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Even Trump’s Base Is Turning On Him


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Trump's base is melting away. John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, and also Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us just what you think in the remark area below.

" President Donald Trump's authorization score hit another reduced in Quinnipiac College's survey, which discovered this week that 34 percent of citizens authorize of his task efficiency and also 57 percent refuse.

Trump's previous reduced in the Quinnipiac survey was a 35 percent favorable as well as 57 percent adverse ranking, signed up on April 4.

The college's newest survey, released Wednesday as well as carried out from Could 31 to June 6, additionally located that a huge majority of respondents– 68 percent– think that the president is "not rational" (29 percent claim he is). Also amongst members of his own celebration, this holds true: 64 percent of Republicans say Trump is not reasonable, while 32 percent think he is." *.

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, Mark Thompson.

Cast: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, Mark Thompson.


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  1. Posted by FUCKtrump FUCKtrump, at Reply

    my 7th time being first on tyt

    • Posted by Balls83387, at Reply

      get a life

    • Posted by drake man, at Reply

      You must be a virgin.

  2. Posted by Hussain Mehdi, at Reply

    All his supporters will die when Trump gets his healthcare passed.

    • Posted by Mr. Invisable, at Reply

      Ibrahim Hassan where?

    • Posted by Mr. Invisable, at Reply

      cptmiller132 like being a little bit pregnant….. Dope.

    • Posted by Mr. Invisable, at Reply

      cptmiller132 oh the Republicants are different than the dumbocRats? Sure. And the moon is made out of green cheese…. Pathetic.

    • Posted by Drunken Mongoose, at Reply

      Ibrahim Hassan
      Tell that to the people in Venezuela who are eating rats right now.

  3. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    I guess his base isn’t so stupid after all? oh but wait…. It took them how long to realize even they were being duped? #illiterategate

  4. Posted by L I Z A R D, at Reply

    Don’t read my comment.

    you’re a scumbag, so disrespectful.

    • Posted by The5armdamput33, at Reply

      I’m a rebel….

    • Posted by VilifyExile, at Reply

      L I Z A R D You’re not the boss of me, fool! XD

    • Posted by berzerkerdav, at Reply

      Lizards have no rights, go back to your planet before i call Alex and tell him to bring his shotgun!

    • Posted by Steven perdue, at Reply

      L I Z A R D why? what does it say? And wouldn’t you like to come over to my house…and live in a cage? with a warm rock for your only comfort?

  5. Posted by Smedleywallacekennedy, at Reply

    If you still support Trump,…you might be a REDNECK!

    • Posted by ryvr madduck, at Reply

      I support Trump, I’m Mexican. Still butthurt your girl Hillary lost I see.

    • Posted by Nick Polymer, at Reply

      ryvr madduck If Your Mexican And you Are in America You are a Chicano. If your a REAL Mexican from Mexico and you Support Trump then your as you may say “Muy Poco Inteligente”
      Lol thanks highschool elective classes

    • Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

      “Whites without a college degree”
      Let’s just call a spade a spade: RACISTS.

  6. Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

    That’s great news. Given enough time, they may even achieve full self-awareness.

    • Posted by Chan V, at Reply

      Impossible. And they will never become capable of rational thought. This country is in trouble.

    • Posted by Freddy Looger, at Reply

      Self awareness and trump supporters go together like Dracula and sunlight.

    • Posted by Bra-Ball Legend, at Reply

      @Freddy: Hey, no fair going after Eric!

    • Posted by Lorica Lass, at Reply

      Trump supporters, as I just posted above with research given by Rush Limbaugh, are more devoted to him all the time, not less.  That’s certainly what I see in my life.  There are so many people who hate him.  There are so many people who dearly love him.  The people who love him often pray for him.  That probably means nothing to you, but we know prayer works!

  7. Posted by doodelay, at Reply

    I think i figured out why its taken so long for his base to stop supporting him, most of it has to do with the self preservation factor in that people feel like they have to defend their decisions lest they look like a fool among others (especially their political enemies).

    The second factor is of course the right wing bubble chamber which simply lies to them and constantly assures them that they made a good decision.

    Takes a long time for people (even democrats if the shoe was on the other foot) to break these barriers of admitting their wrongs

    • Posted by doodelay, at Reply

      +wickednwyld Wow, interesting that their level of investment is directly correlated with their level of stubbornness. I’ll have to remember this lesson

    • Posted by M.M. Schill, at Reply

      Also, have you read Fox news’ Facebook or webpage? It’s a whole different reality there. If that’s the only information you are consuming, you think he’s doing great!

    • Posted by doodelay, at Reply

      +M.M. Schill Yup, but unfortunately they watch far worse than fox news. Its info wars, drudge report, rush Limbaugh

  8. Posted by Lana Hoffenheim, at Reply

    One man deserves the credit for the success of TYT and that man is spooder man the cuck slayer.

    • Posted by Steven perdue, at Reply

      spooder man the cuck slayer oh and Trump is REALLY a rapist. not just imaginary like Clinton.

    • Posted by Mr October, at Reply

      Steven perdue
      how’s that alternate universe where Hillary won the election and didnt break the law working out for you bruh? whats that phrase they say about ignorance… lol

  9. Posted by some body, at Reply

    Just here to drop a like before the trolls come!

