Fails of the Month (December 2016) || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Fails of the Month (December 2016) || FailArmy


Enjoyed the video ladies check these swimsuits out

Did any of these falls short occur on your holiday? Leave us some love in the remarks, and also if you've got any of them on video, send it in at!

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Original Links:
Man Falls into Water Throughout Photoshoot
Wiper Strikes Lady's Face
Little Woman Falls Setting up Recipe Towel
Van Secures Cyclers
Lady's Hair Catches on Fire while Blowing out Candles
Individual Falls Backwards Off Bike
Dog Knocks Down Little Woman
Individual Tries to Climb Wall with Hammers
Lady Throws Hula Hoop over High cliff
Pole Breaks on Dancer
Grandfather Falls Off Mobility scooter
Gun Shot Creates 5 Gallon Bucket of Water to Take off
Toy Jeep Race Accident
Infant Burns Finger on Candle light
Car Gets Visited Cop After Prohibited Removal
Guy Hits Back on Trampoline
Firecracker Explodes in Bathroom
Teen Falls From Tree
Young child Drop off to sleep While Being Fed
Girl Falls while Utilizing Unsecured Pole
Drone Cannot Take Flight
Skier Hit Eliminated Snowboarder
Pet dog Attacks Mini Drone
Pet Falls Trying to Capture Pet cat
Kayak Secures other Sailors
Little Lady Can not Press Purchasing Cart
Woman Stops working at Back Handspring
Male Lugging Couch Hits Ceiling Follower
Bike Biker Falls Down Dish Ramp
Rollerblader Body Slams Concrete
Women Fight over Arrangement
Bike Motorcyclist Falls Down Bowl Ramp
Dirtbiker Falls at Top of Ramp
Gymnast Faceplants Mat
Giant Wedding celebration Cake Falls
Skater Autumns Hard In Between Rail
BMX Motorcyclist Injures Nuts
Individual Falls While Dance
Ice Drifting Car Crashes into Cameraman
Sledder Crashes into Snow Financial institution
Wakeboarder Flops Across Ramp
Helicopter Knocks down Row of Porta-Potties
Father Awakens Son with Chainsaw
Fire Cracker Launch Fail
Elk Rolls Down Hill
Siblings Take Turns Decreasing Sand Dune

Fails of the Month (December 2016)|| FailArmy

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  1. Posted by Jebacz Tivolta, at Reply

    Nie pacz w dół
    Udanego Sylwestra ! 😜

    • Posted by Lookas667, at Reply

      Jebacz Tivolta Dzieki

    • Posted by Karina Burton, at Reply

      Jebacz Tivolta Thank you!😘 (lol idk if I got it right)

  2. Posted by athena askins, at Reply

    I feel bad for the baby and the candle

    • Posted by athena askins, at Reply

      +Rain Bonjour thats true

    • Posted by Андрей Дрейк, at Reply

      Why? Baby wasn’t hurt at all.

    • Posted by Nico Nico Nii, at Reply

      Андрей Дрейк The child literally touched an open flame. It would have
      burned her.

    • Posted by Magnus Sohlberg, at Reply

      For a mili-sec. I use poi with flames all the time, I’ve been burnt
      countless times. It’s painful for a sec or so, then it disappears. Same for
      the baby. The cries were just out of shock. The mum handled that good!

    • Posted by Андрей Дрейк, at Reply

      +Nico Nico Nii Flame would burn you only after long contact with it(atleast
      second or so).

  3. Posted by Kragatar, at Reply

    5:43 lmao the toilet paper flying. xD

    • Posted by bigfluffy unicorn, at Reply

      +Nothingbutbread EXACTLY!!!

    • Posted by TheExplodingChipmunk, at Reply


    • Posted by Alexander Sandoval, at Reply

      All toilet paper want to fly, even portable toilets

  4. Posted by Mistikei, at Reply

    Can you change that stupid overused outro??? thx.

    • Posted by X Lightning, at Reply

      Mistikei your a stupid overused outro

    • Posted by Mistikei, at Reply

      hahaha your

    • Posted by Son of the south, at Reply

      i think they tried, didn’t they?

    • Posted by Carter and Friends, at Reply

      Is he some fool the #1 rule with comments is to have correct grammar

    • Posted by Mistikei, at Reply

      +Carter and Friends Is there rule #1 to insult on internet just for opinion?

  5. Posted by Natsu Dragneel, at Reply

    5:49 Fucking father of the year right there

    • Posted by lordferius, at Reply

      I would have used a creepy mask to be more effective.

    • Posted by YourTubeFails, at Reply

      redneck level: genius

    • Posted by Александр Воробьёв, at Reply

      Yes. And I mean that.

  6. Posted by George Harris Arianator, at Reply

    Young toddler touching a candle….yeah she’s fine, she’s crying for

    • Posted by _evin Booker, at Reply

      George Harris Arianator Yep

    • Posted by GMdrivingMOPARguy, at Reply

      George Harris Arianator She was fine, have you ever put a candle out like
      that? It doesn’t even really hurt. Notice she didn’t start crying until the
      adults reacted? There’s no burns or damage. The kid is fine.

    • Posted by Андрей Дрейк, at Reply

      Why people so dumb? You can’t be hurt from touching regular fire like this.

  7. Posted by djChives95, at Reply


    • Posted by Alpha Morty, at Reply

      Cars, learn how to drive.

    • Posted by djChives95, at Reply

      Alpha Morty stfu the cyclists were not being safe. If I’m on a bike going
      downhill at high speeds, I know to be on the far right going with the flow
      of traffic, not in the middle of the road assuming there will be no cars.

    • Posted by Anthony Robinson, at Reply

      djChives95 I’m not saying the cyclists were in the right here but the car
      was clearly at fault and for you to single out the cyclists is just

  8. Posted by FroffNix, at Reply

    12 million subs and all they use is imovie

  9. Posted by freddy tjepkema, at Reply

    The amount of dumb asses every week is insane high

  10. Posted by Chris31 Productions, at Reply

    Happy New Year from France 🎉 🎉 🍾
    Chris 😉

  11. Posted by iiPanda, at Reply

    keep up the vids failarmy 😀 <3

  12. Posted by Ab17605, at Reply

    6:06 we all have that one friend ._.

  13. Posted by Patrick Grant, at Reply

    kind of a weak month for fails…

  14. Posted by Babidi, at Reply

    I so thought that hoolahoop girl near the beginning was gonna fall down the
    cliff too!

  15. Posted by Quando voce ler o Julius o comentario estará lá, at Reply

    1:14 this girl is really dumb

  16. Posted by DxBlack, at Reply

    That baby with the cupcake is gonna grow up to be a badass.

  17. Posted by Putturin, at Reply

    that girl at 1:45 tho!😂😂 I laughed so hard😂😂

  18. Posted by Ricardo Braz, at Reply

    but then some people are stupid

  19. Posted by John Smith, at Reply

    umm biker at 0:23 ….did he die? the lead biker hit the car full on