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FailArmy Versus: Gymnastics vs. Parkour


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Acrobatics as well as Parkour athletes constantly think they're far better compared to each various other, however who stops working tougher? Leave a remark below and let us know who you think. Have a stop working of your very own? Send it to!!


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Video clips:
Gymnast Body Bangs Floor covering
Three-way Fulltwist to Faceplant
Tricking Flip Faceplant
Individual Rapidly Flies off High Bar Spin
Guy Crashes into Snow Flipping off Graffiti Step
Parkour Training Ends in Faceplant during Frontflip
Backflip Mirror Hit
High Bar Triple Head Smack
Gymnast Falls off Balance Light beam
Gymnast Loses Hold of High Bar
Gymnast Swings on High Bar and also Falls
Tricking Dual Backflip Fail
Bouncing Individual Faceplants Mat
Guy Aerial Rotates into Sand
Freerunning Training Ends with Face to Wall
Guy Dual Frontflips off Little House
Backflipping Guy Places Foot with Wall
Backflip between Pillars Ends in Faceplant
Parkour Athlete Slips during Leap Effort
Parkour Frontflip off Mossy Ledge
Individual Faceplants after Front Flip
Person Attempts Backflip off Planter Step
Kid Faceplants after Trying a 180 ° Backflip off a Tree
Man Smacks Face on Knee after Step Dive
Wannabe Ruffian Embarks on Roof covering and Fails
Parkour Man Hops on Pillars as well as Arrive at Butt
Guy Fails at Jump over Barrier on Stage
Shirtless Gymnast Landed on Bars
Person Flies off High Bar
Gymnast Falls from Bar Switch
Double Backflip on Mat Fail
Kid Falls off Pommel Horse
Gymnast Loses His Hold on High Bar
Woman Shatters down on High Bar throughout Gymnastics Technique
Gymnast Landed on Identical Bars
Crazy Acrobatics Flip Cannot Brutal Head Slam
Cheerleader Faceplants while Recording College Employee Video clip
High Bar Olympics Training Fail
Kid Fails at Acrobatics Stunts on Floor covering
Swing Set Parkour Gymnastics Fail
Gymnastics Triple Complete Spin Fail
Acrobatics Girl Crashes down on High Bar
Parkour Roof Faceplant
Dual Side Flip off Ledge Ends Badly
Parkour Stairway Dive Hip Break
Front Flip Off Park Sign Fail
Person Lands Jump to Roof covering in Nutshot
Youngster Tries to Get on Top of Dumpster
Person Attempts to Leap onto Roof of Removaling Automobile
Parkour Wall surface Flip Lands Man in Water
Parkour Freerunner Shatters His Butt
Parkour Man Falls on Butt after Visual Dive
Parkour Fence Break
Man Falls While Attempting Parkour Jump over Block Stairs

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  1. Posted by Toby Shaw, at Reply

    look, a dying channel

    • Posted by Lawza 17, at Reply

      Toby Shaw actually yeah your right

    • Posted by absolutepressur, at Reply

      Yeah, I used to really look forward to their uploads. Now I hesitate before clicking. :/

    • Posted by Beanie Draws, at Reply

      I’d really like to see those who criticise a dying channel, maintain growth, everyday consistently after the same amount of time. But it’s easier to criticise from your armchair than it is to do something productive and create your own successful channel.

    • Posted by Toby Shaw, at Reply

      I like how you’ve turned a satirical comment into a cause of conflict. Yeah, they’ve maintained growth, but like everything good in life, it eventually comes to an end, and at the moment that seems to be the case with half the channels on youtube. also you literally just agreed to it being a dying channel “see those who criticise a dying channel”

      btw I was actually criticising the channel from my toilet, but close enough 🙂

  2. Posted by LuckyFlamingo, at Reply

    The biggest fail ever is my life

    • Posted by Mr. Goodman, at Reply

      Aaron Hilis ooh somebody just got roasted

    • Posted by Simeon Ivanov, at Reply

      _ Trinix _ Preach 👐👐💣💣

  3. Posted by 寂寞 The Calm Monk, at Reply

    50% of all YouTube comments are likebait

    • Posted by ScaredFlipper, at Reply

      寂寞 The Calm Monk and the other half is “first”

    • Posted by Sandra Green, at Reply

      寂寞 The Calm Monk like this one

    • Posted by Panonymus HUN, at Reply

      like this

    • Posted by Вася Пупкин, at Reply

      寂寞 The Calm Monk Like, if you gay

    • Posted by Lowezar, at Reply

      More like 80. Remember the 80/20 rule.

  4. Posted by Fox Auditore, at Reply

    Im hungry

    • Posted by Silas Parkour, at Reply

      Fox Auditore me too

    • Posted by Zofdmbzr camp, at Reply

      Fox Auditore hi hungry

    • Posted by A10, at Reply

      Yeah, same, I need some food. Never had dinner.

    • Posted by _ Trinix _, at Reply

      Zofdmbzr camp hi dad

  5. Posted by Hootla, at Reply

    Now we know you use Premiere to edit your videos 🙂

    • Posted by Danny Samman, at Reply

      Hootla and that they don’t watch it through before exporting. They probably export right to YouTube from premiere.

