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E-Cigarettes: Firebombs In Your Face


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Suits are being filed versus the makers of e-cigarettes because the lithium-ion batteries in the devices have been recognized to blow up during regular operation and also throughout the charging of the batteries, triggering serious burns to individuals and also residential or commercial property damage. Mike Papantonio talks about these risks. Find out more concerning these dangers here:

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  1. Posted by John Doe, at Reply

    We need to educate people on battery safety and Ohm’s law

    • Posted by ploydable, at Reply

      the hobby store i bought my quadcopter from suggested I buy a fireproof bag to store and charge the batteries for the unit.

    • Posted by Darkspace, at Reply

      +ploydable I just bought one of those. Unfortunately it’s pretty big and it doesn’t fit in my pocket. I wish there was a tiny narrow one that was meant for e-cigarettes but I can’t find anything on the internet right now. This one I have to carry in a separate bag or knapsack

    • Posted by PumpkinsnBlackcats, at Reply

      John Doe That’s right. That’s the most important thing you do before starting out vaping. If you don’t know what ohms, watts, volts, resistance etc. is you shouldn’t be doing it.

    • Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

      I don’t see how ohms law applies here, just the chemistry of the battery and the current that they can handle. USB ports should not vary in voltage but have different current limits

  2. Posted by julianofsatown, at Reply

    130 incidents is so small compared to 3 million+ users tho..

    • Posted by Mediocre, at Reply

      Purely mechanical mods exist. I know I for one would be upset if they were “regulated” just because dummies do dumb things.
      With that said, mechanical mods are in the vast minority.

    • Posted by julianofsatown, at Reply

      I have a mech mod at the moment, should I get a regulated mod? Ive had it for about 2 years, and it occasionally has issues firing.

    • Posted by Mediocre, at Reply

      Do you build your own coils and drip? If not, might as well get a regulated mod. Honestly, If you have to ask the question, the answer is probably yes.
      The firing issues must be a connection issue as its mechanical. Most likely the fire button not making even contact consistently. Of course I couldn’t tell you what the issue is for sure as I never seen your device.
      To be safer with your mech mod, Id read about ohms law. Plenty of vape sites on the web to help you.

    • Posted by julianofsatown, at Reply

      Well i can use and rda with a regulated mod right? I dont like tanks at all.. I’ll look more into it tho, thanks!

    • Posted by Mediocre, at Reply

      Yeah, I myself use a Hexohm. its a little pricey but I like it alot! Its not 100% mech

  3. Posted by davyc412, at Reply

    So moral of story is to not by a shitty cheap vape for five bucks. and get something more reliable with an appropriate removable high drain brand name battery.

    • Posted by ploydable, at Reply

      doubt it. it could happen to any company. remember samsungs battery story? it’s the lipo batteries. they’re never 100% safe.

    • Posted by ploydable, at Reply

      get one that runs with AA’s ni-mh. charge won’t last as long but the risk of fire is gone.

    • Posted by DeviantDespot, at Reply

      Or don’t mod your device unless you know what your are doing.

  4. Posted by Hidan, at Reply

    Brought to you by tobacco lobby

    • Posted by Lou Goes, at Reply

      the same lobby that owns most e ciggies companies?

    • Posted by PumpkinsnBlackcats, at Reply

      Lou Goes The tobacco lobby does not have anything to do with vaping. They want to take e cig industry down because they are ruining their market.

    • Posted by Daniel Carter, at Reply

      The vast majority of companies in the industry are small and privately owned. You pulled that bit of misinformation straight out of this video..

  5. Posted by DeviantDespot, at Reply

    Don’t mod your device unless you know what you are doing, I guarantee a majority of those explosions are from people who tried to up the power of their devices without understanding what they were doing. Of course they aren’t going to admit it because they want to be able to sue.

    • Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

      Wrong kind of battery being used, there are several types of lithium battery with different chemistry.
      ICR Chemistry batteries are the ones that explode in flames when they fail IMR chemistry ones just vent gas and get hot but do not produce any flame.

    • Posted by PumpkinsnBlackcats, at Reply

      DeviantDespot Well said.

    • Posted by Danny Luk, at Reply

      my thoughts exactly. with ohms law calculators and google so easily accessible if your ecig explodes 1. dont buy cheap ecigs that dont have smart chips 2. learn ohms law 3. dont mix mech mods with tanks aka do some basic research and 4. stop calling ecig tabacco products, they dont contain tobacco and every time you call it that youre helping to feed the notion that ecigs are to blame when its the consumers own ignorance thats the real issue.

    • Posted by immag530, at Reply

      i actually read somewhere most of these explosions were from “knockoff Chinese brands”

  6. Posted by Nosti, at Reply

    Take care of your batteries and educate yourself.

    • Posted by PumpkinsnBlackcats, at Reply

      Nosti Right? This is bullshit.

