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Dumbest Talking Points About Vegas Shooting


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  1. Posted by FreeSheep, at Reply

    Details aren’t even out yet and Chunk Yogurt is already politicizing this.

  2. Posted by irishrepub84, at Reply

    literally MOUNTAINS of BODIES can NEVER outweigh our ability to turn back/ overthrow tyranny. but keep churning out bullshit by all means

  3. Posted by MrMToomey, at Reply

    No mention of mental health or economic opportunity. Just gun control again. The cycle continues.

  4. Posted by Jacinta Higgins, at Reply

    Cenk – the voice of reason in a country perilously close to the edge of reason.

  5. Posted by RONALD SCHNEIDER, at Reply

    And a IED wouldn’t do the same, or worse? Come-on, there are many more ways to do harm to the masses than just guns. If someone is intent on doing harm, they will fine a way, even if they can’t get a gun……DONE WITH TYT……….

  6. Posted by Ntwadumela MATA, at Reply

    Right-wingers are mad because it’s not BLM.

  7. Posted by shugo332, at Reply

    So a white man who’s likely to be a far left terrorist (although that’s unconfirmed) shoots up a country music concert and country is well known to be majority white and majority conservative and likely Trump supporters by extension…

    So all Genk has to say is “muh gun control” as expected. Typical.

  8. Posted by Andres Suzuki, at Reply

    From an engineering standpoint, guns are simple machines, I can make an automatic weapon with trip to the hardware store. Now regulating/modifying ammunition is an idea to consider.

  9. Posted by Angela Halliwell, at Reply

    What toy guns are banned in Las Vegas, while it’s ok to strut about with the real thing??
    Land of the Ridiculous….

  10. Posted by jgtemperton, at Reply

    So there’s a massive crowd of people, they all carry guns. Then a sniper starts shooting. Everyone pulls their guns out, then start shooting each other in the confusion. NRA logic.

  11. Posted by Renny1953, at Reply

    Everybody got guns? A constitutional right to have automatic assault rifles? We had a massacre in Australia – and the government took heaps of weapons out of private hands – they paid for them under an amnesty period – and we have not had a massacre since. It will never happen in America I know- but until it does- you are going to have nutters who want to murder people indiscriminately.

  12. Posted by Praetor Victix, at Reply

    Doesn’t matter if you label the gunman a domestic terrorist, a lone wolf, or a radical terrorist going solely on his skin color.
    A white man can convert to Islam just as a Arabic man can convert to Christianity or even Buddhism.
    That’s why theres due process, investigations, and something called FACTS.

    Only race baiters, and people seeking to politicize this, care about such things if that’s the issue they see in the coverage. And for those seeking to 2nd Ammendment politicize this, EU has strict gun control and what occurs? Stabbings, vehicular rammings, homemade firearms to assassinate figures of state, bombings and grenade attacks on police, list goes on. Not an argument, gun control.

    This guy could cause the same amount of devastation with a couple well placed or thrown pipe bombs if the opportunity was right so get real.

  13. Posted by numerocro, at Reply

    It is confirmed, shooter was member of Antifa. It is really time to deal with them.

  14. Posted by Matthew Dobbs, at Reply

    Im a Christian and i agree with Cenk. Its ingenuous and just a stock thing to say. Do something, why do people living in a civilized country need assault rifles, why? They are designed for killing people, so its bound to happen. Heres a thought, lose the guns and have decent health care!

  15. Posted by jaelynn zee, at Reply

    This is why I don’t go in crowds anymore, or big city clubs. Well, there’s a different reason why I don’t go, but something needs to be done. Violent men should NOT have guns. Part of me thinks it could be cia doing some of these shootings. The UN wants the US to disarm. The cia did the gun running to Mexico and do bad crap in other nations all the time, why not here too? That awful Bundy guy and his posse were able to get their cattle back and push fed troops back, b/c they all had guns.

  16. Posted by Clay Rogers, at Reply

    I know what happened. The shooter thought he was threatened and acted like a cop.

  17. Posted by Sener S, at Reply

    America must ban guns for citizen. It is a stupid law enables citizens to acquire guns.

  18. Posted by jejejejeje jejejejje, at Reply

    sure thats the kind of rhetoric you say when an Islamic terrorist attack happens ” continue on as normal “

  19. Posted by Christopher Berg, at Reply

    What keeps your Government from becoming tyrannical, guns.

  20. Posted by christheball murf, at Reply

    Really who needs an assault rifle but soldiers. When was the first time a mass shooting was done with a 25