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FailArmy After Dark: It’s Party Time (ep. 1)


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Kick your Saturday evening off with this mixed bag of compilations and amusing video clips. Whether you're preparing yourself to head out for the evening or bringing the party house, get it started with FailArmy After Dark. We're attempting this out this out, so allow us understand exactly what you think in the remarks listed below!


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  1. Posted by MaXtRiX Videos, at Reply


    • Posted by The Friendly Narwhal, at Reply

      Percentage comments are cringe.

    • Posted by Parry No Stamina, at Reply

      MaXtRiX Videos

      Talented Stupidity*

    • Posted by TrollForceOne Gaming, at Reply

      The Friendly Narwhal like you.

    • Posted by thevoiceofcake, at Reply

      Don’t tell me there is no porn 8:57

  2. Posted by ZeroPointPortal, at Reply

    the music fucking killed this vid for me

    • Posted by TheGamingBros, at Reply

      ZeroPointPortal are you listening to the amazing conversations the people are having. Just watch and listen it’s not that hard

    • Posted by ZeroPointPortal, at Reply

      TheGamingBros no it’s just annoying

    • Posted by Ayman Kass, at Reply

      TheGamingBros u said that on the other comment

  3. Posted by MrAleDude, at Reply

    What did the librarian say to the student?

    Read more

    • Posted by andy E, at Reply

      I’m pretty sure she would like to see original comments as well

    • Posted by Попей Воды, at Reply

      MrAleDude *Hehe, when you have a non english language of YouTube – you are resistant to this trolling. :D*

    • Posted by torpa15, at Reply

      “this channel is dying because it only posts trash now”

    • Posted by Blake Bastien, at Reply

      MrAleDude *when you have to click read more to see that you wrote read more*

  4. Posted by My Channel Has Only 1Video Just To Make You Happy, at Reply

    on my last party I’ve learned that England is a city

    • Posted by Josh Santos, at Reply

      I thought England was a continent

    • Posted by SlightlyDecent, at Reply

      Wait. England isn’t a state?

    • Posted by legolots 284, at Reply

      Erock Stoenescu Just look up “Its every day bro” you will then understand…

    • Posted by man man2947, at Reply

      no, they are just trying something new.

  5. Posted by Zirkumflex, at Reply

    Music is annoying…and too loud most of the time…

    • Posted by YoloYepez, at Reply

      Zirkumflex ikr

    • Posted by Nikolaj Jensen, at Reply

      It’s not like you can just mute the video and put on some music you like

  6. Posted by Arcterion, at Reply

    That ‘wedding crasher’ thing was pure cancer. Please don’t do that again.

    • Posted by Jesus, at Reply

      Arcterion they’re slowly turning into break

    • Posted by B Er, at Reply

      Arcterion I know, that was distracting and unnecessary.

    • Posted by Harry Clark, at Reply

      genuine cancer

    • Posted by Sandrako, at Reply

      Arcterion I couldn’t even focus on what was going on

    • Posted by The Dark Ninja, at Reply

      Arcterion ur right

  7. Posted by ollie riley, at Reply

    New editor?

    • Posted by Rhemie Kekana, at Reply

      Don’t like it

    • Posted by reggiep75, at Reply

      I was gonna like this but it’s at 666 likes… I’m not going to be the one to destroy it!

  8. Posted by Illuminatty, at Reply

    what kinda bs is that falling thing. pls just stay with the original failarmy content. that was just cringe

    • Posted by Pippy Pappy, at Reply

      Has a winning formula and 12M subscribers – “Lets change everything!”

    • Posted by Yangus Cool, at Reply

      its literally just a copy of a movie called the core

    • Posted by Lord Eddie, at Reply


    • Posted by Jens Nilsson, at Reply

      Yeah. That falling bit was just terrible. Don’t ever do that again.

  9. Posted by Kieran, at Reply

    Whilst I like the new format, I think the “Hindsight is 2020” trailer-thingy was out of place and kinda killed the momentum of the video :/

    I think it would do better as it’s own show?

    • Posted by think about it, at Reply

      Kieran why is that a question

    • Posted by Kieran, at Reply

      think about it – Good question. Because I wrote it as I’d narrated it in my head. Apologies.

    • Posted by Josh Santos, at Reply

      Couldn’t agree more!

  10. Posted by Bill Gates, at Reply

    The music is distracting

    • Posted by PAL-TALK, at Reply

      Bill Gates Yes it’s you are right, It destroyed the video.

