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Donald Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Is Making GEO Group Rich


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  1. Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

    Lock Him Up!!

    • Posted by letoIIAtryda, at Reply

      RandomRobin cenk?

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      letoIIAtryda No. Lock Trump up!

  2. Posted by greenstarlight0, at Reply

    Modern Slavery. Disgusting.

    • Posted by greenstarlight0, at Reply

      From an ‘extremely credible source’

    • Posted by JAMES W. HOUSTON, at Reply

      greenstarlight0 .! Tell me now your information or stop.!

    • Posted by Trick Q, at Reply

      No, actually racist would be the perfect word. He may or may not be racist, but his comments echo rhetoric made by Trump during the campaign. Especially, the part about Syrian refugees and Muslims.

  3. Posted by GamingEire, at Reply

    Anything about the two guys killed for standing up for Islam’s oppressed women?….. Didn’t think so.

    • Posted by Mr. Invisable, at Reply

      T3beatz laughable.

    • Posted by Iron Bowtie, at Reply

      Ignore the trolls. Its just more insecure basement dwelling manchildren who think that the white race is constantly under persecution and risk of extinction. They are simply blinded by their own white privilege.

    • Posted by Mr. Invisable, at Reply

      Iron Bowtie haha haha “white privilege”. Gubment edukated lemming… Pathetic.. Keep shoveling. Bury the left deeeep….

    • Posted by T3beatz, at Reply

      The thing about that story is the guy who did the killing was White (not that it matters). he was a white supremacist that didn’t like the Muslim women, three other True American men stepped in to stop him and he stabbed them. Two of them died and one is expected to recover just fine.

  4. Posted by Olivia Grant, at Reply

    so you commit a crime you go to jail? sounds logical to me.

    • Posted by jessie md, at Reply

      +ch33tos sesh the average cuckservative, “Immigrants are taking our jobs!” – as they sit on their couch, eating three day old pizza, watching day time TV because of government benefits, and the only reason they have food on the table is because of those immigrants doing the jobs they don’t want to do. Cuckservative logic.

    • Posted by hueykhalidX, at Reply

      Whites are the biggest illegal immigrants and terrorists on the planet.

    • Posted by JB252, at Reply

      Pretty sure we’re talking about the classification of “crimes” and the repeal of minimum sentencing here, clearly that went right over your head sweetheart

  5. Posted by Tripp393, at Reply

    So now liberals are saying being for legal immigration is being pro big corporation

    • Posted by Mama Mimi, at Reply

      No. That’s what you’re saying.

  6. Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

    TYT is falling apart.

    • Posted by Jairo Herrera, at Reply

      spooder man the cuck slayer
      You mean your brain is falling apart with Trump lies by changing people’s reality.

    • Posted by Ryan Walsh, at Reply

      You said one year ago

    • Posted by Crimson King, at Reply

      How much does it pay to professionally troll these days?

    • Posted by jessie md, at Reply

      +Crimson King None. That would count as a job. You think they work? You give them too much credit.

    • Posted by jessie md, at Reply

      +Crimson King they live off of government benefits and eat the food picked and made by immigrants making a living off of the jobs the average conservative despises with great resentment; ones that involve thinking and exercise, i.e. walking.

  7. Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

    Illegal immigrants exploit the country
    Liberals: that’s fine.

    GEO exploits illegal immigrants
    Liberals: OMG MUH TRIGGERS

    • Posted by jessie md, at Reply

      +Alex Unity even if the wage farmers and that offer is, say $11 with two weeks paid vacation, healthcare benefits, and even housing benefits, no one other than immigrants, illegal or legal, do those jobs, whether it does offer $11 and benefits or $7.25 and nothing else. They are the ones to put food on those tables of conservatives living off of the government. This is just sad especially when those conservatives are able-body and minded to work those jobs, yet still complain.

    • Posted by Alex Unity, at Reply

      jessie md yea i wonder what conservatives are going to do once this economy collapses and immigrants start fleeing.

    • Posted by jessie md, at Reply

      +Alex Unity they’re going to have to get off their asses and work or starve, or plea those immigrants to come back, the latter in which I will have to be, what they say, a “monkey’s uncle” if that ever happens. 😀

    • Posted by jessie md, at Reply

      +DefeatGlobalism they work the jobs most Americans won’t, most pay their taxes, and immigration, illegal and legal, isn’t associated with a rise in crime, and the effects of immigration, illegal and legal, is a better educated work force, innovation, and higher economic productivity. Exploiting the country by making the work force more educated and help building a richer economy? I love that kind of exploiting!

  8. Posted by My Journey, at Reply

    umm, why is The Young Turks being corporately sponsored?

    • Posted by My Journey, at Reply


      Fair enough. I’m still slightly nervous though. Especially given that it’s a bank, of all institutions. Nevertheless, thank you for the link. I’ll just keep a very close eye on future sponsors of The Young Turks.

