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Everything You Need To Know About Impeachment


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Donald Trump's lawyers are researching impeachment as more representatives call for his elimination from office. But will it happen? ThinkTank's Hannah Cranston simplifies.

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  1. Posted by GODSPEED 33, at Reply

    I hate her mouth she over exaggerates her lip movements ugh lol

    • Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

      I love

    • Posted by Box Boi, at Reply

      She is famous and beautiful and you are?

    • Posted by GODSPEED 33, at Reply

      Box Boi

      Far from famous and beautiful none the less.

  2. Posted by ProjectSoul, at Reply

    I like how the trolls say they hate tyt but are always the first to comment and click on the videos. I see it as if they are the tyts number 1 fans.

    • Posted by FunWithReality, at Reply

      +romnesia7729 You spout made up assumptions and stereotypes about me and call it truth and im the delusional one.

      Progressives in a nutshell people.

    • Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

      ProjectSoul so i guess TYT is donald trumps number 1 fan?

  3. Posted by captain bigballs, at Reply

    DUMP THE TRUMP 2017!

    • Posted by Palestine FTW, at Reply

      captain bigballs dump him in waste

    • Posted by ranger1000, at Reply

      Trump 2017-2024!

    • Posted by captain bigballs, at Reply

      +ranger1000. You do realize Weird Al mocks Donald Trump, dumbass?

    • Posted by ranger1000, at Reply

      i wanted it for the tinfoil hat, for all the wild russian conspiracy theories

  4. Posted by Coy Hampton, at Reply

    I think it is time to admit that America is a failed experiment.

    • Posted by Comparative Reasoning, at Reply

      +Say10 The issue with your statement as that it expresses that because others have done it, then it’s ok that it was done here and has been furthered here ever since its’ inception. What do you truly mean. You got time and an opened ear.

    • Posted by FunWithReality, at Reply

      Slavery was fought over from the very beginning of the construction of the constitution itself. Not to mention the United States fought the bloodiest civil war in its history to end it. I really doubt it “started with slavery” considering slavery was EVERYWHERE before the US even became its own country and it was the first to end it.

    • Posted by Comparative Reasoning, at Reply

      +FunWithReality Interesting points. I hear you. Yes, Slavery was around long before this land was found by Italy. I get that. In truth, slavery knows no color or whatnot, and yet, for this nation, we can only go on what has happened here. Slavery was here long before the constitution was formed. The N vs S war was based on Lincoln saving face as the world saw the division of N and S laughable. Abraham fought to end the division and since the north was against freely owning another person, that had to go. The Confederacy was not going to let that happen and they didn’t. They fought and in time lost their right to freely own a person. We were not the first to end slavery. We were the first nation in the Americas to end slavery.
      Sorry for this being long but you gave a ton to work with. WHEW. DESPITE my retort, America has still failed but is not in ruin. We need to focus on recreation for something positive. What do you think?

    • Posted by Comparative Reasoning, at Reply

      I’ve got no words beyond, “thank you”. *hugs*

  5. Posted by randman21, at Reply

    Is it me or did Hannah hope for the impeachment of some future female president? 😛

    Very informative video, though! I can’t believe everything on the subject can be said in four minutes.

    • Posted by Maeraish, at Reply

      randman21 I thought I’m the only one that got that impression!

  6. Posted by Chelsea Mae, at Reply

    TYT, pleeease impeach Hannah Cranston. She is a bimbo.

    • Posted by thisnotjesus, at Reply

      +Chelsea Mae she’s smart but you can definitely tell she learned to talk like that. Hannah’s an easy target for misogyny because she won’t fight back.

    • Posted by thisnotjesus, at Reply

      +Justina Villeda no one has ever been impeached, they were really close, but they either resigned or aqucuited in the Senate.

    • Posted by Justina Villeda, at Reply

      oh thanks for letting me know, this whole time I thought Clinton and Nixon were impeached.

    • Posted by Keith Jones, at Reply

      Justina Villeda Clinton was impeached, but not convicted, therefore not removed.

    • Posted by Justina Villeda, at Reply

      i read about it and it didn’t pass the senate so therefore he wasn’t successfully impeached

  7. Posted by Woo Cheol Shin, at Reply

    Many South Korean presidents have been impeached for far less crime. This just show how corrupt US gov’t really is. Basically no different from China or Russia.

    • Posted by The 4th Reich, at Reply

      Woo Cheol Shin the system is no longer on you side

  8. Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

    nooooo! let Republicans fail so they can seize to exist.

    • Posted by SweatyELVIS, at Reply

      Ragnarok Sora “cease”

    • Posted by Mnd0vrMnky, at Reply


    • Posted by Turnible Spencer, at Reply

      Ragnarok Sora Cheese***

    • Posted by Keith Jones, at Reply

      Ragnarok Sora but now there are progressive Republicans beginning to run for office. you want to prevent them from running based on a sweeping generalization of the entire party?

  9. Posted by David Myers, at Reply

    We are stuck with the orange hemorrhoid for 4 years F@#K.

    • Posted by Phish N' Chimps, at Reply

      becouse 4 years is less than 8..

      you voted for HER… didn’t you.

    • Posted by Phish N' Chimps, at Reply

      I did answer it. you are just a CUCK

  10. Posted by Corren love, at Reply

    If he is not impeached on the grounds of obstruction, he could be on the immoluments clause. But Pence is smarter and also evil so regardless of what happens were pretty much screwed. Our only hope is that he resigns like the nixonian that he is.. Still though if that were to happen, the line up is absolutely terrible. smh the whole world is laughing at us.

    • Posted by Rachel Garber, at Reply

      Corren love you’re right there straight down the line of succession real hot mess

    • Posted by Corren love, at Reply

      Rachel Garber.. Right, its a joke. Its gonna be a long scandalous 4-8 years.

