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FailArmy’s Got Talent (October 2017) | FailArmy


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Welcome to FailArmy's Got Skill! The only program where people fall short in one of the most amazing ways feasible. We ride the line between success and also failure, with spectacular outcomes! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll rejoice these individuals aren't you! Allow us know your fave in the comments!


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Video clips:
Juggling Fail
Person Spins in Purple Box
Singer Falls Off Stage Throughout Proposition
Breakdancer Falls and also Recovers
Key-board Collapses Throughout Choir Recital
Diva Obtains Guitar to the Face
Demon Girl Flies Off Phase
Child Gymnast Roll Fail
Chinese Dragon Falls Off Raised System
Music Conductor Fail
Bass Gamer Falls Off Speaker
Teen Can't Damage an Item of Timber
Person Falls Off Trash Can at Music Celebration
Person Tries to Rotate Guitar Around Body
Yoyo Hits Man's Head
Youngster Falls Off Slackline While Vocal singing
Little Girls Falls Through Plastic Storage Container
Male Decline Dancing Partner
Post Dancer Falls On Knee While Practicing
Yoyo Strikes Kid's Joint
Individual Attempts To Do Trickshot with Basketballs and also Skateboard
Guy Insinuates Shower After Strongly Dancing
Duo Mistakenly Whip Each Other During Practice
Female Breaks Website Traffic Gate While Doing the Limbo
Lady Falls While Dancing with Poultry
Guy Dances With Canine
Pole Dancer Falls On Heels
Man Skims Pond on Motorcycle and Falls Into Mud
Girl Falls Over While Utilizing Stretch Bands
Individual Dances on Slippery Table
Circus Performers Attempt To Base On Rola Bola
Person Pole Dances in the Kitchen for the Very First Time
Person Knocks Stuff off Table after Gainer
Woman's Hula Hoop Breaks and Slaps Her Face
Bird Obtains Stuck in Tube
Skateboarder Crashes into Dumpster Trying Ramp Method
Drummer Strikes Eye with Drumstick
Man Attempts To Large Hoops
Man Falls Off Trash Bin at Songs Event
Man Aims To Spin Guitar Around Body
Male Crashes Into Speaker While Making Use Of a Hydro-Jet
BMX Cyclist Breaks Automobile's Spoiler
Guy Tries to Huge Hoops

FailArmy's Got Skill (October 2017)|FailArmy

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  1. Posted by Juan Pablo Gutierrez Chavez, at Reply

    5:31 The best laugh xD

  2. Posted by R. Peterson, at Reply

    Opening ring fail is Grant McCartney from AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR!!!

  3. Posted by SunnyBlam, at Reply

    Quite alot of strippers in these videos this year.

  4. Posted by Michael Long, at Reply

    What’s with all the whores in these videos with stripper poles? Are there a lot more strippers then I was aware of?

  5. Posted by SICRoosterKido, at Reply

    What ARE THOSE!? some are just… :c

  6. Posted by Jay Bubblez, at Reply

    F**k 2:55 would of been so epic if they completed those jumps.

  7. Posted by Scroch65, at Reply

    3:43 is she on drugs?!

  8. Posted by Simon Comstedt, at Reply

    4:10 that is so me

  9. Posted by Link the LURK, at Reply

    The birds were hilarious.

  10. Posted by Fallout dude, at Reply

    1:50 that’s not a fail that win

  11. Posted by Michael Rossi, at Reply

    2:28 there goes the bong the weed the mull.

  12. Posted by s muot, at Reply

    @ 4:28 he is actually a local politician in Finland

  13. Posted by Drew Estill, at Reply

    The motorcycle one was awesome

  14. Posted by Gabriel Contreras, at Reply

    Please stop with the pole dance videos

  15. Posted by thegob1in, at Reply

    LOL what a bunch of losers! Ha

  16. Posted by BK Outdoors, at Reply

    Someone please tell me why the one at 4:28 is a fail. That is a pure talent win if you ask me.

  17. Posted by boufnews, at Reply

    whats the link for the video at 2:05 please ? thanks !!

  18. Posted by Color Safe Bleach, at Reply

    Moron biker at 0:29 is acting like it was the guy in the cars fault.

  19. Posted by Xavier, at Reply

    Of fail army. Your going down the drain