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Elephants Never Forget to Laugh | Funny Elephant Compilation


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Elephants are special, aren't they? They're significant creatures but their enormous size does not seem to match their personality or nature. Certainly, elephants are understood finest for their unique physical functions like their trunks as well as tusks, but they're likewise popular for showing indicators of self-awareness and empathy. Elephants are also well recorded to reveal signs of SILLINESS around people which's why we at AFV existing our newest FUNNY ELEPHANT COMPILATION, ELEPHANTS NEVER FORGET TO LAUGH! Provide it a sight and also make sure to SHARE THIS VIDEO CLIP WITH ALL YOUR GOOD FRIENDS!

Who is your favorite FUNNY elephant in today's compensation? Is it the one at 1:53 PLAYING SOCCER? Or just how regarding the ADORABLE INFANT ELEPHANT covering her trunk around her good friend at 2:13? Make certain to TELL US YOUR FAVORITES IN THE COMMENTS BELOW as well as don't forget to LIKE AND ALSO SUSBCRIBE TO AFV ON YOUTUBE!

Elephants Always Remember to Laugh|Funny Elephant Compilation


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  1. Posted by Tygre, at Reply

    *Talk about instant karma.* 🤣🤣🤣

    • Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos, at Reply


    • Posted by Tygre, at Reply

      Hehehehehe hi

  2. Posted by ThatPetLife, at Reply


  3. Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos, at Reply

    Never forget to laugh, ever!

    • Posted by KB Flash, at Reply

      America’s Funniest Home Videos can we have a laughing day of the week example laughing Wednesday

    • Posted by jayden playz Slitherio, at Reply

      If I did ,Id forget life

  4. Posted by Kyoot, at Reply

    Elephants really are a gift! I love them!

  5. Posted by Baby Got Laughs, at Reply

    1:33…enough said…

  6. Posted by Parwez Khan, at Reply


  7. Posted by BLACK OPS 3 THE BEST, at Reply


    …to comment that I’m first.

  8. Posted by KB Flash, at Reply


  9. Posted by SupahStar247, at Reply

    Favorite animal

  10. Posted by มาลี ขี้หี, at Reply


  11. Posted by Deborah Piper, at Reply

    sorry to rain on anybodies parade,but these videos don’t show elephants having a good time. elephants should not be trained for our pleasure. The life of a lot of them is a life spent chained up, and forced to perform in ways that we don’t like to think about. Break the cycle and don’t pay to ride on them…

    • Posted by Maggot 736, at Reply

      You are right man. Some of these elephants have been tortured to do that.
      Humans broke their soul

  12. Posted by Maggot 736, at Reply

    Yeah it’s so funny watching elephants with CHAINS on their necks, right?
    Stop being so stupid. Don’t you see what is really happening?
    Some of his elephants have been tortured to show them what they have to do when a stupid tourist want to take some “cool” pictures with them.
    (sorry for my bad english)