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Don’t Get Zapped: Throwback Thursday (August 2017)


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It's Thursday, to ensure that suggests it's time for a collection of timeless stops working! This collection has everything, from football stops working, to kid falls short, and also one fail particularly that includes a pumpkin. I don't know why you are still reviewing this, simply watch the video currently! Send your videos to and also leave a comment listed below!!


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Video clips:
Lady Attempts to Hitchike and also Obtains Splashed by Water
Crow Posture Fail
Ballerina Slips On Timber Floor Throughout Technique
Lady Kicks Man While Decreasing Slide
Sea Lion Slaps Womans Butt
Individual Attempts to Turn Onto Elephant
Girl Off Equilibrium Beam of light
Ladder on Video camera Man
Girl Throws Friend into Wall surface
Guy Stomach Flops and Produces a Rainbow
Little Kid Mimics Ram and also Slams Head Into Fence
Individual Nose Dives Off Bike
Zip Lining Hits Overview
Pet Encounters Glass Door
Youngster Rushes right into Website traffic
Man Leaps From Train to Train as well as
Yard Cartwheels Lead to Broken Table
Mama Captures Infant Fart On Electronic camera
Teen Consumes Wood Chips
Individual Breaks Basketball Hoop
Bicyclist in the Middle of the Road
Pet cat Shuts Door on Dog
Male Attempts to Hurdle Rapids
Kittycat Attempts to Jump Onto Table
Person Places Scissor in Electrical Socket
Guy Goes Off Bike While Trying a Wheelie
Pickup Gets Stuck in Mud
Cars and truck with Three Tires Drives on Roadway
Man while Kicking Punching Bag
ATV Cyclist Backwards
Man Attempts to Get on Heap
Canines Scare Bear Away
Web surfers Can not Balance aboard
Skateboarder Runs Head Into Visual
Roller Skater and Skateboarder Face Eachother
Football Freestyler Kicks Footwear Off
Youngster Runs Into Visitor Throughout Snowboard Lesson
Girl Trips on Veranda
Kid on Scooter in Dish
Dad Jumps Off Patio Onto Table
Person Gets Caught in Rope
Kid Hits Head on Table During Challenge Course
Guy Goes Off Bike
Individual Nose Dives Off Bike
Guy Stumbles Off Skateboard
Drunk Individual Encounters Wall
Man Singing in Vehicle
Boy Off Do It Yourself Ramp
Older Sibling Presses Younger Over Ramp
Snowboarder Turns Off Rail
Child on Bike Drops Staircases
Female Topples Off Steed
Girl Flies Head First of all Swing
Man Attempts to Show off Pole Dance Skills
Lady Trips on Head Throughout Handstand
Woman Encounters Barbed Cable Fencing
Maskeshift Teeter Totter Fail
Person Backflips With Soft drink
Skateboarder Runs Head Into Curb
Individual Face Plants on His Snowmobile
Dancer Slides on Hat
Individual Gets Stuck on Slip as well as Slide
Depend on Fail
Swimming pool Man With Cover
Woman Faceplants Sand Two times
Snowboarder Catches Side of Rail
Girl Backflips Onto Teammate
Man During Sumo Position Competitors
Volley ball Gamer Gets Ball Spiked to His Head

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  1. Posted by Per Johansson, at Reply

    1:25, call 911!

    • Posted by Mammo, at Reply

      Somebody has to bring this kid together with the one from skrillex scary monsters and nice sprites

    • Posted by Śmieszek Bastii, at Reply


    • Posted by RandomThings, at Reply

      Per Johansson iii

    • Posted by RandomThings, at Reply

      Per Johansson iiiii

  2. Posted by Piedie ___, at Reply

    CALL 911, LOL…

    • Posted by metalhead7127, at Reply

      So that’s where Skrillex got his semple…

    • Posted by Greatest Ever, at Reply

      metalhead7127 it’s in the video 1:25

    • Posted by metalhead7127, at Reply

      Greatest Ever fix it, but I knew

    • Posted by Dolan twins Harry Potter msp, at Reply

      Piedie ___ omg I died

    • Posted by Dan Data, at Reply


  3. Posted by Tedy Faragó, at Reply


    • Posted by Szilárd Faragó, at Reply

      Tedy Faragó Congratulation! My kon!

    • Posted by Szilárd Faragó, at Reply

      The kon is the best!!!! Konn

    • Posted by William Thomson, at Reply

      Tedy Faragó nope I was

    • Posted by Ayman Kass, at Reply

      Tedy Faragó first? That sounds exotic I’m paul

    • Posted by Marcus 189, at Reply

      Tedy Faragó cheebye

  4. Posted by Márton Szigeti, at Reply

    ‘we ran out of videos, but want to make some more money’ thursday

    • Posted by ducky, at Reply

      Márton Szigeti stolen joke so you should be saying ‘I ran out of jokes and I’m not funny’.

    • Posted by Jeff Robinson, at Reply

      Márton Szigeti dude, this is over used

    • Posted by Undoeszerzs, at Reply
    • Posted by Ghostiification, at Reply

      ‘we ran out of ideas, but want to collect some more likes’ comment

    • Posted by Judgementxxx, at Reply

      Márton Szigeti You must have a hard time understanding alot of things. What do you think “Throwback” means to you?

