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Even Red State Republicans Want Medicare For All


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Progressive populist Paula Jean Swearengin deals with an uphill struggle versus entrenched corporatist Joe Manchin. The good news: she has great deals of time. Aid fund modern Democratic primary oppositions at:

"" We're going to War," Paula Jean Swearengin reveals with a chuckle as we dip around winding roads in the thick of the Appalachian Mountains. She's discussing Battle, West Virginia– population 862– yet she may too be talking about herself.

Swearengin hasn't been offered much of an opportunity versus her much better-known, better-funded challenger. "It resembles David versus Goliath if David didn't have a sling or a rock," claims Walt Auvil, a previous area Democratic Celebration chair that ran for the state celebration's leadership in 2010.

However Swearengin as well as her advocates really hope that by operating on a left-wing populist system that stresses financial as well as ecological justice, they could reverse the trend of red that's brushed up over the state. It's a raw comparison to Manchin's middle of the roadism, and also the gamble is that voters aren't ideological conservatives even they are frustrated with the outcomes of centrist Autonomous control." *.

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  1. Posted by CHAOS, at Reply

    Surveymonkey isn’t really that scientific to be honest, but there are other polls that are scientific that proves this same point

    • Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

      CHAOS Polls don’t matter as proven by this last election. (polls predicted Hilldog landslide and Republicans losing the Senate neither of which happened). What does matter more is election history and judging by the fact Colorado which voted Democratic the last three elections voted against single payer by 80% says way more than some BS poll.

    • Posted by Vishank Jain-Sharma, at Reply

      That’s factually untrue. Surveymonkey is excellent, for example they were the most accurate pollster in the UK election in 2015 and 2017. Their methodology is fine.

    • Posted by Aziz Ahmari, at Reply

      Adam Smith
      Actually, the polls were right on the general election if they were objectively studied (Clinton wins the Popular Vote, but it’s too close to call on the Electoral College).
      It’s the analysts who weren’t looking at it objectively.

  2. Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

    It is encouraging that republican voters want medicare for all. It is discouraging that they think they’ll get it from republican politicians. That is a sure sign of low IQ.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      I know dozens of Republicans. None want it. I smell fake news.

  3. Posted by Zack Sherman, at Reply

    Joe manchin is a terrible human being.

  4. Posted by C. Carter, at Reply

    West Virginia is a place where you can meet someone on drugs and using every welfare program and they will look you straight in the eyes and tell you black people are lazy and want handouts. Special place.

    • Posted by Ucm, at Reply

      Poverty does this. WV never used to be that way.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      There’s no such thing as lazy black people who want handouts.

  5. Posted by hudsle, at Reply

    After ACA came out, Kentucky embraced it completely, and became almost the poster child for Obamacare. Then, during the last election for Governor, they remembered they were self-defeating GOP voters, and voted for a guy who ran almost exclusively on an repeal platform. Then afterwards, they were surprised and pissed when they realized he was gonna go thru with it, and tried to stop him.

  6. Posted by andre brewer, at Reply

    Even Republicans Want Medicare For All People😉

  7. Posted by Fred Munoz, at Reply

    Why would anyone vote for Joe Manchin?

    • Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

      He gets a lot of funding. His state gets flooded with campaign ads. It’s also hard to unseat incumbents unless they’re spectacularly unpopular.

    • Posted by klondike444, at Reply

      +Fred Munoz He’s (officially) a Democrat, and the only realistic alternative has been a Republican — until now.

  8. Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

    This is a winning issue. If the Democrats coalesce around this as our signature proposal we will win. This is how we do it. The idiots and rubes don’t have the numbers to stop it. It needs to happen.

    • Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

      Winning how is it winning when Colorado a state that has voted Democratic for 12 years REJECTED single payer by 80%?!

  9. Posted by soulful41, at Reply

    I know who she is. She is the woman that was at Bernie Sander’s town hall. Paula Jean is the one that talked to Sanders afterwards and talked about her neighbours, her children and the pollution that was causing kids in her area to end up with cancer. Her father had black lung because he was a coal miner and died young. Check her out, Jimmy Dore did a segment on her and Bernie Sanders. It will let you know who she is fighting for.

    • Posted by Ucm, at Reply

      soulful41 I’m glad someone knows who she is. Check out my comment. She is going to lose if she doesn’t get her act together and get her name out there.

