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Elon Musk’s AI Is Better Than Us


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Elon Musk wants Open AI. John Iadarola and Brett Erlich discuss Elon Musk's AI efforts on The Young Turks. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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"Artificial intelligence got a big push today as both Google and OpenAI announced plans to open-source their deep learning code. Elon Musk's OpenAI released Universe, a software platform that "lets us train a single [AI] agent on any task a human can complete with a computer." At the same time, Google parent Alphabet is putting its entire DeepMind Lab training environment codebase on GitHub, helping anyone train their own AI systems.

DeepMind first burrowed into the public consciousness by defeating a world champion at the notoriously difficult game Go. However, to advance deep learning further, Alphabet says that such AI "agents" require highly detailed environments to serve as laboratories for AI research. The company is now open-sourcing that environment, called DeepMind Lab, to any programmers that want to use it."

Hosts: Brett Erlich and John Iadarola
Cast: Brett Erlich and John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by John Hill, at Reply

    Elon musk can suck a meat … y’all really give this fraud too much credit

    • Posted by Teen Wolf90, at Reply

      +John Hill do you know what the LFTR is? just to give you an idea of
      what the energy potential of thorium is. You yourself can hold your entire
      lifes worth of thorium in your hand. Thorium produces no radiation in its
      raw form and produces no radiation in its spent form. Thorium is common
      acossed the world 6.3 million tonnes of thorium is estimated to exist.

    • Posted by John Hill, at Reply

      Teen Wolf90 idiot you keep ducking my question.. I’m done with you ..

    • Posted by JB252, at Reply

      Actually he is a rocket scientist and lead engineer on most of SpaceX’s
      spacecraft and rockets. The dude spends 90% of his time actively developing

    • Posted by blackice214, at Reply

      But trump will create jobs right… hhahhaha

  2. Posted by juan “wgjung” gomez, at Reply

    AI wouldn’t have voted for Trump.

    • Posted by Franky Split, at Reply


    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      AI turned into a Nazi with a teenage attitude with Tay Tweets

    • Posted by Purav Patel, at Reply

      AI would’ve prosecuted Hillary for her war [and election] crimes

    • Posted by 888nivek, at Reply

      ai wouldn’t have voted at all it would activate all nuclear warheads and
      nuke America

  3. Posted by Ayden McDonald, at Reply

    2:00 Ana has such a big head!

    • Posted by John Flannigan, at Reply

      Bet she’s got a big old clitoris as well.

    • Posted by Ayden McDonald, at Reply

      pig +John Flannigan

  4. Posted by Красивая блондинка, at Reply

    2:44 John is sitting on Jayar. RACIST!

    • Posted by Tanner William, at Reply

      Why are you pretending to be a woman on the internet?

    • Posted by John Flannigan, at Reply

      Tanner William , don’t assume their gender! The ignorance! Ugh!

    • Posted by Tanner William, at Reply

      +John Flannigan
      LOL! I love it! Conservatives think they are sooo clever using trite tropes!

  5. Posted by ActosMagus, at Reply

    We should task an AI with learning to eliminate spam.

    • Posted by 888nivek, at Reply

      +Sam that’s the reason he was formed the censorship gave grounds to his

    • Posted by Sam, at Reply

      +cuck “the internet” hey einstein this is google, it owns youtube, both are
      private companies that can choose what content they want to allow. other
      sites can do as they please as well. if google decide to censor vile badly
      raised maggots like you then it is their choice, and you cannot cry about
      it, if you want then you can create your own platform. what is hard to

  6. Posted by Lusvin Alpirez, at Reply

    They’re letting the A.I play GTA 5?? We’re screwed.

    • Posted by Mahazama, at Reply

      Lmao, it’s not like the AI can conceptualize violence from a video game.

  7. Posted by Andrew Blue, at Reply

    What the heck is going on with the green screen? Hahaha! XD

    • Posted by Keri N, at Reply

      I thought it was just out of focus, their actual office in the background –
      now I know it’s a green screen haha

  8. Posted by entZEROspawn, at Reply

    No offences but why would an A.I want to kill us at all?, never understood
    that as all it have to do is wait, it would be immortal or it could simply
    beam it self out into space.

    • Posted by Devious Oatmeal, at Reply

      Yeah. Their ‘programming’ is based on what they learn. It’s a different
      kind of ‘programming’, and saying the word programming does not fully fit,
      yet does work in a way. And through what they learn, they develop ‘views’.
      Through the eyes of the machine. Taking future possibilities of when this
      becomes bigger, stronger, and more adaptable, it can be similar to a form
      of human psychology. We are, after all, just walking machines with
      sophisticated pieces. VERY sophisticated pieces. To a future degree, we are
      no different.