  5. Posted by Chivas Aurora, at Reply

    4:18 When you’ve just gotten in an accident and Bae rings up, saying she’s alone at home.

  6. Posted by POISON FRIENDLY SNAKE BITE, at Reply

    No sympathy for people who don’t wear helmets.

    • Posted by jayo84, at Reply

      I’ve said it many times, “I am a huge supporter of natural selection.” If they kill themselves by being stupid, than let them. Got to love darwin’s theory

    • Posted by thomasbrke, at Reply

      At least they remove themselves from the gene pool

    • Posted by Evan Guthrie, at Reply

      When I bike casually (which is pretty much every time I bike), I don’t wear a helmet.

    • Posted by POISON FRIENDLY SNAKE BITE, at Reply

      Evan Guthrie then you are a helmet

    • Posted by Ghostiification, at Reply

      Schnell Straße Well I don’t have any kids and I think you’re an total idiot. Fortunately it doesn’t take more than that one time and threre’s one idiot less in the gene pool. I know a guy who was driving an moped without a helmet, fell over and his scalp pretty much peeled off. Was lucky for not dying, but it was a real mess.

  7. Posted by Onur YILDIZ, at Reply

    3:04 CALL 911!!!!

    • Posted by Ben Poland, at Reply

      3:04? WHAT?!

  8. Posted by Its Zyphxrr, at Reply

    Jake Paul is aged 1 on google.

    • Posted by NotaDankChannel, at Reply

      Its Zyphxrr I know lol

    • Posted by Patricia Segura, at Reply

      Its Zyphxrr
      Not in reality

    • Posted by FancyFireFox, at Reply

      Patricia Segura mentally yeah 😂

  9. Posted by markusepacoustic, at Reply

    1:12 this guy just caused a rainbow there!

    • Posted by Emre Diogenes, at Reply

      An angel died lol #evangelionreference

    • Posted by Undoeszerzs, at Reply
    • Posted by Dating For Real, at Reply

      Wonderful. 🙂

    • Posted by theepicsealshow123, at Reply

      thats how you become gay C:

    • Posted by Carlos Ramos, at Reply

      markusepacoustic I thought I saw a rainbow

  10. Posted by GreenEyes -_-, at Reply

    1:11 don’t worry, the rainbow healed him.

    • Posted by FutureDelica, at Reply

      Now he is gay.

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      No he got aids from it

    • Posted by windycitycrew21, at Reply

      GreenEyes -_- he got a bowl of lucky charms

  11. Posted by TheChrissuEst, at Reply

    Who else likes their own comment to get the thing rolling?

    • Posted by LegacyWICKED, at Reply

      TheChrissuEst Who else steals ‘original’ comments hoping they’ll get likes? I know this guy does👆

    • Posted by Jayden Hussey, at Reply

      LegacyWICKED when the reply gets more likes than the actual comment

  12. Posted by Josseph124, at Reply

    Can you at least not to put same clips from recent videos?

    • Posted by Deric Carmickle, at Reply

      Josseph124 It’s called “Throwback” for a reason.

  13. Posted by Happy Hour, at Reply

    now i definitely can say that ” girls are stupid”.

    • Posted by Tyler Spence, at Reply

      Feminism itself proves that point

    • Posted by bkaw, at Reply

      Suomen poika ei kyl mitää hajuu mut aika helvetin hauska oli :d

    • Posted by kaelyn m, at Reply

      God, you guys are all so dumb and immature. Men suck, women suck, get over it and shut up.

    • Posted by Ghostiification, at Reply

      Just reading the replies of this comment (which I know is a joke) I can tell there are awful amount of kids around

    • Posted by Great, at Reply

      Happy Hour i think the girls have the same inteligent that us the boys

  14. Posted by MEGATRONICATRON, at Reply

    My birthday is on August 15. Can I get a happy birthday ?

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      On August 15th you can.

    • Posted by Jake Weatherley, at Reply

      FailArmy hi fail army trying to get money I see

    • Posted by Rosalina Green, at Reply

      MEGATRONICATRON Happy birthday!! Mine’s on August 14 😀

    • Posted by The Rishists, at Reply

      MEGATRONICATRON mines on the 11th of august

  15. Posted by PANKI_7, at Reply

    7:28 CJ when he was lil kid!

    • Posted by pug Sunday, at Reply

      PANKI_7 lol

    • Posted by pug Sunday, at Reply

      PANKI_7 lol

  16. Posted by FLX Films, at Reply

    2:38 min Not funny !!!👆🏻

    • Posted by Lupus Dei, at Reply

      FLX Films more like irresponsible parents

    • Posted by TheQuirkyyKirsty, at Reply

      You’re right. It was HILARIOUS!

    • Posted by windycitycrew21, at Reply

      FLX Films it was funny I hate kids

    • Posted by RG2 Highlights, at Reply

      windycitycrew21 You hate baby goats?

    • Posted by 2012XF3, at Reply

      They dont even try to save him and car was so slow like wtf.

  17. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    The first one, that girl screaming at the car. #InstantKarma

  18. Posted by Nancy Gorsky, at Reply

    1:17 their parents are so fucking stupid

  19. Posted by JRoss614, at Reply

    aww that fisrt girl

  20. Posted by Crispapple, at Reply

    4:55 wasn’t expecting that.. 0.0