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Facebook Hires Thousands To Help Stop Violence


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Mark Zuckerberg is hiring 3,000 screeners to help quit terrible video messages to Facebook. Hannah Cranston, Hasan Piker, and also Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us what you assume in the comment area below.

" Facebook intends to increase its area procedures group by including 3,000 individuals as part of a growing initiative to display and also battle hazardous material on the social media.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg made the news on his Facebook page Wednesday, promising that the brand-new hires will aid the business "improve at getting rid of points we don't permit on Facebook like hate speech as well as kid exploitation."

Zuckerberg additionally stated the business will simplify the process for users flagging doubtful content for testimonial, as well as will certainly make it simpler for staff members to call law enforcement when needed.

The extra 3,000 screeners represent a near doubling of the business's area procedures team, presently 4,500 strong.

Mediators have actually battled to stamp out horrific video clips prior to they go viral in genuine time. Last month, a 20-year-old male in Thailand killed his baby child as well as streamed the death on Facebook Live. Days prior to that, a 37-year-old guy in Cleveland posted a video clip of him firing and killing one more man on Easter Sunday. That video was reside on Facebook for around 2 hours before moderators took it down."

Find out more below:

Hosts: Hannah Cranston, Hasan Piker, Brett Erlich

Cast: Hannah Cranston, Hasan Piker, Brett Erlich


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  1. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    criticism is now violence, great!

    • Posted by quaxk, at Reply

      Trollop 7 they’re the source of my toxic jizz, it gives my gf the pink eye 🙂

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Yeah…. That all sounds quite problematic. I’m going to have to confer with the hive mind about this.

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      they are talking about people who put snuff videos on facebook or even sometimes the snuff videos are of themselves murdering someone. there are people out there that are crazy and stupid enough to do that and that’s what they are specifically addressing on this one.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Edward Bernayse666: _”they are talking about people who put snuff videos on facebook”_
      Who are? I wasn’t.

  2. Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

    9 dislikes in 2 minutes when the video is 6 minutes long? The Trumplers really dont have anything to do with their time.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Yeah, why is that?

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      Hasan and Hannah represent the worst of our generation. But seriously Trumptards, tyt army is #toostrong for your dumb asses. How’s that battle against the Jewish bankers going? Oh right Mnuchin lolol

    • Posted by Patrick Ryan, at Reply

      I disliked it because of Hannah. Didn’t bother to watch the rest since she is annoying AF

    • Posted by Maestroxxx1, at Reply

      Hannah is pro SJW and pro-feminism. the Internet does not like that.

  3. Posted by Unauthorized Expression, at Reply

    If your internet news matches your tv news, you need to find different internet news sources. Please stop watching TYT. They do nothing but spread disinformation. When I hear someone mention TYT I immediately think they are stupid.

    • Posted by ToBe Fair, at Reply

      i admit, lately tyt has gone a bit too fox news with hannah, and alex jones with jimmy… but overall they’re great unpretentious infotainment.. cenk is better than msnbc morning joe

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Meaty: No, they aren’t. They do have an agenda but it is fact based and it’s not moronic conspiracy theories.

    • Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

      +Jim is the man they are almost the same exact thing and equally as dangerous for the country

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      The Russians hacked the election. There’s actually very little Islamic terrorism. The KKK is alive and well … and everywhere. Antifa? What’s that then? The Berkeley riots may have been started by 4Chan.

  4. Posted by Xanstrom, at Reply

    i think Hannah is more hated than Ana,lol. and no one hates Nomiki.

    • Posted by ToBe Fair, at Reply

      ana is not hated… ana is smart and sexy, which invites jealous attacks… hannah i’m not sure she has a brain defect or speech defect.. nomiki is okay when she focuses on big issue, hate it when she acts like female jimmy

  5. Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

    MySpace was interesting because you could create your own background and have a playlist. It was cool and TYT is still garbage. 🙂

    • Posted by Joseph, at Reply

      By creating your own, do you mean copying a code from another website and pasting it on your profile edit? =P

    • Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

      Joseph you could have custom made designs to. TYT is garbage

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      YouTube channels used to be customizable in the same way. TYT is garbage.

    • Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

      Trollop 7 yeah, I miss being able to leave a video response, that was cool. TYT is garbage.

    • Posted by Ruen Ruotel, at Reply

      This sentence you are repeating seems to be like an Amen to you.

  6. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    Wow, liberals are now going out of there way to “stop” violence and “hate” speech. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the *FASCISTS* of America… *LIBERALS.*

    Since liberals can’t debate or rebut right wingers or opposing views, they are now silencing those they disagree with. This means war. *[Locked and loaded]*

    • Posted by Timothy O, at Reply

      Savage-American Imperialist Go fap to Michael Savage

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Savage-American Imperialist Hey, Savage Russian Imperialist. Le Pen lost the election.

    • Posted by C F, at Reply

      Dude, they are trying to keep people from Live Streaming murders and suicides, get your brain in order.

  7. Posted by DR GREEN, at Reply

    Why TYT is saying NOTHING about Youtube trying to shut down alternative media?????
    Kyle from Secular Talk for example lost 80% of his gains.

