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Evangelical SLAMS Fellow Evangelicals Who Support Trump


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Everyday more and more Evangelicals are discussing their regret for sustaining Trump publicly. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us exactly what you believe in the comment section listed below.

Enjoy Ana's video here:

Find out more below:

" In an op-ed for the Christian Post, Marvin Thompson, a previous missionary that spent 25 years in Africa, called out sanctimonious Evangelical Christians that continue to support Trump.

He began by citing an April editorial in the L.a Times that called Trump "a narcissist and a demagogue who used anxiety and dishonesty to interest the most awful in American voters." He emphasized the "worst in American voters," noting the "gravity of the circumstance for a community that professes to depend on the infallible fact of the Scripture and on immutable scriptural principles."

Trump overwhelmingly won the Christian evangelical enact November, according to leave ballot information. Actually, Trump has the voting block to thank for ensuring he made it with the Republican Key elections." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Mark Halley, at Reply

    No decent Christian could support this guy. I’m not a believer, but wasn’t Jesus all about loving thy neighbor?

    • Posted by MrLoobu, at Reply

      Mark Halley And he hated the rich.

    • Posted by K Ireland, at Reply

      Most people who claim to be Christians are not.

  2. Posted by Armando G, at Reply

    Trump supporters live in an alternative reality.

    – 51% of Trump voters think Trump should be able to overturn decisions by judges he disagrees with.
    – 55% of Trump voters think millions of people voted illegally in the election.
    – 14% of Trump voters think the US should invade Mexico (Gotta make them pay for that wall, amiright?)
    – 51% of Trump voters think The Bowling Green Massacre actually happened and shows why we need the travel ban.
    – Only 47% of Trump voters know that Frederick Douglass is dead

    • Posted by Kathryn Forster, at Reply

      Dustin Zilbauer I think you should also ban all christians because they often shoot lots of people because they don’t agree with their morals

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      +Kathryn Forster As soon as Christians start flying planes into skyscrapers and squashing pedestrians under a truck

    • Posted by Aaron Winegar, at Reply

      Why would Christian fly planes into skyscrapers or drive trucks into crowds? They have bombs – a far more deadly weapon that they use all the time. I mean, why would they regress their arsenal? That would be silly.

    • Posted by Fate Kyougo, at Reply

      if someone asked me if Fredrick Douglas was alive. I’d be like who? and kinda take a guess at it.
      I’m betting that 41% just guessed and had no idea. I can’t blame them for that one.
      as for the others…

  3. Posted by thisnotjesus, at Reply

    trump is pretty much the antichrist.

    • Posted by Tim Hodges, at Reply

      More often a false leader that don’t know how to runs the office!

  4. Posted by Michael Matherne, at Reply

    The two most consistent predictors of human behavior on a macro scale
    are pragmatic nihilism and tribalism.

    They view him as a member of their tribe. He’s a white male capitalist
    who wants white male capitalists to continue to dominate. Christianity
    to them is simply one of the symbols of their tribe. They don’t care
    about the details of its teachings anymore than some tribe of cavemen
    cared about the theology behind their tribe painting little
    lightningbolts on their face, and the enemy tribe painting little
    rectangles on their face. He’s a member of their tribe in all the major
    ways, and at least pays lip-service to valuing their religious tribal
    symbols. He’s a member of their tribe and he’s fighting for their tribe.
    That’s all they care about. The rest is utterly superficial.

    • Posted by Christopher Craig, at Reply

      Well that made a whole lot of sense. Thanks Michael!

    • Posted by ANIMANIA, at Reply

      Michael Matherne
      To be fair, he’s not exactly fighting for his tribe, they only think he is (blindly, but still).

    • Posted by Travis Rogers, at Reply

      No better Christians, Muslims or Jews than the *DEAD* ones.

