FailArmy Versus: Reptiles Vs. Mammals (February 2018) | FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

FailArmy Versus: Reptiles Vs. Mammals (February 2018) | FailArmy


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Creatures are pretty terrific, however reptiles are straight chilly blooded! If you needed to choose one, which would certainly you select? FailArmy aids you make that option. Allow us know your favorite below in the comments !!


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Reptile Drinking Sprite
Reptile Rides Plaything Dinosaur
Lizard Takes Proprietor's Sock
Lizard Hangs from Girl's Nose
Large Reptile Suddenly Poops on Flooring
Guy Discovers Giant Reptile in Kitchen
Woman Freaks Out After Finding Lizard on Leg
Bearded Dragon Climbing Fail
Chameleon Suches As Popping Bubbles
Man Locates Significant Reptile in Bath Tub
Gecko Slurps Syrup Bottle
Chameleon Holds onto Finger
Person Eats Banana with Iguana
Snakes Appear of Man's Ceiling
Dolphin Swipes iPad
Ape Pees on Guy's Shoulder
Monkey Bites Off Window Washer Jets
Feline Fails Leap of Belief
Pet Cat Jump to Refrigerator Fail
Feline tips Over
Dachschund Canine Misses Out On Dock
Canine Takes Down Drone
Cat Startles Pet
Pet Diminish Pipeline into Water
Dog Falls in Swimming Pool Trying to Catch Lizard
Pet Pees during Filming of Basketball Techniques
Dog Grins and Wags Tail Next to "Be Cautious of Pet Dog" Sign
Fighter Canine Crashes Into Fence
Bunny Pops Balloon
Computer Mouse Steals From Container

FailArmy Versus: Reptiles VERSUS Mammals (February 2018)|FailArmy

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  1. Posted by Michelle, at Reply

    the first one lmao

    • Posted by Mike N.Seidel, at Reply

      Great job!

    • Posted by Никол Димитрова, at Reply

      Michelle you aren’t first

    • Posted by davemctube, at Reply


    • Posted by Herman Gregory, at Reply

      Intros be good

    • Posted by Kiara Wellings, at Reply

      Никол Димитрова are you an idiot? They were talking about the first video, dumbfuck

  2. Posted by Gracie Waite, at Reply

    0:29 ew

    • Posted by Samira Adiva, at Reply

      Terrible, disgusting, my God. 😝😝

    • Posted by Funny Vids., at Reply


  3. Posted by Michelle, at Reply

    0:25 okok i’m wheezing i can’t breathe

    • Posted by Shane Berry, at Reply

      Michelle why? They’re at the vet and its really sick 😕

    • Posted by Skiity S, at Reply

      Same omg 😂

  4. Posted by Epic Gaming9909, at Reply

    0:39 LOL

    • Posted by Funny Vids., at Reply


  5. Posted by Santhosh Kumar, at Reply

    Fail Army… Back to Form… After a long time…

    • Posted by Donald J Trump, at Reply

      Trump approves

    • Posted by Ahmed Ayman, at Reply

      I can’t remember the last time i laughed at one of their videos before this one

    • Posted by Eyed Knot, at Reply

      +Ahmed Ayman (AiBAK) same

    • Posted by Deric Carmickle, at Reply

      Santhosh Kumar I laughed so hard when the lizard took a piss….HAHAHAH!

  6. Posted by Nick Wompton, at Reply

    0:27 New Jurassic World trailer

    • Posted by callum -__-, at Reply

      that is at 2:47

    • Posted by lolzgammer 133, at Reply

      Nick Wompton wtf lol that lizard piss

    • Posted by Suzana Zunec, at Reply


  7. Posted by Rafael Rezende, at Reply

    i mean humans are mammals

    • Posted by Aviel Zaugg, at Reply

      Rafael Rezende Not on my christian channel they’re not!!

