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Facebook Deciding What News Is Fake Could Backfire…


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Facebook is rolling out a new feature to combat fake news. Is this a good idea? Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez, and Amberia Allen, hosts of The

Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Facebook detailed a new plan Thursday to target the rapid spread of fake news across its site, a phenomenon that received renewed attention in the weeks following the 2016 election, with accusations that it may have influenced the behavior of voters.
The problem reached a breaking point two weeks ago when a gunman entered a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C., to investigate an internet-based conspiracy theory about a child-sex ring that does not exist.

Now the move from the internet’s largest social-media platform has some intentional fake-news writers, who created their websites to “satirize” right-wing conspiracies or exploit Facebook’s algorithm, believing they’ll soon be out of business.

But the new program also has conspiracy theorists, ones who believe Hillary Clinton’s fictitious ties to the occult are the “real news,” excitedly drawing battle lines over the future of the news on social media.
Should Facebook’s fact-check initiative take off and result in censorship of propagandist sites, editors at websites like Infowars and alt-right leaders insist it will only reinforce the belief that certain ideas are being suppressed in favor of facts from mainstream outlets. One editor told The Daily Beast the Facebook plan proves that now the “‘Infowar’ isn’t a cliché, it’s perfectly apt.”"*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez, Amberia Allen
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez, Amberia Allen


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  1. Posted by Vladimir Putin, at Reply

    Tyt is fake news

    • Posted by captain bigballs, at Reply

      +Vladimir Putin. You love Russian cawk.

    • Posted by Slim Jim, at Reply

      It’s no wonder that many people don’t vote. It doesn’t count anyway!

    • Posted by Sam “Bang Ding Ow” Burns, at Reply

      *Tyt is fake news*

      Food for thought: irony.

    • Posted by Slim Jim, at Reply

      There is some thing wrong in the System. Popular votes mean how many
      citizens are in favor of one candidate and how many in favor of other.
      Hillary got more votes which mean people of country want her to be the
      President. It is unfortunate and against Democracy that a person who got
      lesser votes has to rule the country.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Vladimir Putin. You love Russian cawk.

  2. Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

    George Soros is funding a group involved in the new “fact checking”. That’s
    all I need to know.

    • Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

      +blech143 Koch Brothers don’t fund “color revolutions” and open border
      groups across Europe.

    • Posted by stealthballer, at Reply


    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply


  3. Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

    TYT is still angry Alex Jones trolled them and made them look like rabid

    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      +stealthballer Idiot the castle doctrine is only in a handful of states and
      only applies to your private property not the RNC, you blathering idiot!

    • Posted by J C, at Reply

      Says the Alex Jones troll…

    • Posted by mikelon6343, at Reply

      it did

      Jimmy dore spit in Alex’s face then ran like a coward

  4. Posted by José Guzman, at Reply

    the people deciding what is fake news, is Snopes and NBC news. those are
    liberal sites.

    • Posted by Kevin Low, at Reply

      Ministry of Truth

    • Posted by Boxing Resistance, at Reply

      Snopes is liberal? Based on what?

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      Snoop? the rapper?

    • Posted by Charley Panda, at Reply

      Facts have a liberal bias.

    • Posted by Z- Reason, at Reply

      When haven’t they lied?! you serious? hahahaha

  5. Posted by Dann DaMann, at Reply

    Cracks me up. People attacking TYT because FB is planning something.

    • Posted by k m, at Reply

      Dann DaMann it’s Tyt’s response that people are attacking

    • Posted by El Paxton The Great, at Reply

      TYT’s response: “It isn’t up to facebook to determine what’s fake and what

      I don’t get it. What’s so controversial about that?

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      I agree with what they’re saying.

  6. Posted by Deadeye012011, at Reply

    Elliot Rodger was indoctrinated by TYT fake news.

    • Posted by Colin McKowski, at Reply

      Elliot Rodger was a MRA / redpiller.

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      So was Gavin Long, the Baton Rouge cop killerr.

    • Posted by Deadeye012011, at Reply

      +Colin McKowski​ nope he hated the MRM and Redpill in fact one of the
      reasons he killed all those men and boys was because he thought he was
      saving their Girlfriends from pickup artists. Theirs entire pages of things
      he wrote on the Internet laying out his motivations.

    • Posted by mikelon6343, at Reply

      sorry, he was a TYT fan as well as Gavin long that used anti police TYT
      youtube videos to garner hatred then go on a cop killing episode.

      TYT issued a copyright strike against Long’s channel to make sure no one
      saw that. Wouldnt want anyone to see that they helped to agitate a killing
      now would they?

  7. Posted by judyleasugar97, at Reply

    They are opening the door to censorship. You know what is behind this is
    certain political and corporate elites who don’t want an informed public.

    • Posted by Reality4Peace, at Reply

      +Eric Cheese So you’re advocating the violation of 1st amendment rights?

    • Posted by Eric Cheese, at Reply

      +Reality4Peace I believe our first amendment rights can only be
      strengthened by not allowing the words of those who preach bullshit to
      diminish those speaking the truth.

    • Posted by J C, at Reply

      Facebook is a public company. It has nothing to due with the 1st amendment.

