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FailArmy Throwbacks: Don’t be a jerk! (May2017)


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We're back with some even more FailArmy Throwbacks, we're going back for some funny youngster falls short, diving fails and also some gymnastic fails. Leave a remark about your preferred clip listed below as well as remember to send us your amusing fail videos to!


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  1. Posted by Петр Степанов, at Reply

    Русские лайк

    • Posted by RomanVideos1, at Reply

      слава россий

    • Posted by mr alsome23, at Reply

      Петр Степанов commie,

    • Posted by D3LUZ3, at Reply

      Петр Степанов сука блять иди нахуй

    • Posted by Территория, at Reply

      Зачекайте и мой канал ! Если не впадляк

    • Posted by well horcher, at Reply

      Петр Степанов 2:18 в России?

  2. Posted by Funny Goat, at Reply

    Question of the day:
    If your canoe is stuck in a tree with its headlights on, how many pancakes does it take to get to the moon?

    No. Purple. Because playground eggs wear torn scarf hats bitten by land fish with swollen armpits.

    • Posted by elstyr, at Reply

      This is the answer to all!

    • Posted by Devin Kinney-Rivas, at Reply

      10,000,000 pancakes

    • Posted by Vee Dee, at Reply

      I’m byhearting the answer for future replies to douches xD

    • Posted by Josh Santos, at Reply

      Some would say too many, I would say not enough!

    • Posted by JoePesciLikes Spaghetti, at Reply

      Funny Goat No, I got Yellow, because chair legs wear coffee pots made by Moroccan women with 8 nipples. Idk, I got to check the formula I used maybe I chose the wrong one.

  3. Posted by Remake_Gaming, at Reply

    If you read this message, you are a genius

  4. Posted by Jakken1207 Is me, at Reply

    1 minute after the video came out I watched it

    • Posted by Mewy, at Reply

      do you want a fucking medal or

    • Posted by jojay580, at Reply

      1 minute after i watched it the video came out

    • Posted by FaZe Mouse, at Reply

      Jakken1207 Is me 1 minutes after the video came out I came

    • Posted by fernando miguel, at Reply

      Jakken1207 Is me OnE M1nUte aFt3R Th3 ViD30 Cam3 OUt i w4tcH3d 1t

  5. Posted by Soccer Skits And Tips, at Reply

    *Am I the only one who still hasn’t bought a fidget spinner?*

    • Posted by Shameless TURK, at Reply

      N i will not

    • Posted by ottoman leather, at Reply

      i’ve bought them for 1€/pcs. and sold them for 6€ each. just go to aliexpress or a wholeseller and make your money dude. i’ve made 150€ in only one day!

    • Posted by French Fries, at Reply

      Soccer Skits And Tips no. I aint either

    • Posted by Crystal Owens, at Reply

      Soccer Skits And Tips Nope! But I would buy a fidget device, and happily. I’m so proud of the group of people who designed the first fidget cube for their own anxiety! a Seeing the trend take off is just amazing. If you guys haven’t heard of the Cube, please go check it out and give the idea’s creators your business!

  6. Posted by Rdrone, at Reply

    0:24 we need a shooting stars version of that

    • Posted by KimiArtZ™, at Reply


    • Posted by Nauticat Gaming, at Reply

      Rdrone but the meme is dead

  7. Posted by Yousuf Ahmed, at Reply

    dont click read more

    damn you savage 😎

    • Posted by Youtube Noob, at Reply

      Yousuf Ahmed ALLAHU AKBAR

    • Posted by Thomas Fitzgerald, at Reply

      Yousuf Ahmed I

    • Posted by Alex de Marignac, at Reply


    • Posted by Elektrotechniker, at Reply

      How to click “read more” when the button isn’t even there?

  8. Posted by LeoneDonCitrone, at Reply

    7:58 Worst camera person ever.

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      Film school dropout

    • Posted by agony ZENITH, at Reply

      Hahah yes!

    • Posted by gakeee MC, at Reply

      LeoneDonCitrone because your not going to fall in

    • Posted by Martin A, at Reply

      That guy was a real jerk for white knighting instead of capturing a fail for me 🙁

    • Posted by PHILIP KNUTSON, at Reply

      Martin A 😂 funny 😂

  9. Posted by Nour Zagmout, at Reply

    Video starts at 0:00 and ends at 13:51.
    You can thank me later.

