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FailArmy After Dark: Let’s Get Crazy! (Ep. 4)


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  1. Posted by Daniel Balk, at Reply

    I think the failarmy comment section is one of the most cancerous due to the bots and spam comments

    • Posted by Jay C., at Reply

      Daniel Balk Just go to a Vanoss commennt section, now thats cancerous…

    • Posted by Derek Tingle, at Reply

      people with CS:GO avatars also dont help

    • Posted by Christopher Kelly, at Reply

      Derek Tingle u are sit correct

    • Posted by JahlBand, at Reply

      Went to your mother’s house yesterday and you’ll never guessed what happened next…

      I fucked her.

  2. Posted by B Er, at Reply

    6:36 is that Logan paul

    • Posted by Alex Zuliani, at Reply

      B Er Isi

    • Posted by DIAMONDCRAFTER 1209, at Reply

      B Er no cuz hes not wearing the Maverick merch

    • Posted by Pyjama .S, at Reply

      DIAMONDCRAFTER 1209 Like a God Church

  3. Posted by Tommy G, at Reply

    Who remembers when FailArmy posted only once a week, making the video exciting to watch, not spammed several times a week with recycled clips?

    • Posted by wacoose, at Reply

      You can recreate that by only watching the compilations released on Fridays.

    • Posted by Pavol G., at Reply


    • Posted by NOOB Play´s, at Reply

      Tommy G yeah it was much better

    • Posted by Wraithix, at Reply

      Throw back Thursdays seriously sucks. I’ve seen every clip from them. Why a new episode when I can just watch something from any previous year?

  4. Posted by Fernando, at Reply

    5:06 most overused clip in compilations ever.

    • Posted by Potato Pizza, at Reply

      Fernando I’ve never seen it

    • Posted by Jonah Pettrich, at Reply

      Same goes for 1:18. Failarmy is just pathetic…

    • Posted by Dating For Real, at Reply

      Fernando – Yes. 👍

    • Posted by Fern, at Reply

      And 5:27

  5. Posted by TheKEKLEON, at Reply

    Translation for video at 5:07:
    – STOP IT! (Hit the break)
    – STOP IT

    • Posted by Empty Null, at Reply

      — stop it, ur mother!
      — aaaa!!!1
      — stupid!!
      — blin (pancake)
      — stooOOPIIIIIIT!!!111

    • Posted by TheKEKLEON, at Reply

      Empty Null
      I don’t know, will our “English-speaking” friends understand true meaning of “blin” and “your mother” 😀

      In case you’re Russian too:
      Приятно видеть своих соотечественников здесь.
      Но про блин и “твою ж мать!” я объяснил чуть выше =)

    • Posted by CaddyPro'59, at Reply

      I’m proud to be born in russia man.

    • Posted by Empty Null, at Reply

      ты недооцениваешь русский язык. весь цивилизованный мир уже знаком с “suka”, “bljad'”, “idi nahui”, так что и с остальной частью великого и могучего как-нибудь справятся.

    • Posted by Milo Goodstein, at Reply

      Nobody cares.

  6. Posted by AlphaLeader772, at Reply

    That Kangaroo hugging that person, restored my faith in humanity.

    • Posted by mistie710, at Reply

      It may possibly restore my faith in kangaroo-ity…

    • Posted by AlphaLeader772, at Reply

      nvm, i instantly lost it when i saw those firemen and the booty thing.

    • Posted by Me Cooper, at Reply

      Just so you know, If that fence wasn’t there, He would have gotten double kicked in the stomach.

      Basically when they spar/fight they try to grapple until there is an opening and do a really strong double kick to end the fight… Red kangaroos have been known to be able to disembowel people and animals doing that.

    • Posted by AlphaLeader772, at Reply

      No wonder why there is a kangaroo in Tekken.

  7. Posted by dad, at Reply

    clickbait. most of these videos are not after dark

    • Posted by R Picifica, at Reply

      dad why did you leave?

    • Posted by Xavier Ancarno, at Reply

      After dark come light… so semantically its not wrong

    • Posted by dad, at Reply

      R Picifica *sprints into darkness*

  8. Posted by Fluffy Oreo Wolf, at Reply

    Could I have 0 likes ??

    • Posted by R Picifica, at Reply


    • Posted by Fluffy Oreo Wolf, at Reply

      Pretty please

    • Posted by ExtRabbit 123, at Reply

      Nope. Trololololo

  9. Posted by JuniorGamer TV, at Reply

    today 4billion people are disconnected from internet cuz of wire damage cuz of a submarine

    • Posted by Sacha Daenens, at Reply

      Yet you’re here…

      There is no God.

    • Posted by CrushingRock, at Reply

      JuniorGamer TV 4 billion?

  10. Posted by ShadowKey, at Reply

    What is Harry Potter’s favorite method of getting down a hill?


    JK, Rolling

    • Posted by Lord Eddie, at Reply

      You know it was a bad joke when ‘CrazyUnicornFan – Roblox And More!’ types OMG HAHA

    • Posted by Matthew Walton, at Reply

      ShadowKey I don’t get it

    • Posted by Joshua Gunsaulus, at Reply

      Kudos to you. That was terrible, but completely awesome at the same time. You earned a like for this comment!

  11. Posted by Tina thecutiepie, at Reply

    on that last video I couldun’t stop laughing!!!! Its too funny!!!! 😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by DerpDuckGaming And More!, at Reply

      Tina thecutiepie no its cringe af.

  12. Posted by SG gamer private, at Reply

    she peed 2:02 XD

    • Posted by Veysel Dayı, at Reply

      whaat ?

    • Posted by Turbo15psi, at Reply

      She didn’t pee that was her finger

    • Posted by Mr Cornwall, at Reply

      You wish she did

  13. Posted by hazeeq razak, at Reply

    How do kangaroos hav sex?

    • Posted by Toobster124ivh, at Reply

      hazeeq razak …

    • Posted by Guest 123, at Reply

      slowly… in missionary position, with no eye contact.

    • Posted by hazeeq razak, at Reply


    • Posted by Lord Eddie, at Reply

      What the fook is wrong with you

    • Posted by Karl the Sci-Fi Guy, at Reply

      hazeeq razak with great difficulty, just like us

  14. Posted by Rj Gonzalez, at Reply

    That guy is a beast telling them that their seatbelt isn’t properly put in before ejecting them akwardly

    • Posted by Racer 2405, at Reply

      Rj Gonzalez and i love how the guy is just waving his arms around

  15. Posted by SARG4mer X, at Reply

    6:26 WHAT WAS THAT LAUGH??!😂👌

    • Posted by K R, at Reply

      SARG4mer X It was like James May laughing.

    • Posted by Nikki DiGiulio, at Reply

      SARG4mer X friend!

    • Posted by SARG4mer X, at Reply

      Nikki DiGiulio Hey!

    • Posted by Over The Bar, at Reply

      SARG4mer X He definitely has pneumonia…

  16. Posted by Josh Lowe, at Reply

    7:49 song?

    • Posted by Di rk, at Reply

      Josh Lowe Darude – Sandstorm

    • Posted by In Dream World, at Reply

      I’m looking too the song. I know this music was in ‘We are your friends’ movie :l

  17. Posted by PIE, at Reply

    Can anyone tell me what’s actually happening at 5:03 ?