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ESPN Suddenly Fires A Hundred People


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Points aren't looking fantastic for cable television. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you believe in the comment section listed below.

" The "Worldwide Leader in Sports," as ESPN brand names itself, laid off ratings of journalists as well as on-air talent on Wednesday, showing that even the most awesome media kingdom was vulnerable to the transformation upending the sporting activities broadcasting market as a growing number of individuals avert from cable television.

Amongst the prominent individuals release were the former N.F.L. gamers Trent Dilfer and Danny Kanell, the previous N.B.A. player Len Elmore, the former baseball general supervisor Jim Bowden as well as the longtime N.F.L. reporter Ed Werder.

ESPN is by far the greatest and most powerful entity in the sporting activities media sector, as well as it has actually felt the sting as viewers turn away from standard means of eating online sports.

The network has shed greater than 10 million subscribers over the previous numerous years. At the exact same time, the price of relaying significant sports has actually remained to increase. ESPN devoted to a 10-year, $15.2 billion handle the N.F.L. in 2011; a nine-year, $12 billion deal with the N.B.A.; and a $7.3 billion bargain for the university football playoffs, amongst numerous others." *.

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  1. Posted by AboxoroxRoxursox, at Reply

    ESPN nothing more then men talking about sports like women and their cloths.

    • Posted by bloodraighna, at Reply

      Perfect analogy, AboxoroxRoxursox.

    • Posted by Murphdawg1 gaming, at Reply

      Except they get paid to do it.

    • Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

      I compare sports people more to nerds. They’re sports nerds. Why do people who watch other people play football think they’re different from p ple who watch other people play competitive League Of Legends or whatever? They’re all watching other people play games, right? Remember when Bernie Goldberg said you have to be nuts to watch e-sports? Well, it’s not my cup of tea either but he’s literally the host of a show whose entire premise is people playing games while other people watch. I mean come on.

    • Posted by Enrique Godinez, at Reply

      Hezekiah Ramirez
      And what’s the problem with enjoying a sport and watching it?

  2. Posted by Of Woodbridge and Hedgely, at Reply

    Less sports – more talk on climate change solutions.

    • Posted by Of Woodbridge and Hedgely, at Reply

      +Canaan – the Koch’s are past trying to make money; they do it because 1) sitting around in retirement, not being productive, is boring as hell and is bad for your mental health; 2) they’re protecting their company and their legacy; 3) they’re in a unique position of power and like being able to manipulate the system and get results for the sport of it; 4) they’re too old to care what happens 30 years from now. I’m an award winning classical music composer and I write books for a hobby so if I had their kind of money I could find better use of my time than they do, doing the things that are enjoyable and constructive for me; most people could. But for them, all they have is that company; that’s their entire life’s work. It would be nice if they started investing in renewables, but they’re old and set in their ways; they’re not innovators, but more old school turn-key operators. So I don’t think they’ll every realize they have enough money, especially if they have lots of heirs that all want to be rich like daddy.

    • Posted by mugwump242, at Reply

      Kenshin Himura Gotta love these intellectual giants that comment “NO” [end of message]. Thanks for contributing… absolutely nothing… to the conversation. πŸ™

  3. Posted by atombond, at Reply

    I wish TYT implemented the same strategy.

    • Posted by PyrrhosHans, at Reply

      some body. leave him alone, maybe he is feelings of downe!

    • Posted by Ken Bone, at Reply

      Be nice to him – op is learning disabled.

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      atombond but then you would have no life

    • Posted by atombond, at Reply

      Dance my puppets…

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Sounds like the orange menace with that.

  4. Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

    This is what happens when you bow down to the far left. People stop watching.

    • Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

      +DLDHistory You are correct. However when executives are ideologically driven things are different.

    • Posted by DLDHistory, at Reply

      The Walt Disney Company which is the majority shareholder of ESPN is trying to reposition ESPNΒ into “new media”

  5. Posted by Dragonetta, at Reply

    My cable bill got frickin’ ridiculous, so I nuked my cable TV about TEN YEARS AGO and I haven’t regretted it, nor have I missed it.

    • Posted by Dee S, at Reply

      @Dragnetta I’m with you. Not sure why all these h8rs are replying in a negative way. We gave up cable about 10 years ago too and never looked back.

    • Posted by tc16169, at Reply

      I’m with you too. Cut the cord years ago, and my provider is desperate to get me back. Every 2 weeks I get mailed some oh-so-amazing offer, but it’s always first 6 months or 1 year only, then it’s back up to their normal silly prices. No thanks.

    • Posted by Jason C, at Reply

      Phoenixwing50+ that is true to a point, I’m a republican, but we have a issue more than Half the south are lower poor and uneducated a huge amount, a portion of those are Trump supporters, which are the filth that voted in my party.

    • Posted by Bill Pii, at Reply

      ” that is true to a point, I’m a republican, but we have a issue more
      than Half the south are lower poor and uneducated a huge amount,”

      After reading that I’ll have to assume you are one of them.
      And what does that have to do with cable prices?