    • Posted by Reality4Peace, at Reply

      How could silencing certain individuals, even if they hold crappy opinions
      and peddle false narratives, strengthen the right to free speech for all?
      That makes no sense.

    • Posted by JayDude07, at Reply

      I wish people would understand that. The first amendment prevents the
      government from restricting speech. A non-government entity, like Facebook,
      can choose what information they want on their site. If you don’t like it,
      don’t use Facebook. It’s not like you are being forced to use the service.

  8. Posted by Mr Happy Guy, at Reply

    TYT needs to be banned. It’s a fake news site.

    • Posted by Hiram Crumley, at Reply

      Hate to break it to you, but TYT has a narrative to push , and they will
      leave facts out of evidence when presenting stories to its viewers if it
      doesn’t fit the agenda they are going with…they are just as biased and
      fake as all the other outlets.

    • Posted by mikelon6343, at Reply


      like how they cut out Alex jones RNC incident tape to make sure it didnt
      include Jimmy dore spitting in alex’s face.

      They dont want you to have the full story, they have stories to spin and
      narratives to create.

  9. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    we need to start listening to news sources that aren’t about our political
    affiliations and or biases, but instead based on facts that can be backed
    up by facts themselves and anything less than that should be considered
    fake news!

    • Posted by El Jefe, at Reply

      In other words don’t ever watch tyt

    • Posted by JayDude07, at Reply

      Bias isn’t the problem. It certainly can be. The problem is facts. The
      issue with fake news isn’t solely because it is biased. For example, “Last
      Week Tonight” absolutely has a left bias. But most of their facts check
      out. You will never have a news source that is 100% right but getting close

      “Fake News”, on the other hand, is so biased that they will straight up
      make up news stories with no facts just to fire up the base. Why? Money.
      They get those clicks and can sell more adspace.

      The problem that presents is that people with lower intelligence and who
      are lazy won’t bother to do the additional research to see how valid the
      claim is and just go crazy with the article they read thinking that it’s
      “news” .

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      Of course all news sources have biases, but there’s a big difference
      between subtle biases and full on blatant lies that can’t be backed up by
      the truth!

      And for those of you whom can’t read, i didn’t say anything in my original
      post about the news being biased as that’s a no brainer, i instead said
      “your” political affiliations and or biases!

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump Troll much? You don’t even remotely know me and you make
      benighted statement based on what facts? I can’t stand Trump or Hillary! So
      what’s your point?

  10. Posted by Zetoria, at Reply

    TYT is my favourite source of unbiased news

    • Posted by Hiram Crumley, at Reply

      Dude they are biased as hell, they often only give you the facts that
      support the narrative they are pushing and leave out facts that don’t push
      that narrative in the direction they want to go..they are fake as all the
      other channels. There are no unbiased news outlets left.

    • Posted by Zetoria, at Reply

      +Hiram Crumley
      I was being sarcastic you know 😀

    • Posted by Hiram Crumley, at Reply

      My bad its hard to catch the sarcasm in text, 🙂

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      They are partisan. Not biased. The fifty-odd segments against Hillary prove

  11. Posted by Schaumanator, at Reply

    0:14-0:18 ‘..so, there was a lot of pressure put on Mark Zuckerberg and
    other[s] at Facebook to do something. ..’
    Pressure from who?

    • Posted by Hiram Crumley, at Reply

      Hillary Clinton, George Soros, DNC, main stream media, take your pick.

    • Posted by Schaumanator, at Reply

      Hiram Crumley Regardless, maybe we should answer that question before we
      willingly abandon the first amendment by censoring ‘fake’ news.

  12. Posted by Scott Meegan, at Reply

    Cenk holds degrees from 2 Ivy League universities. And he still speaks like
    an imbecile.

    • Posted by Rusty Johnson, at Reply

      Scott Meegan starts a sentence with “And”.

  13. Posted by Mancheeze, at Reply

    There has to be some kind of judicial process whereby fake news is torn
    apart and shown to be fake. For example, Bratbart’s article saying feminism
    is worse than cancer, that story should be eliminated b/c we know that’s
    false. You have to be able to show how it’s fake.

    • Posted by Scott Meegan, at Reply

      But, Feminism is worse than cancer! Especially if you’re a White Male

    • Posted by Kiel Weiss, at Reply

      Scott Meegan Cancer kills me, feminism inconveniences me. as a white male
      American, I don’t see how feminism is worse than cancer 😛

  14. Posted by Jason Emmons, at Reply

    Get rid of all the fake dead celebrity stories, and I’d be happy.

  15. Posted by Kathy Hershey, at Reply

    One word for it all, particularly the “facts checkers”; Bias, bias and more

  16. Posted by Red/white, at Reply

    I listen to Alex Jones sometimes for Laughs. Funniest thing on YouTube
    right now!

    • Posted by LanceFlugerman, at Reply

      oh lol, any intelligent person is the opposite of that though.

  17. Posted by Angry Jock, at Reply

    checked by snoopes lol

  18. Posted by only half bad 333, at Reply

    50 is gonna get married to Meryl Streep? What a story!!

  19. Posted by ShakeDownShane, at Reply

    who goes to fb for news lol

  20. Posted by Luke R, at Reply

    lol of course alex jones is against fact checking