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FailArmy’s Halloween Spooktacular! (October 2017) | FailArmy


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Pleased Halloween, children and ghouls! We have an unique Halloween compilation for you! Appreciate this spook-tacular collection prior to you pursue the evening! Boo! Have a favorite? Allow us know in the remarks below.


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Video clips:
Solitary Ladies Clown Mask Fail
Halloween Prank Fails
Lady Falls Off Pumpkin Flight
Table Breaks Down During Keg Stand
Costumed Drone Crashes to Ground
Phony Chainsaws Won't Begin
Giant Crawler Chases After Pet Dog
Immediate Karm For Pumpkin Burglar
Little Woman Falls Off Table
Little Girl in Outfit Falls on Butt
Youngster Obtains Frightened of Mechanical Jumping Spider
Child Sticks Head right into Pumpkin
Pug Obtains Pranked with Halloween Bowl
Teen Tries to Make Pumpkin Explode
Papa Frightens Kids with Pig Mask
Costumed Racers Slide Throughout Sidewalk
Swarm of Grasshopper Cover Sky
Young Boy Falls in Homemade Robotic Costume
Person in Costume Aims To Scare Drivers
Clown Doll Falls off Chair
Man in Outfit Terrifies Woman
Little Knights Battle Duel at the Park
Boy Scares Little Sibling
Man Terrifies Little Siblings
Kid in Costume Falls After Playing Around Home
Young boy Goes crazy When He Sees a Rat in the Shower room
Drunk Individual Runs Around Residence in Outfit
Husky Uses Pirate Costume
Mom and Child Try to Do Away With Spider
Person Falls While Dancing in Fat Suit
Individual Pranks Huskies with Realistic Wolf Mask
Lady Frustrated with Home Obtaining Covered With Bathroom Tissue

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  1. Posted by ivan andrade, at Reply

    Some of these were just stupid

  2. Posted by Aylah Watson, at Reply

    2:29 that poor cat!!! It’s not even funny 😭😭😭

  3. Posted by progamer1560, at Reply

    Fail Army I don’t want To bring hate ok But what was that 6:13 I don’t think thats helloween

  4. Posted by Tamas Toth, at Reply

    That first girl was brave AF.

  5. Posted by Bettie Turner, at Reply

    ok but that little girl in the first clip is my fucking hero! She went for that monster like a warrior!!

  6. Posted by Michael Rossi, at Reply

    The floor shook with that green dude’s head!😂

  7. Posted by Ida Agnete, at Reply

    Omg fucking poor kitty! I can’t believe people can be like that, and scare the crap out of poor animals… It didn’t even do him any harm

  8. Posted by Perplex Donut, at Reply

    I wanted to cry when that guy slammed the door on the cat 🙁

  9. Posted by Willow Exposed, at Reply

    I’ve just finished trick or treating but my bucket wasn’t big enough so my dads girlfriend had to stuff a massive handful into her pocket

  10. Posted by Michael Ciccia, at Reply

    Ok girl in the first clip should be the guardian of the fucking world

  11. Posted by Danny Vasquez, at Reply

    Oh ma gorsh we gort toy-lort pay-pord. lol What tf is that accent? She’s so funny 😂

  12. Posted by Velganice, at Reply

    3:48 Imagine having a flamethrower during that

  13. Posted by Max, at Reply

    It’s so fucked up to scare babies

  14. Posted by Roosh, at Reply

    It’s good to see that Stormtroopers do have lives outside of work 1:43

  15. Posted by Ictar, at Reply

    Well those kids are traumatized for life. Great parenting there…

  16. Posted by Lyon Still, at Reply

    People doing this to their kids are @$$holes. Things like this can scare them later in life.

  17. Posted by Pinealitious, at Reply

    I bet most people will see this after halloween