  6. Posted by some body, at Reply

    Lol! These trolls must be subscribed!

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Trolls are the best part of TYT. Without them this place is a libtard circle jerk.

    • Posted by Simon Rachou, at Reply

      Taxi DriverAppleChapel Wow that triggered you

  7. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    they were fired because ESPN wanted to “evaluate how it utilizes all their resources” meaning what? they found a robot or an app that could do there jobs better?

    • Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

      +rouge1ful If I do I would love to debate you. All are welcome. I’ll talk to anyone. No limits no restrictions.

    • Posted by Clear Singularity, at Reply

      +Darkside Media I haven’t turned on my TV in nine years, perhaps there’s a mix of people just not watching tv to a mix other others dying off. There could be a plethora of reasons that conjuctions into the conclusion ESPN made. Perhaps ESPN has a competitive market online which is losing them business.. think outside the box.

    • Posted by Clear Singularity, at Reply

      +Darkside Media And you’re possibly right as well, I’m sure some disgruntled conservatives are turning off ESPN because they don’t want to see politics in sports.. the world is not black and white as you try to make it out to be.

    • Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

      +Clear Singularity I agree that normal TV is dying off. However ESPNs embrace of insane left wing garbage only accelerated their fall. Who are ESPNs costumers? They are not blue haired mentally ill “gender queer” feminists. That’s for sure.

  8. Posted by Splaticus Blah, at Reply

    I got rid of cable TV two years ago. I only have internet and I can watch what I want anytime I want. In ten yrs cable TV will be gone.

    • Posted by Cyruss NP, at Reply

      Splaticus Blah I’m surprised Cable TV is still around.

    • Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

      Oh yeah, same here. I get most of my TV from Hulu and Netflix. I’m considering adding HBO too. And when I can’t get a show legit… Well, use your imagination. But I do watch legit when I can so it would be very stupid not to make everything available because I’m not going back to cable.

    • Posted by Fucker Carlson, at Reply

      Hell Yeah! Got rid of cable back in 2012 and my life, and sanity, has been vastly improved. I’m no longer being brainwashed by the mainstream media while they shove annoying and shitty products and commercials down my throat, meanwhile paying a monopoly that provides garbage service at a high cost. Can’t wait to watch Cable TV to burn.

    • Posted by Lynn Kelley, at Reply

      Splaticus; I agree. We also picked up a Chromecast for &30 and have save over a thousand bucks in the past year, and watch a lot better stuff than we were seeing when we had cable television.

  9. Posted by Omar Albarghouty, at Reply

    Don’t hate on hockey, Cenk! If ESPN doesn’t care about rugby, then sorry. πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      Bender Rodriguez there now i liked my own comments. oh look someone else liked them as well. oh look canada still has no nhl.

    • Posted by Bender Rodriguez, at Reply

      pyledog please got back under your bridge troll, I’m glad your mom liked your comment as well. The NHL is both Canadian and American and last time I checked the NHL is run out of Toronto Ontario Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦
      Let me also say this, I have respect for American hockey players and for American people who love hockey. My original statement is that ESPN and Fox have the worst commentators!

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      Bender Rodriguez your original statement should be that regardless where nhl headquarters is it would have like 4 teams without your big brother…the US. all those canadian players and yet look at all the americans that support them and make sure they get paychecks. why doesnt that happen in canada? a place that soooo beloves hockey? so back to the original statement, canada has no room to talk about hockey until it develops their OWN league. i guess you guys could talk about the russian leagues. go bother them hahahahah

  10. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    I heard a joke today…

    TYT sports *HAHAHA :)*

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Libtards talking about sports is super funny.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Obese Trump staggering around a golf course pretending to play is funnier.

  11. Posted by Maxakali Krenak, at Reply

    Majority of right wingers are dumb poor people brainwashed to be slaves of the rich.

    • Posted by turbofanlover, at Reply

      LOL. Not really, dude……but keep spewing if it makes you feel better. πŸ™‚

    • Posted by southrules, at Reply


    • Posted by turbofanlover, at Reply


      Well, at this point, I’m not prepared to say that it’s a “fact” that the dude is spewing to make himself feel better.

  12. Posted by SaiyanZ Rage, at Reply

    ppl wanted to watch sports talk not politics

    • Posted by SaiyanZ Rage, at Reply

      +focused313 ESPN hasn’t shut up about politics and they’ve tanked while FS1 is doing great

    • Posted by Dah Bajanman, at Reply

      I earn a decent living but I think cable is too expensive, so I think this is a financial decision for most.
      The internet allows you to watch live sports for free.

    • Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

      Okay but let me ask you a question. How many computing devices do you own? I bet you have a phone, tablet, and laptop. Probably a desktop too. Maybe more than one of each. I currently have an iPhone, iPad, laptop, and three desktops. I ditched cable because I didn’t want to pay for it either. But the mobile devices and computers cost a fair bit too, right? But we all have at least two. The vast majority of us, at any rate. So if cable were worth it to you then you’d still have it. But you don’t because it’s not. So it’s more than just a financial decision. It’s because cable is obsolete. Your internet and phone bills are more than just basic cable would be. So you’re not just saying the price is too high. You’re saying it’s not worth it. And I agree.

