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Fails of the Month: Get Ready To Laugh (April 2017)


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We're finishing April hard with a ton of remarkable falls short!! Everything from snowboarding, a mud mask failed and even an old man skating. Let us know which clip made you laugh the hardest and make sure to send us your videos at!!


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Female Falls Throughout Sack Race
Scooter Rider Falls Hard After Flip Attempt
Man Tries to Do a Trickshot with Basketball
Skim Boarder Misses out on Rail as well as Falls
Skier Topples down Incline after Fell short Jump
Lady Nails Ceiling With Weight
Duo Attempts to Rotate on Post
Mommy Knocks Boy Over at Beach
Girl Mistakenly Splashes Coffee on Computer
Skateboarder Shatters Groin on Rail
Person Decline Heap of Food on Table
Woman Rise Clap Attempt
Man Slips on Dock n/a
Mother Fall under Frozen Swimming pool
Lady Aims to Flip after Rolling off Ball
Toddler Shouts Silly Expression While on Swings
Girl Falls While Trying Hula Hoop Technique
Individual Falls While Jumping on Teeter Totter
Woman Falls While Attempting Acroyoga Trick
Van Into Motorcyclist
Pinata Fights Back
Individual After Slip n Slide
Person's Phone Established in Spaghetti
Man Attempts to Replicate Close friend and also Slam Dunk
Guy Slips Throughout Race n/a
Circus Performers Exercising on Hanging Hoop Falls
Guy Attempts Double Backflip and Faceplants Into Sand
Man Falls Throughout Stairway Jump Attempt
Yoyo Strikes Individual's Head
Snow sled Cannot Reach Leading of Hillside
Woman Can't Eliminate Charcoal Mask off Face

Falls short of the Month (April 2017).

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  1. Posted by Oliver Ward, at Reply

    I’m going to like my own comment to get the ball rolling

    • Posted by arbin shrestha, at Reply

      i do that

    • Posted by Koopa550, at Reply

      How original.

    • Posted by Alejandro Arreola-Torres, at Reply

      it seems to have worked…Yay!

  2. Posted by Floxic, at Reply

    Who else Loves FailArmy? 😂😂👌

    • Posted by Killer Army 610, at Reply

      Floxic im his brotherxD

    • Posted by Floxic, at Reply

      whos? xD

    • Posted by Рома Пикалов, at Reply при регистрации дают бонус

    • Posted by cyclist club, at Reply

      Floxic me!!!!!

  3. Posted by Gallo24 •, at Reply

    Last time I was this early, YouTube hadn’t started

    • Posted by Ain't no Slice, at Reply

      Last time you were this early, you were still alive.

    • Posted by Gallo24 •, at Reply

      Ain’t no Slice ayy

  4. Posted by Irsan Henk, at Reply


    • Posted by honk HONK, at Reply

      Irsan Henk i poop my pants when i see this lil girl 😂😂😂

    • Posted by SeminoleRail, at Reply

      Oh, that’s what she was saying. I was wondering why that video was a fail, lol.

  5. Posted by ALDAM Video, at Reply

    Sub me and you have 50 sub in 12hours max

    • Posted by ATLEX, at Reply

      ALDAM Video I hope this will work

    • Posted by Clorox Bleach, at Reply

      ALDAM Video Done!

    • Posted by GunvorPlays, at Reply

      Artificial subs mean nothing… they wont watch your vids.

    • Posted by bigjai, at Reply

      ALDAM Video i subbed

    • Posted by Hej Hej, at Reply

      i subbed

  6. Posted by Paul T'Lean, at Reply

    anyone else here masturbating?

    • Posted by Jakoobs Art, at Reply


    • Posted by Kodak White is the name. who's kodak black?, at Reply

      yeah i am, wanna stroke my shmeat and i stroke yours ?

    • Posted by Lila lovely, at Reply

      Kodak White is the name. who’s kodak black? i’m a girl

    • Posted by Kodak White is the name. who's kodak black?, at Reply

      Lila lovely jokes lmfaoooo

  7. Posted by Gilles, at Reply

    So many fails… But I’m the biggest one haha;)

    • Posted by Exiled Mind, at Reply

      What about that whale in the pool?

    • Posted by Gallo24 •, at Reply

      Exiled Mind ayy

    • Posted by Badger0fDeath, at Reply

      So *many** fails.

    • Posted by Koopa550, at Reply

      So much fails.. many grammar knowledge ._.

  8. Posted by A10, at Reply

    Why do Grandmas always try to do stuff that’s going to make them fall down?

    • Posted by DxBlack, at Reply

      _”Well, they’re not gonna be living long if they keep it up lol”_

      They already know that… 😉

    • Posted by Thomas Yates, at Reply

      The videos suggest that young people seem much more likely to do stuff that’s going to make them fall down than grandmas.

    • Posted by Anthony, at Reply

      Cuz they live in the moment xD

    • Posted by pirateh00kar, at Reply

      not the first time shes been down on the sack

    • Posted by Richard Vanni, at Reply

      A10 : you mean like kids, teenagers, adolescents, and adults.