    • Posted by midgetelantrian8, at Reply

      I think it’s more a problem that there is a distressingly large number of people who tune in to politics only long enough to hear a few key phrases and then they tune out again. We have this huge taboo against talking about politics with people we love and want to get along with. It’s seen as this boring, convoluted, corrupt, tribal mess. And it is. We’ve made it confusing on purpose so only those who know it already are even possibilities for candidates for running it. Then we’ve made it incredibly hard to learn about with all these screaming matches. Zealots of one side badger moderates with the words of zealots on the other side. Where can we go to learn the truth in a calm, supportive, educational way when both sides are doing their best to smear the other as biased at best and foaming at the mouth crazy lying criminals at worst? It’s pretty daunting for the uninitiated

  5. Posted by Ameri Wryter, at Reply

    I’m surprised Trump can come near a Bible without burst into flames

    • Posted by John Taylor, at Reply

      Ameri Wryter that’s awesome

  6. Posted by kalesia A, at Reply

    Milo is a pedophile and Bill O Reilly sexual harass women and Trump raped his wife and Ivanka

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      The guy that wants to defends pedo-protectors and dudes that refer to him as ‘the Jew’ wants to talk about sanity now. You’re a joke, fam.

    • Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

      Whatever you say kid, you’re adorable for thinking calling me “Jew” is gonna upset me

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      Kalesia, is it? Let me guess. You’re a ghetto chick on welfare and food stamps with at least one child out of wedlock. Am I close?

    • Posted by chiprbob, at Reply

      It amazes me that there are so many people commenting who don’t have a clue. Ivanka was Trump’s first wife. Ivana is Trump’s daughter. Ivanka claimed at one point that Trump raped her. However, she retracted the claim when it came time to hash out her divorce agreement (settlement) with Trump. The divorce agreement contains a non-disclosure clause that forbids her to talk about her marriage to Trump amongst other things.

    • Posted by kalesia A, at Reply

      Yes, I´m a 29 yo medstudent who makes money playing onlinepoker, but yeah close hahahahah, I wish I was a dad though. How about you? You masturbate to guns and the bible and fucks your own sister? Am I close? I bet I am

  7. Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

    That’s why as a Christian I didn’t vote for him or Hillary.

    • Posted by Derek P., at Reply

      My online voter registration messed up or I would have voted for Jill Stein and I’m Christian too.

    • Posted by sharon anderson, at Reply

      i am a christian and voted for stein.

    • Posted by Sonja Dupree, at Reply

      Akon Fenty: You making a joke right? Trump cabinet is crawling with Russia handprint all over their existence. So the strong possibilities that he committed treason is not a failure? Unbelievable!

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      Failure means lack of success according to the dictionary…I’m going to wait for his term is over to see if it was a failure or not.

  8. Posted by French Fry, at Reply

    As a Christian I have a lot against Trump

    • Posted by Barry, at Reply

      French Fry Who did you vote for?

  9. Posted by Rhatul Hasan, at Reply

    The way I see it is the hijacking of Christianity by White bigots to mask, and up to an extent, justify their bigotry. They dont care about christianity and its teachings at all but the fact that it can be used as a tool to continue their bigotry.

    • Posted by ROOKTABULA, at Reply

      And in nations like Saudi Arabia, they just use Islam in the same way. It’s all a fucking con by those who want $$$ and power.

    • Posted by ROOKTABULA, at Reply

      “the protected species of TYT” A: That’s a flat out lie. B: Quit whining snowflake. C: Were you as outraged when a Christian on a “Crusade” illegally invade Iraq and precipitated the deaths of over 900,000 souls?
      I fucking doubt it.
      All religion is fukt, evil and only good for dividing people and creating victims or letting the spineless, like you, PLAY the victim.

    • Posted by HideousConformity, at Reply

      Religion has always been a tool of oppression and control, used by the ruling elite to keep the unwashed masses in check. Why do you think Jebus told people to be perpetual door mats and turn the other cheek?

    • Posted by twocsies, at Reply

      ROOKTABULA ROOKTABULA These guys calling people regressive, you know considers Christian actions to be above reproach. Regressive to them means anyone who supports those different to themselves, or one who upholds the rights of others that they are not a part of. Trump doesn’t defend any Muslims, only babies, for fear of being called regressive.

  10. Posted by Rod Thorson, at Reply

    I don’t agree with everything you guys stand for politically (and sometimes morally). But yes Ana, you ARE amazing.

