Don’t Rock the Boat!: Throwback Fails (February 2018) | FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Don’t Rock the Boat!: Throwback Fails (February 2018) | FailArmy


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It's Throwback Thursday, and oh man do we have some terrific stops working for you! We have some fantastic falls short, from a canoeing accident to sledding fails as well as past! Submit your videos to


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  1. Posted by Rico Dekkers, at Reply

    Notification gang🤘🏼

    • Posted by all in one, at Reply

      Rico Dekkers plzz watch my latest video and comment plzz

  2. Posted by Max Compilations, at Reply

    So do a mailArmy compilation… of mail fails

    • Posted by AgentSander, at Reply

      As in poorly written letters, a USPS worker tripping while delivering mail, or perhaps somebody walking around with stamps stuck to their shorts and they don’t notice?? This compilation would be hilarious.

  3. Posted by tu tera dekh, at Reply

    7 views &104 liks m.c 😡😡

  4. Posted by Arozura, at Reply


    • Posted by game bug11, at Reply

      ahem, where did you find that pic?

    • Posted by POLARTTYRTM, at Reply

      What a horrible troll this katzen idiot is, throw in some stuff that would probably make someone laugh.

    • Posted by SunnyBlam, at Reply

      Nice profile picture.

    • Posted by RELEASE THE BOGUS, at Reply

      Katzen König try a little harder then you’ll really be a great troll

  5. Posted by JAS TODD, at Reply

    1:56-2:00 dude 🤣😫 how?!

  6. Posted by Vedant, at Reply

    I ❤ FailArmy ..

  7. Posted by Nick Wompton, at Reply

    FailArmy, you should do best laughs, were it isnt any fails, just the funniest laughs after a fail.

    • Posted by The Truth, at Reply

      there’s a video like this

    • Posted by Chris Fox, at Reply

      Nick Wompton That’s literally the worst

    • Posted by J Mouch, at Reply

      They already did

    • Posted by Tracie Mac, at Reply

      Nick Wompton YES

    • Posted by CaptainLT 59, at Reply

      Nick Wompton they’ve done that a lot

  8. Posted by Abdellatif Amal, at Reply

    I’m gonna like my own comment

    • Posted by leo brownsdon, at Reply

      Abdellatif Amal ur a sado

    • Posted by BriskSkies, at Reply

      leo brownsdon – You’re just upset because you fell for it.

  9. Posted by CaptainJTV, at Reply

    Please check it on the map 😂

  10. Posted by travis metzger, at Reply

    Oh that dean !

    • Posted by all in one, at Reply

      travis metzger plzz watch my latest video and comment plzz watch

    • Posted by Ball Up Moments, at Reply

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    • Posted by Fuck Off The Couch Cunt, at Reply

      Wtf are these comments lol

  11. Posted by Mustafa Saifuddin, at Reply

    Excellent pair at the end

  12. Posted by Cristian Kimura, at Reply

    8:33 Flamingo: *Be* *Gone* *THOT*

    • Posted by Katzen König, at Reply


    • Posted by Sexy Mofo, at Reply

      I liked the two melons she served on the tablet

  13. Posted by Juan GC, at Reply

    06:58 Grande Shifer! 😂😂

    • Posted by Julio Sánchez, at Reply

      lo mismo digoo¡¡¡¡¡¡

    • Posted by cristian lopez, at Reply


  14. Posted by Marko G, at Reply

    2:39 UNDERSTEER (only car guys will understand)

    • Posted by random user, at Reply

      at least my mom doesnt understeer hahahahaha

    • Posted by random user, at Reply
    • Posted by Lee jammy, at Reply

      Really only car guys ? No love for our car girls then

    • Posted by Tay Tay, at Reply

      more like target fixation (bikers will understand)

    • Posted by Ricky Oliviero, at Reply

      Marko G I don’t think you have to be a car guy to understand that lol

  15. Posted by Uday Pullela, at Reply

    All repeated clips

    • Posted by Dylan Salinas, at Reply

      Uday Pullela hence the title throwback.

    • Posted by BuyingOGNames, at Reply

      Dylan Salinas stop making people look stupid.

  16. Posted by Sidharth Mangalam, at Reply

    3:17, thats the face of pure horror

  17. Posted by Jorick, at Reply

    that motorcyclist was a champ!

  18. Posted by richard mitchell, at Reply

    8:45 IM OK…i would hope so all you did was drop like 1 foot in to a pool you was allready in lol….

    • Posted by BuyingOGNames, at Reply

      richard mitchell were*

  19. Posted by Slay, at Reply

    View and review

  20. Posted by mohil jamariya, at Reply

    2:10 Instant hairstylist…….