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Drunk Football Fans Will Now Be Armed


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What could possibly go wrong? Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“A new proposed amendment to the Revised Code of Washington would change laws currently prohibiting a private company, such as the Seattle Seahawks, from banning guns from stadiums on public land, CBS Sports’ Will Brinson reports.

It is not currently illegal to carry a firearm into a game under Washington law, but CenturyLink Field, as well as Safeco Field and any other stadium, are allowed to prohibit folks from bringing certain items, including firearms, into said stadiums.

House Bill 1015, proposed by three Republican members of the state House of Representatives, would eliminate the stadiums’ ability to “prohibit persons with a valid concealed pistol license from carrying a concealed pistol in any facility or on any grounds of a facility.”

CenturyLink, like Safeco, is located on public property. But it’s run by a private enterprise — one that prohibits people from bringing in guns.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by MilitantAntiTheist, at Reply

    Do you accuse liberals of supporting radical Islamic terrorism after a
    terror attack occurs in the UK, France or Germany despite no evidence to
    support your claim but either ignore attacks that happen in Turkey, Syria,
    Indonesia or Bangladesh, or hypocritically condone the terror attack
    because it’s “terrorists killing terrorists?” Have you made dozens of
    videos for months on end about a 14 year-old trans kid who stated that all
    white people were racist? Do you know more about Anita Sarkeesian than
    Anita Sarkeesian? Do you become a gay rights activist only when Muslims
    throw them off buildings or shoot up a nightclub in Orlando? Do you
    #StandWithMilo #StandWithEvalion and #StandWithAiU when their channels get
    flagged down but remain mysteriously silent when AiU sends his minions to
    flag down other YouTubers? Do you fail to find anything racist on the EDL’s
    website? Do you believe that anti-racism is the new racism? If so, you too
    may find yourself labeled “alt right.” Why do people laugh at Deplorables?
    Only Deplorables don’t understand why.

    • Posted by Viper Venom (Snoopy3527), at Reply

      Cry me a river.

    • Posted by OR2A, at Reply

      Just like progressives-liberals-democrats don’t understand why they’re
      politically irrelevant.

    • Posted by Viper Venom (Snoopy3527), at Reply

      +OR2A We are the majority. You guys have more power because of the
      electoral college.

    • Posted by OR2A, at Reply

      +Viper Venom That doesn’t explain why Republicans win popular vote state
      wide elections.

    • Posted by Viper Venom (Snoopy3527), at Reply

      +OR2A Part of it is money.The Koch brothers were giving millions of dollars
      to state representatives instead of thousands. That changed the landscape
      big time in state races all over the US. We will have to see if the
      Democrats adjust to the funding they are getting. I will say one thing the
      GOP does better. I will put it in football terms. DEMs play prevent Defense
      and the GOP plays attack blitzing defense.

  2. Posted by Sam Geee, at Reply

    Let Americans shoot themselves until they realise guns are bad

    • Posted by Space Cadet, at Reply

      too much logic. they’re gonna call you a cuck any second

    • Posted by moose 174466, at Reply

      Adam – are you really as stupid as it seems?

    • Posted by Baron Fritz Von Shlitz, at Reply

      Sam Geee Just admit you’re probably one of those idiots that handed over
      your guns like stupid little bitches and will blame everyone but yourself
      when you can’t defend your loved ones and will end up in prison if you do
      so, brilliant! If your Satan.

    • Posted by Space Cadet, at Reply

      +Baron Fritz Von Shlitz or you can just live in a country which isn’t full
      of badly educated insane people. there’s always that

  3. Posted by Spic Faggot, at Reply

    What could possibly go wrong?

    • Posted by mako zero, at Reply

      problem? what problem?
      bang bang bang.
      problem done.

    • Posted by loki2240, at Reply

      Chuck McCracken – Let me know when a guy with really big arms accidentally
      punches someone and that results in death.

    • Posted by Kenneth Taylor, at Reply

      yes you can be killed by being punched.

    • Posted by Gary Turbo, at Reply

      You’re more likely to die by a bullet than die from a punch (coming from a
      guy who is trained in MMA)

    • Posted by welshgit, at Reply

      Kenneth Taylor Yeah, you are unfortunately correct, but “accidentally

  4. Posted by FreeDog70, at Reply

    They don’t have the power to do this. It’s a private event, not a
    government run game.

    • Posted by Zac G, at Reply

      The second amendment doesn’t force private businesses to allow you to carry
      your weapon. It prevents the government from taking your weapon.

      The first amendment doesn’t give me the right to say whatever I want about
      my neighbor while I’m at his house. My neighbor still has the right to ban
      me from his property. A stadium has the right to establish ground rules for

    • Posted by BioCapsule, at Reply

      +Thanatos Oh FFS… the 2nd amendment IS a government laws & regulations on
      a national level. What is the matter with you. You are not magically
      bestowed with those ‘legal’ rights, ‘legal’ being the operative word.