    Keep up the great work. And when you guys are wrong (mostly about libertarians and guns) I will be there to correct you.

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      Ana would be even MORE amazing with a couple more buttons undone.

  11. Posted by Full-Metal_Jacob, at Reply

    *A modest Jew comes along* spreading a message of peace, prosperity and care for your fellow man…

    *The religious right elects* a revengeful, hedonistic, gold worshiping, narcissist.

    • Posted by Cycling in Edmonton from the Eyes of a Teen, at Reply

      Are you trying to reference Bernie Sanders or Jesus Christ?

    • Posted by Royal We, at Reply

      funny post.
      So in your post. the left are the jews who take out Bernie/Jesus and the right are pagans who did what again?

    • Posted by TheMaryam1891, at Reply

      Full-Metal_Jacob it is beyond insane that hatred of the Clinton’s drove this election. Yet now they are too proud to even let it sink in what a clown he is

  12. Posted by Hans Mueller, at Reply

    The sad thing is they never learn.
    Bush played the religion card, and they fell for it.
    Trump plays it again, and, surprise, they fall again.

    The problem lies in the system:
    Their morality is based on a false belief.

    • Posted by Jon Ericson, at Reply

      Except I think in Bush’s case he truly believed.

  13. Posted by unbiased, at Reply


    • Posted by Kevin Purdy, at Reply

      liberals new motto “I’m a cuck and I’ll give my gay partner to muslims and watch Muslims rape my gay partner”

    • Posted by Barry, at Reply

      Kevin Purdy Lol, this is something only a 13 year old would write.

  14. Posted by King Kaiden, at Reply

    Right wingers don’t want to admit that white privilege is real, well let me ask you this: do you think Obama could have been elected if he had kids from 3 different women?

    • Posted by Della Coleman, at Reply

      Rock Johnson what rock have you been living under?

    • Posted by Royal We, at Reply

      mark williams
      the german pow’s and German decent people who were on that train ended up in forced labor/slave camps.. did the black soldiers? must of been white privilege

    • Posted by mark williams, at Reply

      +Royal We They were POWs the mere fact that they were put ahead of black soldiers said it all . Yeah put in camps and paid to work as opposed to slavery , yep no privilege there

  15. Posted by Zipporah Christian, at Reply

    It is embarrassing that secular folks notice this about Trump, but “Christians” do not care! My husband and I are Biblical Christians, we are consistent with the scriptures. Those who claim to be Christians follow a cult named, “Christian Identity” that has infiltrated other denominations. These Christians believe that the white race is the chosen children much like they believe that all true Jews are white and they are God’s chosen.Many Ashkenazi Jews are converts Google “Khazarian Empire and the conversion to Judaism,” and Google “Science, DNA, Italian women marrying males Jews.” These both ways the Ashkenazi Jews came about. The white Evangelicals love the false idea that Jesus must have been white because of the White Jews. These so called Christians are not Jesus’ followers- they exude hypocrisy. Biblical Christians, in all skin tones, are not to be with these false Christians.

    • Posted by doodelay, at Reply

      There’s a lot of contradictory ideas you’re espousing there, you should start confronting them and stop glossing over them

    • Posted by Imani Scott, at Reply

      Zipporah Christian hey you have the same first name as me. Sorry it caught me off guard hi Zipporah! I’m called Zippy sometimes 😬

  16. Posted by Harry Christofi, at Reply

    The question is would Evangelicals (Social Conservatives) vote for a Progressive/Social Democrat like Bernie Sanders who is obviously Socially Liberal? lol

    • Posted by John Myers, at Reply

      Harry Christofi, not to meeting that for a Jew, he’s more Christian than they are, maybe that’s why they hate him.

    • Posted by Barry, at Reply

      Harry Christofi No. Many religious nuts have a laughably simplistic perspective in which, “all of these bad things are happening because America lost God’s blessing by allowing abortions and gays to have rights. By reversing these and regaining God’s blessing, all of our problems will magically disappear.”

  17. Posted by Dumdumdumdum Dum, at Reply

    They did it for the supreme court pick.

    • Posted by The Truth, at Reply

      I am done LMBO!