Drunk Fails: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (March 2017) || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Drunk Fails: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (March 2017) || FailArmy


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It's nearly St. Patrick's Day, so we at FailArmy believed there's no far better way to commemorate than with some intoxicated stops working! Have a favorite? Leave it in the remarks for us! If you've obtained any of your very own send them over to FailArmy.com!!! Thanks.


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Guy Attempt to Poke Hole in Beer Barrel
Bartender Tosses Ice right into Cup in Distinct Means
Faceplant on Alcohol consumption Video game
Person Falls Off Skateboard as well as Spills Beer
Lady Knocks Down Guys Like Bowling Pins
Man Fails to Saber off Champagne Cork
Man on Bike Crashes right into Garage
Beer Bong Sprays All Over Woman's Face
Kid Blows Fireball into Kitchen Sink
Men Play Drunken Dizzy Bat
Drunk Man Falls Trying to Falls Beer
Drunk Man Falls Off Amsterdam Indication
Drunk Lady Dancing on Car Damages the Windshield
Friends Prank Pal After Cinnamon Difficulty
Man Backflips Off Roof covering During Event
Buddies Knock Over Beer Bottles
Drunk Man Falls While Peeing in Resort Restroom
Dancing Drunk Guys Diminish Balcony
Dance Off Fail
Drunk Guy Stuck on Curb
Man Actually Crashes Party
Keg Stand Fail
Drunk Man Strolls on Bench and Falls
Sorority Girl Trips on Quote Day
People Try to Put a Huge Cone into Basketball Hoop
Person Faces Pal After Rotating in Circles
Shirtless Guys Autumns during Keg Stand
Over Ground Swimming pool Jump Fail
Mother Ruins Little girl in Beer Shotgun Contest
Buddies Take out Table from Under Drunk Buddy
Person Efficiently Strikes Round during Dizzy Bat Video game
Bunk Bed Breaks
Beer Bong Spills On Face
Person Attempts to Slide Throughout Table
Drunk Person Falls Soaking on Beer Pong Table
Guy Does Keg Represent First Time
Lady Flips Off Bed and Faces Wall surface
Drunk Man Pulls Out Garlic Bread From Pocket

Drunk Falls short: Satisfied St. Patrick's Day! (March 2017)|| FailArmy

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  1. Posted by Opus Dei, at Reply

    “is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461), the foremost patron saint of Ireland.” And Americans have turned it into a drunken stupard.

    • Posted by nexus1g, at Reply

      john, do you have a problem with reading comprehension? At what point did I infer that all irish are “leaporcans” and alcoholics?

    • Posted by Andreamir 18, at Reply

      Dave Smith i’m not “irish migrations ” , you are fuking english

    • Posted by Opus Dei, at Reply

      +Andreamir 18 Anarchists are degenerates.

    • Posted by Stacci Guma, at Reply

      I’ll take drinking, partying, and having a good time with family and friends over remembering some patron saint of a corrupt, outdated religion any day of the week.

  2. Posted by Daniel Ortiz, at Reply

    too many reasons why ill never drink

    • Posted by R Soul, at Reply

      _Impulse I had no idea there were so many puritans around here, amazing, simply incredible.

    • Posted by Brittany Mae, at Reply

      I always said that and I waited til I was of age and now I basically drink at social gatherings and that’s it, its not bad if you aren’t stupid….

    • Posted by Antti Palosaari, at Reply

      You’ll get very thirsty.

  3. Posted by Juho Leiniö, at Reply

    03:37 some people are just assholes…

    • Posted by emotionallyinvestful, at Reply

      I mean what could he have done? One guy can’t get the dude’s car out of that and the guy would have been driving drunk anyway. Shaming people who drive drunk is probably the best thing we can do in some cases.

