//Fabrice Muamba in critical condition after collapsing

Fabrice Muamba in critical condition after collapsing


From ESPN:

Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba was critically ill in a hospital’s heart attack unit on Saturday night after collapsing during an FA Cup quarterfinal at Tottenham.

Muamba fell face-down to the field near the midfield line without any players near him.

Medics rushed onto the field with a defibrillator and treated the 23-year-old, pumping his chest for around six minutes of treatment before he was rushed to hospital.

Bolton manager Owen Coyle and striker Kevin Davies accompanied Muamba to the hospital and Coyle later gave an update to Sky News saying, “Fabrice is critically ill. The next 24 hours are going to be absolutely crucial.”

“We’ve obviously been inundated with people wishing him well and we hope that if everybody can pray strongly tonight that Fabrice is able to recover,” Coyle said. “It’s very serious. There’s not getting away from that. He’s critically ill and God willing he makes it through.”

Shocked to hear about Fabrice Muamba. My thoughts are with him and his family, his club and loved ones at this difficult time.

— Joseph S Blatter (@SeppBlatter) March 18, 2012

Have just seen Papers about Fabrice Muamba I'm praying for him!! I'm in shock reading it!! Thinking of him & his family at this time!! Xx

— Olly Murs (@ollyofficial) March 18, 2012

Praying for Fabrice Muamba. My thoughts are with him and his family! Hope he gets better soon!!!

— Paul Scharner (@Scharns33) March 18, 2012


it's an hearth touching moment to see both spurs&bolton fans chanting fabrice muamba, no matter what team your support let's pray for him

— Danu (@danu_93) March 18, 2012