  9. Posted by Krystal Perry, at Reply

    am i bangable? 🙂

    • Posted by Hidenshinzou, at Reply

      EEw gross no

    • Posted by MLGKOOLAID 360, at Reply

      I just vomited

    • Posted by rio bulela, at Reply

      Krystal Perry dammit… My new glasses just broke

    • Posted by Alvaro Garcia, at Reply

      Krystal Perry the one in the photo yes, you in real probably not

  10. Posted by Don't Read My Profile Picture, at Reply

    Damn I’m early! What’s good FailArmy Nation? xD

    • Posted by Shwepsyness, at Reply

      Don’t Read My Profile Picture contemplating, life, the universe and my sexuality after seeing the confusing dilemma that is ur profile pic and name

  11. Posted by Biggy Bwana, at Reply

    Last time I was this early, this channel was actually good.

    • Posted by LJ, at Reply

      +Caaros, The King of Chaos I guess you’re right about that.

    • Posted by TJGermany, at Reply

      Yeah, people need to start failing unpredictably again!

    • Posted by Richard Vanni, at Reply

      Fish Find another site instead of crying about someone’s comment

    • Posted by TJGermany, at Reply

      Why not find another site AND still complain here?!

    • Posted by Fish, at Reply

      Why not Zoidberg?

  12. Posted by Flame, at Reply

    3:53 Οποιος ειναι απο Ελλαδα να κανει like! 😉

    • Posted by Hypnostedon, at Reply


    • Posted by Theokougia, at Reply

      Flame ime apo ellada alla den aksizis to like mu :3

    • Posted by TJGermany, at Reply


    • Posted by Theodora Kourkouti, at Reply

      Flame Εγώ ρε πάμε Ελλαδάρα αλλά είναι αγόρι απλά είμαι από αλλουνού κινητό

    • Posted by jdjdjdjdj CP, at Reply


  13. Posted by Dan Rap, at Reply

    4:00 ελα εδω
    +1 αμα το βλεπεις απο Ελλάδα 😂

    • Posted by Челыч Шариков, at Reply

      Kalemera, bro!

    • Posted by Ματίνα Αραχωβίτη, at Reply

      Dan Rap +1

    • Posted by Hypnostedon, at Reply

      Matina thea moy <3

    • Posted by Avi Sandhu, at Reply

      Dan Rap i

    • Posted by G.L. games, at Reply


  14. Posted by Fabien White, at Reply

    3:07 “I’m Gay”.

    • Posted by ĴẴᵯilah ṦḤakir, at Reply

      +Fabien White he actually says “I’m good” just the accent

    • Posted by Lauren Farrow, at Reply

      ĴẴᵯilah ṦḤakir Actually “I’m okay”

    • Posted by Jena Templeton, at Reply

      Fabien White that is not cool to say on the comments

    • Posted by BTS' poTAEtoe jams, at Reply

      Lauren Farrow wow really

    • Posted by AtomicTester, at Reply

      Jena Templeton you are not cool m8

  15. Posted by TheDrunkRobot, at Reply

    1:40 that guy knew his life was over

    • Posted by 4ll3sb4n4n3, at Reply

      In his mind he’s like: “Beam me up Scotty!”

    • Posted by Koopa550, at Reply

      I love how he actually succeeded, but somehow failed anyway. Why push it more when it’s already on the table duh?

    • Posted by CraziezCookiez, at Reply


  16. Posted by Gogos makrozonaris, at Reply

    +1 όποιος είναι Έλληνας

    • Posted by Hypnostedon, at Reply

      -1 gia ti mama sou

  17. Posted by Smash Tournaments, at Reply

    I felt so bad for the guy that dropped the food God bless him

    • Posted by FudgeFaceGaming, at Reply

      Smash Tournaments same

    • Posted by yourpassenger, at Reply

      Don’t worry it was staged for instagram likes.

    • Posted by Jakoobs Art, at Reply

      It piss me off when people don’t respect food :/

    • Posted by Eccentric Dreams, at Reply

      I guess he sinned.

    • Posted by mike, at Reply

      Def a setup. No restaurant would make a server do that with sue happy ppl of this world

  18. Posted by Euronima, at Reply

    Dude I really love eure Videos Junge! 😉

    Noch Deutsche hier? •~•

    • Posted by Koopa550, at Reply


    • Posted by Euronima, at Reply

      Koopa550 [-_-] xD

    • Posted by Stephan P., at Reply

      Definitiv nicht…

  19. Posted by Speedy Claxton, at Reply

    Didn’t laugh at a single one.

    • Posted by Cortlah, at Reply

      Me neither.

    • Posted by Pirate, at Reply

      Well they’re fails, no one said they had to be funny fails.

    • Posted by iRaccoon, at Reply

      Pirate did you read the title

  20. Posted by The Banana Melon, at Reply

    @5:29 that’s literally the origin story for a Captain America villain