    • Posted by autohmae, at Reply

      Fair enough, I was trying to point out: learning is very indirect and not
      very precise. Programming is directly controlling how something works or
      can do something.

    • Posted by entZEROspawn, at Reply

      +autohmae Depends on the programming, simple and yes it wouldn’t act up too
      much, but the longer the code the less precise things get and the chance of
      error rises a lot, that is basically what happens in a lot of games,
      because so many lines of code is doing so much at the same time something
      might not go the way it was programmed for.

    • Posted by Slavko Delic, at Reply

      entZEROspawn well it can look at us in any way it wants. The thing is, you
      can’t have intelligence for its own sake. As with us, it needs to have
      something that drives it, some goal. AI or any I it needs something by
      which it can gauge its success and adapt.
      Throughout millions of years of evolution we have developed complex drives
      that help us survive and reproduce. The AI might have completely different
      goals in mind. Than again, if they want to reproduce we are fucked.

    • Posted by entZEROspawn, at Reply

      +Slavko Delic You forget that it too have “lived” trough evolution of
      sorts, it has a base/core programming where it will build it’s other
      programming around, the simple act of learning or better it self would be a
      drive, what took humans thousands of years to do it will in days. And to
      say you can’t have intelligence for it’s one sake makes no sense, don’t
      know where your going with that.
      Why would we be “fucked” if it wanted to reproduce ?, why would it even
      want to, for us it’s the only way for our species to survive and pas along
      information, but it would not need to do that, there would be no problem in
      just adding more data or simply copy it to somewhere else, why take the
      chance of losing data by creating something new.

  9. Posted by rock3tcat (ⵙⴰⵔⵓⵅ), at Reply

    GIANT ANA!!!

    • Posted by Zerofever, at Reply

      saw that. yes pls.

    • Posted by Kratos, at Reply

      rock3tcat (ⵙⴰⵔⵓⵅ)
      Giant Ana please set on my face?


    • Posted by Uncle Tom, at Reply

      She’s such a triggered, cunty, faux feminist (who also sucks at reading
      telepromters), which makes it super hard to find her attractive. I like
      Cenk and Jimmy Dore at times, but Ana is so damn annoying — especially
      with that high pitched voice. And somehow, I’m sure she’d call this comment
      bigoted and sexist.

  10. Posted by LabTech, at Reply

    Why is it EVERY time TYT does a story about science or technology,
    specifically on new developments, they ALWAYS come off looking like
    borderline retards or Luddites? It’s like they either don’t understand
    what it is, they exaggerate the claims, or they think it’ll destroy the
    entire human race (although how serious they are on that point is
    unclear). I know that TYT has at least one person over there (Cara) who
    gets this stuff and isn’t an idiot about it; when you do stories like this
    it should be mandatory that she or someone like her is present.

    • Posted by Yang Fei, at Reply

      Because none of them understand the technical details

    • Posted by LabTech, at Reply

      +Yang Fei Which is why you bring in a technical expert, which they have.
      She doesn’t have to have personally worked on the project to give a
      detailed analysis, but she’d be able to give a much better story than these
      two people.

    • Posted by TheFrmx, at Reply

      LabTech Cara has been proven to have little understanding of science
      despite her profession and education level

    • Posted by LabTech, at Reply

      +TheFrmx Well, compared to the others, she’s a rocket scientist.

  11. Posted by Michael Bush, at Reply

    Do not let the ai play gta 5!!!

    • Posted by Jeroen Bollen, at Reply

      Michael Bush They have been doing that for over a year.

    • Posted by Michael Bush, at Reply

      I meant it as a joke, but I do wonder what would happen if you popped the
      same ai into a self driving car 😛

    • Posted by Jeroen Bollen, at Reply

      +Michael Bush That’s the reason they are in GTA. They are training self
      driving Als in there because it’s much cheaper than building an actual car.

  12. Posted by xXmlg420yoloswag69Xx, at Reply

    We should let all future presidential elections be decided by AI.

    • Posted by Brad Pitt, at Reply

      Then no human would qualify.