    • Posted by Dwayne Clarke, at Reply

      If yous didn’t realise it the guy tried to help get the car back on to the road lol hilarious

  4. Posted by rhz az, at Reply

    3:44 what a laugh

    • Posted by Spoderman, at Reply

      i like dat laugh…. ”HIHIHIIII”

    • Posted by TheBamm1979, at Reply

      Too funny,

    • Posted by Freddie Baynham, at Reply

      rhz az i swear he sound like H20 Delirious 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Blake Dalenko, at Reply

      rhz az he sounds like h20 delirious

  5. Posted by NICOLAS LOPEZ, at Reply

    i brushed my teeth with colgate this morning

    • Posted by helle vodue, at Reply

      NICOLAS LOPEZ use oral B, its the best rly

    • Posted by Levo GAMES, at Reply

      I just took a dump.

    • Posted by Kunt Fart, at Reply

      Levo GAMES me to

    • Posted by monique lee, at Reply

      Brand new, amazing

    • Posted by Duneedon, at Reply

      Took one, eh? I usually leave one. Well, just be sure to put it back where you found it.

  6. Posted by DavixDevelop, at Reply

    Was drunk only 2 times in my life, with the first one being really really drunk, and the second one just being slightly light headed. After that, I stopped drinking as It’s just stupid.

    • Posted by BadBigRaf, at Reply

      And it’s so freakin funny

    • Posted by Daniel Helmenstein, at Reply

      Don’t get discouraged by other people, drinking or not drinking has nothing to do with brain cells or friends. I only drank alcohol once in my life and I won’t do it again, simply because I don’t like the effect it has on people and because it doesn’t work with my lifestyle (I want to have full control of my body at any time). Just stick to what you believe is good for you and enjoy whatever you think is good for you.

    • Posted by Jonas Hec, at Reply

      DavixDevelop it’s fun as hell hahah

    • Posted by YellawayHD, at Reply

      I fucking love alcohol, just do it in moderation

    • Posted by alex Debroux, at Reply

      “really fun with no downsides” excpet for the fact that it’s extremely unhealthy. I don’t say I never drink, but I accept the fact that it would be better for my body if I didn’t

  7. Posted by Music is Win, at Reply

    Now I have to start drinking

    • Posted by Magdalena Pierzchała, at Reply

      Music is Win hello

    • Posted by Sphane, at Reply

      Music is Win Ayy, MiW also enjoys Drunk Fails.

    • Posted by Cachorro Laranja, at Reply

      Hi random verified guy!!

  8. Posted by Sgt James Doakes, at Reply

    I need a friend like garlic bread dude. What a legend.

    • Posted by Jariana Bieber, at Reply

      Sgt Ahahahahha

    • Posted by Smokey, at Reply

      Sgt James Doakes a legend27

    • Posted by k&w video's, at Reply

      so generous too. “who wants a bite?” we all need a friend like garlic man

  9. Posted by cross, at Reply

    Germans who cant handle their beer? I am ashamed of my country…

    • Posted by Th3UprightMan, at Reply

      Because their insane delusions are killing Europe and why should anyone ignore it, Florian.

    • Posted by Slave Butcher, at Reply

      +Dylan Proos

      A lot of good that did

  10. Posted by Atheist Orphan, at Reply

    This video is 100% proof that yanks cannot handle their drink. Lightweights.

    • Posted by Rogelio Briseño, at Reply

      That’s because everyone on the video are a bunch of kids

    • Posted by Slave Butcher, at Reply

      +de blobs blobbers

      The U.K is Europe, dumbass.

    • Posted by Slave Butcher, at Reply

      +de blobs blobbers

      The U.K is Europe, dumbass.

  11. Posted by FailUnited, at Reply

    Watch out for ze drunk Germans

    • Posted by TJGermany, at Reply

      Reporting for duty!

    • Posted by hans meiser, at Reply


    • Posted by SzTheHope_, at Reply

      And Russians

    • Posted by Emil Emson, at Reply

      Co wy dzieci wiecie o piciu? Siki jakie wy pijecie to nie alkohol.