    • Posted by Dah Bajanman, at Reply

      I’m one of those who have a desktop, a few tablets and 2 laptops. When I say financial decision, I’m basically pointing to the fact we are paying for a subscription, but we’re watching fewer than 5 channels and that makes no sense when I can go with Sling where I pay for what I really want to watch. Cable needs to evolve to win me back.

    • Posted by SaiyanZ Rage, at Reply

      +Hezekiah Ramirez +Dah Bajanman I have internet and my dolamee box lol

  13. Posted by Omar Albarghouty, at Reply

    When will the parents of TYT trolls kick out those losers from their basements? πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Dragonetta, at Reply

      When they get the foreclosure notice from the bank.

    • Posted by Henbot, at Reply

      Omar Albarghouty when cable dies probably

    • Posted by the Mike, at Reply

      when they make their first rent payment

    • Posted by Timefliesbye, at Reply

      Omar Albarghouty I don’t think you know what a basement is over there in future East Israel.

    • Posted by LG, at Reply

      grab liberals + It’s nice to know that you’re his neighbor.

  14. Posted by Julio Barbosa, at Reply

    cenk uygur denies his wife a fully erect penis

    • Posted by lolcatjunior, at Reply

      he has two kids with her…..

    • Posted by Julio Barbosa, at Reply

      +james smith Not quite, sir.

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      That is VERY apparent.

  15. Posted by shock2k5, at Reply

    I feel u Cenk, but let’s have a little bit of compassion for the hundreds of people that are losing their jobs.

    • Posted by jxsilicon9, at Reply

      Yay Yo
      Only on air talent makes that.

    • Posted by DC-Tiki, at Reply

      Not really, a lot of the behind the scenes crew who make up the bulk of these numbers (editors, cameramen, graphics, etc,..) were not earning 100K a year, that’s for sure. The networks have resorted to using increasing amounts of automation and software to replace the lost workforce in order to keep the shows running and on air. With the industry shrinking further and further, there are a lot of people now out of pocket and trying to figure out what the hell to do now that their career path has effectively been closed off to them.

    • Posted by Econovus, at Reply

      I was shocked to learn that workers in the Us can be sacked immediately like this. We have a government service that protects you from that in Australia. I feel really bad that these people who could be working pay to paycheck are now without a job in the bad economy.

    • Posted by Cyruss NP, at Reply

      Econovus yes it happens often and there’s never compassion for those who lose their jobs. I still remember a job I had where the supervisor and manager were laughing it up about a girl they fired BECAUSE she needed the job to feed her baby. I quit right after that.

  16. Posted by Eternal rewind2, at Reply

    looks like people don’t want liberal propaganda shoved down their throat.

    • Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

      You might have a point once rigt wing websites start making money but until then, not so much. The formats that are thriving (internet, VOD) are dominated by progressive content whereas the conservatives are desperately hanging onto sinking ships like TV and AM radio. So when that changes you might have a leg to stand on here but as of now you just don’t.

  17. Posted by Tyrone Biggums, at Reply

    This is what they get for turning into msnbc with footballs… Liberals never win

    • Posted by deharleyva, at Reply

      Tyrone Biggums lol All the liberals are still there. Makes you mad?

    • Posted by K C, at Reply

      Tyrone Biggums Look up the definition of “cord cutting” before you blame politics. According to your logic Fox Sports One should be bigger than ESPN. Cable companies are looking money across the board. Same thing happened with the newspaper.

    • Posted by ivan dennis, at Reply

      so conservatives do??

    • Posted by Tyrone Biggums, at Reply

      ivan dennis ummmm yes

    • Posted by ivan dennis, at Reply

      than why are you still alive??

  18. Posted by DjProdigy909, at Reply

    “you cannot lose games in the nfl and expect to win” -trent dilfer

    • Posted by El Paxton The Great, at Reply

      Trent had too many blows to the head. Early signs of CTE.

    • Posted by BlackmambaAllday axb, at Reply

      DjProdigy909 he was fired too? Yes!!

  19. Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

    TYT u hypocrites, you are constantly firing people. You’ve literally had like 15 token black hosts who lasted like a week each.

    • Posted by Justin Quinn, at Reply

      +crazybutcrazy 1919 It’s a problem, businesswise because you never want your company showing a high turnover rate

    • Posted by Econovus, at Reply

      They are guest hosts.

    • Posted by Cornelius Maximilianus, at Reply

      hey moron they are guests

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      they’re not guests. Usually they get hired for a week or 2 and don’t fit into the stereotype TYT has for black people. There’s been like 10-15 of them over the years. Remember the black gay guy? there’s been tonnes.

    • Posted by jxsilicon9, at Reply

      So they can’t find a permanent member? I don’t believe that. Yea,they have minorities behind the camera but that’s it.