    • Posted by beryff, at Reply

      Nour Zagmout 13:52

    • Posted by Hi-Hatz, at Reply

      The title is “FailArmy Throwbacks: Don’t be a jerk! (May2017)”
      thank me later

    • Posted by Theblinkerman, at Reply


    • Posted by Dominic Smith, at Reply

      Video was posted by Failarmy
      Thank me later

    • Posted by Nour Zagmout, at Reply


  10. Posted by Leon Bendik, at Reply

    9:51 Is like the choreography of a new Spider-Man movie

    • Posted by Galaxy glitter, at Reply

      Leon Bendik true
      but whats the fail?

  11. Posted by Kim Jong-un, at Reply

    4:40 Wie dumm ist die denn bitte ?😂😂

    • Posted by Kim Jong-un, at Reply

      +Louk 😒😑heul doch

    • Posted by Raketen Reinhard, at Reply

      pffft lasche amis können keine amderem sprachen ausser ihre kacksprache:D gottseidank verstehen die meissten europäer mehrere sprachen und nicht nur bisschen französisch umd spanisch 😀

    • Posted by Kim Jong-un, at Reply

      +Raketen Reinhard jo, was ist denn bitte so schlimm daran, wenn man auf deutsch unter ein englisches Video schreibt ?😂

    • Posted by Raketen Reinhard, at Reply

      Kim Jong-un ja totale chauvinisten halt…kein wunder werden die ausserhalb der usa nicht für voll genommen ..

    • Posted by Kim Jong-un, at Reply

      +Raketen Reinhard jap

  12. Posted by A10, at Reply

    That first kid screaming like a little girl lol!

    • Posted by ET THE BOY, at Reply

      A10 thats sexist

    • Posted by elstyr, at Reply

      Calling someone sexist is behaving republican.

    • Posted by Jevik, at Reply

      ET THE BOY stfu dont spread retardism

    • Posted by ET THE BOY, at Reply

      what I do

  13. Posted by NoodleBot, at Reply

    If you go 80 mph, how long does it take to go 80 miles?

    20 gallon, obviously.

    • Posted by AVENGERS, at Reply

      NoodleBot 1 hour 😊

    • Posted by AdaM R, at Reply


    • Posted by AVENGERS, at Reply

      AdaM R If you go 80 miles per hour, how long does it take to go 80 miles? 😂

    • Posted by XxprovmpxX, at Reply

      NoodleBot Let’s all be honest the girl was dumb AF

  14. Posted by Mark_am 2K, at Reply

    Who else scrolls down and says I wish I said that

    • Posted by Cs go giveaway Guy, at Reply

      Mark_am 2K I wish I said that

  15. Posted by Kushagra S., at Reply

    80 miles???! i haven’t seen such a stupid girl

    • Posted by thedragneelswordsman, at Reply

      that hurt me, like I think I lost brain cells by listening to that conversation. *facepalm*

    • Posted by Ismael Domingues de Souza, at Reply

      Didn’t you see she was stoned?

    • Posted by Todd Marris, at Reply

      Thomas Yates No, the girl was right, it’s not an hour, the other girl didn’t say at a constant rate of 80 miles per hour

    • Posted by Exterminator329, at Reply

      Kushagra S. it’s MURICA

  16. Posted by Márton Szigeti, at Reply

    ‘we ran out of videos, but want to make some more money’ thursday

    • Posted by Justan Ed, at Reply

      Haha Dominic. You are an overly optimistic person. Aren’t you? Sure. They are here to make you laugh and only that.

    • Posted by danzoil, at Reply

      Dominic Smith Are seriously that unaware of how the real world works?

  17. Posted by Phillip Sz, at Reply


    • Posted by #Hi #There, at Reply

      Phillip Sz that was epic ending

    • Posted by andres de la vega, at Reply

      I feel it coming
      I feel it coming
      I feel it coming
      I feel it cumming

  18. Posted by Drawing with Noel, at Reply

    Do watch my new drawing – Pirates of the Caribbean ……. 🙂 …… thanks

    • Posted by kakarot99, at Reply

      its so awesome man

    • Posted by Jobin 82, at Reply

      How you can draw like that 🙂 respect

    • Posted by cheap billionaire, at Reply

      Man you’ve got talent!!!! Keep up the good work!

    • Posted by The Watcher, at Reply


    • Posted by duplivert, at Reply


  19. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    Which is your favorite throwback?