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FailArmy Throwbacks: Hold On Tight! (May 2017)


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Today on FailArmy Throwbacks, we're returning for some outstanding papa fails, scare pranks, and also crazy illumination strike. Leave a remark regarding your favored clip listed below as well as remember to send us your funny fail videos to!


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Pole Fintess Dancer Falls On Head
Male Jumps onto Ice Piece Then Sinks
Girl Obtains Thrown as well as Faceplants into Yard
Individuals Attempt to do Stacked Pushups
Feline Breaks Food Dish
Person Obtain Beer In His Eye
Kid Prefers to Scare Father
Remote Controlled Automobile Flies at Guy
Woman Slaps Individual While Playing Beer Pong
Equine Doesn't Wish to be Touched
Severe Ice Pail Difficulty Fail
Bicyclist Into Lady
Man Aims to Show of f before Pals
BMXer Fails to Rapid PLant off Automobiles Back Home window
Lightning Strike in Grand Cayman
Slow Slide Fail
Little Woman Goes Faceplanting Down Slide
Bicyclists Pile Up on the right track
Fish Flies into Video camera ladies Face
Individual Body Slams Land
Skiers Collide into Each Other
Stockroom April Fools Trick GoesWrong
Individuals View People Slip On Ice
Amateur Sword Boxer Breaks Television
Guy Falls into Freezing Water
Drone Tumbles Down High cliff
Mama Faceplants After Surfing
Woman Tries Segway for the Very first time
Vehicle driver Fails Method Down Highway
Skier Spins out of Control into Various other Skier
Woman Falls after Reaching Top of Mountain
Hillbilly Tire Mounting Fail
Dirt Cyclist Sends out Bike Traveling into Woods
Man Goes Faceplanting Off Sled
Slow Slide Fail
Motorcylist Hits Headgear on Front Wheel
Professional dancer goes down to the Flooring
Youngster Flies off Swing as well as Launches right into Fence
Demolition Does not Go as Planned
Bike Wheelie Ends Badly
Youngster Falls to Get on Table In reverse
Babys Escape Attempt from Crib Ends in Fall
Skateboarders Cut loose in Empty Pool
Guy Freaks Out on Roller Coaster Simulator
Bowler Tosses Round right into Wall
Guy Loses Skateboard in Water
Ballet Dancer Obtains Her Wisdom Pearly whites Out
Woman is Loopy after Knowledge Pearly whites Surgery
Individual Harms Nuts with Resistance Band
Building Facade in Japan Collapses
Girl Falls from Rotating Seat at Playground
Worker Struggles to Lift Fence right into Dumpster
Individual Awkwardly Works out at Health club
Football Juggler Get Stumbled by Round
Little Young boy Objective Celebration Fail
SUV Pushes Vehicle
Little Boy Falls during Easter Egg Quest
Lady Decrease Drunk Good friend on Face
Skateboarder as well as Tricyclist
Teen Falls While Aiming to Reach Roofing system
Skier Strikes Tree right into snow
Child plays with High Pressure Air Pump
Individual Aims to Break Wooden Board with Head
Guys Consumes Dust After Bouncing off Trampoline
Team Attempts to do Basketball Technique
Drummer Hits Himself int eh Eye with Stick

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  1. Posted by AMIRLASHH ABL, at Reply


    • Posted by 19Vegan87, at Reply


    • Posted by Nikitoz9595, at Reply


  2. Posted by King Vega02, at Reply

    Legend says the lil girl is still sliding to this day.

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply


    • Posted by Robyn the boss, at Reply

      FailArmy I LOVE FailArmy😂😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Moonlight Galaxy Fox2, at Reply

      FailArmy HI FAILARMY!!!!!

    • Posted by Lily Walsh, at Reply

      King Vega02 😂😂😂👌

  3. Posted by DIEGO SILAN, at Reply

    0:23 Fatality.

    • Posted by Pokemon_Rowley -Tropical, at Reply

      Everybody do the flop

    • Posted by Ch0lo Gt, at Reply

      Pokemon_Rowley -Tropical DONT DO THE FLOP

  4. Posted by Prrox, at Reply

    Deutsche hier?

    • Posted by ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌, at Reply

      Prrox Denke mal nicht

    • Posted by willm 1, at Reply


    • Posted by fєlιχ єиz, at Reply

      Spieglein Spieglein an der Wand wer ist den noch Schweizer in diesem Land?

    • Posted by Damiaan Vermeulen, at Reply

      Sorry, i mean not prrox but a another. Sorry for it bad englisch, because i’m Dutch(POWER).

    • Posted by Damiaan Vermeulen, at Reply

      I mean 1moreplayer.

  5. Posted by Fadi A., at Reply

    0:06 Why did she start checking her head right after saying “I’m ok” ! lol

    • Posted by Danny Stuivenberg, at Reply

      Probably because she wasn’t ok

    • Posted by jdiaz092009, at Reply

      Fadi A. A lot of people for some reason their first instinct is to say I am okay even if they are not just so who ever is asking doesn’t freak out.

