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FailArmy Versus: City Fails vs. Country Fails (July 2017)


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Yee-haw! Hey there city slickers and also nation folk! We have a special compilation for you. Today we have a challenge in between living life in the city as well as living life in the nation? Which do YOU CHOOSE? Allow us know in the comments! Be sure to submit your video to


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Drone into High-rise Twice
Lady Skateboarding in Brussels
Structure Exterior in Japan Collapses
Bicyclist into Woman
Poorl vehicle driver
Road Entertainer Into Group
Fire Hydrant and also Cyclist
Bus Backflip Fail
Male in Outfit Off Bus
Human Pyramid Fail
Guy Slides During Race
Lady Misses out on Demolition Because of Pet
Russian Male Off Porch
Male Tears Down Lampost
Guy Pushes Girl Holding up Train
Imaginative Escalator Flight Fail
Pathway Slip
Train Presses Vehicle Off tracks
Farmer Canal Jump Fail
Cowboy Breaking Equine Fail
Ostrich Takes All the Food
Alpaca Spits at Camerawoman
Jumping Kid Breaks Farm Fencing
Unicycle Trick Fail
Silo on Parked Auto
Tractor Barn Demolition Fail
Female Obtains Gone after By Hen
Shirtless Branch Yank o Battle Fail
Corn Maker Fail
Hay Stack Faceplant
Cowboy Dancing on Table Fail
Hay Bale Multiple Back Flips Falls short
Excavator Rope Swing Fail
Male with Chainsaw in River
Man Attempts to Trip 4-Wheeler Up Tree
Bob Cat Dust Shock

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  1. Posted by Rylix TV, at Reply


    • Posted by Luke Halvdan, at Reply

      sorry, i didn’t mean it

    • Posted by Magma, at Reply

      Luke Halvdan lmao. think twice before you reply.

    • Posted by TheJuniorDroneDummies, at Reply

      49 likes????!?!?!?!?! for ‘hiii’

    • Posted by Rylix TV, at Reply

      TheJuniorDroneDummies im fame, that’s the reason Why…

      only a joke 😭

  2. Posted by OberonLee, at Reply

    That lady looked like she fell on purpose at 1:51.

    • Posted by Rojo, at Reply

      Insurance scam right there

    • Posted by Franchu Mir, at Reply

      Insurance scam from a bicycle driver? hahaha you are a genious.

    • Posted by Crusage, at Reply

      “are you okay?”


    • Posted by Andy Hwang, at Reply

      OberonLee she did fall on purpose to try and sue. Good thing he had a helmet cam. Most likely saved him a lot of money.

    • Posted by Crusage, at Reply

      sounds and looks like she hit her face on the ground though

  3. Posted by Scarecrow, at Reply

    1:32 If you look carefully, you can see a woman get booted off the subway.

    • Posted by noone special, at Reply

      I’m sure the guy who kicked her was part of United Airlines

    • Posted by Luke Embling, at Reply

      Completely deserved in this case, anyone should have booted her off too if she was selfish enough to stop the training from leaving for the other 100 passengers.

    • Posted by santiago alvarez, at Reply

      Luke Embling you right, she have no reasons to stop all the system

    • Posted by Sapere Aude, at Reply

      Yeah, you could potentially be charged if she got injured. Best to just shift her out of the way (like a gentle shove) than shove her.

  4. Posted by Linus Scordia Ericsson, at Reply

    1:52 Sued for a million.

    • Posted by Shadowiff, at Reply

      Forced rape
      Aggravated assault
      Likely theft attempt
      Presidential election sexism
      Toxic masculinity
      White privilege
      and more..

    • Posted by poposisa, at Reply

      Yes, in mexico it would work as female have privileges. There is a law called “Women Right to a life without violence” or something like that. Men don’t have the right to a life without violence.

  5. Posted by guillaume m, at Reply

    1:51 the man falls before the bike hits him 😅😅

    • Posted by guillaume m, at Reply

      ow haha did not see it

    • Posted by MLGKOOLAID 360, at Reply

      leerey14 did you assume its gender

    • Posted by George Rogers, at Reply

      You can tell from the voice it is a woman

    • Posted by Tegid Freeman, at Reply

      MLGKOOLAID 360 s

  6. Posted by A-kirZa Lucas, at Reply

    4:55 now she is pregnant

    • Posted by StayFit, at Reply

      it was definitely on his mind to do that -_- poor woman

    • Posted by Raging Raccoon, at Reply

      A-kirZa Lucas I

    • Posted by Ian Ventura, at Reply

      hate the people who do this in london. nothing but noise and blocking the already crammed street.

    • Posted by Charles Eye, at Reply

      Hurt Locker In your Country guys aren’t long enough to reach the extra inch past the rear entrance?

  7. Posted by Ludwig Henriksson, at Reply

    City people are way dumber imo.

    • Posted by sean weaver, at Reply

      come on guys, don’t start a flame war

    • Posted by Former, at Reply

      Yes, you’re right. Ol’ Jedidiah on his tractor knows more than those darn city folk.

    • Posted by Quastic Fudge, at Reply

      You’re right, because being swung around by the bucket of an excavator or driving a tractor straight into a guy on an ATV is a smarter thing to do than slide down an escalator… Got it.

    • Posted by mettro bug, at Reply

      id say its pretty 50/50

  8. Posted by ShuFFLe65, at Reply

    Anybody else think the woman at 1:50 fell on purpose?

