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Donald Trump Has The Mental Prowess Of A Child


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Donald Trump blasted MSNBC's Chuck Todd on Twitter this weekend break, calling him "sleepy eyes Chuck Todd." Trump seethed that MSNBC is covering the Russia story, but his individual insults based upon physical look show that this guy has the psychological capability of a small child in grade school, as well as is totally unsuited to lead the United States as head of state. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this. Sign up for the Ring of Fire for a lot more:

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  1. Posted by Ghostdini Stark, at Reply


    • Posted by dee yannie, at Reply

      Ghostdini Stark LOL says the idiot too afraid to acknowledge my comment.

      Get over yourself pervert

    • Posted by Angel Rojo, at Reply

      I know what you meant, you missed the point completely. It’s “off-the-cuff” speech (and thought) that makes Working-class trump-supporters so easy too manipulate by trump.. 58 is not 70. (BTW one study does not represent all “Leftists” nor does that relate to proving or disproving) Science and Logic require accurate data, not off-the-cuff *guesses* at what you *imagine* other people believe. trump and the alt-right use this to misinform their base, lead them by the leash, and shear the profits from them … and the *BIG CONSPIRACY SECRET* is: they rile up your fears and hate so they can shear you without you noticing.

    • Posted by blistified, at Reply

      a guy in a tinfoil hat for a profile pic is making you clowns…. look like clowns hahaahahahahaah

    • Posted by Angel Rojo, at Reply

      blistified your words are meaningless.

    • Posted by Royal We, at Reply

      Angel Rojo
      so what is your crystal ball showing you for all the Trump voters who voted for Obama twice?
      list the fears that are so responsible for blind allegiance or easy manipulation. otherwise you’re speaking “off the cuff”.

  2. Posted by tarun1982, at Reply

    you mean.. he is almost as immature as the cry babies on the TYT videos?… could be…

    • Posted by evildevil364, at Reply

      Lol so upset that people are pointing out your rulers flaws… pathetic

    • Posted by Carl Woodard, at Reply

      evildevil364 They are so triggered

    • Posted by CLureCo, at Reply

      +tarun1982 ,
      Says the crybaby commenter…….
      Damn, you ppl must have been raised on lead water FFS.

    • Posted by tarun1982, at Reply

      +CLuerCo,… i love this water 😀

      hey btw,… feminism sucks.. but i guess you know that

  3. Posted by Simon Boo, at Reply

    Trump and his supporters should be put in a rocket a launched into the sun.

    • Posted by goodfella21f, at Reply

      g br this country is nothing without people. We need people to contribute to our economy and hard workers, whether legal or illegal this country has always needed people. People are here illegally from all over the world.

    • Posted by StriderNinja104, at Reply

      well majority of the trumptards claim they’re children of the sun.

    • Posted by g br, at Reply

      Job losses + population growth distorts how many are needed to work alongside the immigration and globalism distorts the pay and so on. Kicking the can down the road not addressing any of these things and taking bribes from oligarchs is evident within inequality, policies, and the pain people are feeling. As I stated, both sides are totally owned and culpable. I’m glad if people still have a nice pension and a million saved up, but they are worshiping their party because “they are set” at the detriment of democracy, an entire generation(s) and immense human suffering and stagnation. Worshiping either party is evil imo.

  4. Posted by hmxr, at Reply

    Give trump a break. It’s not nice to insult mentally ill people.

    • Posted by Gogeta68, at Reply

      During his campaign he made fun of “special” people 😂😂

  5. Posted by John Butts, at Reply

    Trump will do anything to get negative attention away from him.  He is a national disgrace and so are his supporters.  They are either complicit morons or they expect to get something out of their collusion.  The presidency has sunk to a low I didn’t think was possible.    No decency, no poise, no respect, no restraint, no honor.

    • Posted by Burger king Aka king of america, at Reply

      truee man

    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      Issac Azminov wrote the foundation lol come on man lol

  6. Posted by Gouky, at Reply

    If that is true and you lost to him … that makes you …

    • Posted by TheMaxCloud, at Reply

      He didnt won with mental prowess though.

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      Was 2016 weight carrying contest?

    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      Hey look another child like trump sheep.

