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FailArmy After Dark: Let The Tuna Go! (Ep. 5)


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FailArmy After Dark is below, which suggests it's Saturday!! We've obtained sharks pursuing a diver, funny work fails as well as a specialist on performances! Have a favorite? Leave us a comment listed below, as well as allow us understand what you consider FailArmy After Dark!!


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  1. Posted by Walli, at Reply

    Erster deutscher 🙂

    • Posted by clash royale world of tanks blitz., at Reply

      Walli ich auch :))

    • Posted by K A D S E, at Reply

      Walli ey

    • Posted by Hannah Voegelchen, at Reply

      Walli Jay Deutsche!😄

    • Posted by Matteo, at Reply

      Walli Heil!

    • Posted by golden mirror, at Reply


  2. Posted by UNREAL, at Reply

    1 like – 1 fail

    • Posted by AlexCH27, at Reply

      …in your life

    • Posted by H TOBIN, at Reply

      UNREAL i

    • Posted by MO VACILÃO TEU CU NA MINHA MÃO S2, at Reply

      UNREAL cool

    • Posted by HOMBRE, at Reply

      UNREAL .

  3. Posted by Joseph Willis-Jones, at Reply

    Totally how we play pong

    • Posted by Agent Tux, at Reply

      was thinking the same thing!

  4. Posted by DemonicDragon2, at Reply

    I put my phone on airplane mode
    I threw it
    It did not fly
    Like if you cry every time

    • Posted by Sp5it, at Reply

      DemonicDragon2 From this scale of 1 to 10 please rate how dumb you are, thanks!

    • Posted by Me Cooper, at Reply

      Such an emotional comment. I cried.

    • Posted by #Hi #There, at Reply

      delete some apps full charge the phone
      and turn on location
      phone will fly believe me 😋

    • Posted by Orca, at Reply

      nevermind I just cried

  5. Posted by JohnnyGaming, at Reply

    4:46 lmaoooo

    • Posted by Frenchie, at Reply

      That second impact with the pole looked like it hurt so much

    • Posted by N god322, at Reply

      10/10 sober

    • Posted by JohnnyGaming, at Reply

      Frenchie imagine if there wasnt this red wall lol

    • Posted by Anthony Ursino, at Reply

      JohnnyGaming ikr

  6. Posted by Josh Nevett, at Reply

    That shark attack one was fucking awesome!

    • Posted by Kassiper Pro, at Reply

      Shaggy – completely true. Humans are destroying earth by pollution, hunting and so many other things. I don’t get why you would hate sharks for that

    • Posted by jervaughn boland, at Reply

      jared robinson yea because you’ve had to defend yourself from 2 sharks before,so you have all the knowledge possible to say something like that.

    • Posted by James Foreman, at Reply

      Sharks had appeared because of blood of that poor tuna. It’s natural. And they didn’t want to kill that guy, they were just curious what is that, as sharks really are.

    • Posted by Mycroft616, at Reply

      To everyone saying he didn’t have to stab the sharks, he actually did. If you take the time to watch again, the sharks took one bite of the fish and spread blood, and then he pulled his catch into his chest so the sharks wouldn’t take another bite of it. At that point, he made himself a target since he’s right next to the blood source and could easily be bitten by mistake. The only way to argue he didn’t have to stab them is if we consider he could have dropped his catch, but that too requires him to reel it in so he can free it. He had to put himself in danger no matter what, so he took the option with the best return.

    • Posted by Kassiper Pro, at Reply

      Mycroft616 or he could just not hunt at tuna in the first place. Let’s be real. That’s the best option for the fish, the shark and the human.

  7. Posted by radry100, at Reply

    Should be titled: Murrica Fails

    • Posted by Oilspot 78, at Reply

      Not all Americans are idiots, just most of them, and some of these aren’t in America, so it would be irrelevant to title it merica fails.

    • Posted by DJ Lewi, at Reply

      Stop hating on America

    • Posted by Stellar af, at Reply

      AtrumNoxProductions No, it’s not. If it is, how so?

    • Posted by Stellar af, at Reply

      Oilspot 78 Only half of them, actually.

