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Fails of the Month: Failing into Summer like… (May 2017)


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May is ending, which suggests it's time for an assemble of the very best stops working of the month! It was a great month for failing, so this one is jam loaded with just about every sort of fail you can possibly imagine. You're welcome. Do you have a fail for us? Send your video clip at!!


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Individual Jumps Into Water in Attempt to Save Board
Bird Strikes Male
BMX Motorcyclist Tries to Do Three-way Backflip
Guy Inadvertently Kicks Woman in Face While Post Dance
Man Waterskis on Frozen Lake
People Backflip Off Tree With Bike as well as Fall
Rafters Launched from Boat
Woman Breaks Light While Pole Dance
Professional athletes Try Play Scottish Tug of War
Kid Skateboarder Falls short while Grinding
Girl Attempts to Do Amazing New Workout with Swing
Bicyclist Virtually Gets Struck as well as Spits on Vehicle
Wild Turkey Strikes Digital photographer
BMX Rider Avoids Near Disaster Off Huge Ramp
Goose Strikes Drone
Man Slams On Side of Trampoline
Goalkeeper Gets Struck in Face
Individual Attempts Triple Backflip as well as Loss
Guy Face Plants Into Water After Bike Trick Effort
Man Aims to Dismount from Mama's Shoulders
Individual Falls Off Snowmobile
Girl Putting on High Heels Autumns while Dancing
BMX Biker Rides on Ramp
Skateboarder Flaunts Rail Techniques
Lady Virtually Struck by Automobiles
Bicycle rider Attempts to Bounce on Trampoline as well as Falls
Person Accidentally Slaps Head With Racquet
Man Slides Down Ramp After Trick Attempt
Skateboarder Falls and also Obtains Hit in Face by Board
Kid Falls on Butt After Kicking Ball
SUV Into Organisation
Man Aims to Scottish Hammer Toss
Guy Can't Raise Hefty Weights
Person Falls Into Creek From Tree Trunk
Sea Lion Drags Girl Into Water
Cameraman Gets Hit by Volleyball

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  1. Posted by Dat Boi, at Reply


    • Posted by Leander Linna, at Reply

      Dat Boi are you Evan??

    • Posted by Dat Boi, at Reply


  2. Posted by BarTa5oT - برتخوت, at Reply

    the man in the first video deserves a medal

    • Posted by moedanglez, at Reply

      BarTa5oT – برتخوت for allowing his daughter that close to a wild animal? Definitely give him a medal

    • Posted by POLARTTYRTM, at Reply

      He is not her father lmao

    • Posted by MrYfrank14, at Reply

      i think he wanted the sea lion for sushi and he was using the girl as bait.

  3. Posted by Gerard Sass Queen Way, at Reply

    all these things can’t happen to me because I don’t ever go outside.

    • Posted by SixtyNinety, at Reply

      Gerard Sass Queen Way over summer i went to germany and there were protests against brexit and they were all screaming in german and i could barely understand it & i was scared

    • Posted by Just a Random Dude, at Reply

      How about an SUV smashing thru your wall?

    • Posted by jopez, at Reply

      Gerard Sass Queen Way 666th like

    • Posted by iiCrqstal ツ, at Reply

      Gerard Sass Queen Way XD

  4. Posted by Sky&NightPK, at Reply

    Roses are Red
    Violets are blue
    They’re considering Bee Movie 2

    • Posted by Matthew Vella, at Reply

      I wouldn’t mind 🙂

    • Posted by sheridan courtney, at Reply

      Roses are red,
      Violets are blue,
      There’s a mockbuster of Bee Movie called Plan Bee…too.

      Which I will soon be reviewing, as I suffer through all the mockbusters from Snakes on a Train to Alien Versus Hunter and Chop Kick Panda.

  5. Posted by Ryk Latortuga, at Reply

    First fail gets the Seal of approval

    • Posted by order66, at Reply


    • Posted by Caradyn Conklin, at Reply

      cross lol

    • Posted by Frandaman84, at Reply

      careful loose seal!

    • Posted by Jessica Wildridge, at Reply

      Ryk Latortuga 600th like

    • Posted by Mr Burns, at Reply

      It was a sea lion, not seal, moron.

  6. Posted by Trey The Swag Master, at Reply

    Nothing is on fire, fire is on things

    • Posted by Sophie Adelia, at Reply

      Trey The Swag Master this made me think

    • Posted by R Soul, at Reply

      x9 4 Jhinting cocaine is over rated. You just trying to big up thyself.

    • Posted by x9 4 Jhinting, at Reply

      R Soul I was just referring to the meme

    • Posted by magnefficient gaming, at Reply

      shut uo russian lol

    • Posted by jpsinger16, at Reply

      Smoke is on fire. Think about it….

  7. Posted by A10, at Reply

    That first seal was like RKO!!

    • Posted by Michael Vialpando, at Reply

      The zerastora you are one disturbed individual…….

    • Posted by MrYfrank14, at Reply

      in the longer version of this clip, before the girl sat close to the water, the sea lion came right up into her face, but could not reach her. everybody laughed. someone said he just wanted to show you that he is bigger then you.
      then she sat down and the sea lion said ” i smell sushi on that barbarian, i shall my avenge my brothers!”.

    • Posted by tbhidontcare, at Reply

      cool story, but sushi isn’t made out of sea lion mate.

    • Posted by Patoxx MC, at Reply

      A10 i

    • Posted by Алекс Галкин, at Reply

      He smelled sushi and ate them!