    • Posted by FLCOM1, at Reply

      NFL and almost all other professional sports stadiums are publicly funded
      with taxpayer money and are on public land.

  5. Posted by Lorenerd Jakholas, at Reply

    More shootings equals more fear equals more guns equals more shootings.
    What could go wrong?

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      WobblyBits_X – yep, it’s all too common an occurrence of late.

    • Posted by smeggie42, at Reply

      is that why gun violence has been going down the last 20 years while gun
      ownership has been going up? more guns does not equal more shootings

    • Posted by Jrsydvl2003, at Reply

      +smeggie42 Gun sales have gone up. Gun ownership has dropped.

    • Posted by Dennis Taaffe, at Reply

      smeggie42 Wrong, wrong and wrong. Idiot.

    • Posted by Gary Turbo, at Reply

      “More guns does not equal more shootings” I live in an open carry state and
      those with permits are just as unpredictable as criminals

  6. Posted by Daway Legit, at Reply


    • Posted by Julio Garcia, at Reply

      Daway Legit haha

    • Posted by Amir G, at Reply

      ldk why but I laughed mad hard when i saw your comment lmaoo…. W

  7. Posted by David D, at Reply

    Who the F came up with this DUMB IDEA??

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      +Dre Zee Ohhh yes those big egg shaped balls they have are quite scary!

    • Posted by Dre Zee, at Reply

      +Martha Holt Didn’t back track to what I responded to did you?

    • Posted by AmourBeautyxo _, at Reply

      David D Republicans

    • Posted by Men With Aprons, at Reply

      It is a mental illness, brought about by having an open mind that that is
      filled only with logical information and facts. Unlike republicunts, who
      still think that all welfare recipients pick up their check in a Cadilac,
      because Ronald Reagan made up a story about a woman with 10 SSN’s making
      100k+ a year, collecting welfare.

  8. Posted by America supports ISIS!, at Reply

    America is literally a zoo now.

    • Posted by Remlat Zargonix, at Reply

      KC Drummer cmon man, guns don’t kill people, it is chunks of lead, flying
      at high velocity, that kill people? Duh?

    • Posted by Remlat Zargonix, at Reply

      El Jefe …I think he means the extremely low level, per capita, of gun
      deaths as compared to USA….

    • Posted by Remlat Zargonix, at Reply

      Max Bernstein . Yes and also he is the tangerine Orangutan, so zoo is an
      apt analogy

    • Posted by Remlat Zargonix, at Reply

      Henry Townshed ….hahaha……get back on your meds…the tinfoil hat is
      not stopping people “planting thoughts in your head”

  9. Posted by Dylan Armstrong, at Reply

    Morons in football games get into fist fights without guns! This is just
    asking for someone to get shot!

    • Posted by Ben Judah, at Reply

      Christina M I can outrun a fist, unfortunately I can’t outrun a bullet from
      a handgun.

    • Posted by Suicide Gaming, at Reply

      Football fans use FISTS ONLY because it’s the rule of a proper FIST FIGHT,
      not because they can’t use anything else. You’re the real moron.

    • Posted by Dylan Armstrong, at Reply

      +Suicide Gaming You think a guy who is pissed off and drunk cares about the
      rules of fist fighting?

  10. Posted by ndyt, at Reply

    This is awesome. Because I hate football.

    • Posted by Martha Holt, at Reply

      ndyt Me too…Except when someone scores a home run

    • Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

      ndyt Which football code?

    • Posted by Scribe13, at Reply

      You must be female or russian

    • Posted by ndyt, at Reply

      I watched football as a child and then grew out of it. It’s a childish
      game to see who can get the most brain damage.

    • Posted by Dana Herron, at Reply

      it’s also a blood sport.

  11. Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

    America is one day going to experience a huge instance of natural

    • Posted by Yo Bo, at Reply

      Idiocracy would actually be better than natural selection. The problem is
      we have a lot of dumb people and they all have guns. There are more guns
      than ppl in the United States. This is actually quite a scary thing. Just
      see the news which are pretty bad, if rule of law fails or is let loose,
      it’ll be a tragedy since there are so many loose cannons out there.

      And this isn’t just an American problem, populism is going on all over the
      world. I am not sure it is the healthy kind either, though I am hoping it
      corrects itself.

  12. Posted by john o, at Reply

    you cannot legally carry a firearm and drink alcohol.

    • Posted by OR2A, at Reply

      If it’s self defense, you actually can shoot someone. Legally.

    • Posted by dalec305, at Reply

      +John Q Because you’re scared,

    • Posted by tybofborg, at Reply

      No laws against getting drunk and picking a fight with an armed man though.

    • Posted by zachary Stocker, at Reply

      john o well lucky for these sports fans concealed carry is legal there so
      they won’t have to worry about there gun bring spotted by the bartender yay

  13. Posted by Private Ryan, at Reply

    Haha try this at an European football match, you will have thousands of
    casualties at the first game

    • Posted by IybraesilGaming, at Reply

      We’re more intelligent than you thugs so that would never happen.

