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EIGHT MORE Men Accuse Kevin Spacey Of Sexual Assault


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Kevin Spacey has been fired from Residence of Cards. Hannah Cranston, Mark Thompson, and also Ava Hillside, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us exactly what you think in the remark section below. Join TYT:

" As sexual harassment and attack claims versus a variety of effective males remain to ricochet around Hollywood (along with other industries), probably one of the most acquainted name on the list of males charged of sexual assault is that of Kevin Spacey, a two-time Oscar champion, enhanced Broadway and movie theater veterinarian, as well as the (currently previous) celebrity of Netflix's Residence of Cards.
Since October 29, when BuzzFeed released claims made by star Anthony Rapp that Spacey made a sex-related breakthrough towards Rapp when Rapp was 14, at least 8 more guys have come forward with their very own accusations against Spacey, with accounts ranging from harassment to tried rape.
The allegations have brought about a flooding of troubleshooting from Hollywood companies seeking to distance themselves from the star. Netflix, Spacey's representative, his press agent, as well as the market at big have all pulled back from him.
Right here's exactly what we understand until now regarding the allegations that have surfaced against Spacey, and also the after effects that's taken place." *.

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Hosts: Hannah Cranston, Mark Thompson, Ava Hillside.

Cast: Hannah Cranston, Mark Thompson, Ava Hillside.


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  1. Posted by wickedkingjeremy, at Reply

    Hey TYT… Look at this clip and notice how many times Ava Hill tries to say something and gets talked over. The dude flat out interrupted her. You guys need to talk to your hosts about talking over women of color.

  2. Posted by Chris Conway, at Reply

    Hannah you are interrupting entirely to much. Really would like to hear Ava finish a sentence or two. At some point in your social development I think you relied to much on your looks because you completely rude, reactionary and borderline socially inept.

  3. Posted by Kaan Peker, at Reply

    Hanna needs to go.

  4. Posted by Dwight Schrute, at Reply

    Put Hannah on a side channel or something

  5. Posted by Expert Opinion, at Reply

    I don’t see the problem.

  6. Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

    I’d like Hannah to rape me.

  7. Posted by KЯYPTIC, at Reply

    two women on a panel talking about men, this isn’t gonna be bias at all.

  8. Posted by odog76543, at Reply

    I find it incredibly ironic that I haven’t seen posts about dressing appropriately to ward off sexual predators now that male victims are coming forward. Just a few weeks ago there were a ton of posts like that on the Mayim Bialik video.

  9. Posted by Djawad Slimani, at Reply

    Com’on! he’s a great actor! who cares about these allegations. It happened to many people including Bill Clinton and G.Bush Sr

  10. Posted by jeffry fernandez, at Reply

    I’ve changed my mind. I’m not voting for your candidate. I’m writing in Loretta Sanchez.

  11. Posted by inkwell flood, at Reply

    How come so many thumbs down on these vids . Something aint right when the truth is not liked . Says alot about where we are in the system .

  12. Posted by jose camacho, at Reply

    Man I use to love him….but not the way he probably likes it

  13. Posted by Johan Mahoney-Berg, at Reply

    No mention that Spacey was in UK mixing with UK stars who have nearly all been sent to prison for abuse

  14. Posted by AMJGterra72, at Reply

    I have nothing against Hannah but damn, let Ava finish. That lax courtesy wouldn’t fare well with Cenk Ana or John.

  15. Posted by Tebigong101, at Reply

    There is A LOT to be unpacked with this as it compares to liberal and conservative straight men and the partisan and homophobic hypocrisy, instead of as they’ve said here the pattern of these sexual predators, period. In a bit of a digression I would point out the unfortunate, I almost want to call it but not quite celebration or almost wistful nostalgia maybe about a very similar kind of relationship as depicted in the LGBTQ themed movie Call Me By Your Name.

  16. Posted by EyeLoveColors, at Reply

    Hmm, where are all the usual rape-apologists asking “why did they wait so long to come forward?”

  17. Posted by Chaotic Entropy, at Reply

    Hannah is speaking first when Ava wants to talk, okay… but at some point a lot sooner than when you did, you need to wrap it up and actually let Ava get a word in. : /
    Otherwise, what was the point of bringing her on to the show in the first place.

  18. Posted by bryantppierce, at Reply

    Sorry, I don’t buy it all.

  19. Posted by techsimmons, at Reply

    Looks like his house of cards came crashing down.

  20. Posted by Mafa 0001, at Reply

    Sexual predators in Hollywood? Who would have thought eh? The elite have been doing messed up things for years. We need real investigations.