FailArmy Presents: People Are Awesome! Wins vs. Fails #3 | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

FailArmy Presents: People Are Awesome! Wins vs. Fails #3


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Sometimes individuals don't stop working entirely, so we teamed up with Individuals Are Amazing again to highlight some stops working vs. wins! Examine our their YT Channel:, and let us understand your thoughts down below!!

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  1. Posted by iDaniel, at Reply

    *i want a girlfriends* 😢

  2. Posted by I, Sheldon Cooper, want 10,000 Subscribers, at Reply

    Haha, these people lack coordination skills.

    • Posted by zippysquirrel 5921, at Reply

      got that right

    • Posted by Link, at Reply

      I hate people who beg for subscribers

    • Posted by Restricted The Corde, at Reply

      Shut up, gay

    • Posted by Mad9977, at Reply

      you don’t have to do it 😂

  3. Posted by Don't Read My Profile Picture, at Reply

    Don’t read my Name!! Don’t

    • Posted by Snåvvel nait, at Reply

      +Lunatsukimoon7 its not original at all. Everybody is doing it

    • Posted by Kazya, at Reply

      Spamming again

    • Posted by Lunatsukimoon7, at Reply

      It’s the first time I’ve seen it. But the person who started it was original then xD

    • Posted by Podi ci, at Reply

      You again. I see you everywhere

  4. Posted by Cutex19 :P, at Reply

    Seeing people getting hurt in dumb ways makes me happy :’)

    • Posted by marc cercone, at Reply

      Cutex19 😛 how to get on fail army
      step 1: buy a stripper pole
      step 2: use the stripper pole

    • Posted by planbskaterchu, at Reply

      +MercurytheLoner Those are good too, but the best part is the blood

    • Posted by mohammed alghamdi, at Reply

      Cutex19 😛 they might get hurt but sure they are having fun
      Unlike me and you who’s just watching

    • Posted by HeavyMetal Lyrics, at Reply

      +Isak Gamling i prefer metal but yea still nice (SlipKnot is the best)

  5. Posted by FreeCopyrightMusic, at Reply

    Amazing 🙂

    • Posted by Dome9933Lp, at Reply

      Nice Channel

  6. Posted by Julian will, at Reply

    German here?Like😉

    • Posted by Dunsäter, at Reply

      Julian will heil

    • Posted by Ugly Lama, at Reply

      Th3UprightMan You mean Merkel!

  7. Posted by TASSOS PSIMITIS, at Reply

    Name of the song?

    • Posted by DropTV, at Reply

      Sum Wave – Mountain Downhill Part 1

    • Posted by Adrian Hainsworth, at Reply

      DropTV Tuuuuuuuune!!👌

    • Posted by Hima Sawi, at Reply

      darude sandstorm

    • Posted by Adrians Burkans, at Reply

      TASSOS PSIMITIS Christmas death

  8. Posted by Henrik Bürger, at Reply

    i love dnb, so can please someone name this song?

    • Posted by TecVictor, at Reply

      i think its Darude Sandstorm

    • Posted by ast5515, at Reply

      Thank you sir. Your comment should be pinned so people can see.

    • Posted by matheo stoffel, at Reply

      Henrik Bürger listen to all DNB song of monstercat chanel (if its nor already done! :p )

    • Posted by Henrik Bürger, at Reply

      matheo stoffel thank u for this tip, I’ll watch this channel 👍

    • Posted by matheo stoffel, at Reply

      Henrik Bürger DNB is red color listen “We wont be alone ” its the best one :p

  9. Posted by FuriousDaniel, at Reply

    How to trick someone

    Read more

    • Posted by Kiity Kat, at Reply

      FuriousDaniel NT, almost but not

    • Posted by Kendaswagger - Kevinsmak's special mod, at Reply

      FuriousDaniel so unoriginal

    • Posted by TheMrcooll, at Reply


    • Posted by jjzzta, at Reply

      Lowkey kept trying to click on the read more button

  10. Posted by sobgaz, at Reply

    Name of the song? SUKA BLYAT!

    • Posted by sobgaz, at Reply

      Лови Sum Wave – Mountain Downhill Part 1

    • Posted by sobgaz, at Reply

      Спасибо чувак!

    • Posted by Игорь Трегубов, at Reply

      Нихуя ты гонишь )) )

    • Posted by Danilo A, at Reply

      Darude – Sandstorm, PISDEZ!

    • Posted by Hima Sawi, at Reply

      darude sandstorm

  11. Posted by PianoMania, at Reply

    Hi, guys!
    I am piano player and I am making *piano covers of Movies and Games soundtracks!*
    Check out my last works: *WestWorld, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Interstellar etc ;)*
    _P.S. I hope, you will not get mad at me for this little advertising._

    • Posted by Sleepy Snorlax, at Reply


    • Posted by Diani Okoli, at Reply

      PianoMania reported

    • Posted by 3Runner95SRB, at Reply

      Shape of my Heart Yeah lets not do that

    • Posted by Bacondonut1, at Reply

      PianoMania that cool 😎

  12. Posted by TrollForce, at Reply

    What’s that song called?

    • Posted by Fray Jimmy, at Reply

      TrollForce sum wave – mountain downhill part 1

    • Posted by TrollForce, at Reply


  13. Posted by Anoymous ist N1ce, at Reply


    • Posted by Fray Jimmy, at Reply

      Anoymous ist N1ce sum wave – mountain downhill part 1

    • Posted by llnobbi ll, at Reply

      Anoymous ist N1ce he’s lying, its darude – Sandstorm

    • Posted by Dr.p3nguin TF2, at Reply


  14. Posted by Ss V, at Reply

    all the wins must have gone through fails before achieving these wins…

    • Posted by Joe Player, at Reply

      Ss V No, you can simply start with smaller goals and gradually increase the difficulty of your goals. Thus you will never fail because you always reach your goal. Taking shortcuts on a learning curve is what made those people fail.

    • Posted by Tino Marttila, at Reply

      Joe Player That would take your whole life, so it’s better just to take leaps, master them and then do another one. You learn from your mistakes, so there’s nothing wrong in doing them. As long as you don’t make the same mistake multiple times.

    • Posted by bbqBaconNinja, at Reply

      Joe Player. Nope, many of these people are at the caliper that mistakes will happen. They are likely still pushing themselves and this may have even been the first time they actually pulled it off. You never know your abilities till you push past them and fail. All the best have failed and still fail occasionally.
      Watch any professional, mistakes will be made and it is a long and hard road to become a master in their craft (albeit some more talented than others). Not only do you compete against yourself but others as well. You must push that comfort zone of knowing you will make it and just go for it. When someone says that can’t be done, some of us say “watch me”. It doesn’t always work out but if you know what you did wrong and how to correct it, you are one step closer to making it, whether that be through technique or strength building.

  15. Posted by Hol, at Reply

    I love these win vs fails, please make more!

    • Posted by People are Awesome, at Reply

      thanks, we will!

    • Posted by People are Awesome, at Reply

      thanks, we will!

    • Posted by Ethan Badge, at Reply

      People are Awesome Are they gonna be on your channel or fail army’s?

  16. Posted by Samuel Cayford, at Reply

    Wins vs Fails is always more epic.

  17. Posted by Cerveau . exe, at Reply

    I just realised that my life is worse than a fail. ;_;