    • Posted by Twenty Øne Crybaby's At The Discø, at Reply

      Fadi A. Yeah *I was confused.* *It was weird.*

  6. Posted by heatizzon shuja, at Reply

    legend says that kid is still sliding..

  7. Posted by gregory panagiotopoulos, at Reply

    That first girl fell faster than my grades did after I started taking meth

    • Posted by Kiritharan Maruthalingam, at Reply

      gregory panagiotopoulos Do you mean literal meth or a meme for math?

    • Posted by Kiritharan Maruthalingam, at Reply

      Or a typo?

    • Posted by gregory panagiotopoulos, at Reply

      I meant Blue Crystal Meth

    • Posted by Sreehari Premkumar, at Reply

      so isnt that better!?

    • Posted by Nikolas Christopoulos, at Reply

      nai mpravo kane ki alla

  8. Posted by Maestro FER, at Reply

    12:02 “YEAH THAT WAS AN EPIC FAIL SAM” You will be famous Sam dont fking complain about bleeding xD

    • Posted by FireGun BeastMaster, at Reply


    • Posted by buckskinstallion77, at Reply

      I’m betting that was his mom too, XD

    • Posted by Kez, at Reply


  9. Posted by RHINO GAMER, at Reply


    • Posted by Joshua Moylan, at Reply

      RHINO GAMER It reminds of when people toss dodge balls at their goats and they just flop. I think FailArmy also has a goat compilation with tonnes of that in it.

    • Posted by DIEGO SILAN, at Reply

      RHINO GAMER at 0:23

    • Posted by RHINO GAMER, at Reply

      DIEGO SILAN lol!

    • Posted by Stefan M, at Reply

      RHINO GAMER they should totally make a everybody do the flop video

  10. Posted by Life In Reverse, at Reply

    2:54 “My shoes” lol

    • Posted by Maddafakka Joe, at Reply

      League of Argron I agree

    • Posted by C.l. Ptt, at Reply

      12:47 LEAVE YOUR SHOES

    • Posted by Galactic Virus, at Reply

      Life In Reverse 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Jonas Müller, at Reply

      Life In Reverse und

  11. Posted by Márton Szigeti, at Reply

    4:38 magyarok, magyarok mindenhol

    • Posted by Patrik ツ, at Reply


    • Posted by Katt Kratz, at Reply

      Márton Szigeti Kuki

    • Posted by FireGun BeastMaster, at Reply

      gringo e td maluco

    • Posted by MariusHexus, at Reply

      Bázmeg xD

  12. Posted by I'm Derp, at Reply

    9:47 dat boi!!!

    • Posted by Whitetiger, at Reply


  13. Posted by A clown that DOES NOT want 2,000 subscribers, at Reply

    12:26 *_-Currently screaming and panicking because of a bug_*
    *_-Is holding a pillow in shape of a bug for protection_*

    • Posted by The Roast Bleach, at Reply

      MrYfrank14 in ur dreams buddy. in ur dreams

    • Posted by Sadie Washington, at Reply

      MrYfrank14 accurate

    • Posted by hypernovaD, at Reply

      I know right, such hypocrisy.. lol..

    • Posted by Kania Drift, at Reply

      A clown that DOES NOT want 2,000 subscribers it’s not real tho

  14. Posted by A10, at Reply

    Yes, I know this is a throwback video but god dammit FailArmy I need to see some new fails.

    • Posted by TheAudsti, at Reply

      pretty much every failarmy video should be titled throwback bc they just recycle the same stuff over and over and over

    • Posted by A10, at Reply

      Yeah, that’s true, I’ve been noticing that with their videos.

    • Posted by Alex C, at Reply

      A10 Yet you all still watch it and they still get paid. Who can blame them

    • Posted by Digger Nick, at Reply

      A10 I’ve never seen the fails in these throwback videos

  15. Posted by ruiccc100, at Reply

    That baby sliding down started as a baby but I bet she finished as an adult

    • Posted by Kelvin Nana, at Reply

      ruiccc100 hope u get top comment

    • Posted by Elias Johansson, at Reply

      Nice one.

  16. Posted by Droiken, at Reply

    1:35 worst suicide attempt ever

    • Posted by Rushing Racoon, at Reply

      OMG im crying

    • Posted by FireGun BeastMaster, at Reply


  17. Posted by Epic Movie Compilations, at Reply

    I swear the kid at 5:29 dislocates his elbow.

    • Posted by DrMakak, at Reply

      Nah, he’s good

  18. Posted by Alexei Zhdamarov, at Reply


    • Posted by Тарас Бульба, at Reply


    • Posted by tomwi, at Reply


    • Posted by French Fries, at Reply

      Alexei Zhdamarov stgsbghndgdnghffn

    • Posted by SpriteShow, at Reply

      zdarova russkie

    • Posted by 19Vegan87, at Reply

      Zdarova suka blyat’