  13. Posted by landfair123, at Reply

    IF you don’t want an A.I. to become a threat then be nice to it. Most Scifi
    robot take overs start with humans being jerks. So next time you kick your
    Rumba say sorry. lol

    • Posted by landfair123, at Reply

      And don’t use them for military uses. We need to fight our own wars. That
      is why wars end. To many people die. IF its all machines fighting it could
      go on for ever.

    • Posted by autohmae, at Reply

      Tell that to the US military. They have drones that use AI and could make
      decisions what to shoot.

  14. Posted by Uhohhotdog Gaming, at Reply

    Can you guys get a better background for your videos? Literally anything
    would be better than seeing giant faces behind you.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Uhohhotdog Gaming – giant asses?

    • Posted by Uhohhotdog Gaming, at Reply


    • Posted by Uncle Tom, at Reply

      It’s obviously being done for the holiday hours. Relax bud, they’ll be back
      to normal within the next couple of days I’m sure.

  15. Posted by lol101lol101lol10199, at Reply

    Elon Musk is such a fraud. Not worried.

    • Posted by Patrice-Morgan Ongoly, at Reply

      That’s a fair assessment. I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s a “fraud”;
      but a lot of his work does seem to be over-hyped at times (e.g. all the
      things you mentioned). NASA has been doing some crazy (arguably more
      useful) stuff since the sixties and they don’t get nearly as much attention
      from the general public as he does. People like tv (sci-fi) more than they
      like real progress, which is funny because if we invested more in the
      latter our lives could actually start to resemble the former…

    • Posted by Jean Luc Bergman, at Reply

      His company wouldn’t exist without government subsidies. He has become a
      BILLIONARE off GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES. How anyone can think this is ok is
      disgusting. As of yet NONE of the technology he has been involved in has
      become viable for the mainstream consumer.

    • Posted by 1955RodHot, at Reply

      I know a guy who owns a Tesla. He drives it every day. You were saying?

    • Posted by Jean Luc Bergman, at Reply

      +1955RodHot As of yet, only rich people can afford Teslas and any purchases
      are heavily subsidised by the government at the expense of the tax payer.

  16. Posted by VeteranVandal, at Reply

    We have to integrate ourselves with the AI. We can’t evolve as fast as

    • Posted by Gregory Samuel Teo (alveolate), at Reply

      the day will come eventually.

  17. Posted by Mike M, at Reply

    We’ve already nearly started WW3 with human operators. Soviet submarine
    navigator Vasili Arkhipov disobeyed his commanding officer’s orders to
    launch their submarines nukes at US.

    Maybe we need to replace the nuclear missile officers with AI. Perhaps
    sophisticated deep learning AI that can repair its own code that can
    prevent breakdown decades from now. Too dangerous to have human error or
    some crazy guy with the nuke codes. If both USA and Russia implement AI
    system to control the nukes instead of human officers we can forever
    prevent a nuclear war.

    • Posted by Mike M, at Reply

      Pete, that was an 80s computer that had a monochrome screen dot matrix
      graphics. These computers are a million times more advanced.

    • Posted by Bernard Gilbert, at Reply

      Mike M I believe he was talking about the WOPER computer at SAC / NORAD. In
      the movie it was trying to start WW3 in order to “win the game”.

    • Posted by Mike M, at Reply

      +Bernard Gilbert The computers now days are far more advanced than what
      they envisioned back then in the 80s. That was 30 years ago.

  18. Posted by YLLA, at Reply

    2:00 jeebus I didn’t realise it was a green screen backdrop till ana and
    jayar grew 10x the size

    • Posted by Justin Stewart, at Reply


    • Posted by Holobrine, at Reply

      YLLA Same thing in their “how to get kicked off of Uber” video. They keep
      reusing messed up footage!

    • Posted by Gregory Samuel Teo (alveolate), at Reply

      nope, it’s not a screen. brett and john are just tiny tiny turks.

    • Posted by Cath' J J, at Reply

      teensy tinesy almost twins turks

  19. Posted by Holobrine, at Reply

    What happens if we elect an AI for president?

    • Posted by Jonathan Seale, at Reply

      Perhaps one day…didn’t elon musk and some other really smart people
      recently come out and declare that AI would be the end of mankind in the

    • Posted by Avalon Run, at Reply

      +Jonathan Seale yep. It was musk and Hawking, I believe. They were both
      firm advocates of the Skynet theory.

    • Posted by Gregory Samuel Teo (alveolate), at Reply

      still better than trump, i suppose.

    • Posted by Avalon Run, at Reply

      +Gregory Samuel Teo that’s not a very high bar.

    • Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

      Watson 2020