  7. Posted by Blake Belladonna, at Reply

    I just read the title and I’d like to say that water is a liquid and mathematics is universally defined.
    News at 10.

    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      westend woodie “Wtf are you talking about” learn how to comprehend things.

  8. Posted by G Robinson, at Reply

    Perfect description of 99% of republicans racist/sexist/homophobic bullies who talk tough but cry like little girls the first time things don’t go their way.

    • Posted by Zeke m, at Reply
    • Posted by Sean Ryan, at Reply

      R. W how’s Kansas doing with its trickle-down economics? dumbfuck.

    • Posted by G Robinson, at Reply

      lol couldn’t dispute my point so go after my phrasing…

  9. Posted by Ray Horn, at Reply

    My cats are smarter than Trump. Hehe.

    • Posted by ALL LIVES MATTER, at Reply

      Ray Horn
      ohh gezzz how did you come up with that one

    • Posted by Spoooder Man, at Reply

      Did your cats go to an Ivy league school?

    • Posted by Hawbitten, at Reply

      They did. And unlike trump they got through without bribing their way in and through it 😉

    • Posted by Salient Steve, at Reply

      These cats, descendants of the aristocats, bribed their way through feline Harvard with family money. So yes they graduated from Ivy League college but still are dumb enough to eat their own vomit.

  10. Posted by Kylor Cochran, at Reply

    when i grow old i want to be just like trump said by no smart people ever

    • Posted by ALL LIVES MATTER, at Reply

      Kylor Cochran guess you don’t want to be successful

    • Posted by Micah Thomas, at Reply

      ALL LIVES MATTER You are so right! There are no smart “successful” people to look up to

    • Posted by Men With Aprons, at Reply

      Obviously, you don’t

    • Posted by John Pavlich, at Reply

      Trump isn’t successful, he’s just failing upwards.

  11. Posted by Urs Schaffer, at Reply

    when trump opens his mouth he lies!!

  12. Posted by 9TheMajor, at Reply

    The irony is that while Trump has cruel nicknames for dozens of people (including senators) he doesn’t seem to realize how grotesque his own sagging chins (yes, plural) are. Trump has more chins than the Shanghai white pages !!!!

    • Posted by Adur Pandya, at Reply

      lmao, nice one.

    • Posted by tytyx4, at Reply

      9TheMajor Haha, I bet when he sees himself in the mirror, he sees a 30 year-old man with green hazel eyes, with the most squared jaw he has ever seen.

  13. Posted by Mat Broomfield, at Reply

    What a humiliation for America. The world will be laughing at you for centuries for voting this shitheel into power.

    • Posted by scattered view, at Reply


    • Posted by etherraichu, at Reply

      Thankfully, Trump lost by nearly 3 million votes. So the majority of us aren’t so stupid as to elect this fool.

    • Posted by TheVirusSoftware, at Reply

      +etherraichu Well, yes, he lost the popular vote. To Hillary Clinton. She’s better than him, that’s for sure, but she’s a right winger corporate/bank pro TPP anti single payer and public education warmonger blaming progressives, Russia and everything but rotten, corrupted DNC for her failure. She lost to a moron who makes George W Bush look smart – classless primitive with a vocabulary of an mentally disabled immigrant 5 year old, using sticky tape to keep his tie in place. So yeah, the majority of Americans voted against Trump, but for a candidate that’s on similar level. Also, the primaries were rigged against Bernie, because Hillary was a superdelegate, she’s got debate questions from CNN and then, it turned out US voting system is so terrible it’s possible other country intervened in the election process. Oh, and of course then there’s the electoral college, which is pretty much a disgrace to the 1st and 2nd world, and REAL democracy. Either way, Clinton or Trump, America became a global laughing stock and shown everyone how internally weak and divided it is.

  14. Posted by basquat76, at Reply

    The irony of it all of course being that Trump really is one of the least attractive men on the planet. His hair, his color, his chins. The sour pouting he does with his mouth. He’s all kinds of wrong and yet the first to lash out at others.

    • Posted by Gundars Abolinsh, at Reply

      And the tolerant and wise left was constantly attacking him for his hair and skin color.

