing thugs and being ghetto. I’ve never been pulled over for being Latino. Wack hacks

  19. Posted by RancidWraith, at Reply

    Somebody call for a wah-bulance, and a bowl of wheepies. The President can exercize his first amendment right, just the same as anybody else. But please, people who want people fired for their political or religious beliefs, go on about how free speech applies to the workplace.

  20. Posted by Delta Elite, at Reply

    Fire them all. If they disrespect the country which like no other in the world gave them the opportunity to become successful, regardless of their race, they can try their luck in another country.