    • Posted by Ur still fat, at Reply

      I like how I got upset at destined for death and now he shuts up

    • Posted by albert futo, at Reply

      well i came to see fails not hear them but whatevs

    • Posted by KevnBlack, at Reply

      Yeah it is at some points, but I tuned it out after a while.

  11. Posted by Kooladicrew, at Reply

    lmao fail army running out of ideas

    • Posted by EnoVarma, at Reply

      This video was literally trying out new ideas.

    • Posted by MauranKilom, at Reply

      …no this is the opposite. They feel like they need new ideas when they don’t.

    • Posted by EnoVarma, at Reply

      What…I mean what? Are you saying that veering from the usual format is the opposite of a new idea, or that feeling the need for new ideas is the opposite of new ideas?

  12. Posted by IAMSAKAR, at Reply

    Title: After Dark. *shows daytime videos

    • Posted by Ronald Cox, at Reply

      IAMSAKAR I think it’s a new layout for videos or something. Like a side project they’re working on instead of their usual videos. It says ep. 1 so I’m assuming it’ll be a playlist.

    • Posted by Reid's idea, at Reply

      IAMSAKAR do you know what’s after dark?

    • Posted by Pipato _Da_Bomb, at Reply

      IAMSAKAR well daytime comes after the dark so I guess it’s correct🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Posted by United P4nda, at Reply

      Needforsp33d209 ……….

  13. Posted by wooty, at Reply

    jesus christ stop with the fucking music

    • Posted by Ondrej Barinka, at Reply

      The Sethioz Project I mean this isnt 24/7 its 13 minutes and by ignore it they probably mean mute it you know

    • Posted by camila martinez, at Reply

      god shut up

    • Posted by Atticus Productions, at Reply

      MasterBabo Don t tell people to get cancer. It’s a deadly disease. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you. *falls off cliff*

    • Posted by Gemling AJ, at Reply


    • Posted by albert futo, at Reply

      no one is actually talking theyre just typing so yeh f u c:

  14. Posted by trieu duong, at Reply

    i hate this music !!!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by RNKx Youtube Channel, at Reply

      TheGamingBros He don’t like this style, me too. It’s easy to watch and listen.

      So if we don’t like this style, we cannot complain ? Just enjoy this things ?

    • Posted by trieu duong, at Reply

      ja natürlich haha

    • Posted by ElyenatiJimin, at Reply

      RNKx Youtube Channel
      Easier said then done.

  15. Posted by dartzu, at Reply

    Why would you add the music?

    • Posted by dartzu, at Reply

      Great argument there. Grow up

    • Posted by PipPupPap, at Reply

      Says the one who crys about music in a fucking video. Grow up.
      And your arguments are pure cancer. (distracting is bullshit)

    • Posted by PAL-TALK, at Reply

      dartzu It’s all about stupidity.

  16. Posted by psygn0sis, at Reply

    You can go ahead and *SKIP* from 7:12 to 8:36.

    • Posted by Philip Alexander Hassialis, at Reply

      Cheers, this somehow should be pinned.

  17. Posted by Schtemberg, at Reply

    this is cancer wtf? why make a movie the trailer is so cringy ew…

    • Posted by think about it, at Reply

      Schtemberg says the person who jacks of to drawings.

    • Posted by Grim__Eragon, at Reply


  18. Posted by Jack Skellington, at Reply

    Meh, it’s decent. A number of the videos were pretty funny. Notes for future reference, FailArmy:
    a) Please choose better music for some sections and make it a bit quieter.
    b) Birthdays is spelt without an apostrophe (1:16)
    c) You know the cartoon guy in the Wedding Fails section? Never do that again.
    d) The trailer for pointless and not funny.

    • Posted by Crowe, at Reply

      Jack Skellington I agree with you for the most part. The trailer could’ve been really funny if there had been more falling though, but it should probably get its own video

    • Posted by Spencer Johnson, at Reply

      110% percent agree with this

    • Posted by Wanessa Alves, at Reply

      Who’s the cartoon guy?

    • Posted by Wolk Aldur, at Reply

      Wanessa Alves that one edited blond man with a drink who “pushed” all those ppl

  19. Posted by Lg, at Reply

    We want the classic failarmy back

    • Posted by torpa15, at Reply


    • Posted by Lauren Flaherty, at Reply


    • Posted by lil sis nikki, at Reply

      rt rt

  20. Posted by Please Help me get Subscribers with no Video, at Reply

    The last time I was this early, England wasn’t a city

    • Posted by Annie Gardezi, at Reply

      Please Help me get Subscribers with no Video lol