    • Posted by elipa3, at Reply

      They are already here………

    • Posted by Millie Not Zionist, at Reply

      elipa3 Yep Pathetic Troll

    • Posted by SixOfNine, at Reply

      I’m here!! don’t worry.. <3

    • Posted by Bob Brawley, at Reply

      some body We have been camping out here long before you showed up.

  10. Posted by Alex Buisson, at Reply

    Trump is an idiot!

    • Posted by commentor12, at Reply

      Actually it is you who is the idiot , to spend your time with hate against the president

    • Posted by Daisy Q, at Reply

      He’s no “President”. He’s a bonafied CONMAN.

    • Posted by Darlene Pytlinski, at Reply

      commentor12 I’d check your sentence structure before you call someone an idiot dude.

    • Posted by Dexter White, at Reply

      +Daisy Q He’s a bullshit artist.

    • Posted by Steven perdue, at Reply

      commentor12 you really call that fat Orange baby a President? Lol!

  11. Posted by Giovanni Naranjo, at Reply

    Trumptards are just mad cuz Hillary ain’t going to jail.

    • Posted by OpenlyTranshumanist, at Reply

      Giovanni Naranjo ok to be fair i think everyone wanted her in jail.

  12. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    never forget trump’s approval ratings has never been above 46% and now it sits at 37%

    • Posted by ChrisJ Fox, at Reply

      Also, keep an eye on the aggregate of all polls (realclearpolitics) and the poll that tends to have Trump most favored (Rasmussen, I believe). If both the aggregate and the best poll of his show his support dropping, then his loss of support is real to some degree. If you want to make an argument that he’s actually gaining more support than he had then I’d be interested to hear it.

    • Posted by Mr October, at Reply

      ChrisJ Fox
      I think the Democrats running with this Russia narrative even after it turning out to be a hoax is a major hit to there credibility and voters will take notice of that. If they continue this Russia narrative and dont start addressing real issues the average American suffer from, then come 2020 his election its going to be a slam dunk for Trump..

      America is tired of hearing corporate media whine about losing there power in office over another Hillary orchestrated excuse…she still blames everyone but herself, even Comey, who seems to be democrats bff for some reason now?

      Both parties need to stop treating politics like there favorite football teams and ignoring there obvious flaws because they root for them…its ruining middle-class America

    • Posted by Lorica Lass, at Reply

      rouge1full Never forget that the polls said no way would Trump win!  Trump supporters laugh at the polls.  Don’t ever forget that either.  And no, we are no way getting less supportive of him.  That’s more fake news.  We are becoming MORE supportive of him, if possible.

    • Posted by Under Water, at Reply

      Russian mobsters and oligarchs want to loot the US the same way they looted Ukraine. I’m glad the FBI and others are watching them.

    • Posted by Eric Ocasio, at Reply

      Lorica Lass so what you’re saying is that you’re actually much more stupid than we thought

  13. Posted by gouki4563, at Reply

    Sargon is still licking his balls.

    • Posted by Diatonic5th, at Reply

      Sargon of Cukkad is a hack.

    • Posted by Steven perdue, at Reply

      gouki4563 who is Sargon?

    • Posted by Reality Searcher, at Reply

      Citation needed.

  14. Posted by Sonoma Calling!, at Reply

    “At least he isn’t Black or Hillary.” – The average Trump supporter

    • Posted by Alan G, at Reply

      Democrats and republicans pretend to hold all political view points but they are owned by the same corporate oligarchs, and both promote an ultra capitalist agenda. Progressives want to have enough in the bank so they can replace their iphone if it gets stolen, and a job that pays enough so they can see their children for several hours a day.

    • Posted by MrSRArter, at Reply

      “At least he isn’t a woman or not white.” – The average Trump supporter

    • Posted by Cas Moons, at Reply

      it’s funny because it’s true

    • Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

      “Whites without a college degree”
      Let’s just call a spade a spade: RACISTS.

  15. Posted by Zo King, at Reply

    Gallup has his approval at 36%. This means, 36% of the American population can be classified as Neanderthals.

    • Posted by Angel Symmetrika, at Reply

      dffykvn I’ve heard that too.

    • Posted by Keith Phillips, at Reply

      well, the number of people who just aren’t paying attention to politics and blindly supports the political party of their peers is much higher than you think.

  16. Posted by regina montinola, at Reply

    It should be at “0” at this point. What is the matter with these people????

    • Posted by mark krul, at Reply

      Maybe you’re the one that’s way off…ever consider that?

    • Posted by regina montinola, at Reply


  17. Posted by only half bad 333, at Reply

    “Glacially slow” is the best term to describe your average trump supporters

    • Posted by CreepyPasta Al Dente, at Reply

      “Ah dohn even eat no glacie fruit you libbtard!!”

    • Posted by brother dontgiveafuck, at Reply

      CreepyPasta Al Dente get a new line this one becoming trite.

    • Posted by CreepyPasta Al Dente, at Reply

      brother dontgiveafuck huh?

  18. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    Who thinks that John could play Rhaegar Targayen on Game of Thrones? Is Trump the Mad King?

    • Posted by Trump Allfather, at Reply

      WTF does that have to do with the video?

    • Posted by Evera Outta, at Reply

      Jeri Kourkoumelis Or perhaps The King in Yellow. Upon seeing him, most are enraged, terrified, bewildered that such a thing could exist. But some people are already so damaged politically that the sight of him just energizes them, makes them wear Roman legion Halloween costumes, etc.