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      Because most of their ads are showing and like Google they are far left nut jobs

    • Posted by futurestoryteller, at Reply

      “Because most of their ads are showing and like Google they are far left nut jobs”

      Yeah… _Secular Talk_ such a right wing organization, not in any way affiliated with “The Young Turks”

      How stupid are you people anyway?

    • Posted by WobblyBits_X, at Reply

      +futurestoryteller The answer to your question is incredibly and wilfully.

  8. Posted by PasOdMater, at Reply

    War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength

    • Posted by PasOdMater, at Reply

      Yeah, easier to catch the moron filming it.

    • Posted by C F, at Reply

      Well it still shouldn’t be streamed, it’s fucked up

    • Posted by PasOdMater, at Reply

      Meh, you can find worse with just a bit of googling.

    • Posted by C F, at Reply

      That doesn’t mean we should let people live stream murders

  9. Posted by PKNHET, at Reply
    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      HA! Sounds interesting. I’ll check it out.

    • Posted by Ruen Ruotel, at Reply

      Does it do it for both sides of the coin ?

  10. Posted by Bill Nye Fake Science Guy, at Reply

    Hannah looks like one of those pigs that just slaps on more perfume instead of showering.

    • Posted by Markstubation01, at Reply

      Bill Nye Fake Science Guy at least she has the balls to show her face on screen

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      You look like a troll who is so lame he creates new accounts just to troll new issues and people.

  11. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    is hasan gay because he sucks the dicks, or – this is really going to blow your minds – does hasan sucks the dicks because he’s gay?

    • Posted by Donaldthustra, at Reply

      Also, are traps gay?

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      I think he is engaged to be a woman.

    • Posted by Ruen Ruotel, at Reply

      You made me search up Hasan Piker’s information, and I found out this :
      Quite interesting.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Why are Republicans so obsessed with people being gay and/or with gay sex acts?

      Seems Freudian in nature.

  12. Posted by BL4CK KN1G8T, at Reply

    Hannah and Hasan.

    Got to Dislike

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      even as a TYT fan, I have to agree. least valuable players on the main show. Ben and Michael Shure are wet blankets, but I at least have some respect for them

    • Posted by BL4CK KN1G8T, at Reply

      No wonder Sorority Girls and Frat Boys get a bad name if these two are anything to go by.

  13. Posted by Alexander Bergman, at Reply

    Keep in mind that TYT does business with Facebook.

    • Posted by arithsem, at Reply

      Alexander Bergman pretty much every business does business with Facebook in one form or another

  14. Posted by Ruen Ruotel, at Reply

    Seems like videos with Hannah are getting the least like percentage.

    • Posted by Ruen Ruotel, at Reply

      +Trollop 7 You are correct about my perplex tone.

    • Posted by kwyjibo, at Reply

      +Ruen Ruotel i would have thought it was Hassan that was bringing the vote % down, but that’s just my bias. The best thing about Hass is he isn’t Karamo.

    • Posted by Haley W, at Reply

      Yeah, I don’t mind listening to any of the people that work at TYT besides Hannah. She says “uhhh” way too much, doesn’t seem informed about anything she talks about, and she doesn’t seem like she’s actually a journalist at all. For how large of a network TYT has become, they should replace her with someone knowledgeable and prepared to have informed discussions about what they’re reporting on. It’s not like she would have any chance of having a job at TYT if she talked like that and looked like Grace (no offense to Grace, but let’s be real, Grace didn’t get the job because of the way she looks.)

  15. Posted by Paulette Sopel, at Reply


    • Posted by Ruen Ruotel, at Reply

      Are you talking about Zuckerberg ?

    • Posted by freedom1234573, at Reply

      Paulette Sopel grandma, turn your caps off

    • Posted by Paulette Sopel, at Reply

      Ruen Ruotel YUP

  16. Posted by futurestoryteller, at Reply

    A guy killed his 11-month old… on facebook, so facebook tries to fix this problem, what kind of repulsive scumbag downvotes this video?

    • Posted by futurestoryteller, at Reply

      You don’t blame people for being biased against a particular host?

    • Posted by Muno Unom, at Reply

      Lol, well it is the TYT way of doing it I guess. Also Mc_Laggin got you covered, now maybe you can start useing your brain on such things, and let feelings be between you and whoever is in the tormented situation of being your loved ones.

    • Posted by futurestoryteller, at Reply

      “now maybe you can start *useing* your brain”

      ^ LoL

    • Posted by Muno Unom, at Reply

      Misspelling aside, point still stand.

    • Posted by futurestoryteller, at Reply

      If you’d made one, that would have been something.

  17. Posted by Martti Hänninen, at Reply

    Zuckerberg is a typical sociopath. He is not doing this, because its the right thing to do but because he is afraid it will cost him money if he does nothing.

    • Posted by BestofNate, at Reply

      Ethier way I’m glad it’s being done.

    • Posted by Dr tonni, at Reply

      BestofNate It’s a terrible job.