Fail Higher, Faster: Mountain Fails (April 2017) || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Fail Higher, Faster: Mountain Fails (April 2017) || FailArmy


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Falls short on the hill are immediate classics, we have actually got some mountain bike stops working, snowboard bonds and also a couple of ski falls short. We have actually all been there! Send us your amusing fall short video clips to and also always remember to leave some love in the remarks area.

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  1. Posted by PianoMania, at Reply

    Hi, guys!
    I am piano player and I am making *piano covers of Movies and Games soundtracks!*
    Check out my last works: *WestWorld, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Interstellar etc ;)*
    _P.S. I hope, you will not get mad at me for this little advertising._

    • Posted by Nick Tuber, at Reply


    • Posted by NAYLA, at Reply

      PianoMania cool

    • Posted by Bacondonut1, at Reply

      PianoMania I say you a while ago

  2. Posted by Thomas Z., at Reply

    Alle Deutsche liken diesen sinnlosen Kommentar.

    • Posted by koko kokodaischne, at Reply

      nein du doofmann xd

    • Posted by Der Smasher, at Reply


    • Posted by Blazn420 copscantcatchme, at Reply

      Thomas Z. just an English comment going past.

    • Posted by Der Smasher, at Reply


    • Posted by X0lla, at Reply

      Thomas Z. haha xD

  3. Posted by Owen Duke, at Reply

    This Will Get lost In The Comments

    • Posted by Ruben Reyes, at Reply

      Owen Duke dont worry i found ya its olay

    • Posted by MrCunt, at Reply


    • Posted by crazy c, at Reply

      Owen Duke Found you

    • Posted by crazy c, at Reply

      Owen Duke Please Don’t get lost

  4. Posted by DeonteDdj, at Reply

    1:45 Me getting through the week…

    • Posted by Minifigureman 2, at Reply

      Jason no you sexist idiot

    • Posted by T Cyr, at Reply


    • Posted by Hug -A- Bull, at Reply

      He’s off to a good start, Oh there he goes!

    • Posted by olivia copper, at Reply

      DeonteDdj wa

  5. Posted by Mr. Tapper, at Reply

    look at 1:43 this is not fail it’s awesome because you can’t count how many flips he did

    • Posted by Rafay Ahmad, at Reply

      I got 9 as well

    • Posted by josee fitness, at Reply

      i count 8

  6. Posted by Ifan Fauzi, at Reply

    Whoever read this have a nice day !

    • Posted by Wyatt :, at Reply

      Don’t tell me what to do

    • Posted by Wrecke ar, at Reply

      Ifan Fauzi kys

    • Posted by Blue Bird, at Reply

      Ifan Fauzi you too!

    • Posted by Lugh Summerson, at Reply

      Hi guys! Try not to think about the fact that you and everyone you know will eventually die.

  7. Posted by Corbin Hart, at Reply

    This is why we wear helmets

    • Posted by OhWowWeWoo, at Reply

      Most of these people wore helmets in this video…. so thats good.

    • Posted by Dirt E, at Reply

      Corbin Hart Don’t worry have a Pepsi

    • Posted by Blue Bird, at Reply

      Corbin Hart literally what I thought

    • Posted by Dan Goodbad, at Reply

      Michael Schumacher was wearing a helmet when he had a skiing accident. Didn’t help him.

  8. Posted by Hacked, at Reply

    Seh ich nicht ein

    • Posted by AviRaLxVampiire · Gaming, at Reply

      Hacked Ja moinsen

    • Posted by DrawMyChannel, at Reply

      Hacked ja moin

    • Posted by Benjamin Bodewig, at Reply

      Hacked Tjahaha moin Leute Fails sind im Schnee am Start

    • Posted by Rasha roro, at Reply


  9. Posted by Atte, at Reply

    1:44 Woah did anyone count how many barrel rolls he did???

    • Posted by Barney Likes Kids, at Reply

      Atte counted 9

    • Posted by French Fries, at Reply

      Atte Yeah 9

    • Posted by Jarkoo, at Reply

      Atte 9/11

  10. Posted by Oriya, at Reply

    1:46 lol

    • Posted by amazinggrace863, at Reply

      easily the best part

  11. Posted by fritz, at Reply

    I like fails.
    Do you like fails?

    • Posted by Ball is LIfe, at Reply

      in case you didn’t get that: You are a fail, therefore I like you

    • Posted by fritz, at Reply

      Ball is LIfe i speak german

    • Posted by Ball is LIfe, at Reply

      Wow, I did nazi coming

    • Posted by Foxythepiratefox_, at Reply

      Dann sag etwas auf deutsch.

    • Posted by fritz, at Reply

      Foxythepiratefox_ ich heiße Marvin und bin ein spasti auserdem wohne ich in China

  12. Posted by WoffSmart // WS, at Reply


    • Posted by WoffSmart // WS, at Reply


  13. Posted by Jitender kumar, at Reply

    Put background song “goodbye my love” @3:32

    • Posted by TOBiLON, at Reply

      I thought exactly the same when I saw it 😂

  14. Posted by Nomo Hakon, at Reply

    Make politician fails. I dare you.

    • Posted by Erik Halverson, at Reply

      Nomo Hakon that would be funny, but I don’t think failarmy wants to show their fans anything to do with politics.

  15. Posted by KoKi GAmI, at Reply

    All these people are doing more with their lives than me so I guess I’m the fail.

    • Posted by CHUBBY MORON, at Reply

      KoKi GAmI SAME

  16. Posted by Jojimbo Usagi, at Reply

    4:02-4:18 For me it looks like a win.

    • Posted by Szinvak, at Reply

      Jojimbo Usagi It was a win. Maybe they thought it was a fail because of how deep he was in the snow, I just think it’s because of the weight of his balls dragging him down!

  17. Posted by _ Trinix _, at Reply

    Fail army>People are awesome

  18. Posted by Andy Toskovic, at Reply

    5:23 This guy literally fell apart XDDD

  19. Posted by Kpt SABEY, at Reply

    Łoooooo… Polacy też failują

  20. Posted by Craftty Angelo, at Reply

    3:58 They help the camera but not his friend. WTF