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FailArmy After Dark: Say It, Don’t Spray It (Ep. 7)


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We've got some humorous bulldog stops working, fantastic Virtual Reality stops working and also some awesome spray fails! Enjoy your Saturday, and also have fun viewing FailArmy After Dark!! Have a preferred? Leave us a remark below, and also allow us understand just what you believe.


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      do you honestly think you’re fucking funny?

  5. Posted by Chivas Aurora, at Reply

    Deja-Poo. The feeling that you’ve seen this crap before.

    • Posted by meemedmania, at Reply

      DEJA POO
      I’ve already seen all these fails before
      Higher on the views, so i know its my time to go

    • Posted by Aimos Seader, at Reply

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    • Posted by FutureDelica, at Reply

      Are you Deja-Dieded?

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      That devil’s laugh, yeah…

  12. Posted by Josh Nevett, at Reply

    9:13 fucking demon noises…

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      The black boy should learn to relax!

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    Don’t like the comment, I hate success

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  14. Posted by radry100, at Reply

    pause at 10:45 and enjoy

    • Posted by Pazzo, at Reply


    • Posted by Szymek11HD, at Reply

      radry100 😉

  15. Posted by Vilsa-Brunnen Medium, at Reply

    2:10 when you find out england isnt a city

    • Posted by Android User, at Reply

      Vilsa-Brunnen Medium England is my Village

    • Posted by heatherwanderer777, at Reply

      still holds true, a village is not a city 😛

  16. Posted by deadlyNightshade789, at Reply

    The guy with the twizzlers in his mouth wakes up with a look on his face like he’s been there before 😂 he looks like “okay stay calm Jerry. There’s something in your mouth. No sudden movements now” 😂 I bet it’s not the first time his friends did this

    • Posted by Andreas Grohs, at Reply

      I like this one. It’s a harmless and funny prank that also makes the pranked one laugh.

    • Posted by John Stromboly, at Reply

      oh shut up you racist

  17. Posted by Kassiper Pro, at Reply

    I don’t love french bulldogs…
    These little beasts are disgusting like wtf

  18. Posted by Hornet, at Reply

    vagenge at 10:44

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    24:17 thank me later