  6. Posted by Coffeesaur, at Reply

    3:15 ?

    • Posted by GAMBLE, at Reply

      As if they don’t watch the export before uploading.

    • Posted by Rafael Marcus, at Reply

      GAMBLE ikr

    • Posted by MENTUZALEM, at Reply

      Coffeesaur iiiida

    • Posted by MENTUZALEM, at Reply

      Coffeesaur is a very long time to be a little

    • Posted by Malin OnPe, at Reply

      stupid brits everywhere

  7. Posted by Doom2Guy, at Reply

    3:14 Ummm

    • Posted by sucksqueezebangblow, at Reply

      Doom2Guy yeah, wtf was that about?😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Rodrigalvez i, at Reply


    • Posted by Matthew Scala, at Reply

      it’s Adobe premiere apparently, idk what that is but it is

    • Posted by Rodrigalvez i, at Reply

      +Matthew Scala yeah its a premiere corrupt clip, It happened to me several times

    • Posted by Dan | Dank Motion Designer, at Reply

      Its an error from Adobe Premiere Pro when it cant find the file

  8. Posted by kizbot85, at Reply

    Media offline was my favourite

    • Posted by Petar-Vertex, at Reply

      failarmy failed

    • Posted by Leonardo Pinchetti, at Reply

      Yeah. Professionalism in its purest state…

    • Posted by TheMusicVlogger, at Reply

      Petar-Vertex well now we know they use premiere to edit. it was probably an honest mistake caused by going to after effects to sensor something and then screwing the pooch.

    • Posted by Petar-Vertex, at Reply

      yeah, but it happens to everyone. I often have that error if I close the project and then open it up again, premiere fails to load all the files from some reason 😀

    • Posted by Leonardo Pinchetti, at Reply

      But that’s no excuse for not reviewing the videos before uploading them.

  9. Posted by Jan Ostrówka, at Reply

    3:17 That sweet Premier Pro fail

    • Posted by SomethingUnreal, at Reply

      In the spirit of their entire channel, I hope FailArmy doesn’t replace this video with a “fixed” version, and just acknowledges it as a fail. It sure made me laugh, which is probably what they aim for, even if not in the way they intended =)

  10. Posted by Nishant Sharma pianist, at Reply

    how u collect these clips really awesome and lol

    • Posted by Nishant Sharma pianist, at Reply

      fail army u r the biggest YouTuber

    • Posted by Nishant Sharma pianist, at Reply

      and biggest laughter channel

    • Posted by Akira de mira, at Reply

      Nishant Sharma pianist well theyre not the biggest youtuber by far but keep hoping!

    • Posted by Shit Talk Industries, at Reply

      Nishant Sharma pianist Complete cringe is above me

  11. Posted by Zuheir Daowd, at Reply

    3:15 the fck is this failarmy

    • Posted by I got popular by making a PPAP YTP, at Reply

      Zuheir Daowd It’s a… fail.

  12. Posted by Liv Rumble, at Reply

    Yes I know I will never be able to do these but some of them are just straight up stupid!

    • Posted by Iron Seguin, at Reply

      Liv Rumble half the time I ask myself, what did you think was going to happen. I asked that very question when I saw the guy jump onto the car….

    • Posted by Fatin Rerah, at Reply


  13. Posted by Unreal PDP, at Reply

    3:58 is that hogwarts?

  14. Posted by OhayoTM R, at Reply

    please make a 1 hour compilation!

    • Posted by sandermercelis, at Reply

      How about you stop making it complicated and watch 10 videos in a row! XD

    • Posted by _ Trinix _, at Reply

      OhayoTM R nah, that would be too complicated

    • Posted by Rizovo, at Reply

      sandermercelis that would be an hour and 40 minutes

    • Posted by György Blandl, at Reply

      1 hr of this? I will close it after 5 mins anyway.

    • Posted by tim medved, at Reply

      OhayoTM R compilation*

  15. Posted by Lizzy Larson, at Reply

    This isn’t gymnastics vs parkour. For the most part it’s people falling off bars vs people who can’t land a flip XD

    • Posted by MaxiKing, at Reply

      or people trying to jump on a car

    • Posted by Benjamin Martin, at Reply

      that’s what parkour and gymnastics is silly

  16. Posted by SinsiliuxS, at Reply

    3:57 Is that Hogwarts?

    • Posted by TastyGummy, at Reply

      SinsiliuxS hodgetwins??

    • Posted by Adth92 Aa, at Reply

      SinsiliuxS thats what i thought too

  17. Posted by 777scubadiver, at Reply

    And, in every case here, each guy/gal got up, dusted themselves off, shook off the pain, and did it again and again until they got it right.

  18. Posted by PyOTu B, at Reply


    here have a cookie it only cost 1 like

    Well you guys have been regretting my precious donut so instead of a donut it can be a cookie!

    • Posted by Xortsa, at Reply

      PyOTu B that donut looks so stale, no thanks

    • Posted by PyOTu B, at Reply

      Xortsa well how about a cookie instead?


    • Posted by Mah Dick In A Box, at Reply

      PyOTu B instead if giving you a like, I’ll give you attention instead. Hi