  10. Posted by Joe Sinkovic, at Reply

    Here’s what will happen, they will not only deny medicare for all but will take medacare away from the people who already have it . They will do it under the guise of reform. Hide and watch folks.

  11. Posted by IonlyRob White420Dealers, at Reply

    People need to stop bitching and VOTE..

  12. Posted by DucksDoctor, at Reply

    Her problem isn’t her ideas, it’s name recognition just like Sanders V Hillary. We need to get her name out.

  13. Posted by geno kilgallon, at Reply

    Newsflash from a country with free healthcare: we outlive you, by like 10 years. Also I’m a dyspraxic, so I get concussions regularly, my tax rate is the same as everyone else and its lower than the American average without health insurance.

    • Posted by geno kilgallon, at Reply

      Clair Duffy I’m in the UK

    • Posted by geno kilgallon, at Reply

      Ned Flanders we will though, currently Muslims make up 4% of our population if you accept ukip numbers, we can afford for that to get to 69% before it becomes an issue. Also that issue would be an increase in taxes, which most of us would agree to, cause most of us aren’t islamaphobes. Even after 5 terrorist attacks.

    • Posted by Ned Flanders, at Reply

      Muslims are already an issue moron.
      Not just a financial burden but a domestic terrorism issue.

    • Posted by geno kilgallon, at Reply

      Ned Flanders I’m of Irish decent, we’re also listed as a terrorist issue, you rascist, trump supporter. Prove me wrong by quoting the Quran, rather than Hadith’s.

  14. Posted by Dylan Armstrong, at Reply

    I can’t believe Joe even has 46%. How do people vote for someone like him?

    • Posted by DucksDoctor, at Reply

      Dylan Armstrong Name recognition is very valuable. People would rather choose someone they hate, but know. Rather than take a gamble with something possibly better or even worse.

    • Posted by Dylan Armstrong, at Reply

      DucksDoctor You’re right I was assuming the typical voters actually intelligent

  15. Posted by Ed Bear, at Reply

    Healthcare for all is totally feasible.. Canada spends less per capita than us.

    Yet have better outcomes…half of our healthcare dollars go to HMO’s, insurance companies and drug company corruption

    • Posted by Ed Bear, at Reply

      Heartofserenity555….Bullshit….Dentistry is not covered by their medicare, and dentists are a dime a dozen. They accept new patience all the time. Granted, the waiting lists for Mri’S AND MAJOR SURGERIES ARE A BIT LONGER in their medical system…BUT 50,000 Americans die because they HAVE NO MEDICAL COVERAGE AT ALL!!!….I would much prefer their system….just for the sake of social cohesiveness.

    • Posted by Ucm, at Reply

      Ed Bear it is important to also point out that if the surgery is immediately needed they get it. People don’t die waiting for life sustaining treatments in Canada. However, in the US people die all the time because they can’t afford life sustaining treatments.

    • Posted by Bobbius Shadow, at Reply

      Ed Gear, Ucm…..exactly….and I must add that the average life expectancy of a Canadian is 3 years more than an American due to healthcare and better social services…. I have families on both sides of the border, everyone agrees that in the US the healthcare system is less than desirable (to put it mildly)

  16. Posted by Potted Rodent, at Reply

    The only resistance to medicare for all is greed from the top, any other argument is a bullshit distraction.

    • Posted by Ip Freeley, at Reply

      Potted Rodent if it was that simple, then it would have happened already. There historical forces at play here.
      1. Many Americans have great health care via employer and may not want to risk losing it to a Medicare system.
      2. Many are not sure about the savings of taxes vs. premiums.
      3. Culturally, some ppl don’t want an expanded welfare state where they have to wait in line among illegal immigrants, ppl of color or just ppl they don’t like.

    • Posted by Bobbius Shadow, at Reply

      America is the only first nation without an universal health care

  17. Posted by Smedleywallacekennedy, at Reply

    That’s because the public is being educated and exposed to what it would be like to have and not have medical insurance. We’re also learning when a republican senator or congressman says ” Were doing this for the voters.” They really mean ‘ Donors.’

    • Posted by David Held, at Reply

      a lot of democrates also…Joe Manchin to be sure

    • Posted by Smedleywallacekennedy, at Reply

      David Held This is true.

  18. Posted by Justin Norton, at Reply

    Bought and paid for Manchin is a republican posing as a Democrat, west Virginia needs to wake up and vote for Paula Jean who will listen to the people and not to the corporations.