  9. Posted by Shawn H Corey, at Reply

    Don’t forget that their profit is coming from taxpayers.

    • Posted by Mama Mimi, at Reply

      and yet, I would rather have my taxes go to education….that isn’t driven by vouchers.

    • Posted by Mama Mimi, at Reply

      or my Social Security.

  10. Posted by Melvin Ray Spence III, at Reply

    trump is so disgusting…he gets a hard on over this injustice…sick goon bastard

    • Posted by michael westin, at Reply

      For real scumbags galore out here

  11. Posted by Carlos De La Cruz, at Reply

    I was deported once.. I was transfered to 7 different jails while I was waiting to get deported. I did 7 months. . for the crime of being brought here when I was only 7 years old and never being able to get legal status Because of the complicated immigration beurocracy. I am not a criminal!!

    • Posted by JB252, at Reply

      RedX165, he’s been here since he was 7, this IS his country.

    • Posted by RedX165, at Reply

      +JB252 He wasn’t born here so its not his country. Try again liberal.

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      +JB252 no it is not. So he got deported

  12. Posted by Richard Groover, at Reply

    the biggest drug problem is in the white community let’s see if they are going to start felling the prisons with white people

    • Posted by Edenrose Bowling, at Reply

      Richard Groover Seriously! This is true from what I’ve observed in the NW, yet the white people don’t get in trouble for it nearly as much as, or as severely as, other people. In addition, people using drugs don’t need to be imprisoned anyways; they need mental health evaluations and rehabilitation for drugs and/or mental instabilities. The war on “drugs” is almost entirely driven by guised institutionalized racism from what I can tell. I think the population is realizing that now, or starting to at least.

    • Posted by Multi407D, at Reply


    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Whites are generally more discreet when it comes to drug use, except maybe for meth-heads. You would be hard pressed to find whites selling drugs in the open on street corners. Drugs are often also part and parcel of gangs, which the police focus on. Not too many white GD’s, Vice Lords, Crips or Bloods…

  13. Posted by R M, at Reply

    this will incentivize not only more drug laws but more sex laws and defiantly a lot more zero tolerance on statutory rape or laws concerning young adults to teens. If your rich nothing happens to you.

    • Posted by Zero time for fun, at Reply

      R M that’s been true throughout all human history… except when revolutions start, than the populists go crazy and kill the establishment, but those revolutions are… bloody to say the least

    • Posted by Ryne Green, at Reply

      Zero time for fun sometime I can’t help but think it’s still more humane than what we have now

  14. Posted by Cookie Nibz, at Reply

    We already imprison more people than Iran, now we are putting undocumented immigrants into private prisons (kind of like the AZ law written by the CEO of a private prison). Just wait, more & more laws will be punishable w/long prison sentences. Appeals will be a joke. All those “FEMA camps” you all were terrified of under the black guy will finally come to fruition. Bravo. You all just keep supporting the privatization of everything, make those CEOs their money, maybe they will feed you their scraps 😂😂😂 cause you’re special.

    • Posted by Trick Q, at Reply

      They’re not for undocumented immigrants. I mean, yeah rounding up a few and throw them in private prison helps the money flow, but they’re for the black guy. The black guy, The hispanic guy, the anybody whose in a minoritiy. Under Jeff Sessions things that might be considered slaps on the wrists would be long prison sentences. But instead of a regular prison, they go to private prisons.

  15. Posted by evaisdreaming, at Reply

    But trump wasnt criminalizing the illegal immirgrients that were working at his properties though.

    • Posted by Tron Michaels the black Shawn Michaels, at Reply

      evaisdreaming he wasn’t even a politician twat

    • Posted by whatifounddowntherabbithole, at Reply

      no he was just a regular twat

  16. Posted by Eric Antone, at Reply


    • Posted by Frankish Empire, at Reply

      You are as pathetic as your profile-pic and show clearly that you don`t know what you are talking about.

    • Posted by Eric Antone, at Reply

      Provide a rebuttal argument or STFU.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Maybe you should watch a documentary on real gulags. That seems to be in order.

  17. Posted by Teethgrinder 83, at Reply

    Every day I see new TYT posts and invariably it’s full of Trumpanzes degenerating the channel and just saying generally empty things designed to provoke-I’ve a feeling they feel threatened otherwise why bother so much?

    • Posted by midnight tea, at Reply

      Most of them have moved somewhere else anyway. I can tell from the amount of dislikes. Either they got bored or couldn’t stand hearing stuff they can’t really refute…

    • Posted by Teethgrinder 83, at Reply

      midnight tea sometimes I wonder if they use TYT videos as training for Trump trolls considering the caliber of many of the comments

  18. Posted by John Gavad, at Reply

    when all the muslims are banned, all the black ppl are arrested, and all the Latinos are arrested some of these trump supporters will be the next victims to fill up these private prisons

    • Posted by saprissa9, at Reply

      John Gavad exactly. a meth epidemic will get half of the Trump supporters in prison.