  8. Posted by Mikey, at Reply

    That first one almost made me puke lol

    • Posted by Funny Vids., at Reply


    • Posted by michelle dailing, at Reply

      Really? I almost puked cause i laughed so hard,

  9. Posted by The Trucking Beard, at Reply

    They’re all good boys and winners

    • Posted by Funny Vids., at Reply


  10. Posted by QB Ak, at Reply

    *i don’t hate but…*

    *i don’t like this*

    • Posted by Kaeli Lagerquist, at Reply

      Bella the cockatoo chill man, not everyone likes reptiles 😂😂

    • Posted by Bella the cockatoo, at Reply

      no you must respect nature if you are to live on this planet, if not then die worthless hating destructive planet killing monsters, id rather see you fucks die then a innocent lizard that has done nothing wrong, so help save the planet and KYS

    • Posted by QB Ak, at Reply

      wtf is going on here . wow i left and coming back to this

    • Posted by Northwoods, at Reply

      Bella the cockatoo Triggered much 😂😂

  11. Posted by fwuzzy cat, at Reply


    • Posted by Funny Vids., at Reply


    • Posted by fwuzzy cat, at Reply


  12. Posted by Luke Townley, at Reply

    Omfg!!! My 2 favourite things in the world! Reptiles and fails!!! (reptile breeder over here)

    • Posted by Jptheman, at Reply

      Luke Townley I’m an enthusiast myself. What do you breed?

  13. Posted by tomek206, at Reply

    Polish Fail Kurwa

    • Posted by Funny Vids., at Reply


  14. Posted by POLARTTYRTM, at Reply

    3:26 “Come to Australia”, they said. “It will be fun”, they said. /s

    • Posted by 2xchristian, at Reply

      POLARTTYRTM what is it lol

    • Posted by Kaeli Lagerquist, at Reply

      2xchristian 2 snakes

    • Posted by Funny Vids., at Reply

      really ?

    • Posted by Majestic Beardsman, at Reply

      2xchristian Two snakes mating, I believe.

  15. Posted by Phoenix7494, at Reply

    1:25 is that a windshield viper?

    I’ll see myself out.

    • Posted by Paul Dennett, at Reply

      This post is great…good job.

    • Posted by Clorox oxi clean Bleach, at Reply

      Nice, an actual comment

    • Posted by Shorty2109, at Reply

      That was actually fantastic. I laughed quite a bit.

    • Posted by Geospasmic, at Reply


    • Posted by Majestic Beardsman, at Reply

      Nah, you can stay.

  16. Posted by Reyn Gouverneur, at Reply


  17. Posted by Boris DE, at Reply

    Reptiles don’t get enough love

    • Posted by Bella the cockatoo, at Reply

      because humans are pussys and think there scary, but in reality humans are the scariest real threat i’ve ever come across

    • Posted by Why is the rum gone?, at Reply

      Cuz theese motherfuckers are ruling the world and brainwashes people thats why we dont love them

    • Posted by Why is the rum gone?, at Reply

      Vienkāršs Skatītājs Omg you took it serious

  18. Posted by Mikhashilin Animations, at Reply

    2:47 Jurassic parc 100 now it’s personal

    • Posted by Funny Vids., at Reply


  19. Posted by Tony Tanti, at Reply

    People who have reptiles as pets are nuts

    • Posted by ExoticLuck, at Reply

      people who have mammals are more nutd they kill thousands of people each year

    • Posted by Scales-Bearded Dragon Videos, at Reply

      No their just not pussies.

    • Posted by SnurZe, at Reply

      I have a chameleon. He’s chill, not aggressive, trained to poop in the same place. Doesn’t require being crazy.

    • Posted by Meh, at Reply

      As someone who has had pet snakes for almost 10 years, I agree. I’m totally nuts. But not because of the reptiles.

    • Posted by Kaka Carrot Cake, at Reply

      Your fucking stupid I have 26 reptiles and amphibians

  20. Posted by DD Frelons, at Reply

    😂🤣🤣🤣jadooore !!!!🇫🇷