    • Posted by Scales The Snake, at Reply

      well even if she did sue him he had footage

    • Posted by Kuel-Dude, at Reply

      She’s an insurance scammer, look up insurance scammer videos

    • Posted by Ms lopez, at Reply

      definitely an insurance scammer lmao

  9. Posted by Rob0504, at Reply

    6:12 when I open a bag of chips and the whole class hear it

    • Posted by 4u2u, at Reply

      Rob0504 You are not from America for sure. Am I right?

    • Posted by Rob0504, at Reply

      4u2u no i’m not

    • Posted by 4u2u, at Reply

      Rob0504 hahah

    • Posted by Worldwide Package, at Reply

      4u2u what do you mean? American don’t do that ?

  10. Posted by K1II3r BeAtBoX, at Reply

    today is my birthday!!!

    • Posted by Darth Cookie, at Reply

      happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. you look like a monkey, and you act like one too.

  11. Posted by Charlie Healy, at Reply

    Any one who sees this have a good day:)

    • Posted by My Sandwich Is A Fried Boot, at Reply


    • Posted by KTMICD2, at Reply

      don’t tell me how to live my life.

    • Posted by # WGC, at Reply

      +xMarshmallow Msp That’s what I’m here for…I’ll kill myself now

  12. Posted by Wyrewolwerowany Rewolwerowiec, at Reply

    0:38 POLSKA KURWa XD

    • Posted by SKON1992, at Reply

      Polska na propsie 🙂

    • Posted by PGLord XD, at Reply

      właśnie 🙂

    • Posted by Seba Murzanski, at Reply

      Tak jest kurwa!!!

    • Posted by Krzysztof K, at Reply

      ja pierdole przestańcie pisać te komentarze idioci

    • Posted by Wyrewolwerowany Rewolwerowiec, at Reply

      XD A tobie o co chodzi 😀

  13. Posted by Brakkebraamie, at Reply

    Biker: “watch out!”
    Lady: “Okay, let me just take a short sprint and fall over right in front of you and your bike!”

    • Posted by bravebeing, at Reply

      I doubt it, she just freaked out, tried to flee and then froze and fell.

    • Posted by Lucas Beach, at Reply

      bravebeing nope definitely insurance scam, no person would just slowly fall to the ground right infront of the bike

    • Posted by Jesus Abarca-Lopez, at Reply

      Bike riders are morons! Lol

    • Posted by Brakkebraamie, at Reply

      The Legendary Minecrafters – and more just saw the vid, I can’t believe people are actually doing this. I think I’m going to buy a dash cam now…

  14. Posted by BartecTech, at Reply

    Who remember which episode in 2016 is this: in this episode blonde hair girl scream and cry while getting tattoo

    • Posted by nickbh15, at Reply

      In soviet russia episode watch u

    • Posted by J3A, at Reply

      BartecTech i

  15. Posted by Terminator, at Reply

    2:19 wtf that guy was doing?

    • Posted by Marius Nebel, at Reply

      Terminator He played too much GTA

    • Posted by Panthenola T., at Reply

      Best comment ever 😀

  16. Posted by Fellia Gessangie, at Reply

    England is my city.

    I know it’s dead, but.

    • Posted by Raging Raccoon, at Reply

      England is not a city..

    • Posted by Franz Joseph Did Nothing Wrong, at Reply


    • Posted by Eevles, at Reply

      Franz Joseph Did Nothing Wrong #whatswrongwithgay

    • Posted by Мартин Дардов, at Reply

      still not dead my friend… still not dead

  17. Posted by radry100, at Reply

    5:11 this guy should be shot in public. I bet he was american. No respect for culture.

    • Posted by TahoeGirl 22, at Reply

      radry100 no it was a European country hence the police uniform

    • Posted by MsGoldenEra, at Reply

      TahoeGirl22 This is Italy but the man can be a tourist from any country. Di Trevi fountain is constantly being disrespected by tourists so I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Posted by Carl Carlos, at Reply

      MsGoldenEra omg ur face is sooo round XD

    • Posted by Valerio Affronto, at Reply

      MsGoldenEra it is just Trevi fountain not Di Trevi fountain

    • Posted by Valerio Affronto, at Reply

      MKNS you can not swim in there in order to preserv the marble and the stones of the statue and the fountain it self, the fountain and the statue were build in the period that we call rinascimento something that the american can’t understand because they were not even born at that time

  18. Posted by psygn0sis, at Reply

    Women are so fucking useless at EVERYTHING!

    • Posted by Leesha Winter, at Reply

      psygn0sis Say that to Harriet Tubman, Beyoncé, Florence Nightingale, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Marilyn Monroe, or Ellen DeGeneres.

    • Posted by MsGoldenEra, at Reply

      @Leesha Winter I support your point but putting legends like Rosa Parks in the same sentence as Marilyn Monroe or Beyonce did crack me up 😀

    • Posted by Jayla Raja, at Reply

      psygn0sis wasn’t your mother a woman 🤔

    • Posted by Juliet DelToro, at Reply

      psygn0sis your mother was useless when she created you. You obviously weren’t worth giving birth to.

    • Posted by Leesha Winter, at Reply

      MsGoldenEra LOL! I suppose they are quite different. I was just trying to think of influential women off the top of my head.