    • Posted by Knight of Gascogne, at Reply

      “more intelligent”? You elected Trump. STFU.

    • Posted by Zphyr Morgov, at Reply

      My money is on Ryan look at the vid’s half you lot are animal’s.

    • Posted by Redoralive, at Reply

      More intelligent? Admittedly having guns at a European match would be a
      disaster, but we’re not the ones considering actually doing it.

  14. Posted by brandon williams, at Reply

    If this law gets passed, and we have massive shootings at football stadium
    because of Republicans…. the Democrats better take advantage of this in
    the midterms.

    • Posted by dindunuffin, at Reply

      Nothing is keeping someone from sneaking a gun into the stadium ANYWAYS.

    • Posted by Gary Turbo, at Reply

      I been to 4 sporting events, who in the hell would risk sneaking a gun
      into a stadium full of cops?

    • Posted by dindunuffin, at Reply

      Um someone who intended to shoot a large crowd of people? Like a terrorist
      for instance.

    • Posted by Gary Turbo, at Reply

      I been to 2 NBA games and 2 MLB games, they have at least 30 cops at each

    • Posted by Raizhen010, at Reply

      Republicans literally took advantage of 9/11 to go to war with a country
      that wasn’t involved in 9/11. I don’t see why Democrats have to be weak and
      not call out the callousness of Republicans as people are shot in the
      streets. Republicans should have been called supporters of murderers over
      and over again after Sandy Hook, but the Democrats are pathetic and I’m
      done with them. If they won’t fight, they can get the hell out of the way.

  15. Posted by Mr K, at Reply

    It’s decisions like this that leave me wondering how the US ever became a

    • Posted by MrBoredom123, at Reply

      Became a superpower by putting manufacturing to the use of bulking up our
      military and mass producing arms. Then we put some assholes in their place
      and bailed out the people they had beaten on. Now we might be slightly off
      our rocker but considering we have enough firearms to arm every man, woman,
      and child in the country I don’t think anyone is going to attempt to charge
      the shores anytime soon. Fingers crossed we stop our decline and power up
      again. Of course I would also love to have leaders that stay out of other
      countries business unless it would be to stop a genocide, fat chance.

    • Posted by Mr K, at Reply

      +blisterpacman Have you ever been to a sports game? Do you realise just how
      fanatically some people follow their team? One last-minute field goal,
      coupled with alcohol, would be enough to set off the wrong person. With
      50,000+ people in a confined space, they would make high school shootings
      seem like a fairground duck shoot in comparison.

    • Posted by Harmony Alexandria, at Reply

      Nobody else wanted the job.

  16. Posted by vagas99, at Reply

    Men + sports + alcohol + gun = disaster waiting to happen

    • Posted by 21st Century Trolls Are Amateurs, at Reply

      Adeon55 I don’t think you have the common sense to realize how dangerous a
      man (or even a woman) can be while intoxicated and having a firearm on them
      while watching something that they can go crazy over.

    • Posted by MrBoredom123, at Reply

      Can’t legally drink and carry a firearm.

    • Posted by The Reeper, at Reply

      Human + sports + alcohol + gun = bad ideal, not just men

    • Posted by Adrian Myers, at Reply

      vagas99 not legal to drink and carry

  17. Posted by MrJJ6640, at Reply

    why not a bill that allows us to bring in our own food.

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      No one would argue that.

  18. Posted by Dangerous Dingo, at Reply

    They should allow guns, but ban people bringing in ammo, that way they can
    sell people bullets for $5000ea

    • Posted by apextroll, at Reply

      “Get Yer Bullets Here!!”

  19. Posted by Kevin Alonso, at Reply

    The NRA managed to brainwash braindead people.

    • Posted by guss whu, at Reply

      I’ve been carrying in bars for years.

    • Posted by Ethereality, at Reply

      Kevin Alonso and tyt brainwashes morons of think they’re intelligent.

    • Posted by dalec305, at Reply

      +Ethereality It’s all relative……so you should have a talk with your
      parents. And it’s not called “brainwashes”, it’s called thinking. You
      should try it.

    • Posted by Tyler Haskell, at Reply

      Alex Lowey Lol once you start saying half the country is too dumb to
      survive you might need to reevaluate how conventional your ideas are 😂

    • Posted by Gary Turbo, at Reply

      They managed to convince the whole country that a black teen (who was never
      in trouble with the law) is a “thug”

  20. Posted by Moloch, at Reply

    in many states it is illegal to concealed carry where alcohol is consumed

    • Posted by jpr422, at Reply

      That only makes sense.

    • Posted by Apathesis0, at Reply

      Moloch in other states, like Massachusetts, it is legal to carry in a bar
      as long as you aren’t drinking.