    • Posted by Dry Bone, at Reply

      FailUnited jooo wtf dude watch out for you!

  12. Posted by TheManJordo, at Reply

    St Patrick’s day, a day that Americans pretend to be Irish

    • Posted by Small44, at Reply

      +TheManJordo But what if I am Irish already and I live in America?

    • Posted by rhys the reaper, at Reply

      Small44 that’s ok

    • Posted by Lobe, at Reply

      It is celebrated in Ireland and the Uk, it’s just a way bigger deal in America.

    • Posted by rhys the reaper, at Reply

      +Travis Biber ya mum

    • Posted by Fergus Lyons, at Reply

      But it’s an Irish holiday

  13. Posted by DecarabiaSatanachia, at Reply

    This is stereotypical bullshit and this kind of attitude from a YouTube channel is offensive to Irish people, tradition and culture. Getting drunk has literally no meaning whatsoever to St. Patricks Day. The people at Fail Army are a great big bunch of geebags! How’s that for an Irish insult, you bunch of ignorant American wankers!!

    • Posted by Wasp, at Reply

      I agree. People should have no excuse whatsoever to have fun and enjoy themselves, and must remain 100% conscious at all times of any tiny possibility of insulting some person on the internet.

    • Posted by Lelouch Vi Britannia, at Reply

      DecarabiaSatanachia You’re so salty m8, wish ye had a time machine to add a bit of flavor into the Potato Famine.

    • Posted by Ben Hickman, at Reply

      DecarabiaSatanachia yeah American people are so stereotypical of other places

  14. Posted by Tiger Sniper, at Reply

    the last did was more then drunk he was hi af

    • Posted by Jake Ω, at Reply


    • Posted by Kiwi, at Reply


  15. Posted by xDevJin, at Reply

    “drunk fails”
    *inserts a fail regarding the Cinnamon Challenge*
    Really Fail Army?

    • Posted by Travis Biber, at Reply

      xDevJin ikr

    • Posted by Danny Sweeney, at Reply

      The guy is probably drunk while doing it. It’s still funny tho. the way the coke fizzes in his face is priceless.

    • Posted by Sir Chris, at Reply

      are you really implying that guy wasnt fucked up?

  16. Posted by Drew 1998, at Reply

    yet Weed is still illegal and you have these dumbasses hurting eachother damaging stuff and acting stupid. im just trying to smoke and play some video games.

    • Posted by Rogelio Briseño, at Reply

      Yeah because the game doesn’t work without a blunt in hand connected through Bluetooth

    • Posted by Cartman, at Reply

      oh come on, alcohol is just a fungus, poor little microbes.

    • Posted by psygn0sis, at Reply

      Legal here in California. : )

    • Posted by Martin Spelunker, at Reply

      What I have heard, weed makes the risk of getting dementia greater, and makes people mentally slow. But that just might be some anti drug propaganda. I am all for it in medical cases though!

    • Posted by SCS, at Reply

      Martin Spelunker Lol, that’s total bullshit.

  17. Posted by Herr Weiss, at Reply

    There is nothing I hate more than that stupid american habit to jump on the tables…

    • Posted by Andreamir 18, at Reply

      Herr Weiss wankstain

    • Posted by DisShit Lit, at Reply

      This made me want to jump on a table

    • Posted by Dave Strider, at Reply


    • Posted by Chris Rocks, at Reply

      is so we can see our drunk friends fail badly and laugh at them.

    • Posted by Jaden Williams, at Reply

      Herr Weiss it’s not even a habit it’s just stupid people doing stupid stuff

  18. Posted by Jariana Bieber, at Reply

    People are so annoying when they’re drunk. 😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Slight Sloth, at Reply

      if that on your profile picture is you im in love

    • Posted by Please do not read this name, at Reply

      Slight Sloth Mine is better

    • Posted by JarinDL, at Reply


    • Posted by E3000`s Gaming Reviews, at Reply

      lol neckbeard