  7. Posted by riley sterman, at Reply

    im an engineer, and this is absolute garbage. Diacetyl, the fake butter flavor responsible for popcorn lung, is very rare in juice flavoring. And the argument about the batteries is completely vapid. Like yes lithium ion batteries can explode if you have a poorly manufactured battery, but that is true for all cheap electronics not just shitty vape pens. As this technology becomes more available it will as a result become more advanced and less dangerous. So these problems won’t become more common as time goes on but less. You can even get vaping devices that regulate the temperature of the heating element, which reduced the possibility of partial combustion(and consequently reduces the amount of carcinogens present in the vapor).

    • Posted by Eric Conway, at Reply

      Word. They already have temp controlled and other electronic mods that are very safe. Using old mechanical mods with no safety features is where most if not all of these issues come from. Also, lithium batteries are not the easiest to deal with, undercharging or overcharging can cause serious issues.

    • Posted by Teen Shinobu Is best Waifu, at Reply

      riley sterman sorry what kind of engineer?, just stating “I’m an engineer” is potentially misleading if your qualified in an unrelated field. Like Steven Hawking going into an operating theatre and pretending like he knows how to perform a heart transplant because he has a doctorate.

    • Posted by riley sterman, at Reply

      chemical/biological, but honestly I cant think of an engineering profession that wouldn’t have the basic understanding of chemistry/physics/electronics that you would need to call bullshit on this video.

    • Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

      But you have to take into account the build of the cigarette, it builds up pressure and that is the danger

  8. Posted by Jordan Crawford, at Reply

    Mike. no. stop it. nearly every single one of the stories of exploding batteries you mentioned were due to user error or mishandling of external batteries. also diacytel and acetaline propynol are only found in the most buttery of flavors, most of which use a substitute due to the unfounded claims it causes popcorn lung. I have been vaping longer than I’ve watched tyt and I’ve never been healthier. I recommend checking out the Royal College of Physicians study on e cigs. maybe before we push propaganda.

    • Posted by MattDangerChapman, at Reply

      Gretar Arnar I don’t know if would say botched, it did prove a correlation between the two, it just wasn’t 100% applicable to all safety questions

    • Posted by Jordan Crawford, at Reply

      immag530 that is factually Incorrect. the first ‘ecig’ or electronic nicotine delivery device was created by an American man in the ’60s. Vaporization isn’t a NEW concept. Also, if you wouldn’t trust the world foremost leading group of doctors is there any information or group of doctors you would trust?

    • Posted by Jordan Crawford, at Reply

      immag530 we jumped on their bandwagon THIS time as we failed to do so when they warned the US on the dangers of smoking nearly seventy years ago.

    • Posted by Jordan Crawford, at Reply

      MattDangerChapman I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying correlation isnt causation. also the study I’m finding regarding this IS NOT PEER REVIEWED. Meaning other scientists conducting the same experiment could NOT reproduce the same outcomes.

    • Posted by Gretar Arnar, at Reply

      MattDangerChapman I only used botched for lack of a better word, English is not my native language, thank you for clarifying 🙂

  9. Posted by BigBennKlingon, at Reply

    The vape industry needs regulation? Fine. Take care of it, Pap. But there’s no need to foster this broad (yet vague) fear about vaping.

    • Posted by Nonofya Bidnez, at Reply

      Pap is a lawyer not a lawmaker.

    • Posted by BigBennKlingon, at Reply

      Ya, a lawyer in a field that’s highly influential on regulatory bodies.

  10. Posted by Chris Santoro, at Reply

    Keep this sensationalist bullshit out of my TYT feed. Thanks.

    • Posted by jaydeviil, at Reply

      Chris Santoro tyt sold out

  11. Posted by Thomas Findley, at Reply

    Cmon YT…. do your research! There has never been any instance of “popcorn lung” associated with ecigs, out of all the thousands of ejuice companies there were like 2 companies using this additive and it was taken out as soon as they found out it wasn’t ok to use. And yes… batteries explode if not used right. This is user error. You wouldn’t tell people to stop driving their cars cuz some idiot was driving 100 in a 30 and crashed and killed someone so cars aren’t safe to drive anymore…. same with ecigs, people don’t do their research and ASSUME all the products are the same (when they are not) and user error occurs venting the batteries. This happens when new vapers jump right into using advanced devices not understanding that they need to know about ohms law and battery safety before using these kinds of devices. This is user error for someone who didn’t do their research. There has not yet ever been a documented instance when batteries exploded on a regulated device while charging a vape, and actually all manufacturers, vendors, etc…. always suggest charging the batteries on an external battery charger specifically made for 18650’s and bigger batteries. So again, user error. Secondly, the jury isn’t “still out”. Take a look at the royal college of physicians study ( the same group that was first to come out against the horrible effects of cigarettes and big tobacco ) which states innovation of ecigs should not be inhibited in any way shape or form at this time as ecigs are a 95% safer alternative to cigarettes For vapers, it’s not about harm elimination, it’s about harm reduction.

    • Posted by jess sagalow, at Reply

      Well put my friend! Cant believe TYT is peddling this BS!

  12. Posted by jess sagalow, at Reply

    WTF TYT!! what is Big Tobacco sponsoring this ad??? Ecigs are saving lives! No one says they are perfect, but a hell of al lot better than inhaling a bunch of carcinogens! Burning thousands of chemicals in cigarettes kill hundreds of thousands of people! This is such a bullshit story!!!!

