Drug Czar Disgrace: A Turning Point in Opioid Crisis? | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Drug Czar Disgrace: A Turning Point in Opioid Crisis?


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Head of state Trump's candidate for "Medication Czar" has actually withdrawn from factor to consider after an exposé by the Washington Post and also 60 Minutes revealed he had led Huge Pharma's successful effort to pass a regulation that all yet removed the Drug Enforcement Agency's capacity to cops large drug deliveries that sustain America's opioid epidemic. Could this be a turning factor for national overdose crisis, or, for Trump Swamp? Ryan Grim () records from Capitol Hill.

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  1. Posted by Robert Klauka, at Reply

    There is a sad side-effect from this crisis that no one seems to want to discuss. Those of us who suffer from chronic pain are now suffering because we can’t get the proper amount of pain reliever. No one seems interested in the millions of Americans who really need the meds.
    I don’t understand it.

    • Posted by Rashidah libra, at Reply

      Robert Klauka so , when you buy it “illegally ” you are a criminal

      ? Geesh

    • Posted by Rashidah libra, at Reply

      Mayor Zeus True, you can apply for a medicinal marijuana card depending on your state laws.

    • Posted by Twistr, at Reply

      Robert Klauka smoke some kush.

  2. Posted by dangerouslytalented, at Reply

    Trump basically believes in rich privelege. That those who are already rich are entitled to take everything, regardless as to who gets hurt.

  3. Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

    Mitch! You voted for it! Will you own up to ANYTHING you do in your useless life?!

    • Posted by Zelda Williams, at Reply

      I can answer that Honeycrisp? Hell Nawww!!! He’s the original turtle!!

    • Posted by Pranay, at Reply

      His wife father owns an Asian cargo ship company. He is a drug importer.

  4. Posted by Eduardo Real, at Reply

    The Legislator need to pass a law to have Big Pharma pay for the treatment of the addicts since they were adamant that people won’t get addicted.

  5. Posted by SHARON JONES, at Reply


    • Posted by ken5336, at Reply

      SHARON JONES that’s why they not trying to undo it they befitting from Big Farma

    • Posted by tina terrell, at Reply

      SHARON JONES Thank you and they will continue to be on them.

  6. Posted by silvano novalis, at Reply

    Greedy Big Pharma is to blame. Those who voted for the bill should be held accountable for this ongoing FUBAR.

  7. Posted by ken5336, at Reply

    If Obama signed why they undo he’s undoing everything else Obama did. It makes you wounder

  8. Posted by ivan dennis, at Reply

    Also I like this guy. Very professional

  9. Posted by Eay Dagawd, at Reply

    When an epidemic hits the white community they deflect

    • Posted by Black Romulan, at Reply

      Nah, when an epidemic hits the white community they panic, when it hits someone else they punish

  10. Posted by Left Is Best, at Reply

    I like this reporter, he’s direct and succinct..

  11. Posted by carschmn, at Reply

    Trump just nominates whoever his cabinet says without research. When he finds out they suck he drops them.

  12. Posted by schmoab, at Reply

    More videos from this guy please.

  13. Posted by teebone 21, at Reply

    ask the sponsors ???? YOU ARE IN CHARGE NOW

  14. Posted by Hentie Dj, at Reply

    So wait the government can sell super highly addictive substances that are drugs but a civilian can’t.
    That’s freedom.

  15. Posted by jxsilicon9, at Reply

    I want to buy off some politicians to get away with crime . American dream

  16. Posted by blubastud, at Reply

    Did that turtle looking bastard just try to blame Obama for a bill they crafted and put on the floor and passed? SMDH

  17. Posted by Tychoxi, at Reply

    but they are asking you, not the sponsors you POS!

  18. Posted by tina terrell, at Reply

    LMAO and we need to build a wall too keep out WHO AGAIN? But then again Blacks been saying this for years, at some point white Americans have to face they been functioning off fear, paranoia and lies that’s been feed to you for centuries. The number one thing you should worry about is YOUR GOVERNMENT.

  19. Posted by Logan Brogniez, at Reply

    Legalize all drugs problem solved

    • Posted by Matteo Prezioso, at Reply

      Absolutely, that is the only way. Now alternative, but way.

    • Posted by Angie Norton, at Reply

      Logan Brogniez Remember, the private prison companies get a lot of money from more and more prisoners being put there. The politicians get campaign donations from these private prison companies. Add to that politicians get money from big pharma. Do you really think that they will ever legalize all drugs? That cash cow is pretty sweet to them.

      On the other hand, states that have legalized marijuana have made a lot of money through the taxes. But again, the more people they can lock up for a little bit of weed makes the cogs of private prison industrial complex move. Personally, I think we should legalize marijuana nationally. It won’t happen under this administration though. Especially with Sessions at the helm of the DOJ.

  20. Posted by Eric Silva, at Reply

    I like this style of content