  8. Posted by sandy098, at Reply

    and then the bird struggle him to death.

    • Posted by RoB4Freedom, at Reply

      He was about to say “He (the bird) is not attacking me because..” And then he lost one eye

  9. Posted by Kwaku Acheampong, at Reply

    0:12 man he left a good pair of sunglasses in there

    • Posted by Rodrigo .`., at Reply

      Wout Molenaar call to te feminist for help girl.
      the sunglasses is important

    • Posted by Andy Müller, at Reply

      Men owe women nothing
      Sunglasses is more importante

      Call to the feminazis to help this girl.

    • Posted by Martin A, at Reply

      I’m pretty sure the sunglasses belonged to the seal

  10. Posted by Bradman Gaudry, at Reply

    Back at it taking nitro circus clips ://

    • Posted by Petarded Fartnuts, at Reply

      The same botched backflip ones too

  11. Posted by Music is Win, at Reply

    Why are iPhone chargers not called Apple juice I don’t understand how they missed this marketing opportunity

    • Posted by The_Llama_God1777, at Reply

      soo original

    • Posted by Semper Fi, at Reply

      I’m SUBBBED!!!

    • Posted by Jopopo97, at Reply

      Music is Win shut up?

    • Posted by Joey Zuraski, at Reply

      Notice that there are no iPhones in this video for him to troll his advertisement.

    • Posted by Aexilius, at Reply

      R A N D O M Music is win is fucking epic, he’s an awesome guitar player

  12. Posted by Danny B, at Reply

    song at 4:21

    • Posted by stephenc909, at Reply

      Danny B darude Sandstorm

    • Posted by noor maneka, at Reply

      It’s not Lindsey, fail army won’t give the name, people have been going crazy finding this song still no luck.

    • Posted by Catalin Moroianu, at Reply

      also looking for it!!

    • Posted by John McPineapple, at Reply


  13. Posted by Arian Sedej, at Reply

    2:22 want sum fuk?

    • Posted by The Absolute Nerd, at Reply

      Arian Sedej Lemme Smash

    • Posted by Os Ni, at Reply

      Ben is a hoe

    • Posted by Christian Puddington, at Reply

      Becky I got sum blue

    • Posted by Cody Grenzke, at Reply

      Becky is smashin’ Ben. Ben is a hoe.

  14. Posted by Benton Xavier, at Reply

    5:26 Honey I’m home

    • Posted by Radostin Zaziov, at Reply

      Benton Xavier 5:32 THIS IS NOT MY HOUSE
      bails out

    • Posted by Martin A, at Reply

      Like a glove

    • Posted by Joey Langley, at Reply

      he didnt hit the computer, its all good

  15. Posted by A10, at Reply

    4:25 watch where you are fucking going!

    • Posted by Emilie Rapport, at Reply

      he means “her”. simple typo

    • Posted by xLunar Can't Edit, at Reply

      +J.wordii I was typing on my phone man, give me a break.

    • Posted by ᎠᎪᏒƘ • ƘղíցհԵ, at Reply

      A10 i like how the woman gets pushed by the black car ,rotates,falls down and just gets up and walks away like nothing happened she didnt even look at the cars XD

    • Posted by Juan Rey, at Reply

      That crash actually saved her life too! x’D

    • Posted by Omega Zultron, at Reply

      The car saved her xd

  16. Posted by egyélhódot védafákat, at Reply



    • Posted by WastelanderHUN, at Reply

      Cool name.

    • Posted by ImBigFatCatHuggingBlueRatOnMyOwnersSofa Kitka, at Reply

      No problem.

    • Posted by Alecabra, at Reply

      All you want is attention,smh..

    • Posted by Stanky Meme Bird, at Reply

      Understandable. Have a nice day.

  17. Posted by Denny Yeng, at Reply

    2:16 He should have run over that rude biker.

    • Posted by Joe Russell, at Reply

      moedanglez but the angle from the camera is not the one that the driver is seeing the driver left enough time to avoid a collision given the time the cyclist came into their view, not sure what the cycle lane has to do with anything, the driver needed to cross it the same as it did oncoming motor vehicles.

    • Posted by Joe Russell, at Reply

      Pieter Kouijzer perhaps both could have read the situation better, driver could go even slower and cyclist could realise that vehicles ahead are leaving a gap at a dropped kerb suggesting a vehicle could be trying to turn.

    • Posted by Pieter Kouijzer, at Reply

      Always safer to watch for these signs of course. His reaction might have been because he just saw his life flashing before him.

    • Posted by Sir Wheelz, at Reply

      Denny Yeng yeah go from cutting of a cyclist that was in the bike lane to murder. We have a smart one here. Lol

    • Posted by Sir Wheelz, at Reply

      MrYfrank14 “in most areas of the world, bicycles are considered motor vehicles and are no allowed on sidewalks” correct. That is why the cyclist in this video was on the road in a lane specifically made for bicycles. At no point was the biker on a sidewalk other than after the incident…

  18. Posted by capsTV, at Reply

    3:54 Ladies, if you ever wear heels like those, you’re a dumbass.

    • Posted by guitarstrunged, at Reply

      There’s money in them there heels!

    • Posted by BhartiyaMamba, at Reply

      capsTV stripper heels

    • Posted by Zoie, at Reply

      capsTV pole dancing heels. i don’t know why, but every pole dancer uses them.

    • Posted by Mr Burns, at Reply