    • Posted by Whispering Knowledge, at Reply

      jess sagalow lowkey yeah but they wanted to antagonize them for some wild reason ._.

  13. Posted by Robert Girard, at Reply

    really TYT? try some investigative research. Most of this garbage has already been debunked. Looks like big Tobacco / Pharma has found their way into you pocket. Unsub

    • Posted by Grant Narghile, at Reply

      Ring of Fire moron.

    • Posted by Grant Narghile, at Reply

      The put their videos up, on the weekends to cover the 2 day gap of no video’s.

    • Posted by Robert Girard, at Reply

      clearly this channel is TYT “moron”

    • Posted by AR21, at Reply

      ROF is an acronym for Ring of Fire. How old are you kids? What are you doing in news channels? Go watch pewdiepie or something

    • Posted by Robert Girard, at Reply

      how is it that you cannot comprehend that the youtube channel you’re currently commenting on is TYT? What does the initialism of Ring of Fire have to do with age or fact that TYT published this video? It’s pretty simple, TYT is responsible for what is published on their channel, this is their channel, this video has been published here, therefore TYT is promoting this propaganda misinformation.

      Side note; after following the link in the description, one realizes this is just a promotion for this scumbag injury lawyer. Makes posting this even worse imo

  14. Posted by Barry Word, at Reply

    my body my choice

    • Posted by Jay S., at Reply

      Does vaping cause harm?

    • Posted by hellcat1988, at Reply

      Have you heard us asking for help? Many of the devices that explode were modified or improperly charged/stored which can lead to these explosions.

      That’s the reason so many vape users are trying to help push for stricter quality control standards on batteries and chargers; as well as advising new vape users on what types of batteries and practices to avoid.

    • Posted by kumba821, at Reply

      Jay S. um… did you see the video? I’m confused

    • Posted by Barry Word, at Reply

      kumba821 driving a car , could be considered putting yourself in harm’s way…

    • Posted by kumba821, at Reply

      Barry Word yes your right there are lots of ways to put yourself in harms way

  15. Posted by Rex Wort, at Reply

    That you get for buying cheap knock off e-cigs

    • Posted by The Grape Debate, at Reply


    • Posted by Rex Wort, at Reply

      Likely this is going to be same as a the Hoverboard or Note 7 incident

  16. Posted by UltimateTheReject, at Reply


    • Posted by Young Brick, at Reply

      UltimateTheReject you should been an advertising agent for TYT because I wouldn’t have known

  17. Posted by Ampandora, at Reply

    These explosions are caused by cheap batteries without thermal regulation or proper ventilation, often times being charged at the wrong voltage because a lot of people use their phone chargers instead of the charger that is made for their device. While I have no illusions that ecigs are safe, they are the reason I was able to stop smoking 3 1/2 years ago and it’s been a year since I stopped vaping. It was a lot easier to quit vaping than it was smoking.

    • Posted by Travis Rogers, at Reply

      Ampandora THIS!

  18. Posted by Rob Conway, at Reply

    Yo, TYT, you need to reevaluate your deal with ROF. This video is half misinformation and half ad for his lawsuit. I’m a huge fan of TYT and this is not the standard we are used to.

    • Posted by BlackLabelSlushie, at Reply

      What is ROF? What is the deal with TYT and ROF?

    • Posted by kharnak crux, at Reply


    • Posted by zzztttsss, at Reply

      Ring Of Fire. Cenk basically just likes Pap. I did too. Now I am neutral cause this report was like drinking a jar of piss.

    • Posted by Rob Conway, at Reply

      ROF is Ring of Fire. Whenever you see vids on TYT with this guy, Mike Pap, or the bald guy Farron, it’s from their own channel called Ring of Fire. IDK what the deal actually is but I know TYT posts some of their videos sometimes. Seems a lot on the weekends.

  19. Posted by Mr.Miles, at Reply

    Extremely poor research.

    • Posted by Patrick Willis, at Reply

      how so

    • Posted by Mr.Miles, at Reply

      For example, there is no legit study connecting vaping to popcorn lung. There is a lot more Diacetyl (the chemical they’re talking about) in traditional cigarettes than there is in any ecig liquid. It takes a great deal of diacetyl to cause popcorn lung, neither ecigs or traditional cigs have enough to cause the disease.

      The exploding battery thing is caused by people that are mishandling their devices. The exact same thing happens in cellphones. Don’t forget about the Samsung exploding battery issue a while ago,.. vaping has never had a story that bad. Most devices have chips in them that would prevent such an issue. But it should be common sense to anyone that if a battery gets to hot, it’s going to explode if you keep pushing it.

      Big Tobacco owns a very, very small % of the vape industry. It’s mostly small business and chinese made products.

      They also neglect to mention the health improvements over smoking and all of the studies supporting it.

    • Posted by Baserocklove, at Reply

      +Patrick Willis, you have google right? http://www.snopes.com/vaping-causes-popcorn-lung/