  11. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    I congrat the brave republicans in office who were willing to accept common sense and admit the president is a complete moron. They had to step outside their bubble to realize that.

    • Posted by Rachel Garber, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond Being a complete moron isn’t an impeachable offense, but it seems he may have done some things that are grounds for impeachment

    • Posted by Joel Medina, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond Lol a person who lives in a bubble is talking about other people stepping outside of their bubble. That’s funny.

    • Posted by Gemma Luescher-Verseckas, at Reply

      Rachel Garber some things?

    • Posted by Gemma Luescher-Verseckas, at Reply

      Rachel Garber some things?

  12. Posted by Mike Lofky, at Reply

    hope not why? because we will be stuck with that anti gay prick pence which he is way worst than trump.

    • Posted by Dog's Ballocks, at Reply

      So if he committed an impeachable offense he should not be held accountable?

  13. Posted by Junior Mendiola, at Reply

    #Deport Trump terrorist supporters.

    • Posted by Connor RB, at Reply

      Junior Mendiola sorry, you lost. Loser

  14. Posted by Mr. TIME BOMB!, at Reply

    Impeachment! Huh, they’re prepared for that. Can’t you people see what they’re planning? Why do you think they rushed their battleships & nuclear submarines over to North Korea? That’s their ace in the hole, their sniper on the roof, so to speak. If the Republican party goes down for impeachment, they will fire a nuke at the American​ shores from their submarines & conveniently blame it on North Korea. Wake up! These people are pure evil! You’ve been warned! BOOM!

    • Posted by AwesomeBlackDude, at Reply

      Mr. TIME BOMB! Now can you explain how Bush started 9/11 please!

    • Posted by Mr. TIME BOMB!, at Reply

      AwesomeBlackDude That’s self explanatory. Oil family from Texas, greed, stolen presidency in 2000 – George Jr., Katherine Harris & Jeb, manufactured intelligence, George H.W. Senior was former director of the CIA, Saddam Hussain had second largest oil reserve in the world at that time, etc. That’s all simple addition. However, I’ll go a step further. White supremacist Timothy McVeigh was executed on 6-11-2001 for bombing the OKC federal building. Exactly three months later, two federal buildings came down in NYC​. That was done to repair the Confederate white male image which was destroyed by McVeigh & a few dollars was made in the process by the Confederate Bush family. BOOM!

  15. Posted by Thomas Anderson, at Reply

    I’m a simple man; I see Hannah, I hit dislike.

    • Posted by Thomas Anderson, at Reply

      LOL @ cis gender. A term only snowflakes use.

    • Posted by Pierluigi Adreani, at Reply

      that’s the joke.

  16. Posted by Enrique Montanez, at Reply

    bill Clinton got impeached for a bj WTF

    • Posted by Shands J'Andrew, at Reply

      Enrique Montanez no he got impeached for lying about it

    • Posted by Jay Hall, at Reply

      Enrique Montanez when you lie in court thats a crime …if he wasn’t the president then he would of done prison time …u cant lie in court

    • Posted by Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城, at Reply

      he did not have sexual relations with that woman

  17. Posted by Shands J'Andrew, at Reply

    Someone honestly tell what trump has personally done to anyone

    • Posted by ronoccc, at Reply

      Where to even begin…. How about scamming, conning and stealing the life savings of regular people to attend his bullshit, fraudulent ‘University’. For someone who says he is worth 10 Billion Dollars, that just makes it even more of a scumbag thing to do.

    • Posted by Shands J'Andrew, at Reply

      ronoccc first that’s not taxpayer money so it’s not an American issue second businesses fail it happens third he settle 25 million dollars so technically he did make them rich

    • Posted by ronoccc, at Reply

      ‘Someone honestly tell what trump has personally done to anyone’ That is what you said… Sorry, but where does it say anything about taxpayer money? He settled it as an admission of guilt. Are you a troll or really this stupid?

    • Posted by Shands J'Andrew, at Reply

      ronoccc He didn’t purposely want the university to fail so that he could keep people’s money

    • Posted by Neil Price, at Reply

      I was not making any conclusion on Donald Trump. I was just saying that His and the Republican Parties handling of the Russia Investigation was extremely badly executed and done in a way that makes them look seriously guilty. If there is to be an investigation of Trumps administration, plus his election team, then have it done by an independent entity and not a political motivated one. Congress, senate and the FBI have too much at stake either way, so any investigation done by them wouldn’t be seen as impartial. I’m from the UK, so apart from some international spillage of this mess, we really don’t have a stake in this fiasco. So I hope it turns out right for you Yanks.

  18. Posted by Kels B, at Reply

    Why is it that seeing Hannah just immediately annoys me. To this day I can’t watch one tyt vid that she’s in to the end, she’s unbearable. The only weekend/Facebook host I can deal with is Brett, honestly.

    • Posted by Babylonian, at Reply

      because shes dumb as bricks.

    • Posted by Kels B, at Reply

      Hazzycakes I get what you’re saying, and I agree with you on that to a certain extent but I just can’t handle her personality that annoys me. The same reason that I’m not a huge fan of Hasan either.
      I definitely agree on the Michael thing though

    • Posted by Kels B, at Reply

      Hazzycakes 😂 spot on for Michael. I do watch tyt for the content so it does matter, we’ll have to agree to disagree on the host being an issue when it comes to presenting the news

  19. Posted by Rob Cranston, at Reply

    Why is Hannah handling a serious subject? Isn’t there a cat fashion show or a messed up McDonald’s drive thru order that needs covered?

    • Posted by Arthur Wellesley, at Reply

      Hannah should be impeached from TYT

    • Posted by Wasp, at Reply

      Best comment.