    • Posted by Oilspot 78, at Reply

      Stellar af Well, I guess it depends where you live, I live in Cali, and your statement is more accurate, but it just depends, I guess

  8. Posted by Gluteus Illuminatus, at Reply

    What is it about Americans that makes them jump into fences and onto tables whenever they see one? It’s just baffling to us Europeans.

    • Posted by Stellar af, at Reply

      Ghostiification America is the best country in the world.

    • Posted by CelestialOtter, at Reply

      Gluteus Illuminatus it’s baffling to the rest of the Americans that don’t do it, too. Lol

    • Posted by Gluteus Illuminatus, at Reply

      We refer to ourselves as Europeans because your average American thinks Europe is a country. If we specify the country most of you have no fucking clue. My girl concurs and she’s American.

    • Posted by TheLegend1337, at Reply

      Stellar af america isnt even a country kek

  9. Posted by MateoParodyVlogs, at Reply

    Anyone Who likes my recent video will get a subscriber! 😱🔥💦


      Which sucks, because it seems I’m not getting another subscriber.

    • Posted by MateoParodyVlogs, at Reply


    • Posted by Some loser called TheAquaMarineGod, at Reply

      MateoParodyVlogs you can’t even tell who liked it, like beggar

    • Posted by MateoParodyVlogs, at Reply

      Some loser called TheAquaMarineGod ik but if they comment here they probably did

  10. Posted by Okay, at Reply

    16:42 nude people in background

    • Posted by Marcus 189, at Reply

      GL Aviation Dortmund

    • Posted by Matti, at Reply


    • Posted by Ner-chan!, at Reply

      legia warsaw u bithes!

    • Posted by Peter Passlick, at Reply

      BvB <3

  11. Posted by Ateneiro, at Reply

    asking for second time: what is so “after dark” about this??

    • Posted by alex knight, at Reply

      Ateneiro 5:31 for about half a second?

    • Posted by Ghostiification, at Reply

      Nice “nighttime” there you twat, it’s literally uploaded at 4pm. Stupid americunts.

    • Posted by Ateneiro, at Reply

      alex knight Haha, I didn’t even notice 😀

    • Posted by fr fr, at Reply

      they post it after dark…

    • Posted by Ateneiro, at Reply

      thanks it was already aswered………

  12. Posted by KR1 RH, at Reply

    jake where did you go?
    jake: whoooo

    • Posted by OpTic KTG, at Reply

      *Hey man what’s ur name*

    • Posted by Húsleves Schey, at Reply

      best clip

  13. Posted by Ryan Ryan, at Reply

    Why were those cops running from the other cop at 5:54

    • Posted by Shawn411, at Reply

      Ryan Ryan are you drunk?

    • Posted by James V, at Reply

      Ryan Ryan hahahaahhahaha your hilarious I went back an died 😂

    • Posted by James V, at Reply

      Shawn411 you missed the joke.

  14. Posted by Alecs Moscatelli, at Reply

    That shark attack tho😱

    • Posted by E Schur, at Reply

      Is a game. With pretty cheap graphics.

    • Posted by IndigenousProtocol, at Reply

      Schnell Straße Survival of the fittest, son. That’s how the world works

    • Posted by Hale Bomm, at Reply

      yeah Survival of the fittest the Shark was definitly the fittest in that situation and coul have easily killed the diver if he wanted to do you seriously think you are as agile in the water as two sharks? Idiot

    • Posted by georgetaylor11, at Reply

      They can recover from that – the shark i mean

    • Posted by Alex, at Reply

      Hale Bomm but they didn’t, did they?

  15. Posted by Memealicious 1, at Reply

    Let’s play a game every 5th like dies

    • Posted by Christian Parsons, at Reply

      Memealicious 1 😰

  16. Posted by Cameron Vogler, at Reply

    That party/concert section would have been much funnier without the cringey guy introducing the clips.

  17. Posted by Theodore Timothy Tsipiras, at Reply


  18. Posted by Madwife Cinda, at Reply

    What a ‘Green’ company, recycling all that footage…

  19. Posted by 7.62 x 39, at Reply

    Damn that shark stack was so shocking, the guy was savage, he new ho to deal with it.