    • Posted by basquat76, at Reply

      No they weren’t actually. That’s just you and Trumps excuse, but considering his behaviour you are allowed to give back. Besides none of them a presidents and leaders of the country which includes the people he’s insulting like Chuck Todd.
      He wants to run the country like a business. Imagine your boss talking to you like that?

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Classic projection. He’s obsessed with insulting Rosie O’Donnell, admittedly not the hottest sweetest person ever, but still way more attractive than him simply because at least she doesn’t run around calling people fat and ugly. Trump’s so ugly inside out he reeks of methane.

    • Posted by Adam Christopher, at Reply

      basquat76 lmao!!! 💯

  15. Posted by aldi404, at Reply

    Trump belongs either in a mental institution or a prison

    • Posted by jaydeviil, at Reply

      aldi404 whos going to put him there gay leperchans riding equallity unicorns backed by islamic commies. lol your a idoit.

    • Posted by wardoc041, at Reply

      jaydeviil The CIA, NSA, DIA, DHS, etc. However, I’m pretty sure that it’ll be the FBI that makes the actual arrest!

  16. Posted by Jordan Evans, at Reply

    I miss professionalism in the white house. Glad my future kids won’t have to witness this.

    • Posted by Christy Shutz, at Reply

      Jordan Evans ….Yes, the illegitimate intruder of our White House has managed to vulgarize and demean the entire process and position of the presidency. Pathetic. 😕

    • Posted by TheFluttershyFan, at Reply

      Christy Shutz How is Trump an illegitimate intruder? Like it or not, he won fair and square under our rules and there aren’t any evidence of Russian Collusion except for words.

    • Posted by Christy Shutz, at Reply

      TheFluttershyFan ….You’re delusional. He did NOT win fair and square. Do you knowing the meaning of an ongoing investigation? Russia was invited and involved in helping put that intruder into our White House! Like THAT or not! Your guy is as illegitimate as they come!

  17. Posted by Travis Rogers, at Reply

    I helped my elderly parents raise my two youngest nieces, They are appalled at Donald Trump’s behavior and mentality. They say, If I spoke to people in the same way Trump talks to people I’d of been grounded for a week with no TV. My nieces know without a doubt that they are more mature and intelligent than Trump himself and most Trump voters.

    • Posted by jaydeviil, at Reply

      Travis Rogers lol your trying to have a mature reasonable disscusion on tyt. lol 3 question 1what drugs are you on 2how much are they and 3where can i get them.

    • Posted by jaydeviil, at Reply

      Travis Rogers oh yeah almost forgot .
      honk if you love bacon grease.

    • Posted by Christy Shutz, at Reply

      Travis Rogers …. Isn’t that something when the little ones are more mature and intelligent than the so called adults? Sounds like you and your parents have done a great job raising your nieces! A real “decent” family! 😊

  18. Posted by Adrian D, at Reply

    This is… unbelievable. How did he get elected again? I don’t get it. Ohhhh, this makes the US look soo bad. How will we recover from this (and from whatever else he’s got up his geriatric sleeve)?

    • Posted by Max, at Reply

      Unemployment was 5% this time last year. Now it is at 4.5%…yea  we live in terrible times with Trump.

    • Posted by luvmaika, at Reply

      I don’t think america will recover. It looks pretty bad now and this is still his first year.

  19. Posted by Concrete Lightbulb, at Reply

    Yeah, mocking the disabled is horrendously childish but let’s not ignore that tweet. trump thinks bombing Syria erases all doubt that he has no ties to Russia, rather than it being a desperate act to silence the investigation.

    • Posted by Boston Badass Hugh Jass, at Reply

      He should be tried for war crimes after killing all those children in Syria. They were even told not to leave the area too next time they should just ignore the US.

  20. Posted by Jolly Cocks, at Reply

    Trump can’t read

    • Posted by Jekyll Hyde, at Reply

      *-Says The Virgin Sexual Predator That’s Not Only Being A Peeping Tom Taking Secret Pics Of Women In Public But Then Using Them For Youtube Avis….Sad!*

    • Posted by Movout Of The Net, at Reply

      +Jekyll Hyde

      Trump still can’t read.